MAIR – Chapter 149 – Scores

Wang Can was stunned. Even the other three couldn’t believe their ears.

Xia Shiyu had already started making arrangements as if nothing had happened.

“Wait!” Wang Can quickly interrupted her. “Why?”

Xia Shiyu turned her head and said as if she took it for granted, “Your dancing skills are very good, and your performance is strong. If you take the C position, it will be better for our whole group.”

Wang Can: “I’m not…”

She clearly didn’t mean it, but it was hard to say this in front of the camera, so she could only bite her lip and shut up.

Although “Sinking” was dance music, there was also a singing part with especially difficult high tones in the middle.

Xia Shiyu asked the four of them and then assigned the singing part.

Due to the limited time of the mentors, they all had to learn by themselves first. Compared with the two of them, the learning progress of the other three people was obviously not so fast. Xia Shiyu put Wang Can in charge of the dancing part and herself in charge of the singing part. The two of them worked together in order to teach the other three girls.

Wang Can was not particularly happy, but didn’t show it in front of the camera. Xia Shiyu clearly meant that she was fully responsible for the dance of the other three.

Without looking at Wang Can, Xia Shiyu already guessed what she was thinking and calmly said, “In fact, I can teach both things, if you don’t want to…”

Xia Shiyu’s calm expression did not escape Wang Can’s eyes, but it was an unspeakable provocation. Her brain was so hot that she directly interrupted her words, “No! I will teach them!”

Xia Shiyu: “Oh, I’ll leave it to you then.”

Wang Can: “…”

Wang Can regained her senses at this moment and looked suspiciously at Xia Shiyu. She felt annoyed and cheated by Xia Shiyu.

Xia Shiyu pretended not to see Wang Cag’s expression and clapped her hands. “Alright, let’s start training.”

So while the other groups were still fighting for the role of the captain and the C position, their group quickly entered practice mode.



Taking advantage of the break, Xia Shiyu went to the toilet. Wang Can also hurriedly followed her and blocked her way out of the toilet.

“Why are you doing this?!”

Xia Shiyu glanced at her and said faintly, “I told you, your dance skills are good……”

“You know this is not what I am asking!” Wang Can couldn’t help saying. She didn’t have to pretend in front of the camera at this moment, so she said aggressively, “What do you want to do? I don’t need you to give me the C position, I can get the C position with my own ability! Anyway, I won’t accept you!”

Xia Shiyu’s head did not turn. “Oh.”

Wang Can seemed to be hitting cotton with a heavy fist, so she felt more and more depressed. “Aren’t you just trying to gain a good reputation in front of the audience?” 

Xia Shiyu seemed to laugh.

Wang Can’s nerves were originally already very sensitive, and now she had been stimulated. “What are you laughing at?”

Xia Shiyu slowly washed her hands and slightly turned around. “Is this so important?”


Xia Shiyu smiled. “So what if I have given you the C position? It’s never the position that makes the difference, but the person.”

Wang Can was stunned.

She originally thought that Xia Shiyu had bad intentions, but after all she still gave her the C position, which made her feel somewhat uneasy. So she came after her, wanting to know what Xia Shiyu’s intentions were.

But she never thought that she would hear such a remark from Xia Shiyu.

She flushed with anger and looked at Xia Shiyu in disbelief. “You mean, even if you are not in C position, you will perform better than me?”

Xia Shiyu: “You can also put it that way.”

Wang Can: “….We’ll see!”

Wang Can held back her cruel words and turned angrily to leave the bathroom.

Xia Shiyu dried her hands and sighed. “Nowadays, little girls get excited too easily.”

The girl in the mirror had slightly curved eyebrows and eyes, and her expression was very innocent.

She did not notice that her expression was exactly the same as Pei Ran’s, rather subtle and irritating.



When Wang Can returned to the practice room, all her anger had turned into desire to win. She secretly made up her mind that she had to win against Xia Shiyu. No matter if it was in the competition or in teaching the others how to dance.

By the time Xia Shiyu came back, Wang Can had already started teaching the others how to dance with great fighting spirit.

She nodded with satisfaction.

She had long seen that Wang Can was quite unyielding, so she used a little trick, and now it seemed to be working well.

Her appearance made Wang Can even angrier. She worked harder and put stricter requirements for the dance movements on their team, as to ensure that she could beat Xia Shiyu in all aspects.

It was just that Wang Can, who worked hard, was still alright, but the other three who were learning the dance couldn’t stand this tempo. 

A girl named Hu Ya couldn’t stand it any longer, and sat on the ground. “I can’t, I really can’t…..”

It was like a chain reaction, making the other two fall to the ground too.

Wang Can frowned and said, “It is not time to rest yet. Get up quickly and don’t be lazy!”

These days, the three of them and Hu Ya were very tired and stressed making them easily irritable. Wang Can’s words were like the spark that started the fire.

Hu Ya turned off her camera and said sarcastically, “We are all ordinary people, and we are not as skilled as you, Miss Wang. If you want to look like a person who is willing to help others, just do it in front of the camera. Now that the camera is off, who are you performing for?”

Although Wang Can was the captain of her group, most of the problems within the group were solved by her agent. She had never come across such a situation before, and she did not know how to react for a while.

Hu Ya regretted it as soon as she finished speaking. She was too tired recently, and Wang Can was too strict. When they made a mistake, she criticized them mercilessly. She couldn’t stand it anymore and talked back to her. It was just that the words had already been spoken, and she was just too ashamed to apologize, so she went aside on her own.

Wang Can had already regained her senses and her eyes suddenly turned red.

She felt very aggrieved in her heart. She thought she was helping them without any reservation, and she didn’t expect them to think like that about her.

