MAIR – Chapter 186 – Extra 2.3 – Shen Huai X Lu Yang (back to 40 years ago)

Shen Huai finished his work conscientiously, but he couldn’t help it in the end. He found the Shen family house according to his memory. However, when he saw the bustling street in front of him, his whole person was like being hit by lightning.

All his calm self-reliance collapsed at this moment. He frantically inquired about all the information of Shen family, but the final result was that there was no family named Shen living here.

Feeling lost, Shen Huai went back to the hotel.

He has now understood that this was not a simple time travel, but he has come to another parallel space-time, in which there was no Shen family, and there will be no Shen Huai in the future.

Shen Huai sat in the chair, put his hand in his hair and bent his straight back.

When Lu Yang opened the door, he saw this scene.

He saw Shen Huai pained back, which made Lu Yang a little confused, because he didn’t know what happened.

When Shen Huai heard the noise, he raised his head and saw Lu Yang, he was also slightly shocked. Then he asked in a low voice: “The wine from last time…. Is there still some left?”

Lu Yang realized that he was talking about the red bayberry wine. He hesitated for a moment before he went back to his room and bought out the wine and two glasses.

He had just filled it up, and was thinking about how to comfort Shen Huai, when Shen Huai already drank the glass of wine in one mouthful.

Lu Yang: “Hey, slow down…”

Shen Huai made up his mind to drown his sorrows with wine and drank one cup after another and soon got drunk.

Lu Yang sighed and had no choice but to pick him up and put him to the bed. He took off his coat, shoes and socks and covered him with a quilt.

Seeing the sleeping Shen Huai, Lu Yang pursed his lips and took off his glasses to put them on the bedside table.

Shen Huai eyes were very beautiful. Even if they were closed, long and dense eyelashes were like a small fan that nestled on his eyelids, occasionally trembling slightly, like butterflies fluttering their wings.

As if he had been bewitched, Lu Yang bowed his head and kissed his eyes.

Unexpectedly, at this moment when his lips were about to touch Shen Huai, Shen Huai suddenly opened his eyes.

Lu Yang hurriedly retreated, but unexpectedly an arm wrapped around his neck and pulled his head down.

His lips touched something soft and his eyes were facing Shen Huai glazed eyes.

Lu Yang’s brain exploded with a bang.

He clasped Shen Huai’s neck with his palm and lifted it up to deepen the kiss.

The temperature in the room was getting higher and higher, and only beautiful silhouettes could be seen in the end.

Shen Huai woke up with a headache-splitting hangover and saw Lu Yang sleeping next to him. He froze, and memories of last night poured into his brain like water.

Shen Huai pressed his forehead and closed his eyes regretfully.

He didn’t expect that one day he would have drunken sex.

But because of this, he was not in the mood to think about the Shen family. His whole person was immersed in a feeling of shock and remorse.

Shen Huai’s action woke up Lu Yang, who was beside him. Lu Yang opened his eyes vaguely, his voice with a trace of unawakened hoarseness: “Awake?”

Shen Huai’s body became slightly stiff and he didn’t know how to face Lu Yang for a moment.

When Lu Yang didn’t hear his answer, his misty eyes gradually woke up. Seeing shyness on Shen Huai’s face, he couldn’t help but smile and lean over to kiss his eyes.

“Good morning, boyfriend.”

Shen Huai hurriedly opened his eyes, and Lu Yang stood up to wash.

The sun fell on his naked body, as he sketched out one smooth muscle line after another. Shen Huai was stunned for a moment and hurriedly turned his head.

Lu Yang turned his head halfway, raised his eyebrows and smiled triumphantly, then went into the bathroom just like this.

The two became lovers just like this. When brother Qi learned about it, he almost fainted, but he couldn’t beat Lu Yang at all. Fortunately, Lu Yang also knew that his current situation was not suitable for them to be out in the open, so he listened to brother Qi and Shen Huai’s words and concealed their relationship from the public for now.

Instead of being Lu Yang’s assistant, Shen Huai started his old business– investment.

Shen Huai had the ability, vision, and history as the confirmation, he had no disadvantage.

Career and love were both satisfied, which was the life of a winner, but Shen Huai had a knot in his heart.

He knew that in history, Lu Yang died in a car accident, but every time he tried to talk about it, he felt as if his heart had been grasped, and the sense of suffocation made it impossible for him to say a word.

He also tried to use other methods, such as writing, code, but also failed.

As time approached, Shen Huai became more and more anxious. Even Lu Yang noticed this anxiety, but no matter what he asked, Shen Huai didn’t say anything.

Until one day, Lu Yang came home, as they were intimate as usual for a moment, that Lu Yang remembered something: “In a few days I will go to Rongchuan for a concert, come with me.”

Hearing this, Shen Huai’s smile suddenly froze, and the book in his hand fell to the ground with a bang.

