MAIR – Chapter 158 – Lack of a screenwriter

The photos attached to the post showed only  Pei Ran’s profile. The paparazzi were after Shen Huai and Ye Cang, and the others were merely in the corners of the photos. However, even photos with such low resolution couldn’t conceal Pei Ran’s beauty.

Everyone who opened the post was amazed by the photos of the main beauty.

1L: Shit! It’s so f*cking beautiful! Male or female??

2L: So cute, of course it is a boy!!

5L: self-frying??

6L: self-fried fart.  LZ just happened to see this picture while eating melon seeds, so he sent it out to see if anyone knew him. 

10L: this picture is too fuzzy, don’t you have a clearer one?  But, it’s still beautiful! 

18L: Is he from our country? This face is absolutely amazing! If the photo hasn’t been photographed by P, you can just debut directly with this face!

24L: There are Shen Huai and Ye Cang and it was revealed that at that time they visited the set of “Red Actress”, wasn’t it? Is he one of the actors from “Red Actress”?

55L: He is not an actor from “Red Actress”. I found this treasure a few days ago while eating melon. I went to the production team to inquire about it and I was told that he was brought by President Shen.

56L:LSGJ!Is that the new artist that Mr. Shen found? Ouch! Just thinking about it makes me excited!!

112l: the latest photo, [photo 1], [photo 2], [Photo 3] someone took it at the airport before. It’s just a beauty attack!!

113L: Shit!

114l: Shit Shit Shit Shit!!!

127l: I didn’t really notice his good-looks in the fuzzy photo before, but after watching the HD, I fell in love…..

151l: The little angel! Mom loves you!

222l: The latest news, the little angel is indeed signed by Mr. Shen, but he is not an artist but a director.



252l: Such a good looking angel wants to be a director??

253l: Spicy chicken Morningstar, you are a tyrant!!! Heartache!!



The post on the entertainment forum was soon built up like a tall building, but Pei Ran was too mysterious. In addition, it was said he was studying with Director Xie in the “Red Actress” crew currently, so they couldn’t find anything about him. In total, there were only a few photos.

For a long time, without new materials, most people no longer paid attention to it. However, a few people got interested. They found Shen Huai’s press conference and followed the waves. 

The two things announced by Shen Huai at the previous press conference were indeed moving forward slowly, just as he had promised.

In addition to supporting the original singers as usual, recently attempts were made to promote niche music. 

Ye Cang’s rock had also been niche music at that time, but the sales volume was amazing, constantly breaking the record. It also proved that niche music didn’t mean there was no audience for it. Sometimes it was just that the singer didn’t do it well enough, or the audience had never heard of it, so they did not know whether they liked it or not. 

Ye Cang’s second account, “Your Father”, had been promoting relatively unpopular original music. After these songs were discovered, they also gained a lot of popularity. Among them, singers that had signed contracts with Morningstar also launched their new albums.

It was precisely because of these examples that Shen Huai and the others had confidence. 

Just now, the main problem was how to promote it. 

Shen Huai remembered that Chu Mei Bo had participated in the recording of “Travel with History”. In the episode of “Li Yuan”, Mr. Xue, who promoted Peking opera, had always impressed him deeply. After the broadcast of the “Li Yuan” episode, the beauty of Peking opera displayed in it had attracted many new people.

According to Chu Mei Bo, she had called Mr. Xue not long ago. The old man had happily said that there were more people coming to watch and learn Beijing opera this year.

Shen Huai considered whether it was possible to do some variety show like “Travel with History”. After all, variety shows had their natural advantage. They were easily accepted by people because they were approachable. Relying on this form of publicity may be far more appropriate than rigid promoting, and this kind of customization approach would also fit better the characteristics of the music itself.

He shared his idea with Dean Fang of the Music Association and was told that their team had been recently considering this aspect.

In the field of filmmaking, Shen Huai signed some new directors that he was very optimistic about, but it was not a matter of one day and one night for these movies to show results. Moreover, after the discussion between Shen Huai and Yi Mian, there was a great deal of discussion about the movie layout.

As a part of Shen Huai’s layout, Pei Ran had been very busy recently.

