MAIR – Chapter 148 – C position

Before, Shen Huai was depressed because of his parents’ affairs and lost contact with his former friends. Later, he returned to China to become an agent and was quite low-key.

When Shen Huai’s identity was revealed previously, it caused a big shock in the entertainment industry, but the impact on the investment circle was not so great. Many people thought that he was still abroad. Unexpectedly, he had not only returned home, but had also become an agent.

For a while, as Chen Chiyu said, many people exploded.

Shen Huai replied to some friends, but ignored some people who he had a neutral relationship with or those who only wanted some gossip material.

In fact, everyone was shocked at the beginning, but later got used to it. There were many strange people in the investment circle. So what if one was an agent or a monk? 

However, it was because Guo Wenyuan had been sending voting messages on his moments, that made many people have some impression of the name “Xia Shiyu”, so when they saw Shen Huai’s moment they got curious.

Before that, some people joked whether this was a new superstition in the investment circle.

Shen Huai didn’t take it to heart. After he explained, he thought the matter was over but he didn’t expect that it would result in a lot of irony that would make him want to laugh and cry at the same time.

When Ye Cang spoke to Shen Huai on the phone, he especially praised Xia Shiyu’s performance in the third episode. Although Shen Huai had not seen it, he trusted Ye Cang very much, so he decided to wait for the third episode to be broadcasted before carrying out his white washing plan.

Fortunately, the third episode would be broadcasted soon.



The third episode eliminated the last half of the contestants, but all four members of STAR were lucky to move on to the next stage.

Zhang Li continued in the fashion of “Star of Tomorrow” and applied it at random to the extreme. This episode had a total of five songs and the contestants were divided into ten groups. Each group chose the same song and they were divided into red and blue teams for PK.

When a winner was decided, they could choose to rescue one of the eliminated teams.

As soon as the rule came out, there was a lot of discussion at the scene.

This reward was not a big deal for those who were in the upper circle of voting, but it was a lifesaver for those who were on the verge of elimination. Unfortunately, the members of the same group could not be decided among themselves, they could only rely on luck.

At that time, some people raised objections, but Zhang Li, who was not surprised, explained lightly, “I know what you are thinking. Everyone hoped to form a team with powerful contestants, rather than spend time teaching less experienced contestants. But you are a team. How to improve the whole team is  more important compared with the ability and strength of individuals.”

When she finished saying this, the sound of discussions at the scene gradually died down.

Zhang Li asked the director to announce all the five songs. The styles of these five songs were completely different. There were seductive dance styles, a sweet and lovely style, and even a classical Chinese style.

Xia Shiyu stood with the three other members of STAR. Lena looked at the songs on the screen and murmured, ” ‘Butterfly Storm’ is so beautiful!”

Lena had a good voice and had always been determined to be a lead singer, but among these five songs, the most suitable one to show off her singing skills was “Butterfly Storm”.

She took a sneak look at Xia Shiyu with mixed feelings.

These days of getting along with Xia Shiyu, whether it was her talent or hard work, had impressed her. In the end she managed to do it. She only slept for less than five hours in these three days, only practicing dancing without sleeping.

Later, when choosing the C position, Xia Shiyu and Wang Can received equal evaluations from the mentors. In the end, the other contestants could only do a secret vote to determine the C position.

Lena originally thought that Wang Can would be more popular, and without any doubt would take the C position. Who knew that Xia Shiyu and her support were constantly climbing up. In the end, Wang Can was just one step ahead.

At that time, not only Lena was shocked, but even their mentors were surprised. Later, when interviewing the contestants who had voted for Xia Shiyu, most of them gave the same answer. They were conquered by Xia Shiyu’s efforts.

For most people, talent was something that was out of reach. They would envy such people, but they would admire hard-working people even more. That kind of steadfast sense of sweat and harvest was the reality of most people.

And if the person had both talent and worked hard, they would be able to conquer most people.

Now, seeing the song “Butterfly Storm”, Lena immediately thought of Xia Shiyu. She could imagine what kind of brilliant performance Xia Shiyu would deliver on stage.

Yao Xuetong was also discussing these five songs with Tian Sisi. Several people had already chosen their favorite songs, but Xia Shiyu had not yet spoken.

Yao Xuetong glanced at Xia Shiyu and asked, “Xia Xia, do you have any song you want to draw?”

Xia Shiyu: “Um, I’m alright.” 

Lena couldn’t help saying, “What about ‘Sinking’?”

“Sinking” was a very dynamic dance music. The choreography was brilliant, but the difficulty was also very high, not to mention the appropriateness of this song. It was the style that Xia Shiyu was least good at.

Xia Shiyu smiled and said nothing.

Worrying that it would trigger a quarrel between the two of them, Yao Xuetong hurriedly changed the topic and said, “It will not be ‘Sinking’. After all there’s just 1/5 chance to draw it, it cannot be drawn so easily.”

When she finished, she felt a little uneasy.

She thought that in “Star of Tomorrow”, Ye Cang’s luck in the lottery was very bad, the less he wanted it, the more certainly would he draw it.

Because Shen Huai had concealed Wu Jianguo’s secret operation, not many people knew about it. They just thought that Ye Cang had very bad luck in the lottery.

At that time, within the company, the trainees joked that Ye Cang had “the hand of an unlucky god”. Some people even thought that Ye Cang was able to break through Shen Huai’s “newcomer curse” because they were negative and a positive.

Of course, the rumor was later clarified after Shen Huai’s identity was revealed, but it didn’t stop Yao Xuetong from thinking about it. After all, Xia Shiyu was also Shen Huai’s artist.