Wang Can tried to hold back her tears and was about to leave the practice room. Who would have thought that when she was approaching the door, it would open and Xia Shiyu would come in with a stack of music sheets.

Xia Shiyu noticed the tension when she opened the door. She glanced at Wang Can, whose lips were tightly clenched and her eyes red. She also looked at the other two people that had embarrassed expressions and at Hu Ya, who was alone in the corner. She could already guess what had happened.

But Xia Shiyu didn’t say anything, pretending that nothing had happened, and pulled Wang Can back into the room.

She raised the music scores in her hand. “I discussed it with Mr. Yu, distributed the songs according to your voice characteristics, and changed the arrangement a little bit. Now, we may have to work a little harder and cooperate with each other.”

Wang Can consciously didn’t let Xia Shiyu see her humiliation, so she kept her head down and didn’t speak.

Hu Ya was also awkward, only the other two were running in a circle.

When Xia Shiyu put down the music scores, her voice also became a little colder. “What did just happen? Can anyone tell me?”

Over the past few days, the five of them stayed together all the time to practice and had got to know each other well. Xia Shiyu arranged everything properly and their progress was much faster than that of other groups. They gradually recognized the captain in Xia Shiyu and relied on her more and more.

In private, Xia Shiyu was gentle and soft. Coupled with her lovely and sweet appearance it was easy for people to be caught off guard by her. However, during practice, she was very serious and her silent appearance was very frightening.

This contrast, unexpectedly, made the team members unconsciously afraid of her.

At this moment, when Xia Shiyu became cold, the girls felt somewhat uneasy, especially Hu Ya. Without waiting for Xia Shiyu to ask for the second time, she told the whole story.

Xia Shiyu looked at Wang Can again.

She had seen Wang Can’s efforts these days, so she asked, “Is there anything else you want to add?”

Wang Can tightly pursed her lips. She was already aggrieved, and now that this incident reached Xia Shiyu, she felt even more embarrassed. She didn’t know where the grievance came from, so she shouted directly at Xia Shiyu, “Yes! It’s all my fault! I am not as elegant and respectable as you are! You must be very proud to see me being scolded!”

She wiped away her tears, feeling very humiliated, and turned to run out of the practice room.

Xia Shiyu snapped, “Stop!”

As soon as Wang Can’s body froze, Xia Shiyu walked over to her.

Xia Shiyu took another look at the gloating Hu Ya and the other two people and said faintly, “Do you think what Wang Can did was wrong?”

Hu Ya and the others saw her clear and lingering gaze, their hearts beat faster and they mumbled and lowered their heads.

Xia Shiyu’s voice had a hint of mockery: “Did you think that if I and Wang Can are at odds I would stand on your side unconditionally?”

The thoughts of Hu Ya and the others were directly exposed, and their faces turned red.

Xia Shiyu said faintly, “Now that Wang Can is in charge of the dance part, her words are the law. Do you think she made a mistake and want to blame her? If so, beat her in dancing first.”

Wang Can did not expect that Xia Shiyu would speak for her. She even forgot to wipe her tears and looked at her blankly.

Hu Ya was stunned and couldn’t help but counter, “It’s impossible…”

“Then shut up,” Xia Shiyu said mercilessly, “Do you think you are at school? And if you failed the exam, there would be another one?”

“In this circle, opportunities are precious. No one owes you anything. To some extent, we are all competitors.” She paused. “Oh, it’s just Wang Can and I, you don’t count.”

This remark was simply sarcastic, but Hu Yu and the other two were confused. When they finally reacted, they all showed humiliated expressions on their faces.

Xia Shiyu chuckled. “You can’t stand this? Online slander is even more fierce. What are you going to do then?”

The girls could not help thinking that before they joined the program, Xia Shiyu was blackened on the internet, to the extend that netizens couldn’t stop talking about her.

Xia Shiyu then continued, “In the last episode, Hu Ya was 47th, Chen Wanran was 42nd and Zheng Xuan 35th. You are all in a very dangerous position. On the contrary, Wang Can and I are much safer than you. Who do you think this opportunity is more important to?”

What she said was ugly, but it was also the truth. All three of them stopped talking.

But Hu Ya couldn’t help herself and whispered, “But none of the three of us have talent as good as Wang Can’s. The dance of ‘Sinking’ is so difficult. It’s really not that we don’t work hard…”

Xia Shiyu: “Talent? In my opinion, your efforts are far from the level of talent.”

Hu Ya: “What makes you say that…”

Xia Shiyu: “When you reach my level, then try to say it again.”

Hu Ya was afraid to speak.

In their eyes, Xia Shiyu was mad. Every day she was the first one to get up and the last one to go to sleep, the intensity of her practice was almost twice as high as theirs. Not only that, she was also so refreshed every day, making people wonder if she was on drugs.

If they really wanted to reach Xia Shiyu’s level  they thought they may die suddenly before they became popular.

Xia Shiyu KO everyone, picked up the music scores as if nothing had happened, and started distributing them.

Hu Ya became honest after this defeat, and Wang Can no longer confronted Xia Shiyu, making the other groups, who didn’t know what had happened between the two of them, think they had overcome a hurdle. 

Until the third episode was officially recorded.

This time, the program group changed the mode of competition from the first two episodes. The mentors no longer participated in the voting. They just commented, and all voting rights were handed over to the 500 members of the live audience.

These members were drawn among the netizens who had previously participated in the voting and would vote for the performance of the whole group, which fully implemented what Zhang Li said before, that either all of them would win or all of them would lose together.

These days, all the contestants worked very hard, and the score difference was almost in the millimeter, until the two teams performing “Sinking” appeared.

The score was – 121-368.

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