MAIR – Chapter 126 – Song Yimian popularity

While the cast of “Red Actress” was warming up, an online drama called “Sin of the Eternal Night” was launched on a video website.

At the beginning, the online drama with an unknown name, unknown actors and simple costumes didn’t attract much attention and its broadcast number was very poor.

However, after three episodes, a large wave of tap water appeared on the Internet.

[Please go and see “Sin of the Eternal Night”! Really take a good look! ]

[ After the first episode, I couldn’t stop watching it at all!]

[It can be seen that the crew was very poor, but they didn’t save money on the details! I was so scared by the corpse in the second episode that I almost cried out. I was afraid that it would want to chase me.]

[ouch, good-looking!! “Sin of the Eternal Night” call! ]

[Too little! It was just not enough! ]

[Strong! The plot is compact and brain-burning. Although it’s a kind of a bad idea to subdue Taoism, the actors were so amazing! Especially the forensic examiner, this little brother is so handsome! ]

[My brother’s name is Song Yimian and I am also very handsome! ]

The staff of Yihang Studio soon discovered this phenomenon, so they immediately reported it to Shen Huai in order to change their publicity strategy and follow up immediately.

So within a week, “Sin of the Eternal Night” became popular.

Compared with those big productions, “Sin of the Eternal Night” really looked shabby, but this shabby production was full of seriousness and delicacy.

As a suspense production, the script was the most important factor. Even the director and the screenwriter themselves didn’t know how many times they changed the script in the early stage to ensure that each case was brilliant enough and all the logic smooth, and that the plot had no plot holes. Even at the shooting stage, they were still sharpening the script over and over again.

Director Wan Shan devoted almost all his painstaking efforts to it, calculating every cent meticulously, making all the crew members treat it with utmost care.

The investment made by Shen Huai in the later period was all spent on Wan Shan’s drama. Under this improvement, the finished product of “Sin of the Eternal Night” was naturally very outstanding.

The actors also received a lot of attention, especially Song Yimian, who played the forensic examiner.

Song Yimian was handsome and bookish. It was hard to show his advantages when he played his previous roles, but now playing the gentle and elegant forensic examiner completely highlighted the advantages of his appearance and temperament.

Although he was only a second male lead, his popularity skyrocketed online. His originally less than 10 000 Weibo fans rose to one million overnight.

When Song Yimian finished filming his part and returned to Zhongjing City, he was startled.

Although he knew that “Sin of the Eternal Night” had become popular and he himself had gained popularity too, he had no real concept in his mind. At the moment he saw it, he turned silly.

Because Shen Huai was still out of town at the moment, he called someone else to pick him up at the company.

Originally, when Shen Huai signed Song Yimian, many people laughed at him for becoming blind. Later, after Shen Huai’s identity was revealed, no one dared to say it any longer. 

Now, Song Yimian’s performance proved that Shen Huai’s vision was really not wrong.

Song Yimian got into the car dizzily, and his whole person felt somewhat unreal.

It took a long time for him to react and hurriedly take out his cell phone. “I have to call Brother Shen.”

The phone call was soon connected.

Shen Huai’s voice was as steady as usual, with a certain coolness.

Song Yimian, upon hearing his voice, felt his originally agitated heart return to his chest.

Shen Huai seemed to be busy, so he just told him a few words before he hung up the phone.

But after hanging up the phone, Song Yimian’s body, that was agitated before, calmed down and the whole person restored his original appearance.

The assistant who accompanied him, could not help but be surprised.

For so many years in Morningstar, he had seen many faces before and after the artists became popular. Even if they were determined, they would be excited for several days, when they encountered such a situation. They were not as calm as Song Yimian.

He had this state of mind and ability and also Shen Huai’s support behind him. In time, it would make him great.

Alas, he didn’t know how Shen Hau taught his artists.

But he didn’t know that Song Yimian thought very simply. Of course, he was happy, but at the thought of Sister Mei and Guo Wenyuan, who was still trying to sign with Shen Huai, he immediately sobered up. After all, compared with these two, his abilities lay far behind. If he wanted to be proud now, how could he do it!



On the other hand, Shen Huai also breathed a sigh of relief after hanging up the phone.

Song Yimian didn’t lose his temper because of his sudden popularity. In fact, it was something unexpected to him. If he knew what Song Yimian thought, he would both cry and laugh.

But no matter the reason, Shen Huai felt relieved.

Because of the popularity explosion of “Sin of the Eternal Night”, Shen Huai had been very busy recently.

“Sin of the Eternal Night” was just a good drama for the audience. But for the industry, it meant more than that.

Film and television investments were well-known to be unpredictable. No one knew what kind of drama would become popular. In fact, “Sin of the Eternal Night” becoming popular was somewhat unexpected.

Although they couldn’t eat the cake named “Sin of the Eternal Night”, wouldn’t there be another one?

So for a while, the main makers of “Sin of the Eternal Night” became fragrant pastry, and the biggest investor of “Sin of the Eternal Night” had also been found out. It was Yihang Studio that made a lot of money this time.

This surprised them. They had heard of Yihang’s reputation. After all, many of them grew up watching Yihang’s movies. Many of them going down this road was even related to their movies. When Yihang declared bankruptcy, many of them sighed for a while.

However, they were still very happy to lose a competitor. Who would have thought that after only half a year, they would see this sign again?!

They were even more surprised to find out that this Yihang Studio actually was related to the old Yihang Studio. They not only had the old Yihang’s copyright library, but also the old Yihang’s general manager was their consultant.

More importantly, the owner was Shen Huai?!

There were many companies set up and many closed every day in the film and television circle, so no one noticed this small studio at the beginning, but now it caught their attention.

As a company that had just set foot in the film and television industry, Yihang Studio had been extremely cautious in the past six months. In addition to “Sin of the Eternal Night”, the remaining several investments were also small-scale online dramas and movies.

Apart from the fact that the only online drama that was currently broadcast was “Sin of the Eternal Night”, most of the three other investments had already been published on video websites. The themes of these three online big movies were different, they all took small and beautiful routes, and they all had a bright spot in many people’s eyes. Even film and television insiders who had been in the industry for many years were surprised to see the number of broadcasts and the profit.

Because the achievements of these three network movies were all good, even though they were not up to the standard to make a big splash, they had already recovered their investment early on, and had now all entered the profit stage.

For almost every company that entered the film and television circle, at the beginning, not to mention making profits, not losing money was already very good. In addition, they had to pay several years of tuition fees, before they could officially enter the circle.

However, Yihang’s relaunch was enviably beautiful.

Shen Huai proved with his strength that even if he had just entered this industry, the god was still the god.

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