MAIR – Chapter 97 – Am I the kind of person who is greedy for glory and wealth?

As soon as the audition was over, Fu Cheng pretended to have other appointments and left in a hurry without even eating.

Guo Wenyuan looked at his back. Something seemed to flash in his eyes, but he soon returned to normal and went to have dinner with the crew as if nothing had happened.

At the beginning, except for Director Xie and the producers, nobody knew Guo Wenyuan’s identity. They were just marveled at his good acting skills, which did not lose ground against Fu Cheng.

However, after Fu Cheng made Guo Wenyuan reveal his identity, everyone felt silly and started thinking about whether they had done anything disrespectful to this financier’s father.

The makeup artist silently covered her face. When she put on makeup, she touched the face of the financier’s father and praised him for his smooth skin.

The prop maker remembered that before the audition, the financier’s father asked him, if he could prepare a plate of sushi, which he mercilessly refused.

The actor who played Yokota’s adjutant looked up at the sky sadly. It was him who had the most scenes with this king. How could he get along with the king? Should he ask Mr. Guo’s assistant for some advice?

Guo Wenyuan, such an elite figure, immediately noticed that everyone had become squeamish.

He didn’t try to hide it either. When they got to the dining place, he asked his assistant to buy some lobsters and barbecues, and brought in several boxes of wine.

After a round of wine, Guo Wenyuan had become one with the whole crew, and even got the title of Brother Guo.

Shen Huai and the others were now convinced of his abilities.

Director Xie sat next to Guo Wenyuan. After several attempts to engage him in a conversation, he was drawn in Guo Wenyuan’s gags. However, Guo Wenyuan was worried that he would reveal something, if he continued talking, so he slipped out under the pretext of going to the toilet.

After solving the problem in the bathroom, Guo Wenyuan staggered back to their table. But unexpectedly, he saw Shen Huai and Ye Cang talking in the corridor.

Since their farewell in the hospital, Guo Wenyuan had not had a chance to see Shen Huai again. After experiencing all kinds of unreliable scripts selected by his assistant, he became more and more aware of how important it was to have a professional agent with a normal vision.

Although he hadn’t really checked, Guanrui still had a lot of excellent agents. But having one of them become his agent, Guo Wenyuan still was on guard. After all, life was not an act. Even if he was good at acting, after a while, there would inevitably be some flaws. Besides, Guanrui was not his company alone and the other directors were not easy to fool.

The agents in the company were no better than his own assistant. Yet if someone bought them off, he would regret it.

After much calculation, Shen Huai was the most suitable ine. 

Guo Wenyuan walked towards Shen Huai. Before he could get close, Shen Huai had already noticed him, so he stopped talking with Ye Cang.

Guo Wenyuan gestured, “Busy? Well… Can we have a word?”

Shen Huai nodded and asked Ye Cang to go back first, then smiled and said, “I was worried that you were not doing well, but now it looks like you have adapted very well, it seems I was worried for nothing.”

“No!” When Guo Wenyuan heard Shen Huai saying that, he immediately refuted with integrity, “Or am I the kind of person who is greedy for splendor and wealth?”

Shen Huai looked at his famous brand clothes, the big golden watch on his wrist and the big gold chain around his neck. “…”

Guo Wenyuan coughed a few times to cover it up. “Although it feels good to have money, it is still not as satisfying as acting, and my assistant is too incompetent! His aesthetics have completely fallen below the lower limit of human beings. Without him, I would have never imagined that there were so many f*cked up scripts in the world that can still be put into production!”

“It cost me a lot of trouble to win the role of Yokota, and he thought I bought it with money! This is simply an insult to me!”

Of course, Shen Huai didn’t think Guo Wenyuan came here to complain, so he waited for him to say what he really wanted.

Guo Wenyuan complained a lot out of bitterness, and finally felt better. Then he said, “Didn’t you want to be my agent before? If you don’t want to come to Guanrui, I can come to Morningstar.”

In order to find a suitable agent, Guo Wenyuan had  decided to be open-minded.

“When I sign the contract, you can use Guanrui resources as long as I have a say. If I come across a suitable script, I can also bring money into the company. As for your pay, you don’t have to worry about it any more. Although you don’t lack money, I won’t treat you bad.”

Guo Wenyuan thought that after saying this and offering Shen Huai a lot of benefits, he would definitely agree.

Who knew that Shen Huai would shake his head and say, “Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t agree.”


Guo Wenyuan added hurriedly, “You can say what else you want!”

Shen Huai sighed, “If it had been before, I would have said yes, but now I can’t. I have to think about the physical and mental health of my artists.”

Guo Wenyuan was stunned.

Shen Huai said, “Song Yimian is now one of my artists. That incident had a great impact on him. I hope he can get over that psychological shadow. But if I sign you, it would be different. Sorry.”

Guo Wenyuan stopped talking. Of course he knew what Shen Huai was talking about. Although it had nothing to do with him, it was committed by this body, and Shen Huai was right.

Guo Wenyuan had no choice but to scold the former Boss Guo in his heart.

