MAIR – Chapter 147 – Vote

Thanks to the popularity of the second episode of “National Idol”,  Xia Shiyu’s image on Internet had also changed.

Most people admired this kind of effort very much, and for ordinary people, because there were too few talented people, they prefered to see that true effort could lead to success. Therefore, when the C position was chosen later, Xia Shiyu and Wang Can were shortlisted. Unexpectedly, many people cheered Xia Shiyu on in the comment section.

The program team asked the other contestants to vote and in the end Wang Can narrowly won the first C position of the program. Many people were still tweeting about Xia Shiyu.

Shen Huai was following the comments online. Over the past few days, Xia Shiyu’s ranking had risen to the second place.

Ming Wei really admired Shen Huai at this moment. He said that Xia Shiyu would reverse the situation in two episodes, and it really happened. Seeing this situation, she asked, “Mr. Shen, shall we release the news about Xia Shiyu to wash her white now?”

Shen Huai directly sent the matter of An Yuanjie ta:n’w:u to Feng Yankai, the president of Huayue. Feng Yankai was already worried about the company’s business. He trusted An Yuanjie and let him manage a lot of things. Unexpectedly, his trust actually raised the biggest moth.

Feng Yankai was so furious that he immediately said that he would send An Yuanjie to prison. However, An Yuanjie heard the news early and ran away. It was a heavy blow to the already shaky Huayue.

Originally, Shen Huai intended to “take advantage of your illness to kill you”. So he wanted to take this opportunity to overthrow Huayue with one stroke, but he was delayed by the matter of his Yin Yang Eyes. After all, Huayue used to be a giant in the industry and the starved camel was still bigger than a horse. After this period of time, it slowly recovered.

Shen Huai thought it was a pity, but it was not a big deal for him, it was just a little more work.

However, Shen Huai had an unexpected surprise. In that year, An Yuanjie manipulated all the “black materials” about Xia Shiyu and later his assistant secretly made a phone call to Xia Shiyu to tell her the truth.

It was just that after this assistant left, Shen Huai could not find him for a while, but after the news about An Yuanjie broke out, he took the initiative to find Shen Huai.

Although he was only an assistant at that time, he was very disappointed in An Yuanjie’s practice, so he resigned later. He had been thinking about this matter for years. After Xia Shiyu reappeared in public, he always wanted to speak up, but was afraid of An Yuanjie’s revenge, so he avoided the people sent by Shen Huai to find him.

Now that An Yuanjie had fallen, he finally had the courage to come forward. More importantly, he had also kept the recording of his phone call with An Yuanjie from that time. As long as this evidence was released and combined with the things discovered by Shen Huai, it would definitely clear Xia Shiyu’s name.

According to the agreement between Shen Huai and Zhang Li, clearing her name would start slowly in the third episode. Especially since Xia Shiyu became so popular, this opportunity couldn’t be better.

However, when Shen Huai thought of his discussion with Ye Cang about the recording of the third episode, he shook his head and said, “Wait for the third episode to come out.”

Ming Wei wanted to persuade him again. After all, there was no such shop in this village, but Shen Huai’s judgment was almost faultless. She thought about it, and it was only a few days before the third episode was broadcasted, so she swallowed her words to see what kind of medicine the boss would sell.



“National Idol” had become the most popular variety show in recent years and the topics related to it  became popular in moments. Whether in the workplace or in school, if you hadn’t seen it, you had no common topics with the others.

Many people who originally didn’t chase the stars also went with the flow for a while, shouted at the little sisters on the screen with eyes full of love. Because they liked different sisters, they would even start a real battle directly.

Shen Huai sometimes heard the little girls in the company chattering about it, even the style of the circle of friends was affected.

[If you don’t vote for me, think about when you can get ahead! ]

[We are friends as long as you support Xia Shiyu]

[The most beautiful Wang Can, the strongest dancer! ]

[Did you vote today? ]

Guo Wenyuan, as Xia Shiyu’s number one fan, would vote for Xia Shiyu on time every day. Recently, his circle of friends was full of voting links from all channels, which were quite active.

Shen Huai flipped around and saw Guo Wenyuan left a lot of messages in his circle of friends. Because everyone was engaged in investment, their circle of friends had many mutual friends.

Under Mr. Guo’s recent moments, some friends were confused and asked questions.

[Has Boss Guo’s account been stolen??? ]

It was obvious that the other side had only recently returned to China and had not kept up with the domestic trend. Many people below were giving him popular science fact, and some people replied coldly.

[Don’t be taken away [funny] [funny] [funny]]

The comments were full of laughter.

Shen Huai: “…”

The truth was always ignored easily. 



When Shen Huai called Zhang Li, she was very smug of her success. “National Idol” became popular and her fame in the industry improved once again.

Zhang Li had always had a good relationship with Shen Huai, whether it was in the former show “Star of Tomorrow” or today’s “National Idol” the most popular artists were Shen Huai’s artists.

Hearing Shen Huai’s congratulations, Zhang Li smiled cheerfully and said, “Mr. Shen, I’m so happy!”

On the one hand, Shen Huai called to congratulate her, but on the other he discussed  with Zhang Li about washing Xia Shiyu white. Zhang Li agreed without hesitation when she heard it.

