The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 4 – On guard

Xiao Jingting’s heart ached as he listened to the whispers of father and sons next door.

A burning sensation surged in his chest, and Xiao Jingting thought of something and quickly took out the jade pendant on his chest.

A pale blue jade pendant came into view, and a feeling of joy welled up in Xiao Jingting’s heart.

Xiao Jingting had a piece of ancestral jade in his previous life, which was almost exactly the same as the one in his hand now.

In his previous life, post-apocalyptic literature was very popular, and the topic of portable space was very much on the rise.

So Xiao Jingting had also tried being recognized by the ancestral jade pendant as master with a drop of blood. After dripping some blood on it space really opened. It was only about one cubic meter, which was of no great use. But in this life inside was an extra mu of land, a water spring and even in a corner of the space, there were all kinds of plant seeds stored in the space ring from his previous life.

Xiao Jingting searched in his memory and found that his predecessor hadn’t had this piece of jade. Perhaps this opportunity came thanks to this piece of jade.

Xiao Jingting’s head felt dizzy and he felt nausea as he fell on the mat and deep desire spread from every pore. Xiao Jingting had the sudden impulse to vomit blood. When the drug addiction broke out, the effect of Xiaoyao powder was equivalent to the drugs in his last life.

Xiao Jingting trembled all over and scolded the original body owner thousands of times. What was wrong with him? He had to touch the money-burning things like Xiaoyao powder! 

Sure enough, there was retribution for seizing another person’s body. As a result, he became addicted to drugs. God knew that he was a good citizen who abided by the law in his previous life!

Forget it, it was better to stay alive than to die. Although he was in the body of a black ship, he still had some advantages.

Xiao Jingting gritted his teeth and waited for this wave of drug addiction to pass.

Xiao Jingting opened the door and saw Xu Muan, Xiao Xiaodong and Xiao Xiaofan sitting around the table. There was only a bowl of wild vegetable soup on the table. When Xiao Jingting came out, Xiao Xiaodong looked like a hedgehog with sharp thorns all over his body. Xiao Jingting felt guilty when Xiao Xiaodong looked at him like this.

Xu Muan frowned slightly and turned sideways to gather the two imps behind him. Xiao Xiaofan hid behind Xu Muan but looked at Xiao Jingting full of curiosity.

Xiao Jingting looked at the originally happy three people. Because of their appearance and their tense state he didn’t say anything and walked out of the door.

Xu Muan looked at Xiao Jingting that left without saying a word, and couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy.

Although Xu Muan did not talk to Xiao Jingting very much, the livelihood of the family was closely related to this person. Xu Muan naturally didn’t know anything much about Xiao Jingting’s affairs. Xiao Jingting went out to drink and Xu Muan knew that Xiao Jingting was addicted to Xiaoyao powder. Mu Xuan saw it with his own eyes and was anxious, but he could not do anything about it.

There was a son of a family in the village who worked in the pawnshop in the city. His family told Xu Muan that  Xiao Jingting had pawned five mu of first-class land, six mu of medium-class field, and four mu of low-class field, and there was only five mu of low-class land left.

Knowing that Xiao Jingting had pawned the field, Xu Muan wanted to slap Xiao Jingting to death. The field was something that could make money! Even if you didn’t want to plant it, you could rent it out!

When Xu Muan thought of his attribute, he couldn’t help feeling a bit frustrated. If only he had a wood attribute! People with wood attributes were good at taking care of the fields.

Daddy, he left but he actually went out so calmly.” Xiao Xiaodong’s eyebrows frowned and his face was solemn. In Xiao Xiaodong’s eyes, Xiao Jingting’s abnormality was not a good omen.

Xu Muan bit his lip. Since Xiao Jingting was sent here, it meant that he had been abandoned by his family’s clan, but unfortunately, the eldest young master was addicted to the past. He was intent on returning to his family and continuing to enjoy himself.

“He’s addicted to Xiaoyao powder. He is not going to buy this thing again, is he? Wang Xiaole’s father just sold him after he became addicted to it.” Xiao Xiaodong observed worriedly. 

Wang Xiaole’s father was a long term worker at the Xiao family. When he was in the Xiao family, Wang Xiaole was Xiao Xiaodong’s playmate. In Xiao Xiaodong’s opinion, Xiao Jingting’s recent movements were too weird.  Xiao Xiaodong subconsciously felt that there was a conspiracy behind it and the biggest possibility was that Xiao Jingting wanted to sell Xiao Xiaofan.

Xu Muan took a deep breath and despair flashed in his eyes. Father and son were of one mind. Xu Muan’s idea was surprisingly consistent with Xiao Xiaodong’s.

It was not that he didn’t want to run away with his two children, but the deed of sale was still in Xiao Jingting’s hands. If he ran away with two children, it would be difficult to protect their lives, and they would become runaway slaves.

Xiao Xiaofan looked at Xiao Xiaodong and Xu Muan’s faces and got a little confused. “Daddy, brother, did father went to eat and drink again?”

Xu Muan took a look at Xiao Xiaofan, sighted briefly and finally said to his two children, “Let’s eat, let’s eat first.”

Xiao Xiaofan should have eaten till he was full before and only had some soup. Although the wild vegetables were not delicious, Xu Muan and Xiao Xiaodong ate all the food left on the table.


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