The order of drawing lots was based on the ranking after the second episode.

At the end of the voting, Xia Shiyu was ranked third and ahead of her was Wang Can, who was competing with her for the C position in the previous episode.

When the two stood in line to draw lots, she kept listening to Wang Can praying quietly, “Must draw ‘Sinking’, must draw ‘Sinking’ …”

“Sinking” was really suitable for Wang Can. No wonder she was so nervous.

It was only after Wang Can was gone for a while that the staff signaled to Xia Shiyu to come draw lots.

Xia Shiyu casually took out a lot from the box and opened it in front of the camera. This could not be seen by the contestants at the venue, but would be seen by the audience in the later editing.

At this moment, Zhang Li, who was sitting in the studio and saw the title of the song on Xia Shiyu’s lot, almost spurted out a mouthful of water on the screen.


Not to mention Yao Xuetong, Zhang Li also knew very well that “Sinking” was not suitable for Xia Shiyu. Unexpectedly, she drew it on her first try.

Zhang Li could not help covering her eyes for a moment, but when she put down her hands, her eyes were already full of light. “ ‘Sinking’, team blue, add one more seat!”

Xia Shiyu was not aware of this. When she saw the song title above, she was also very surprised. However, she didn’t feel as disgusted and scared as Yao Xuetong thought, but was eager to give it a try.

It was just that when she entered the room of team blue, she and the other person inside looked at each other, and the two said in unison, “Why are you here?”

Yes, the room of team blue was already occupied by Wang Can, who had got what she wanted.

After the previous C position dispute, the two had been engaged in a life-and-death drama made up by netizens. Who would have thought that in this scene, not only would they draw the same song, but they both would draw the same team, and it made it even more interesting due to the fact that they were still rivals.

No wonder Zhang Li excitedly asked for one more seat. The lot of fate was even more wonderful than the script arranged by the program group.

Although Xia Shiyu was shocked to see Wang Can in the first second, she soon calmed down. They greeted each other and sat at both ends of the room, waiting for the other team members.

With the gradual progress of the draw, each team was gradually filled.

All contestants from team blue, whether they were willing to choose this song or not, were wrapped in misery and embarrassment after entering the room.

When all the contestants returned to the practice room, their embarrassment almost spread to the whole audience.

Lena was lucky enough to get the “Butterfly Storm” she wanted. She looked around to see the other contestant teams. When she looked up she saw Xia Shiyu in the blue “Sinking” song team and then saw Wang Can.

Lena: “…”

God was her witness, she really hadn’t tried to curse Xia Shiyu.

Fortunately, Zhang Li quickly came out to ease the embarrassment.

Zhang Li announced the new rules, “All teams must choose a captain and C position. The captain will be responsible for the whole team and the final performance of the whole team will be one of the criteria for evaluating the captain.”

“There is no doubt about the importance of C position. How to choose the captain and C position is also an important lesson for the members of an idol group. Please take it seriously.”

As soon as her voice fell, the scene burst out in discussions again.

Through Zhang Li’s words, everyone could see that the captain was simply an ungrateful role. Not only did she need to do the most work, but if the team performance was not good, she would even be criticized.

At this moment, many contestants’ faces became a little unnatural.

Zhang Li didn’t seem to notice it. She just nodded to all the contestants and left.

When Zhang Li left, the scene immediately fell into chaos.

The contestants of each group formed a small circle and started discussing the distribution of the roles of the captain and the C position.

The captain was a ball that no one wanted, but C position was a popular one. Faced with this realistic problem, even if the girls wanted to maintain their image in front of the cameras, they all started arguing quietly.

Team “Sinking” was still immersed in silence.

This group could be described as the group with the largest discrepancies in regards to the strength of its members. Except for Xia Shiyu and Wang Can from the upper circle, the strength of the other three was not very good, and the situation looked quite grim.

While Xia Shiyu and Wang Can had excellent strength, their relationship was rigid, which was even more troublesome than the poor strength.

The other three contestants looked at each other with a look of despair.

Xia Shiyu glanced at them, and with her clever and exquisite heart, she could guess what they were thinking.

Zhang Li was right. It was really important to choose a team captain and C position, but even more importantly, it was time consuming. Spending precious practice time on this kind of thing was just a waste of time.

Xia Shiyu had already made up her mind.

She coughed and drew everyone’s attention to herself.

She said unhurriedly, “Do you have a problem with me recommending myself as captain?”

The others froze. Wang Can was also surprised to see it. She was the captain in her original group. She hadn’t spoken up yet but if no one else wanted this position then she would take it.

But she didn’t expect that Xia Shiyu would take the initiative to come forward and recommend herself as captain.

Wang Can’s heart was determined to not admit defeat. She pursed her lips and said, “I used to be the captain in my group, and I can also be the captain.”

The other three team members were dumbfounded. They expected that like in the other teams nobody would want to be the team captain. But in their own team they were competing to become the captain.

Xia Shiyu did not waste time, but turned to the other three people and said, “Then it’s up to the three of you to vote.”

With that, she turned her back.

After hesitating for a long time, the three team members finally decided to choose Xia Shiyu. After all, she was the first one to propose it.

Xia Shiyu didn’t drag it either and directly said, “Since I am now the team captain, for the sake of the performance of the whole team, I recommend not wasting too much time on the selection of C position. It will be directly assigned by me.”

Her words were absolutely affirmative, leaving no space for discussion.

Wang Can seemed to get it and gritted her teeth secretly. She understood that Xia Shiyu took the initiative to become the team captain in order to not let her have the C position.

She was about to refuse when she heard Xia Shiyu say briskly, “Wang Can, you take the C position.”


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