My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 32 – The Finals Begin

During the next few days, Ye Cang’s performance was somewhat unnatural, especially in the face of Shen Huai, his eyes were always somewhat dodging.

Shen Huai noticed it and felt a little strange in his heart, but soon after, the broadcast of “Happy Confrontation” made him think he had found a reason, because Ye Cang’s performance was too dark.

Anyone with eyes can see that from the beginning of the program that Xu Anqi and Ye Cang can not get along with each other.

In the line of ruthless words, while others are joking or playing stalks, Xu Anqi directly provoked Ye Cang, Ye Cang also did not give in at all, directly fighting back.

Although Guo Yu has been making jokes around, trying to make the atmosphere more harmonious, everyone can see that these two people are really contradictory.

But the problem is, Xu Anqi is a newly popular actress, and Ye Cang is a singer who has not yet made his debut, they can’t fight with each other. They haven’t even seen each other before. How on earth can they look at each other so badly?

During the whole recording, the other guests were playing games. Only those two were making it look like a battlefield.

Wan Sisi was also watching the excitement and you couldn’t blame her for adding oil to the already big fire. Guo Yu was like a bitter fire rescue captain, other guests at the beginning just had a playful state of mind, at the end they also carried out with warlike intentions.

Both sides did not spare any effort in the whole recording, and the sparks of competition overflowed, which made many audiences feel good.

However, Xu Anqi’s fans were not happy.

[Ye Cang has gone too far. Xu Anqi is a girl. He can give such a tough hand, is he a man? ]

[That’s, is there a bit of a gentleman demeanor, oh!]

[Anqi is his predecessor anyway.  the newcomers now are not even able to respect their elders?]

Ye Cang fans didn’t let go.

[It’s all about games. There must be winners or losers. Don’t play if you can’t afford it.]

[Xu Anqi was the first to provoke. We will just go to war. This is said to be disrespectful to our predecessors. What is this, bullying in the entertainment circle?]

[Just wrestling there, Xu Anqi is really kicking our cub, what a vicious woman, the fairy woman collapsed.]

The two sides noise directly set off a war of words on Weibo, you said “I broke up,” and I said, “you don’t respect women”. Directly rushing the two people into the hot search.

After all, Xu Anqi is more famous and has more fans than Ye Cang. She has obviously gained the upper hand in the scolding battle. But the fighting power of the leaves is also not small, and the powders follow the main principle, it is poisonous and sharp. It can make people sceptical about life, and the other party is so angry that they make it a close match.

Shen Huai glanced at the war of words on the Internet, looking exhausted: “The other side is a girl, even if you are reasonable, the public opinion will stand on her side, your reputation will be easily affected, next time don’t be so impulsive.”

Shen Huai said this sentence fairly, but also for the sake of Ye Cang.

But what Ye Cang’s ears heard was him speaking for the sake of Xu Anqi. His heart was sour. He said directly, “I am just such a character, and I can’t change it even if I die!”

Shen Huai: “…”

He felt as if he had seen a little grievance in Ye Cang’s eyes. 

Shen Huai put aside this absurd idea, simply thinking that finals are just around the corner, Ye Cang was under great pressure, so he was considerate enough not to argue with him.

But he did not know that Ye Cang thought that his silence was due to anger, and his heart became even more depressed.

At this time, the finals came.

The finals were divided into three stages. In the first stage, several singers will be invited to help the players. In the second and third stages, the players will sing their own songs. the first two games will decide the second runner-up, and the last one will be deciding the winner and runner-up.

This is a very normal process for most singing talent shows, and singers are happy to increase their exposure to popular programs such as “Star of Tomorrow.” But the program group never expected it, the other two players star guests were quickly identified, but they ended up stuck with Ye Cang.

Although Ye Cang has not yet made his debut, his performance is obvious to all. When he sang “Summer Bug” with Li Zihang, to be fair, Li Zihang’s performance was not bad, but he was set in dim light.

Most singers just want to take part in an announcement, increase exposure, and gain a good reputation for promoting future generations. Who wants to be a stepping stone to others?

In the end, Tang Ruoyi came out and found a junior from her own company to solve the urgent needs of the program group.

The singer’s name is Qiu Jie, who is known as one of heavenly singing and dancing kings. His personality is unruly but his strength is outstanding. In the first year of his debut, many talented new musicians emerged in the music circle. At that time, he directly said that he wanted to win the “Best Newcomer,” and finally, relying on his strength, he fought hard to get out of the encirclement.

Qiu Jie also had a strong sense of presence on the stage. Such two people collided and sang the famous Qiu Jie song “Planet”, you can imagine how the stage will burst.

Therefore, as soon as the trailer came out, it triggered thousands of expectations.

In addition, the other two songs chosen by Ye Cang were not disappointing.

—— The two songs were original.

For others, in such an important competition, it would be better to be safe. Even if it is an original song, they would not dare release it at this point, let alone two songs.

However, it also made the audience look forward to his performance more and more.

And for the finals, the program team has also made great efforts, not only rebuilt the stage, to more than double the number of audience, more importantly, they also invited a lot of great gods of the industry as guests.

Before the competition, the program group also released the guest’s announcement separately, not the face, but the silhouette and keywords.

Fans have speculated that people in the industry have also released news about the industry giants. When they listen to the deafening names, they all scoffed at them and did not believe them at all. They laughed at each other’s whims.

