MAIR – Chapter 122 – Since Huayue want to play, we will accompany them to their end

After saying farewell to the worried and reluctant Guo Wenyuan, Shen Huai and Tang Wanjun returned home. Before Shen Huai could even rest, he received a call from Ming Wei.

Something had happened to Xue Chengge!

Xue Chengge was originally a student at the Conservatory of Music, who worked as Ye Cang’s assistant for a period of time, but later decided to pursue his own music path, so he signed up in Ye Cang’s studio and participated in “Star of Tomorrow 2”.

During the interview on the show, he mentioned the behavior he hated the most was plagiarism.

It had been almost a week since this incident occurred. But today, a week after the incident, Zhuo Feiyang’s fans suddenly attacked Xue Chengge on the Internet, saying that he was being sarcastic about Zhuo Feiyang and even came up with conspiracy theories about it, saying he made this remark on Ye Cang’s order.

Then, within just a few hours, Zhou Fengyang’s fans bombarded Xue Chengge and Ye Cang’s Weibos with comments, and in addition, Xue Chengge and his fellow show members were pelted with eggs and plastic bottles during the process of recording the program on the bus.

Fortunately, the staff of the program team responded promptly and immediately sent Xue Chengge to the hospital, and then called for the security guard to send these extreme fans to the police station.

But now this matter was in a process of fermenting.

Zhuo Feiyang enjoyed huge popularity, and his fans were notoriously difficult to mess with. In the early years, there were several times when they were quite fierce, which directly forced people out of the entertainment circle.

Not to mention Xue Chengge, a small unknown newcomer, even Ye Cang, who attracted a large number of fans by virtue of his own strength this year, had difficulties resisting the planned and organized attack of the other side…

Shen Huai returned to the company as soon as he heard the news.

Ming Wei quickly reported the current situation to him, “Junior Xue is fine. I’ve asked my assistant to take him back to have a rest first, and I have already spoken with the program group. Ye Cang, who just got off the plane, is on his way to the company.”

Ming Wei’s handling of the matter was very timely, but Shen Huai knew that this matter had nothing to do with Xue Chengge at all. The other side was aiming at Ye Cang, and Xue Chengge was just implicated.

Shen Huai blamed himself, but he didn’t show it on his face. Then he said to Ming Wei, “Let Junior Xue have a good rest and tell him that the company will help him get justice in this matter.”

Ming Wei also saw that this time, it wasn’t Zhuo Feiyang’s fans tearing Xue over a song but in fact, it was Huayue Records dealing with Morningstar. She was a little worried, but she couldn’t show it in front of Shen Huai. She could only say, “Zhuo Feiyang’s fans were originally led by professional fans. The other side came prepared this time, and we were caught off guard. Although we reacted in time, it doesn’t seem to have much effect at present…”

Shen Huai opened his Weibo. Xue Chengge and Ye Cang’s Weibos were full of ugly curses. Although the public relations department of the company had been reporting and deleting them, they still couldn’t compare with the speed of the fans.

[spicy chicken, you just want to be famous! Why don’t you jump off a building and kill yourself to become popular! It will certainly help you become a hot search ]

[Already so vicious at the beginning! I wished you a better life]

[What’s wrong with the cyber storm? We should let him know how good it is for this kind of rubbish ]

[Go back to kneeling and licking your master. Maybe then you will win the Colleen Awards or something. “vomit” [vomit] [vomit]]

[Originally, I used to have a good feeling for Ye Cang, but I didn’t expect that he would be such a dark person. I was disappointed and stopped being his fan]

[So talent ≠ character, so what if you won the Colleen Awards when your essence is still so low]

Ming Wei carefully took a look at Shen Huai and noticed that he didn’t say a word, so she asked, “Mr. Shen, what should we do now?”

Shen Huai closed his Weibo and said, “Hire a bodyguard to follow Junior Xue for a while, so that no extreme fans would attack him. In addition…”

Ming Wei nodded.

Just then, someone knocked on the door of the office. Before Shen Huai could call “Please come in”, Ye Cang had already pushed the door open and marched in.

Shen Huai looked up, and the two of them spoke almost simultaneously, “Are you alright?”

When Ye Cang heard the news, he was at the airport and was about to board the plane.

He was very clear on the fact that Shen Haui looked cold and unfriendly, but in fact had a strong sense of responsibility. He would surely think that Xue Chengge was hurt by the fans because he didn’t take it into account in advance. Even if he didn’t show it on his face, he must be very concerned.

When Shen Huai saw that Ye Cang was safe and sound, his face softened. “I’m fine.” He then looked at Ming Wei and the rest. “You can go back first.”

Ming Wei secretly glanced at the two of them and was curious about their relationship, but she didn’t have the courage to stay in her boss’s office. When Shen Huai opened his mouth, she took the others away and closed the door for them.

Ye Cang asked quickly, “How is Junior Xue?”

Shen Huai said, “He was not hurt, but his mood must have been affected. He went back to rest first.”

Ye Cang breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he was alright.

But then he said angrily, “What are they trying to do? If it’s for me, just come directly at me! There’s no need to bring innocent people in!”

