MAIR – Chapter 169 – Idol

At eight o’clock sharp, the finals of “National Idol” officially began.

This time, the program team also made a lot of money. It not only invited the best host in China, but also the beautiful stage design, and the contestants’ costumes and props have been improved in quality visible to the naked eye.

The first edition was a big hit.

It was not so much as singing and dancing as the stage play.

In addition to the 20 finalists, 80 contestants who had been already eliminated also participated. With the music playing, there was a stretching girl in the camera. Her hair was messy, and she wore a pair of black frame glasses that covered most of her face.

She walked onto the stage at a loss, and then several other contestants wearing the same clothes came out talking and laughing. They stood next to the girl and seemed to be giving her some advice. Then one of the girls seemed to get an idea and took out a big black cloth, to cover the other girl.

Soon, there seemed to be a gust of wind on the stage, blowing the black cloth away, revealing the girl who had changed clothes under the cloth.

The black-rimmed glasses on her face were removed, her hair was tied up, her clothes changed into the same style as other girls. She seemed to be surprised by this change.

Then the music changed and several girls stood together and danced neatly.

Many of the audience immediately remembered that this was the first group of contestants from the first episode of “National Idol”.

As they danced, many girls gathered from all directions, wearing the same clothes they had on the first day of the show.

All music was also unconsciously changed into the theme song of “National Idol”. The girls gradually integrated into a formation and danced in a neat manner. This dance also reminded the audience of the girls who moved them during their first public performance.

The girls danced very seriously and the audience found out that they danced more skillfully and neatly than they did during their first public performance, which means that even if they get eliminated, these girls still do not give up their efforts.

As the music suddenly changed, the girls quickly spread to both sides, revealing the 20 contestants in uniform behind them.

They all looked like stars, with neat uniforms and cleaner movements. Even if the audience has seen the theme song performance many times,, it still brings them some more surprises.

At the end of the first performance, viewers were still thinking about it, and they were looking forward to the rest of the program.

At this time, the host came on the stage, he and his partner talked to each other, and their humorous words soon caught the attention of the audience, and then the host invited all the mentors.

Just to the surprise of the audience, the mentors didn’t just simply walk through the stage, but all came with their own performance.

Anna’s dance instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the scene, then she pulled Qiu Jie from the sidelines, and their fighting dance made the screams rise higher and higher.

The third mentor to take the position was Tang Ruoyi, whose fame couldn’t compare with others, but her performance was unexpectedly burning.

Ye Cang hasn’t appeared yet, but the expectation of his appearance has risen to the highest level.

However, Ye Cang didn’t disappoint either, without passionate dance, colorful light or partner, he stood on the stage alone with his guitar, but such a simple scene became extraordinary under his singing.

What was even more surprising was that this time he didn’t sing his own already famous work, but a new song he specially wrote for “National Idol”.

Before, many people questioned why Ye Cang was mixed into the idol show like “National Idol”. Rock and idols were the opposite extremes. Some radical fans even cursed Ye Cang for losing his rock’n’roll soul and becoming the running dog for popularity. Although Ye Cang showed his musical talent beyond rock and roll in this program, there were still many people who thought he had fallen. Later, Xia Shiyu was rumored as one of the reasons for this.

Ye Cang never explained anything until now.

He chose to answer them with this song.

In Ye Cang’s eyes, there has never been a distinction between high and low on the stage, whether it was rock, opera or pop music, it was only a form of music. Good music can reach everyone. As a musician, you should not confine yourself to a small circle. Learning how to appreciate it, was the first step to writing good music.

Sitting under the stage, Shen Huai looked at the stage, with a focus and tenderness he seemed to return to the scene when he saw Ye Cang’s live performance for the first time.

In such a stage full of “idols”, in Shen Huai’s heart, Ye Cang was the one who could bear this word the most.



The performance of several mentors raised the temperature of the scene by several degrees, and at this time, the information about “National Idol” on various social platforms was about to explode. The live broadcast platform almost crashed several times and was saved by the programmers who were prepared for it.

At this time, there were enough on-screen comments to cover the whole screen.

[Ah ah ah ah! I asked my whole neighborhood to wear hearing aids!]

[Mentors are tonight MVP!! Today, I became the mentor’s fan!!]

[I thought I had already moved on! But Cang Cang pulled me back again!! Ow ow ow Cang baby mommy loves you!!]

