The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 20 – Buying Seeds

Xiao Jingting took Xu Muan into a spiritual seed shop. When shopkeepers saw them come in, he welcomed them in: “Two honored guests, come and choose seeds!”

Xiao Jingting nodded and said: “Yes, do you have any good recommendations?”

The shopkeeper looked at Xu Muan eyes and smiled saying: “Your Ladyship is of the fire attribute! Our shop has newly arrived Fire Cloud Rice and Green Fire Vegetables, all of which are suitable for Fire practitioners to eat, so the guest can buy some.”

Xiao Jingting raised his eyebrow with interest. Xu Muan grabbed Xiao Jingting, shook his head, and said: “Don’t buy it.”

Xiao Jingting looked at Xu Muan in bewilderment and asked: “What is the matter?”

“ Fire Cloud Rice third-level spiritual plant, but if it is sold, the price is 20% lower than that of spiritual rice with wood attribute. However, the planting difficulty is not lower than that of the spiritual rice with wood attribute.” Xu Muan explained.

“it’s alright. If we plant it you can eat by yourself, we will not sell it.”Xiao Jingting did not care.

“Boss, I want a bag of seeds of Fire Cloud Rice and Green Fire Vegetables” Xiao Jingting said

Xu Muan said uneasily: “There is no need to plant so many.” Fire practitioners can accept wood spirit rice, but wood practitioners have difficulty in eating Fire Cloud Rice which was one of the reasons why fire spirit rice was stagnating.

Xiao Jingting shook his head lightly and said: “It’s all right. What kind is it?”

Xiao Jingting picked out another bag of sweet potato seeds and a bag of common spirit rice seeds and was ready to go home. One bag of seeds was just enough for one mu of land, and the remaining one mu of medium-level field, Xiao Jingting planned to use for planting grapes.

Four bags of seeds cost another six silver and after spending this money, Xiao Jingting could be said to have clean sleeves.

“Sir, you really love your wife!” The shopkeeper was just saying it casually but did not think that Xiao Jingting really wanted it, and immediately jokes.

Xiao Jingting smiled and didn’t speak, but Xu Muan face was red.

Xiao Jingting left the seed store with Xu Muan and walked out of the city.

“if you don’t have any silver, I still have some.” Xu Muan weighed it for a long time before he said it.

Xiao Jingting glanced at Xu Muan and said: “ No, the spirit plants in the five mu field at home can be harvested. If they are sol we can also have more than 20 silver of input. When we go back, they should be harvested quickly.” Xiao Jingting said.

Xu Muan nodded and responded: “Well, I’ll help you.”

“I think the family still needs to buy an earthworm.” Before, there was a little land, so he could borrow earthworm from Village head. But now when he redeemed all that land, there would be more chances of needing to use that earthworm and it was not an option to always rent it from village head house. As a matter of fact, Xiao Jingting still wanted a monster for traveling, but at present, the money was tight, so he could only think about it.

Xiao Jingting thought secretly: when the second batch of grapes are planted, it should be more abundant. The owner of the restaurant said that when the second batch of grapes will be ready, he could still buy them from him at the same price as before.

Xu Muan nodded, answered, and said: “Mm-hmm.” A good-looking second-class earthworm cost three of four silver and Xu Muan couldn’t help but feel a physical pain.

Xu Muan and Xiao Jingting walked up to the ox cart and after a while Qiu Li also came. Unlike the high and mighty way, he looked before Qiu Li looked at the two of them with a strange face.

Xiao Jingting didn’t want to pay attention to this person and closed his eyes on his own, and Xu Muan soon followed suit.

Xu Muan walked back to the house and looked at the dozens of grapes left in the courtyard, as felt as if he had seen white silver flowers.

“If these grapes were to be sold…”

“These grapes are not for sale.” Xiao Jingting interrupted Xu Muan: “Of course you have to save some good food for yourself. This grape can enhance your strength. You and I can eat up a few strings every day, but we can no longer give it to the children. Fortunately, the spiritual energy in grapes is relatively mild. Otherwise, the two kids after eating so much would have some problems.”

Xu Muan nodded solemnly when he heard this speech and said: “I will pay attention to it.” The two children were still too young, absorbing too much spiritual power would damage their meridians so he cannot be careless.

In the evening, Xu Muan stayed in the room, nibbling grapes one by one, his eyes full of excitement.

Xiao Xiaofan grabbed Xu Muan pants and sucked in his saliva. “Daddy, give me one grape, just one grape.”

Xu Muan ignored Xiao Xiaofan pleas and checked Xiao Xiaofan meridians that were blocked by vitality. These days, Xiao Xiaofan not only should not eat grapes, but even the amount of his food should be halved.

“Go to bed.” Xu Muan urged.

Xiao Xiaofan climbed into bed dejectedly and said to himself: “My father has become generous, but my Daddy become stingy.”.

Xiao Xiaodong looked at Xu Muan excited appearance and felt a little happy. In his impression, Xu Muan had not been so happy for a long time. Xiao Xiaodong remembered that his grandfather said that his Daddy was greedy when they were little and always ate their family food.

Thinking of Xiao Jingting next door, Xiao Xiaodong couldn’t help thinking that it would be great if his father would continue like this.

After eating the grapes, Xu Muan licked his lips and thought of helping Xiao Jingting harvest spiritual plants tomorrow, so Xu Muan climbed into bed early.


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