In fact, since the Colleen Awards, Shen Huai and Ye Cang both knew that they were at odds with Huayue. Sooner or later, Ye Cang was not afraid to face them, but they never thought that Huayue would focus on Xue Chengge.

Shen Huai didn’t speak, but Tang Wanjun who had been watching, said coolly, “It’s just a test, otherwise the means are too straightforward to not easily be seen through.”

“A test?”

“Isn’t Zhuo Feiyang’s plagiarism making a lot of noise recently? So they used this opportunity to shift the focus from the case of plagiarism to the struggle between the established singer and the newcomer in order to drag you into it. He has been famous for a long time, but you’ve just become popular and threatened him. As long as the public thinks that this is just a fight between you two, it can completely cover up his plagiarism and land a hit on you. It’s just like killing two birds with one stone.”

Ye Cang froze.

In fact, after this incident happened, Shen Huai also figured out the causes and consequences. He wanted to gently tell them to Ye Cang but unexpectedly, Tang Wanjun said it directly.

Tang Wanjun added, “Now the most appropriate thing to do is to ignore him and let him lead a monologue. As long as you ignore him, he will not be able to drag you into this.”

“What about Junior Xue?” Ye Cang asked.

Tang Wanjun was stunned, then paused before saying, “It can only be blamed on his bad luck.”

Ye Cang refused without even thinking about it.

Tang Wanjun frowned and spoke faster, “You should understand that the most important thing now is to protect you. As long as you are alright, you can try to help him.”

This time, without waiting for Ye Cang to speak, Shen Huai said calmly, “I have the same attitude as Ye Cang. Junior Xue was not only involved, but he didn’t do anything wrong either. He is one of my artists, and I won’t give up on him.”

Tang Wanjun was stunned.

She suddenly remembered a very old thing.

At that time, she had just signed a contract with the company. Although she had a sweet face and a beautiful voice, the company signed many little girls like her at that time. She was not the most special one.

At the beginning, they just danced as background dancers for their seniors in the same company, bought drinks for people and ran errands, and sometimes they took part in some unknown shows as passersby. But even so, Tang Wanjun still felt very happy. She liked singing and dancing, and was already satisfied making money with this.

At that time, Tang Wanjun was the most diligent one in the company, arriving at the company early and leaving late. Her dream was also very simple, to release her own album and buy a house for her family would be already enough.

Until one day, by virtue of her own efforts, she finally got the appreciation of the senior management of the company and got the chance to sing a song at a party. She practiced day and night for this opportunity, looking forward to being on stage, but the day before the rehearsal, she was told that her spot had been removed.

For Tang Wanjun at that time, the news were like thunder from clear skies. She felt so wronged and sad that she hid in the bathroom crying for half an hour.

Just as she was regaining her calm and getting ready to come out, she overheard a conversation between her agent and the program director.

It was only then that she realized that it was not because she was not good, but because she had performed so well before, that arousing the interest of the senior management of the company, she had aroused the envy of her senior.

Both of them were under the same agent, but she was still just a small unknown newcomer, and the senior had already made some achievements, so the agent did not hesitate to choose the senior and give her up.

At that moment, Tang Wanjun’s heart was like an ice cave.

She would never forget what the program director said to her agent with some regret, “Isn’t this little girl too pitiful? I heard that she practices very late every day, so she should attach great importance to this opportunity.”

“There’s nothing I can do about it,” the agent said lightly. “It can only be blamed on her bad luck.”

This sentence was like a burning iron, that severely branded her heart, dipping it in blood and leaving a lasting scar.

Since then, Tang Wanjun changed.

However, after she got used to the hypocrisy and exchange of benefits, she heard someone say firmly, “He didn’t do anything wrong. He is one of my artists, and I won’t give up on him.”

Tang Wanjun didn’t know what kind of mood she was in at this moment. She had been craving to hear this sentence for years but was disappointed every single time.

So she comforted herself, It doesn’t matter, as long as I am strong enough, I will never be the one who has been given up.

When she gradually deceived herself into believing this, she finally heard this sentence.

At this moment, she was even a bit jealous of Xue Chengge.

Tang Wanjun slowly regained her sense and moved her lips, but in the end, she didn’t say anything. She just watched Shen Huai and Ye Cang discuss how to deal with Huayue.

It wasn’t like before. As long as Ye Cang appeared on stage, it meant that they were on the complete opposite side of Huayue and would need to face such a behemoth that held most of China’s music market.

However, neither Shen Huai nor Ye Cang showed the slightest hesitation.

Ye Cang rolled up his sleeves and said, “Isn’t he trying to cover up his plagiarism? I won’t give him a chance. When I expose his plagiarism through comparison, I refuse to believe that there would still be people who would lie with their eyes open.”

Shen Huai didn’t stop Ye Cang.

These days he had been paying close attention to Huayue. Although he had not been involved in the investment circle in recent years, he still had a wide range of contacts. If he wanted to find out about Huayue, he could easily do so. 

He pondered for a moment before dialing a phone number.

“Check out how many assets I have currently!”

Since Huayue want to play, we will accompany them to their end.

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