However, on the day of the competition, a red carpet was laid outside the studio, and a car with guests drove up. Netizens stared at the guests who got out of the cars.

[Shit! Was that Chang Min?!! Didn’t she say she didn’t participate in variety shows?!]

[Bai Lin! Art troupe singer, deputy regiment treatment , members of the Music Association, members of the national team, the last time this big man performed in front of the public was the Spring Festival Gala…]

[Ye Hazel! It’s Hazel!! Oh, goddess I love you!!!]

[When did the diva return home! And she’s not the final one yet. Who else is behind her?]

[Fan Jingda… WTF! This is a real boss! ]

It’s a big show. Is it a talent show? Why do I think I’m watching the Youth Song Contest?]

[Come on, there’s no such guest line-up at the Youth Song Contest. Okay?]

[How on earth did the program group do it!!! This line-up would make the friend station next door envious!]

The star-sparkling guest line-up soon attracted a large number of audiences. The number of live broadcasters reached a new high again and again. Before the program started, the ratings of Beijing Television Station had already reached the first place in the same segment.

The program group was so happy that they were grinning from ear to ear.

Producer Zhang Li stared at the scene all the time, and the staff checked the equipment over and over again to make sure there was nothing wrong with the finals for a while.

By 8 p.m., the finals officially began.

When the host came on stage, she first introduced all the guests. Every time she introduced a person, there would be warm applause on the spot, and the atmosphere would be ignited directly from the beginning.

The three judges are also sitting with the guests at the moment, because the right to choose the top three will no longer be in their hand, but will be handed over to netizens for voting.

Each of the three judges supported a contestant and introduced the repertoire he sang before the contestant appeared.

Xia Fei grabbed Ye Cang without hesitation because of his high seniority.

And the first stage, the first appearance is Ye Cang.

Xia Fei, holding the program, laughed and said, “The singer who is about to appear, I believe the audience should know who he is. His strength does not need me to say more. I will introduce the song he is going to sing.”

“”Planet” is the main song of Qiu Jie’s album of the same name. It won the best song and album of the Golden Melody Award in the year of its release. This song directly established Qiu Jie’s “Qiu Style”. Well, tonight, We can look forward to a new style that is not inferior to the original.”

When Xia Fei’s words fell, Qiu Jie and Ye Cang raised their hands and clapped hands to walk into the stage together.

Under the brilliant light, they were like two sharp blades out of their sheathes, breaking the curtain of light, straight into the heart.

The fans below can’t stop screaming.

The host asked Qiu Jie to help Ye Cang vote. Qiu Jie’s speech was as crazy as ever.

“I just met sister Ruoyi before the game, and she asked me how I was going to prepare. I said our performance must be the best performance of the night, and I still feel the same way. I’m sorry for the rest of you, so you can only compete for second and third place.”

He did not hesitate to draw a wave of hatred for Ye Cang, and his arrogant simplicity was endless.

The host quickly put the microphone in front of Ye Cang: “Ye Cang, do you have anything to say about Qiu Jie’s confident speech?”

Ye Cang’s lips smiled, but he was even more immodest.

“I can only agree with the latter part. As for the best performance, I still have two more songs.”

Before the two men began to sing, the scene was already full of fire.

There was a lot of discussion on the scene, and it was very rude on the barrage.

[These two are crazy, aren’t they? Is it really already in the bag for him be the champion?]

[Acknowledging that Ye Cang sings well, but this was a chorus, before the “Summer Bug” Li Zihang sacrificed himself to set him off, Qiu Jie will not be so kind, waiting for him to sing well]

[Neither of them will behave like humans. Will there be a car accident in a moment?]

[Qiu Jie is famous name, don’t ruin it in a place like this]

By the time the two sang, however, no one had said that again.

Unexpectedly, it was Ye Cang’s singing opening.

As soon as he uttered his voice, he was no worse than the original singer. On such a big stage, he was also at the finals and the first to appear. His performance was very stable.

The audience even had the illusion that the lights on the stage seemed to shine only on Ye Cang.

But soon, Qiu Jie joined in.

Qiu Jie was always a man who refuses to give up. The better Ye Cang performs, the more aroused his fighting spirit will be. Qiu Jie almost worked his way out, but Ye Cang was not willing to be outdone. The two seemed to compete and collide directly on the stage. However, this collision did not destroy the song, but made the song more and more exciting.

This is a close contest and a tacit cooperation.

Qiu Jie was very sweaty, but his expression was very excited. He sang this song hundreds of times. For the first time, he felt so hearty.

Ye Cang is almost the same, his body seems to have a natural stage gene, as long as he is standing on it, no one can take away half of his brilliance.

No one remembered that Qiu Jie was the original singer, and their performance on the stage infected almost all the audience at the scene. They had long forgotten that it was a game and felt that it was an unparalleled concert.

The audience almost lost their voice off stage.

And the guests sitting on the tables also had different looks.

Fang Jing laughed and said, “Children are really amazing now!”

“Yes, if Ye Cang enters the music world in the future, I am afraid he will be very successful.” Bai Lin interfered.

“I had no intention of coming.” Chang Min’s face also showed a little smile. “Now I think it’s worth it.”

Lu Hazel has heaved a long sigh: “Is this song called ‘Planet’? I think we can change it name to ‘Mars Hitting the Earth’ in the future.”

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