The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 5 – Xu Muan’s method of practicing

Xu Muan settled down his two children and took out a box. There were five fiery red plants in the box, which were called the Blazing Inferno Grass.

Blazing Inferno Grass was not a rare plant. It was a plant used to make aphrodisiacs, slightly toxic for the average person. This plant was beneficial, but to Xu Muan it was a good medicine.

In his childhood, Xu Muan was suffering from extreme hunger and mistakenly ate a strain of Blazing Inferno Grass. After injesting the herb, Xu Muan felt his body burning and under the pain, Xu Muan could only continuously operate his spiritual power. To Xu Muan’s surprise, after the pain subsided, his spiritual power actually increased greatly.

In this world, most of the ways to improve the spiritual power were to eat spiritual plants. The spiritual plant masters could improve the growth of spiritual plants, and the use of spiritual plants could enhance the spiritual power. The benefits of eating spiritual plants by wood based spiritual masters were far greater than those of fire based spiritual masters. Under this balance, the cultivation progress of fire based spiritual masters could not compare to that of wood based spiritual masters.

Xu Muan looked at the spirit plants in the box and took a deep breath. He was able to successfully become a Level 3 Qi Practitioner. The Xiao family all thought he did it by borrowing Xiao Jingting light. Xu Muan knew that he could become a third level Qi Practitioner only by eating this Blazing Inferno Grass.

Xu Muan closed his eyes. The effect of Blazing Inferno Grass on him was getting less and less. By the time the herb became completely useless, his cultivation would be completely stagnant. In fact, he was already considered lucky. Many fire spirit masters, throughout their lives could only become second level Qi Practitioners.

Xu Muan took a deep breath and chewed down the five strains of Blazing Inferno Grass together, then a familiar pain came over but Xu Muan was already used to it and could quickly adapt to it! He then concentrated on drawing the spiritual energy from the Blazing Inferno Grass.

Xu Muan cultivated for more than two hours, and by the time he finished it was already dark. After cultivating for an entire night, his spiritual energy increased only slightly. The difficulty to cultivate and the slow cultivation made many people give up halfway.

Xu Muan opened his eyes and heard some noise next door. He knew that the eldest young master had returned.

Thinking of Xiao Jingting, Xu Muan could not help but be filled with resentment He had worked so hard to cultivate to the third level of Qi Practitioner, and this young master, who only knew how to have fun, was also able to become a third level Qi Practitioner.

If he was like Xiao Jingting, who had precious medicinal herbs to soak his body in since childhood and a large amount of spirit plants to eat, then….

Xu Muan shook his head, shaking off the unrealistic thoughts in his mind.


Xiao Jingting flopped down on the bed and couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged.

Knowing that in this world, one could use spiritual energy to plant a spiritual field, Xiao Jingting couldn’t wait to try it out.

Unfortunately, when he went out to search for his fields he failed to find them.

His foolish disposition from the previous life had been inherited in this life. Xiao Jingting couldn’t help feeling frustrated. There was no Baidu Maps in this life!

Xiao Jingting closed his eyes. When he went out, he received many awful stares. When he passed several families, the villagers exaggerated and took their children back into the house, slamming the door loudly. His predecessor had been so angry and resentful that it gave Xiao Jingting a terrible headache.

Before dawn, Xu Muan went out.

Xiao Jingting knew that Xu Muan seemed to have taken on a short-term job. However, Xu Muan’s hard-earned three silver had brought disaster upon Xiao Jingting.

After a while, Xiao Jingting heard another noise next door. He thought Xiao Xiaodong had got up. After Xiao Xiaodong got up, he started cooking.

Xu Muan had the fire attribute, but Xiao Xiaodong had the wood attribute. However, Xiao Xiaodong’s spiritual power was very weak. He had planted a vegetable field in front of the house and chosen all the vegetables himself.

Xiao Xiaodong was very thoughtful. He was afraid that Xiao Jingting would compete with him for food. The vegetables he chose were all vegetables that Xiao Jingting didn’t like eating.

Xiao Xiaodong had eaten almost all the vegetables he planted before and recently, he had planted a new batch of vegetables.

Xiao Jingting opened the window and looked at Xiao Xiaodong’s movements. Xiao Xiaodong closed his eyes and made some gestures. Xiao Jingting realized that Xiao Xiaodong was using the formula of spirit grass, which could promote the growth of plants. Xiao Jingting was surprised to find that he could see scattered light spots falling into the field.

Xiao Xiaodong spent a long time applying the formula of spirit grass to the field, but the effect was minimal.

Watching this scene, Xiao Jingting suddenly recalled the scene when his predecessor followed his parents to inspect a spirit field. At that time, the parents of the original owner applied some magic tricks to the field, and the spiritual plants in the field broke the ground and sprouted, growing about 10 cm high in one go. But Xiao Xiaodong was after all, still a little child…

Xiao Jingting’s heart itched as he watched Xiao Xiaodong work hard, so Xiao Jingting cast a spiritual formula towards Xiao Xiaodong’s spirit field.

Xiao Jingting saw a large number of green spots fall from the sky, and the vegetables planted by Xiao Xiaodong sprouted rapidly.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Jingting could not help but feel a surge of excitement. It looked like the body he inherited was not so bad, at least compared to the original’s son.

Seeing the vegetables in the vegetable field sprouting quickly, Xiao Xiaodong was startled and his eyes turned around. Soon Xiao Xiaodong spoted Xiao Jingting at the window. Xiao Jingting wanted to smile at his cheap son, but Xiao Xiaodong rushed into the room and locked them.


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