Lu Yang, who was still talking about the concert, realized something was wrong and asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

Shen Huai suddenly stood up, found the calendar, and turned to the day when Lu Yang held a concert. Obviously, with his memory, he didn’t need to check the calendar at all, but he was a little confused at this moment. The familiar day stung Shen Huai eyes like blood.

Shen Huai asked Lu Yang in a sharp voice, “Didn’t you say there was always an accident so it couldn’t be done? Why all of a sudden … “

Lu Yang said without any intention: “Yes, I also was very puzzled about it but really couldn’t do anything about it. Fortunately, brother Qi has the ability to solve all these problems.”

Shen Huai felt a sense of despair in his heart. He had thought of a lot of ways to stop the Lu Yang concert before, but he failed to stop the progress of history in the end.

Lu Yang also noticed Shen Huai’s mood at this moment. He came over and hugged Shen Huai anxiously: “What’s the matter?”

Shen Huai opened his mouth. He wants to tell Lu Yang not to go to the concert. You will die there!

But he couldn’t say a word.

Lu Yang became more worried and said, “If you don’t want to go to the concert, just stay at home and wait for me to come back.”

Shen Huai felt as if he had been stabbed. He reached for Lu Yang’s hand and shook his head hard. “No, I’ll go with you.”

Rongchuan concerts were very lively. In recent years, with Lu Yang’s growing fame, more and more people wanted to go to his concerts. But in order to ensure the quality of the concerts, Lu Yang still maintained the frequency of previous concerts in the past, which also led to difficulty of getting tickets for his concert.

Shen Huai had been very preoccupied these days. He went out early in the morning and Lu Yang didn’t know what he was busy with, he wanted to ask, but he would often fall asleep tired without saying a few words.

So he didn’t know that Shen Huai looked at his face after he fell asleep, showing a painful but determined expression.

On the day of the concert, Lu Yang gave Shen Huai a ticket for the concert as usual, which had become the tacit agreement between them. In the past, as long as Lu Yang held a concert, Shen Huai would watch him off the stage.

But this time, Shen Huai didn’t accept it. “I’ll wait for you backstage,” he said

Lu Yang wanted to say something else, but brother Qi was already calling him, so he could only tell him a few words and hurry to the stage.

Shen Huai stood backstage and looked at Lu Yang through the light and shadow gap.

The stage lights were dazzling and the sense of music rhythm was very strong, knocking in people’s hearts every time.

However, none of this could compare with Lu Yang, who was standing in the center. He was the focus of everyone’s attention, just like an unreasonable hurricane, which made people lose their sense and made them chase him.

Shen Huai’s eyes were fixed on him, showing deep thoughts.

The concert was a great success. The fans keep shouting “Encore” all the time. Lu Yang returned to stage three times. At last, there was no other way but to end today’s concert against strong reluctance of the fans.

Lu Yang was removing makeup backstage. Brother Qi and several other staff members were talking about something, looking very embarrassed.

Lu Yang asked, “What’s the matter?”

Brother Qi sighed: “Fans are not willing to leave, and many of them gathered outside, wanting to see you. The road is full of people and I’m afraid the car can’t go out.” 

The staff on the other side hastened to add: “Don’t worry, Lu Yang. We’ve already called the police transportation department. They’ll send someone to help us. In a moment, we’ll find some cars to attract attention and it will be alright.”

Lu Yang has been used to this kind of thing for a long time. He noded when he heard their words and didn’t ask any more questions.

Brother Qi and the staff hurriedly left to make arrangements, and Shen Huai came over to Lu Yang and said: “Take my car later.”

Lu Yang looked at him in surprise, but noticed that his face didn’t look very good, so he asked with concern, “What’s the matter with you? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Shen Huai shook his head, went to one side and sat on the chair alone, not knowing what he was thinking.

After a long time, brother Qi came back sweating. He said that the people were almost scattered and they could go.

Lu Yang stood up and took Shen Huai with him.

A group of people went to the garage, Brother Qi and others got in the car, but Lu Yang went straight to Shen Huai’s humble black car.

Brother Qi poked his head out of the window and said, “Aren’t you coming with us?”

Lu Yang: “I will go with Huai.”

Brother Qi nodded: “It’s good to split up. It won’t attract attention.”

Brother Qi and others drove the car first and then Shen Huai drove away with Lu Yang.

There were still many fans waiting outside the stadium. Lu Yang was not surprised, but Shen Huai was very nervous. Brother Qi’s car was surrounded by many people, but Shen Huai’s car didn’t attract their attention. He drove steadily and smoothly to the road.

Shen Huai breathed a sigh of relief, when Lu Yang saw it he thought it was funny: “What’s wrong with you? It feel like a ghost is chasing you… “

Before he had finished speaking, a car appeared in his rearview mirror. The people in the car leaned out and shouted, “Lu Yang, we love you!”

