Chapter 16 – I Was Born to Be Your Man And in Death Your Ghost!

As soon as Jiang Junyan said it, there was an uproar at the scene.

Jiang Junyan felt a little bit of regret when he spoke out on impulse, but he knew that there was no way back. He could not afford to lose, otherwise, his road to stardom would truly be cut off.

Jiang Junyan glared at his palms and tried to keep himself calm.

He said: “I do not deny the strength of Ye Cang. If he can come up with a performance like the previous two games, I will be convinced that I have lost, but he has chosen such a sensational song, which has no sense of beauty or meaning. And even lacks basic knowledge of music theory.”

“I will not accept that such a song beat mine!”

He spoke in a loud voice, which won a lot of favor from the audience. He thought that he was speaking and behaving like a man.

Ye Cang stood aside, almost laughing at him.

From the beginning of choosing this song as the repertoire for the competition, he knew that this type of song was in the minority and might not be recognized by the public.

If Jiang Junyan said that he does not like it, he would understand that it was caused by aesthetic differences and would not feel anything.

Jiang Junyan was not convinced and felt that he could sing better himself, which was nothing.

But he should not belittle the song to prove himself.

Ye Cang was a man who never paid attention to anything, even if others scolded him, he can smile and ignore the matter.

Only in music, everything is his reverse-scale.

As he looked at Jiang Junyan, his lips evoked a warm smile: “So, in the eyes of Jiang Junyan, can a song that you think has no beauty, no meaning, and lack of basic knowledge of music theory be called a good song?”

Jiang Junyan was stabbed by his gaze, unexpectedly, he turned his head guiltily and answered stiffly, “That’s for sure.”

Hearing his answer, Ye Cang even smiled and fluttered.


The scene was silent for a moment because of that.

Shen Huai could not help but cover his forehead powerlessly.

Jiang Junyan did not expect Ye Cang to say such words in full view of the public, directly froze, his face suddenly becoming rose red.

He remembered that he was broadcasting live now and did not rush to fight with Ye Cang.

Even so, his expression was not very good. “What are you talking about?!”

Ye Cang smiled and said, “It seems that your ears are really bad.”

After that, he turned to face Jiang Junyan and showed his disdain for him perfectly.

Jiang Junyan: “…”

The scene suddenly fell into chaos, and it took a long time for it to calm down.

This can be regarded as a serious broadcast accident, But the director’s group can’t say anything about Ye Cang, after all, this matter was started by Jiang Junyan.

Ye Cang was taken backstage. He was noble and glamorous on the stage, but the moment he saw Shen Huai, he felt a little guilty.

Suddenly a lot of work was added, and Shen Huai was originally a little angry. But he also knows Ye Cang temper, but can only helplessly sigh: “Okay, you take a break, wait for the stage to draw lots.”

If Shen Huai was angry, Ye Cang would feel better, but he felt a little uncomfortable when Shen Huai’s words let the matter pass.

Compared with other artists, he is wayward enough. In his previous life, even his famous agent may not be so indulgent, but Shen Huai never said anything about him, which suddenly softened his heart.

Shen Huai went out of the dressing room to discuss the aftermath with the director group.

After a while, this matter rushed to the hot search.

Looking at the following pile of Ye Cang’s “hot searches for the year”, Shen Huai could not help but cover his forehead again.

To solve this matter is very simple, as long as the two people apologize to each other, the program team will be on thin ground and will be able to bring the matter to the past.

Producer Zhang Li first found Jiang Junyan, Jiang Junyan was already taught a lesson by his agent and obediently agreed to apologize.

But when Zhang Li found Ye Cang she was rejected.

Not only did Ye Cang refuse to apologize, but his agent also sided with him and refused to back down at all.

Zhang Li endured her anger and said to Shen Huai, “Mr. Shen, Ye Cang is not sensible, but you can’t fool around with him, right? If this thing is allowed to ferment, it’s not good for him and the program group.”

“Zhang’s words are heavy.” Shen Huai took his time. “I don’t think my artist is fooling around.”

“Mr. Shen!”

Zhang Li lowered her voice: “Ye Cang is still a player of the program after all. We signed a contract when he joined the program. If you want to cooperate with the program group, you will not let him breach the contract, will you?”

Shen Huai seems to pay no attention to her threat and said lightly: “We have been very cooperative with the publicity and activities of the program.”


Shen Huai also knew that enough was enough, and said in a soft tone, “Zhang producer, I know that your positioning of the program has always been fair and just. In this case, isn’t it normal for the two contestants to have differences in the concept of music? From the point of view of the program group, why should we intervene?”

Zhang Li uttered a sigh of anger, but she could not refute him.

Just then, a female voice chimed in. “It seems that I am unlucky enough to disturb you two.”

Zhang Li turned her head and they looked at each other in surprise. “Ms. Tang, what are you doing here?”

It was Tang Ruoyi, one of the judges.

Tang Ruoyi smiled and said, “I went to fix my makeup. I heard you had a little problem here, so I came over to have a look.”

