The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 13 – Meeting Qiu Bai again

The next day, after breakfast, Xiao Jingting got up and prepared to go out.

“Dad, where are you going! Going out to play?” Xiao Xiaofan pounced over and hugged Xiao Jingting leg.

Recently Xiao Xiaofan and Xiao Jingting mixed well, Xiao Xiaofan was very fond of this father who always gave him delicious food.

Xiao Xiaodong repeatedly asked Xiao Xiaofan to be on guard against Xiao Jingting. Xiao Xiaofan was stupid and forgetful so when he saw Xiao Jingting, he always forgot Xiao Xiaodong advice.

“Play, play, play, you only know how to play.” Xiao Xiaodong tugged on Xiao Xiaofan arm a little angry.

Xiao Jingting rubbed Xiao Xiaofan face and said: “Daddy need to go to fields to water them.” In the last two days, the food in their house improved a lot, Xiao Xiaofan seemed to have gained some flesh, but he was still thin, making Xiao Jingting feel a little distressed.

Xiao Xiaodong secretly sized up Xiao Jingting and thought in his heart: Xiao Jingting used to hate farming, but now he is more and more diligent.

“I’ll go, too.” Xiao Xiaofan said.

Xiao Xiaodong glanced at Xiao Xiaofan and asked: “If you go, what are you going to do?”

Xiao Xiaofan blushed a little and said: “I’ll show dad the way.”

“Do you know the way?”Xiao Xiaodong asked

Xiao Xiaofan blushed and said: “I know you.”

Xiao Jingting looked at Xiao Xiaofan and said: “If Xiaofan wants to go together, let’s go together.”

Xiao Xiaodong looked at Xiao Jingting and held his head high as he said: “I’ll go too.”

Xiao Jingting looked at Xiao Xiaodong with a look of surprise.

Xiao Jingting took a few more buns and put them in the basket, he only brought one person ration, if two children went with him he should prepare more.

Xiao Jingting looked at Xu Muan and said: “I’m afraid that I won’t be back until the afternoon, so you cook some more of that pork.”

Xu Muan nodded and answered with with yes but his heart was little uneasy. After tooth-piercing pig was dragged back, it was all handled by Xiao Jingting. The meat made by the other side was much better than what was made by him. His skill in cooking the meat was fine, but it was difficult to make it more delicious.

Xu Muan was preoccupied when Xiao Xiaofan and Xiao Xiaodong had already followed Xiao Jingting outside.

Xu Muan looks at the back of the three of them and showed a warm smile.

Xiao Xiaofan tagged on Xiao Jingting robe and jumped around, while Xiao Xiaodong with a straight face, followed them.

Looking at how close his father become with his younger brother, Xiao Xiaodong heart was sour. Obviously father used to love him more, but now he liked his younger brother better. However, it’s better if he liked his younger brother than someone else’s child. When they were still in Xiao family house, his father used to be very nice to those nieces and nephews but he didn’t like them.

Qiu Bai looked at Xiao Jingting, Xiao Xiaofan and Xiao Xiaodong laughing and walking together and his face couldn’t help looking a bit strange.

Qiu Bai had the impression that Xiao Jingting disliked his two children very much. He even told him that Xiao Xiaofan was a wild seed and that Xu Muan slept with someone else and that he was wearing a green hat…..

“Jingting.” Qiu Bai called out.

Seeing Qiu Bai, Xiao Xiaodong quickly stepped forward and walked to Xiao Jingting left-hand side, pulling Xiao Jingting clothes, Xiao Xiaofan also surrounded Xiao Jingting from the right side.

Xiao Jingting looked at Xiao Xiaodong appearance like he was facing an enemy and was somewhat amused: “Qiu Bai, is something wrong?”

Qiu Bai shook his head and said: “It’s nothing, just congratulating you on hunting such a big boar, it for sure sold for dozen of silver.”

Xiao Jingting immediately understood Qiu Bai intention, the other party was interested in the silver he sold the pig for: “Even if it dozen of silver it only a dozen of silver. I just wanted to eat pork.”

“A more than a dozen of silver, that’s a lot too, enough for a long time.” Qiu Bai was filled with envy as he looked at Xiao Jingting and lowered his head, revealing a lonely look.

If it was the original body owner, looking at Qiu Bai appearance, he would have asked Qiu Bai what was bothering him, but Xiao Jingting kept his mouth shut.

Qiu Bai was waiting for Xiao Jingting to ask a question so that he could go on, but he didn’t expect that Xiao Jingting would remain silent, so he could only say: “Jingting, my brother wants to get married. But his future family in law asked for a bride price of 20 silver ( Price that future husband needs to pay to his future in law in order to marry). My family money is really not enough, can you lend me five silver?

“I don’t have silver” Xiao Jingting shook his head.

Qiu Bai looked down and said: “Jingting if you don’t want to lend. Then you don’t want to lend,. Why say you don’t have money? Didn’t you just sell the pig? ” Xu Muan hunted the wild boar, it was absolutely impossible to hide it from Xiao Jingting, with Xiao Jingting temperament, the money for selling pig must have fallen into his hands.

“I owed a lot of gambling debt before. I used the money from selling pig to pay off some of them and I still have a lot to repay.” Xiao Jingting sighed.

Qiu Bai said with a voice filled with sorrow: “What can I do? Without this money, my brother won’t be able to marry a wife.”

“Then let your brother get a cheaper wife to marry, then!” Xiao Jingting said in an indifferent way.

He himself was having a hard time, so where did he find the leisure to care about other people’s elder brother getting married? What does his wife have to do with him? His wife wasn’t settled it yet.

Qiu Bai looked at Xiao Jingting with a look full of bitterness and said: “But my brother really like the girl from that family.”

“Oh, your brother likes that girl so much, then he will definitely find a way. I still have things to do and I can’t talk to you anymore.” Xiao Jingting led Xiao Xiaofan and Xiao Xiaodong away.


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