The car took two sharp turns on the road and rushed towards them at extremely fast speed.

At the same time, another car rushed out from the other side, and the two cars almost clamped the Shen Huai car in the middle.

Lu Yang frowned, but Shen Huai seemed to be ready and said calmly, “Fasten your seat belt and hold on.”

As his voice fell, the engine of the car let out a low roar, and rushed out like an arrow off the string.

Lu Yang’s back was tightly pressed to the back of the seat, but he couldn’t resist looking at Shen Huai. He pressed his lips tightly and held the steering wheel tightly. The blue tendons on the back of his hand burst out. His cheeks were pale, and the big beads of sweat fell from his forehead, but he could not be distracted to wipe them.

Lu Yang was worried, but he knew that he couldn’t do anything now.

It was very late at this moment, and the area near the stadium was relatively remote, so there was no one on the road. Three cars passef one after another, raising a cloud of dust and grass.

The fanatic fan was still shouting, but the car that joined later suddenly accelerated and crashed into the rear of the Shen Huai car.

Both Shen Huai and Lu Yang were shocked. Fortunately, this car was specially modified by Shen Huai, so it was not out of control.

As the other car was getting closer, Lu Yang saw the driver of the other car through the rearview mirror.

“An Xuan!”

When An Xuan was accused by Brother Qi before, he not only lost his job, but also got a bad reputation in the industry. In recent years, he could only rely on a few short-term jobs for a living, and lead a very poor life. But he didn’t reflect on himself. Instead, he blamed it all on Lu Yang and Shen Huai. Before An Xuan, he liked to play with cars, so he stole a car and waited here specially to die together with Lu Yang.

An Xuan’s face has no cover at this moment, and his face showed a twisted smile: “Lu Yang, go to hell!”

Shen Huai also heard An Xuan’s words, and his face became more solemn, so he stepped on the throttle again.

But at the same time, his heart seemed to be hit by a huge electric current, which made him almost faint from pain, he only held it back thanks to his strong willpower.

An Xuan was hot in pursuit, but Shen Huai kept dodging him through his powerful driving skills. Although he couldn’t get rid of An Xuan for the time being, he had no worries about his life.

But who would have thought that this race in the front would greatly stimulate the fans behind them, so they also increased this spread to catch up and participate in it.

This suddenly increased the pressure on Shen Huai, as he looked intently at the road ahead.

At this time, there was the sound of sirens behind them and the sound of traffic police telling them to stop with horns.

But this sound stimulated the fanatic fans and An Xuan even more. They almost stepped on the gas pedal to its limit, and An Xuan consciously leaned towards Shen Huai car, trying to trap them in the middle.

Seeing that three cars were about to collide, under this speed, all three cars will lose control making the result most likely to be a car crash and death.

At this critical moment, Shen Huai suddenly seeded up and rushed out of the gap, but An Xuan because of his dead ambition had no time to turn at all. He collided with the fans car and made a shrill sound of friction. Almost at the same time, a cluster of fiery fire came out from the place where the two cars were rubbing.

There was a loud explosion, and the two cars had turned into a huge fireball, stopping in the middle of the road.

In front of them, Shen Huai stopped the car with the last bit of willpower and fainted directly on the steering wheel.

The sound of sirens, ambulances, and Lu Yang’s anxious voice, all of it came and went like the tide.

Shen Huai fell into a deep sleep.

It was as if he had come to a huge glowing door, and a strong sense told him that as long as he entered the door, he could go back to his time.

This was originally Shen Huai’s greatest wish, but he suddenly found that after so many years, the word “go back” seemed to no longer be his obsession.

He saw a lot of things through the door, the sadness of his friends, the pain his uncle was forced to endure, and a lot of things, but he finally turned around and left behind this door.

He knew that there was a more important person who had emerged in his life.

When Shen Huai woke up again, it was already three days later. He was lying in the hospital with an intravenous drip on his hand. His whole room was very quiet, except for the “di” sound made by the instrument from time to time.

Shen Huai moved his body and couldn’t help caressing his heart. The pain that had almost torn it before had disappeared.

Shen Huai looked around and was about to get out of bed when he suddenly heard a noise outside the door. Then the door was opened, and Lu Yang, who looked tired, stood stunned in the doorway.

Shen Huai was about to say hello to him, but saw that he had already rushed over directly and held Shen Huai tightly in his arms.

The stubble on his lips stuck on Shen Huai’s skin, his quick and rapid breath, as well as cold tears that fell on Shen Huai’s neck told about his pain and despair these days.

The two quietly hugged each other for a long time, for them, it was already their afterlife.

At this moment, the dust finally settled.

Lu Yang’s voice was hoarse, even with a thick nasal sound: “Huai, I missed you very much.”

Shen Huai closed his eyes, answered softly, and then said, “I missed you very much, too.”

They all knew that their love was like a reunion after a long separation.


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