They were good friends, and Zhang Li did not hide anything from her. She pulled her aside and told her the full story.

After listening to her, Tang Ruoyi said: “I think what Mr. Shen said is correct. This matter is small. It is just a contradiction between the two contestants, but if you let the program group be involved, I am afraid it will become a big deal.”

Under Tang Ruoyi’s persuasion, Zhang Li reluctantly agreed, no longer forcing Ye Cang to apologize.

Tang Ruoyi sold Ye Cang a good one, laughed with him and said, “I appreciate your music very much. I hope we can have a chance to work together in the future.” She said and left.

The eyes of people backstage changed when looking at Ye Cang. Zhang Li also opened her eyes in shock.

She knows that Tang Ruoyi had a cold temper, and wouldn’t meddle in other people’s affairs, it turned out that her company had taken a fancy to Ye Cang.

The Chinese entertainment record signing Tang Ruoyi is a domestic music giant, which included well-known singers at home and abroad, occupying half of the domestic record market.

Everyone was envious and jealous of Ye Cang. After all, once he signs up for China Entertainment, it was only one step to reach the sky.

When the crowd dispersed, Shen Huai could not help but say to Ye Cang, “You…”

Before he could finish, Ye Cang immediately raised his hand and said, “Don’t worry, agent! I’m not gonna sign anywhere else without you! I was born to be your man and in death your ghost!”

Shen Huai: “…”

He originally wanted to say that a large company like China Entertainment attaches great importance to music copyright, would never allow its artists to control their own copyright of lyrics and songs. He was afraid it is not suitable for Ye Cang, but he did not expect to hear such a statement.

After Ye Cang finished speaking, he took out his mobile phone and went on to have fun. Recently, he was busy with the song “Mulholland Avenue.” He had not played for a long time, and his check-in attendance record was broken.

Shen Huai looked at his furry blond hair and listened to the childish sound of the game. He could not help but slightly tilt the corners of his mouth. 

Since the last time Zheng Zhao failed in framing Ye Cang, he became bitter about it. This time, he sneaked into the show with his uncle’s work card but did not expect to hear such words from Tang Ruoyi in the background.

China Entertainment wants to sign Ye Cang?!

No, no! This opportunity was supposed to be his! It’s Ye Cang! It was him who snatched it!

He took everything from him!

Jealousy went to his head, and he could not help calling his uncle, then walking restlessly up and down the stairwell.

The green light of the safety exit reflected on his jealous and distorted face making him look like an evil spirit.

Wu Jianguo was almost startled when he comes in.

Zheng Zhao saw a bright light in front of him and strode over. He eagerly said, “Uncle, you have to help me!”

“What are you talking about?” Wu Jianguo lowered his voice. “Go back!”


Wu Jianguo hurriedly covered Zheng Zhao’s mouth: “What are you shouting about?”

Zheng Zhao grasped his hand tightly: “Uncle, please help me! You watched me grow, you are my closest relative in the world except for my mother!”

Wu Jianguo looked at the half-man and half-ghost appearance of his always high-spirited nephew, and his heart could not help but soften down: “what do you want to do?”

Zheng Zhao softened his attitude and hurriedly said, “I want Ye Cang to be eliminated!”

Wu Jianguo shook his head: “It is not that uncle does not want to help you, but after all, this is not our program. Coupled with the live broadcast, judges are not oil and salt that I can control as I like.

Zheng Zhao: “Isn’t the next game to be randomly song selection? Just use that!”

Wu Jianguo hesitated, if Zheng Zhao was not eliminated, he could try again, but Zheng Zhao has been eliminated. Is he doing this to help others?

Zheng Zhao said, “Uncle, if it hadn’t been for Ye Cang, I wouldn’t have been eliminated. Maybe I would be the one who signed up for Chinese entertainment. Ye Cang did this to me. I’ll never let him have a good time.”

Zheng Zhao has fallen into a daze. Wu Jianguo remembered his sister’s crying face and reluctantly agreed.

Zheng Zhao was happy, and he quickly muttered something to Wu Jianguo’s ear.

After listening to this, Wu Jianguo looked at him suspiciously: “Can this work?”

“It will work!” Zheng Zhao bit his teeth.

At that time, he also thought that finding a difficult song would make Ye Cang lose the battle, but he did not expect to let him find the opportunity to counterattack. This time he learned his lesson and would never let him have any chance to turn things over.

He thought, and said, “Didn’t the last announcement say that contestants are no longer allowed to find foreign aid. Let’s see what Ye Cang can do this time!”

Wu Jianguo nodded: “OK, I will do as you say.”

“Thank you, Uncle!”

Wu Jianguo patted Zheng Zhao on the back of his hand: “after Ye Cang is eliminated, you will stop paying attention to this matter and go back to studying hard, okay?”

“I know. I will listen to you Uncle.”

Wu Jianguo looked at his neat nephew, but he felt a little distressed. He blamed the program group and did some good live broadcasting. If he had decided to win the championship as early as he had done in the previous stage, where could Ye Cang, such a small pawn, jump around and cause so many things in vain?

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