[Mentor take the c position and make your debut!]

[I’m excited and worried. The mentors’ performances were too excellent. The little sisters must be under a lot of pressure.]

[OK, these two performances were already worth the ticket price!]

[Envy the sisters at the scene.]

The host was not in a hurry, and said mysteriously with a smile: “In the competition of “National Idol” all our little sisters appear in the form of a team, or occasionally in the form of CP.”

As soon as he said this, there was a tacit laugh at the scene, and the atmosphere eased down.

The host then went on: “Next, the little sisters will show their most attractive side in the form of sl. Don’t you look forward to it?”

With the sound of neat “anticipation” at the scene, the lights on the stage dimmed.

In all the competitions of “National Idol”, except for the first period that also had individual exhibitions, they all appeared later in the form of groups. For the sake of the whole group, they had more or less concealed some of their own light, and now, they got the best chance to display it on the stage.

The superb dance skills of the dancers and the moving singings skills of the VCal are reflected in each other on the stage. They showed their best parts heartily in a short period of two minutes, which aroused wave after wave of enthusiasm from the audience.

The appearance order for this part was the reverse order of the contestants ranking from the last episode.

Wang Can was second from the bottom, and Xia Shiyu was the last one.

If it was before, the audience would be looking forward to their performance very much, because of the previous performance of “Sinking”, there were still many fans of Xia Wang. However, because of the previous events on the Internet, many viewers had mixed moods, and many Wang Can black fans have already made her name black on the live comment section.

But Wang Can was not disturbed by anyone. She stood on the stage with a calm look and thought of what Xia Shiyu told her before.

This is where she should prove herself. She deserves the position for people who supported her and for herself.

The lights dimmed completely around her, and only a beam of light fell on Wang Can head. With a heavy drumbeat, Wang Can’s body seemed to wake up little by little. Her eyes were calm and hot, as if deeply suppressed by the magma that was about to erupt.

At this moment, Wang Can completely forgot her ranking and the gossips on the Internet. She only had this dance left in her mind and the stage she loved.

Xia Shiyu stood on the edge of the stage, her eyes following Wang Can’s every move. Her face showed a happy smile as she silently applauded Wang Can.

The live footage of this scene was faithfully transmitted to the bigger screen.

Although it was dark and the camera just flashed by, many people were stunned by the sincere smile on Xia Shiyu’s face and her silent applause for her opponent.

In this case, no one was more qualified to condemn the Ying Yuan company and Wang Can more than Xia Shiyu, but instead of doing so, she applauded the excellent performance of her rival.

This makes many people who follow the trend feel ashamed and have some deep thought.

The attack on Wang Can on the comment section has been reduced by more than half. Many fans just like Wang Can were under great pressure these days. When they saw Wang Can’s strong performance on the stage, it was as if they were encouraged to become stronger. But when they saw Xia Shiyu applauding Wang Can, all these strong people felt moved.

[Wuwuwuwu, thank you Xia Xia, thank you.]

[Xia Xia also suffered from cyber violence at the beginning, so she sympathizes with Can Can experiencing now. Can Can has encountered a lot of bad things on this program, but it is also Can Can greatest fortune to have such a friendship.]

[Can Can is an angel! Xia Xia is also an angel! All angels will be happy.]

[Xia Wang for me! The key with rubbish will be thrown into the sea together!!! ]

[I didn’t cry when Can Can was misunderstood, I also didn’t cry when I quarreled with Blackie on the Internet and lost. I didn’t cry when I was sneered at by fans of the other little sisters, but just now I really cried. Thank Can Can and Xia Xia for letting me see the warmest scene of this winter.]

No one thought that Wang Can’s reputation which was as black as the pot bottom was gradually coming back because of such a move by Xia Shiyu.

When Wang Can finished her performance, she seemed to put down all her burdens. She smiled in the direction of Xia Shiyu, who also returned a smile and gave her a thumbs up.

If it hadn’t been for the previous scene, many people would have thought it was just an act, but at this moment, in the eyes of the audience, it was the evidence that the two people who were enemies and friends at the same time could show their sympathy for each other.

As a result, the hot search for # Xia Wang Beautiful Friendship# rushed up quickly.

Just when the netizens shed tears for their beautiful friendship, Xia Shiyu has cleared up all her emotions and stood in the center of the stage.

However, when the prelude sounded, all the audience were stunned.

“This is rock?!”

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