The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 12 – Sour Grapes

When Xu Muan got up, Xiao Xiaodong and Xiao Xiaofan also woke up. They ate pork yesterday, and both brothers had some excess energy.

The two brothers lie at the window and watched Xu Muan leave, then observe the movement of Xiao Jingting.

“Brother, what is he doing?” Xiao Xiaofan asked curiously.

Xiao Xiaodong tilted his head and said: “He seems to be growing grapes.”

“Growing grapes?” Xiao Xiaofan expression twisted.

“Grapes? Grapes are sour. I don’t eat them. ” Xiao Xiaofan said, puffing his cheeks.

Xiao Xiaodong sneered and said: “If someone else has planted it, it’s not for you to eat. Even if you wanted to eat them you may not be able to.”

Xiao Xiaofan bulged his cheek and glared angrily at Xiao Xiaodong.

Xiao Jingting looked towards Xiao Xiaodong and Xiao Xiaofan. Xiao Xiaodong sensed Xiao Jingting gaze and closed the window before taking Xiao Xiaofan to hide.

Xiao Jingting thought secretly: the shadow left by the predecessor is very difficult to eliminate! It will take time.

If people in the village wanted to go to the city, most of them would take the Li family ox cart and Xu Muan was no exception. When Xu Muan hunted more prey he would take ox cart of Li Sheng.

“What a big pig! Half of it is already so big, a whole one must be amazing! ” Li Sheng was envious.

Xu Muan nodded and said: “Yes!”

“Are you going to sell this half of pig?” Li Sheng asked.

Xu Muan nodded and said: “Yes!”

“Such a big pig can sell for more than ten silver. Did you hunt it?” Qiu Bai asked.

Xu Muan looked at the people coming out of the cart and frowned. Qiu Bai often followed the ox cart to the city. Xu Muan had never bumped into him before, but this time he did.

Afraid of getting into trouble, Xu Muan nodded directly and said: “Yes!” I hunted it. “

“It’s amazing, but there is only a half of it! If it were to sell the whole one, you would be able to earn dozens of silver.”

“We eat the other half.” Xu Muan said.

Qiu Bai said jealousy: “This pig spiritual power is very rich, it must be delicious.”

Xu Muan nodded and said: “It’s delicious.” Qiu Bai had an affair with Xiao Jingting and always come to him when he had nothing to do. Xu Muan looked at this person and found him very unpleasant, but there was nothing he could do.

“All right, all right, let’s get in the cart, it’s time for us to go.” Li Sheng said.

The ox cart traveled for over an hour before it arrived in city.

Xu Muan sold the pig to the restaurant and took the money to buy, rice, noodles and eggs, as well as some clothes. The clothes on his two son were torn and he had some money on hand. Xu Muan didn’t want to wronge them anymore.

When Xu Muan came home,  he saw the yard full of lush grapevines.

A strong smell of meat floated out of the house.

Xu Muan opened the door and saw Xiao Jingting, who was stirring in the pot. Xiao Jingting took a look at Xu Muan and said: “Now that you’re back will will be able to eat soon.”

Xu Muan nodded and replied: “Good.”

Xiao Jingting made a big pot of stir-fried bamboo shoots this time, Xiao Xiaodong and Xiao Xiaofan couldn’t eat too much meat, but it was all right if they could eat more bamboo shoots that were tainted with the taste of meat

Xu Muan ate meat and secretly thought: Xiao Jingting cooking is really good, but he didn’t know what kind of devil possessed him to actually invite him and his sons to eat together.

Seeing that Xiao Jingting was in a good mood, Xu Muan took out 12 silver and said: “I got 16 silver from selling pig and, spent 4 silver, there is still 12 silver left.”

Xiao Jingting put away six silver an said: “You can put the rest away, I didn’t expect this pig to be worth this much.”

Xu Muan nodded and said with a bit of a guilty conscience: “All right.”

Afraid that Xiao Jingting would take all the money, Xu Muan lied that 18 silver was 16 silver. Unexpectedly, Xiao Jingting didn’t even notice and also divided it into half. Although Xu Muan was guilty, he still didn’t confess. He had two children to take care of and needed to be on guard.

“What’s wrong? Eat quickly!” Xiao Jingting looked at Xu Muan and said.

Xu Muan nodded and ate.

“Eating meat is so comfortable!” Xiao Jingting couldn’t help but say. In his previous life, eating meat was just delicious, but in this life, eating meat could increase his strength, and if he ate meat for every meal, his spiritual power would rise. No wonder the strength of those big families raised so rapidly.

“Yes! Yeah! It’s so comfortable to eat meat, the meat is delicious.” Xiao Xiaofan said.

Xiao Jingting stretched out his hand and rubbed Xiao Xiaofan head.

Seeing Xiao Jingting gentle look, Xu Muan hesitated for a moment, and then swallowed the matter of meeting Qiu Bai.


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