Shen Huai probably felt a bit embarrassed so he said, “Although we can’t cooperate, if you need anything in the future, you can call me at any time.”

Guo Wenyuan sighed and couldn’t say anything more. He said goodbye to Shen Huai feebly, and his back looked particularly bleak.

It seemed that he could only go back and endure his assistant’s wonderful aesthetics, hoping that in the  long run, he could improve them a bit for the sake of not being fired.

Shen Huai shook his head helplessly and went back.

When the two of them left, there was a shadow behind the green plants on the other side. It was Song Yimian.

Song Yimian was going to Shen Huai to talk about his wish to stay in the crew. But when he came over, he saw Guo Wenyuan and Shen Huai standing together. He was worried that Guo Wenyuan would do something to Shen Huai, so he kept hiding and was ready to rescue his agent at any time.

But who would have known that Guo Wenyuan had changed his former color, and would actually discuss with Shen Huai about signing a contract.

Song Yimian listened to the conditions he listed. If it wasn’t for their previous encounter, he would be moved. Not to mention that to any agent, Mr. Guo was simply a gold mine. Song Yimian could hardly think of any reason for Shen Huai to refuse.

However, Shen Huai refused, and the reason turned out to be him.

Song Yimian didn’t believe in what he heard. In terms of acting skills, he was far inferior to Guo Wenyuan, let alone his status. Guo Wenyuan had a lot of resources on his hands. However, Shen Huai refused without even thinking about it.

Song Yimian was frightened at first, but what followed was a strong desire to make progress.

Even after Shen Huai signed Song Yimian, Song Yimian was still not confident. The big and small blows in the past two years had caused an indelible blow on his psyche, which could not be changed in a short time.

But at this moment, he really felt Shen Huai expectations for him.

Shen Huai never said what he did for him, but he always protected him carefully and encouraged him. He even gave up Mr. Guo’s tempting proposal for his sake.

This made Song Yimian, who had always had an inferiority complex, gush with strong self-confidence.

For the first time, he told himself in his heart, I can do it! I will be a good actor. I want to prove that Brother Shen’s choice was not wrong.



After dinner, the crew all went back to the hotel. Director Xie was a little drunk, so Junior Chen, the deputy director, helped him back to his room.

Director Xie rubbed his forehead. “Copy the video you took on the computer.”

What he was talking about was the audition between Guo Wenyuan and Fu Cheng.

Junior Chen hurriedly said, “Director Xie, please have some rest first. There’s no hurry, just watch it later.”

“Who says I’m not in a hurry!” Director Xie glared at him.

Junior Chen could only helplessly copy the video from his mobile phone on the computer. While waiting for the transmission, Junior Chen asked hesitantly, “Director Xie, has the actor even been settled?”

Director Xie said, “Yes!”

Junior Chen had a headache. He hadn’t thought about it before, but among the three leading actors, beside Fu Cheng, who had been appointed as a movie emperor for a long time, the most important actress was a newcomer who had only acted in one online drama and a variety show. The villain had changed from an experienced actor to a movie investor.

How can I use it for publicity?!

This combination was so full of the taste of hidden rules. Junior Chen could only imagine how much hair the leading producer would lose.

Director Xie was too lazy to care about this. He had always devoted all his energy to filming and let others worry about the rest.

At this time, the video had been copied and Director Xie clicked to play it.

Junior Chen’s video started when Fu Cheng tried to regain the upper hand and took a step forward. The whole video didn’t last long.

Director Xie silently played the video twice before pressing pause and asking Junior Chen, “What do you think of his performance?”

“Huh?” Junior Chen reacted. Director Xie was asking about Guo Wenyuan. He hesitated for a moment. “He is very strong. Fu Cheng doesn’t have the slightest power to fight back in front of him.”

Director Xie laughed, “Fu Cheng’s acting skills are not bad. How many people can you think of that can suppress him like that?”

Junior Chen thought about it and finally gave up.

Director Xie didn’t plan to resolve his doubts, and simply clicked to play it again. Looking at Guo Wenyuan in the video, he said slowly, “This acting skill is not only a talent, it has experienced a lot of drama groups, and it has been polished little by little…”

He paused and asked Junior Chen, “Do you believe in what Guo Wenyuan said?”

Chen had no choice but to say, “I’m not stupid…”

Director Xie laughed again. “That is, only fools believe that shopping-malls-are-like-a-battlefield nonsense. Apart from him, there was no one else with this skill of making serious nonsense …… “

“Him?” Junior Chen asked. “Who do you mean, Director Xie?”

Director Xie waved his hand. “Nothing.”

“I don’t care what the truth is, as long as I can make this movie good.”

Junior Chen nodded. “You are right. Although Mr. Guo is full of nonsense, there is nothing to say about his acting skills. Even if Mr. Geng comes to perform, he may not be able to act better than him.”

Director Xie also agreed with his words and said with emotion, “Yeah, I didn’t expect that the leading roles in this movie don’t have a spark, but they have a spark with the villain respectively…”

Junior Chen: “…”

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