The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 6 – Trade

Xiao Jingting looked at Xiao Xiaodong’s departing back and whispered: “This journey will be very long.” 

After casting a spiritual formula to the vegetable field, Xiao Jingting felt that the spiritual energy in his body was somewhat depleted, but it was still very abundant.  Memory told Xiao Jingting that the same spiritual field could not constantly use the spiritual formula, because the excessive growth of the plants would consume the fertility of the soil.

For plants it worked best when it was used for the first time.

Xiao Xiaodong went back to the room and sat on the edge of the bed, his heart pounding.

Xiao Xiaofan rubbed his eyes. He looked at Xiao Xiaodong and said vaguely: “Brother, it’s dawn.”

Xiao Xiaodong looked at Xiao Xiaofan with disheveled hair and said: “It’s not dawn yet. Go back to sleep for a while.”

“Brother, I’m hungry.”

Xiao Xiaodong’s heart sank. It was always like this, as soon as Xiao Xiaofan woke up he would shout he was hungry.

Xiao Xiaodong handed a cake to Xiao Xiaofan and said: “Eat it.”

Xiao Xiaofan, with a bitter face, cried: “The cake is too hard, I don’t like it.”

Xiao Xiaodong looked at Xiao Xiaofan’s pitiful appearance and his heart felt bad.

“The meal is cooked.” Xiao Xiaofan’s eyes shone brightly.

Xiao Xiaodong’s face changed as he secretly scolded Xiao Jingting as an asshole. He cooked delicious food every morning, but never gave them any.

“You can sleep a little longer,” Xiao Xiaodong advised.

Xiao Xiaofan sniffed and looked at the stool in the room. Xiao Xiaofan was small. If he wanted to open the door, he had to move the chair.

“Don’t go,” Xiao Xiaodong said harshly.

Xiao Xiaofan bit his finger and looked at Xiao Xiaodong pitifully.

After a long time, Xiao Xiaodong could not stand Xiao Xiaofan’s pitiful eyes and opened the door as he secretly looked at Xiao Jingting.

Xiao Jingting saw Xiao Xiaodong sticking out his head secretly from behind the door and showed a kind smile, saying: “Do you want to eat steamed buns? Do me a favor and I’ll give you two.”

Xiao Xiaodong did not expect that Xiao Jingting would talk to him and retracted his head.

Xiao Xiaofan pulled Xiao Xiaodong by the arm and exclaimed: “Brother! He said if we do him a favor, he will give us steamed buns to eat!”

Xiao Xiaodong looked at Xiao Xiaofan’s greedy face and hated that some iron could not turn into steel. 

“Isn’t it just a steamed stuffed bun? Look at how greedy you are!”

Xiao Xiaofan blinked and reasoned: “Brother, don’t you want to eat steamed buns? Steamed buns are so soft and pleasant to eat.”

Xiao Xiaodong: “…”

Xiao Xiaofan grabbed his head, coquettishly embraced Xiao Xiaodong’s arm, and insisted: “Brother, why don’t you ask him what he wants us to do for him?”

Xiao Xiaodong looked at Xiao Xiaofan’s clear eyes, hesitated for a moment, and could not resist the temptation of the steamed buns.


Xiao Xiaofan heard the words and happily followed Xiao Xiaodong out.

Xiao Xiaodong stopped the cheerful Xiao Xiaofan behind him and walked to Xiao Jingting full of vigilance, asking: “What do you want us to help you with?”

Xiao Jingting looked at Xiao Xiaodong and secretly curled his lips, not even calling him Father, he really seemed to bear a deep grudge with the original owner.

“I want to go see my family’s fields, but I don’t know where they are, do you know?” Xiao Jingting asked.

“I don’t know.” Xiao Xiaofan stammered, somewhat dejected at the question. Xiao Xiaodong sized up Xiao Jingting and rebuked: “Haven’t you sold out all of your fields yet?”

Xiao Jingting responded with a hot face: “No, there are still five mu of low-grade fields left.”

Xiao Xiaodong’s eyes flashed with coldness and Xiao Jingting realized that he seemed to be despised by his own son.

“If you want to sell it, just sell it. You don’t need to know where the field is.” Xiao Xiaodong uttered indifferently.

Xiao Jingting: “…”

Xiao Jingting laughed awkwardly and reassured: “In fact, the things brought out from the Xiao family have almost been all sold out. If we continue selling we can only sell this house. In that case, we will sleep on the street, so I want to grow some plants and earn some money.”

Xiao Xiaodong looked at Xiao Jingting in surprise and then bowed his head, considering the authenticity of Xiao Jingting’s words.

Although Xiao Xiaodong hated Xiao Jingting very much, he was not really looking forward to Xiao Jingting going astray. After all, he didn’t want his brother and him to be sold by Xiao Jingting who had nothing else to sell.

Xiao Xiaofan was not as worried as Xiao Xiaodong. He grabbed the table with his small hands and looked at the steamed buns on the table, swallowing incessantly.

After a while, Xiao Xiaodong looked up at Xiao Jingting and said: “I know where the field is.”

Xiao Jingting nodded and thought secretly, Sure enough, the elder son is smart. He should have seen it a long time ago.

Xiao Xiaodong’s attribute was wood. When he and Xiao Xiaofan were beaten by the drunk Xiao Jingting, Xiao Xiaodong secretly thought that if Xiao Jingting died like his grandparents, maybe he could inherit Xiao Jingting’s land. However, on a second thought, it was more likely that the Xiao family would come and recover the land.

“It’s a little far,” Xiao Xiaodong said.

“If you take me there, I can give you three steamed buns,” Xiao Jingting insisted.

Xiao Xiaodong pondered for a moment, nodded, and relented: “Deal.”


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