The two chatted happily for a while, and when they were about to hang up the phone, Zhang Li said with great dedication, “President Shen, remember to vote!”

Shen Huai: “…”

Shen Huai was quite speechless, but thinking about it, Xia Shiyu was after all his own artist. So it seemed unreasonable to not support her. Fortunately the app of Tomato Net and the program group was very user-friendly. In addition to Tomato, he also launched a vote on WeChat.

Shen Huai opened WeChat, found the voting panel, and voted for Xia Shiyu.

Then he stopped caring about it and busied himself with work. He didn’t know if it was his imagination, but when Ming Wei came to report things in the afternoon, she cinstantly looked at him with a hesitant look, but when Shen Huai looked over, she immediately looked away.

Shen Huai was puzzled, but had too much work to do, so he set it aside for the time being.

When he got off work, Shen Huai had finally finished his work. He massaged his neck, and noticed a small picture frame on the table. It was a picture of him and Ye Cang in Songjing Town.

Seeing this picture, Shen Huai was stunned for a moment. He had not seen Ye Cang since he came back. Plus, they had not met since Dongjiang City ten days ago.

Ye Cang and he were very busy and they usually relied on video calls to contact each other. Shen Huai didn’t think much of it before, but at this moment, thoughts suddenly flood in, almost drowning his whole heart.

He recalled Ye Cang’s work schedule and figured he should be shooting an advertisement at this moment.

Shen Huai had a hard time suppressing the idea of seeing Ye Cang. He slowly rubbed his mobile phone, and accidentally unlocked it, which happened to display his WeChat interface.

Then Shen Huai was stunned. When he was working, his mobile phone was set on silent mode. So he only now found out that many people sent him messages on WeChat. More importantly, he found a red “99” on the icon of his circle of friends.

Shen Huai’s WeChat was used for contact and he hardly sent out any messages to his circle of friends, so the icon was usually clear.

Shen Huai suddenly had a bad feeling. He was about to open his moments when a voice chat interface popped up.

As soon as Shen Huai saw the name, his eyes twitched.

He hung up the voice chat, but the other party was adamant, and their hands were so fast that Shen Huai didn’t even have a chance to block them.

Shen Huai had no choice but to answer the voice call.

As soon as it was connected, there was an earth shaking laughter from the other side.

Shen Huai said in a cold voice, “I’ll give you 30 seconds to make things clear, or else you will be blocked.”


The laughter on the other side stopped abruptly, as if a duck egg had been stuffed into their mouth, and then turned into an earth-shaking cough.

Shen Huai: “…”

Chen Chiyu coughed for two full minutes before returning to normal.

Shen Huai took advantage of this time to open up his circle of friends to find the culprit that caused the incident.

[I have successfully voted for [Xia Shiyu] and become [Xia Shiyu]’s new fan. Please support [Xia Shiyu] yo ~]

The replies below were full of doubts.

[?? ]

[President Shen!!! ]

[Shit, was Mr. Shen’s account stolen, too?! ]

[ I saw that Mr. Guo posted it too. Is this a new superstition in the investment circle recently? ]

[ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, after Mr. Guo phone’s got stolen, it was President Shen’s turn?]

[take a picture with the big guy!! Boss, we are all drizzle! ]

Shen Huai: “…”

He was still lamenting for Mr.Guo before, but unexpectedly it turned around and others ate the melon seeds on him.

He never thought that this vote would be automatically posted in his moments. There were more and more messages below. After all, Shen Huai was not known for being an agent, and many of them were his contacts from the investment circle.

Now it had been stirred up within his circle of friends.

Seeing that the messages were still increasing, Shen Huai immediately deleted the moment. But even if he did so, people were still sending him messages asking if his account had been stolen.

Shen Huai pressed his forehead and for the first time the idea of running away looked very good.

Chen Chiyu, on the other side, had returned to normal. He was worried about being blocked by Shen Huai, so his tone was very serious, but the smile in his words could still be heard. “Bigshot, I haven’t seen my circle of friends that busy in my lifetime. How many zombies have you blown up?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Chen Chiyu: “You are a really dedicated agent.”

Shen Huai: “Shut up!”

It was rare for Chen Chiyu to see Shen Huai, who was always so calm, that grumpy. So he covered his mouth and stomach that was almost sore from laughter.

He wiped his tears and said, “Hey, why on earth did you post such a moment?”

Of course, Shen Huai could not say that he had made a low-level mistake, otherwise, with Chen Chiyu’s cheap temper, he would probably come to meet him to laugh at him once again.

Shen Huai said coldly, “Note this, investment will be reduced by 50%.”

Chen Chiyu admitted his mistake, “Dad, I was wrong!”

But he still didn’t give up and said to Shen Huai, “I’ll give you an idea. If someone asks, you can just say your hand slipped.”

Shen Huai: “…”

Finally, Chen Chiyu was sent away and Shen Huai’s heart became haggarded. He felt that this was even more painful than completing an acquisition.

Just then, Ming Wei came in with a document. When Shen Huai was signing it, she hesitated and hesitated before she said, “President Shen, that…. moment… “

The tip of Shen Huai pen paused, and then he calmly replied, “My hand slipped.”

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