Since he started studying under Director Xie, he had constantly shown his familiarity with filmmaking. As a result, he was no longer limited to camerawork, props, lighting, art, and even later editing, but participated in all stages and showed decent results.

Pei Ran was good-looking and had a good temperament. If someone asked him to help them, he would help without saying a word. Looking at him, he was not very tall, but his strength was amazing and he was not weaker than a two meter tall strong man.

Director Xie liked him more and more, and even wanted to keep him permanently in the crew. Fortunately, before long, the cameraman with gastroenteritis recovered and could return to the crew, so Pei Ran retired.

These days, Pei Ran probably knew the state of the current crew.

Occasionally, he would teach Song Yimian some experience of filming, but he was different from Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan. After all, he had been a producer, so he taught more from the perspective of the overall situation.

Song Yimian didn’t ask him why he was so young and had so much experience in old filming methods, but listened to what Pei Ran taught him.

Sometimes, when Mr. Guo finished filming, he could not help holding his breath when he saw Song Yimian standing obediently beside Pei Ran and seriously listening to his teachings. 

Since Ye Cang deliberately said that Pei Ran and Tang Wanjun had a different type of relationship, Mr. Guo didn’t like Pei Ran anymore.

At present, Pei Ran not only had an unclear relationship with his goddess, but also took away his disciple. Mr. Guo felt even more depressed.

They had just finished filming a scene, and Director Xie let everyone have a rest. 

Mr. Guo gasped and sat down in the reclining chair. His assistant hurriedly handed him a glass of water. Old Guo took a sip, but still felt uncomfortable. He couldn’t help muttering, “What is so good about Pei Ran? All of them come after him.”

The assistant’s heart turned cold. He had been afraid of being dismissed since the last time he angered his boss. Now it was a good chance to show his loyalty and please the boss!

The assistant immediately straightened up and said generously, “It is because they have no vision. Unlike the boss who is rich, handsome, has acting skills and connotation and is one in  a hundred talents. This is just a pretty boy who only has a face!”

Mr. Guo: “…”

Looking at the assistant’s face asking for praise, Mr. Guo said, “The pretty boy from your mouth, his strength is probably twice that of Mr. Shen.”

The assistant’s face turned white.

There was a burst of laughter next to him. Mr. Guo sighed and asked the assistant to go back to the hotel first, then turned to Chu Mei Bo, who was still smiling. “Sister Mei, don’t patronize the joke. You have taught Junior Song for so long. Now he’s running with someone else. Don’t you feel bad?” 

Chu Mei Bo rolled her eyes slightly and smiled. “I don’t approve of provocative methods.” 

After being seen through, Mr. Guo coughed softly and said angrily, “Aren’t you worried that Junior Song, this silly child, will be played around by Pei Ran? He is not a pure man.”

Now that there was no one else around, Chu Mei Bo directly pointed out, “Are you worried about Junior Song or Wanjun?”

Mr. Guo: “…”

Chu Mei Bo actually had some understanding of Guo Wenyuan’s mood at this moment. After getting along with Tang Wanjun for so long, she also treated her like a younger sister, but Mr. Guo was concerned and confused, which made him hostile towards Pei Ran.

Chu Mei Bo wanted Guo Wenyuan to understand that it was not a matter of a day or two, so she stopped persuading him and said, “You and I both understand that Song Yimian’s advantage is that he is studious and savvy. Pei Ran has a lot of experience and has dabbled in various professions. He has a broader vision than we do, and it is a blessing that he is willing to teach him. Unfortunately, this child is a little stubborn. If we really show him that we are unhappy, even if he wants to learn again from him, I am afraid he will take into account our feelings and slowly alienate Pei Ran. Wouldn’t that be a pity?” 

After she said this, Guo Wenyuan suddenly woke up and showed an expression of regret. He had been too affected by his emotions recently and almost destroyed Song Yimian’s future. 

Chu Mei Bo smiled and pointed out, “After hearing that you and Song Yimian have another scene to shoot, you haven’t rehearsed with him. How will he act after being taught by Pei Ran?”

Although Guo Wenyuan was still reluctant to admit it, he was already thinking about what kind of sparks he would encounter with Song Yimian during this scene.



The focus of their discussion, Pei Ran, was explaining the scene to Song Yimian.

In this scene, the heroine Cheng Yanxin made an appointment with the male lead Zhou Hanchen after the movie was over. They became affectionate, but were interrupted by Yokota’s appearance. Yokota had found some clues pointing to Cheng Yanxin, but Zhou Hanchen didn’t know anything, he only wanted to protect the person he liked. The three people were chatting at a small table, but each had their own thoughts. The atmosphere was tense, and this made it very exciting.

Pei Ran said slowly, “The focus of this scene is the abrupt change of emotion, and the rhythm of the scene is also changing. As an actor, you should keenly grasp that point of emotional change, otherwise once the rhythm falls, the scene will be ruined.”

Song Yimian thought for a while, and then said, “Is the point where the mood changes, the moment when Yokota sits down? I feel that in that moment, the state of all three of them changes.”

Pei Ran shook his head. “This point is not certain, but should be adjusted according to the reaction of the opponent. A good rhythm should be like playing table tennis, it comes and goes. From the moment Yokota enters the door, it means that he has already served, so his opponent’s play should be relatively simple and controlled. But in this scene, every line and every tiny expression of the three of them are linked. Once one of them drops the chain, this scene will not be what you see right now, so thrilling.”

Pei Ran was the peak of the Hong Kong film and television circle. He cooperated with famous international directors and even some new directors who were exceptionally talented. Although Pei Ran had only been shooting, he saw a lot and his vision naturally became broader.

Song Yimian didn’t speak. He went aside pondering silently.

Pei Ran moved his feet for a while and was ready to have some rest but at this moment there was a clap of applause behind him. 

Pei Ran followed the sound and saw a middle-aged man smiling at him.

Pei Ran had been staying with the crew recently. He was sure that the man in front of him was a fresh face. He was about to ask, when he heard Director Xie’s voice from behind with a surprise tone, “Yizhou! When did you come?” 

His name was Yang Yizhou. He was the screenwriter of “Red Actress” and the best screenwriter in China.

He smiled and said, “I wanted to say hello to you, but I heard this kid talking about acting, so I was fascinated for a moment.” 

Director Xie introduced the two people to each other and was about to pull them inside the room.

Yang Yizhou waved his hand. “Wait, I brought someone here,” he said, revealing a timid girl behind him. It was Tang Sugar.

Yang Yizhou said with a smile, “This little girl is my colleague, so I made her call me uncle. I thought she walked like a headless fly outside the crew, so I bought her here.”

Pei Ran then remembered something and took out his cell phone from his pocket. The phone showed that it was out of battery. 

He didn’t usually play with his cell phone often, so he didn’t pay attention to the battery level of his cell phone, which lead to the cell phone turning off, so that no information or phone calls from Tang Sugar could come through.

Pei Ran apologized to Tang Sugar.

Tang Sugar hurriedly waved her hand, and her cheeks turned slightly red. In fact, she hesitated after seeing Pei Ran’s photo. After all, this face was so beautiful and young.

This was the most important transformation moment in Tang Sugar’s carrier. She was really afraid to gamble with her career.

It was only due to her trust in Chu Mei Bo that she decided to come to the production team to see Pei Ran with her own eyes and talk to him before making a decision. She just didn’t think to inform Pei Ran in advance, only to find out that she couldn’t contact the other person at the entrance. When she was hesitating to call Chu Mei Bo, she met Yang Yizhou.

When they entered the set, the two happened to hear Pei Ran talking to Song Yimian. Tang Sugar’s heart fell to her stomach.

After listening to the conversation between the two, Yang Yizhou looked at Pei Ran with interest. “Do you want to be a director?” 

Pei Ran did not feel embarrassed in front of the top domestic screenwriter and calmly nodded.

Yang Yizhou asked, “Do you need a screenwriter?” 

Pei Ran: “Yes.”

Yang Yizhou laughed, “What do you think of me?”

Tang Sugar: “!!!”

Mr. Yang don’t rob people like this!!


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