MAIR – Chapter 140 – Second Watch

Ye Cang’s face changed immediately, and he suddenly remembered something.

He remembered the day when his home was reopened, and countless people poured in. Fans crowded in and looked feverishly at everything he had left behind.

He had seen such expressions many times. He had been in the world for so many years that he no longer had any interest in those things.

He floated bored among the crowd, but couldn’t help noticing a man.

He was wearing golden glasses and a neat suit even in such hot weather, and unlike his avid fans, he looked calm, as if he was just taking a look, and his eyes slowly slid over the instruments and records.

That man aroused Lu Yang’s interest.

He followed Shen Huai and saw him standing under the small stage. During the 3D projection, his expression changed from indifference to focus, and even a faint frenzy.

Seeing the change in Shen Huai’s expression, Lu Yang fell into a trance, as if he had just stepped on stage.

All the fans stood up and applauded him. Everybody was shouting his name loudly, which made him feel comfortable until every pore opened. From then on, he fell in love with the stage, which was totally different from the process of creating.

But over the years, he had got accustomed to the pursuit of fans and lost his previous excitement. Shen Huai’s arrival let him experience this feeling again.

So Lu Yang unconsciously followed Shen Huai all the way to the guitar exhibition.

He watched helplessly as he fell towards the guitar, and stretched out his hand to hold the other person, but the other person went directly through his body, and at that moment Lu Yang’s hatred for his ghost identity reached its peak.

But then he saw Shen Huai bump into the post in order not to damage his guitar.

Lu Yang was stunned.

Then he saw the blood flowing from Shen Huai’s forehead and sliding across the center of his eyebrows, and a very shallow golden light flashed. Then he was surprised to discover that Shen Huai was different at this moment.

He could feel the attraction of this body to him and had a vague idea that he could enter this body, wipe out this fragile soul, and return to the world.

It was like a person who hadn’t had a meal for a long time and suddenly saw an exquisite meal.

The desire for rebirth coming from the bottom of his heart was almost irresistible. There seemed to be a voice in his mind constantly seeking reasons to persuade him. This kind of temptation constantly impacted his reason and almost overwhelmed his moral as a human being.

Lu Yang had almost exhausted all his energy and reason to fight against it. His heart was full of suffering and it became particularly difficult for him to resist.

He looked back at Shen Huai briefly, and out of nowhere there was a power that helped him reject the voice in his heart.


At the moment when his voice sounded, it seemed that the voice that had been seducing him had disappeared from his mind, and his brain was clear again.

He watched the staff bandage Shen Huai’s wound as he sat peacefully on a chair to rest. He suddenly felt upset and couldn’t help taunting him.

“The guitar is not a treasure. Isn’t it stupid to hit yourself like this for a dead object?”

He then heard Shen Huai say, “Although this guitar is not a treasure, its meaning is precious. I didn’t want to break it.”

Lu Yang was stunned, and when Shen Huai opened his eyes and looked at him, Lu Yang felt that his soul trembled for a moment.

After all this time, he was glad that in the end he had resisted the temptation and didn’t make a decision that he would regret for the rest of his life.

He never told anyone about it. Except for the occasional midnight dreams, when he would wake up from the nightmare, feeling lucky and scared. He never thought that it had something to do with the abnormal state of Shen Huai’s constitution.

Ye Cang’s face suddenly turned pale. He clenched his teeth and said, “Is there anything you can do to save Huai? As long as you save him, I can accept any conditions.”

Pei Ran looked at the fire in his eyes and said softly, “I can seal the Yin Yang Eyes for him for a short time, but if you want to resolve this once and for all, I’m afraid you can only find a real expert to seal him again.”

Ye Cang’s arm hugged Shen Huai’s body tightly, his heart filled with remorse. If he had figured out the connection between the two earlier, maybe Huai would not be suffering so much…..

Pei Ran raised his hand, and a soft white light swept over Shen Huai’s body, as if he had turned off some kind of switch. Those black shadows looked stunned for a moment, and finally stopped colliding with Shen Huai.

Ye Cang breathed a sigh of relief, but did not dare to withdraw the golden light from Shen Huai’s body yet. He held Shen Huai’s body and said to Pei Ran gratefully, “Thank you.”

Pei Ran looked at the two of them and suddenly said, “He was lucky to meet you.”

Ye Cang was stunned and looked at Pei Ran.

Pei Ran smiled gently. “There are not many people who could have resisted the temptation.”

Ye Cang knew he was just comforting him and thanked him again with mixed feelings.

With that Pei Ran moved his eyes to the ICU ward. By then, the shadows had already filled the whole room. They not only competed for the body on the hospital bed, but even started killing each other. This whole scene looked utterly terrible.

His expression was no longer gentle, but became dignified as he slowly said, “This girl’s seal was not broken passively, but on her own initiative. Her situation is much more serious than Shen Huai’s. These shadows are gradually losing control. If it’s not solved in time, I’m afraid there will be big trouble.”

At this moment, Ye Cang saw the situation in the ward too and asked, “What are you going to do? Do you need my help?”

Pei Ran shook his head, but before entering the ward, he paused and sighed in a low voice, “If you can, please say sorry to Tang Wanjun for me.”

Ye Cang was stunned, but before he could say anything, Pei Ran had resolutely stepped into the ward.

He was covered in a layer of golden light, like flowing armor. Wherever he went, the black shadows gave a shrill cry, many directly turning into smoke. But even so, the number of shadows in the ward didn’t decrease. They behaved like badly injured beasts. They grew more fierce and rushed towards Pei Ran.

Pei Ran was fearless, and the golden light fell on his hand, as if it had become a sword. His posture was as graceful as a dragon’s. Facing these shadows, he was behaving as if cutting melons and vegetables.

Ye Cang had watched Pei Ran’s sword dance on TV many times when he was a child, but he had never been so worried.

The shadows seemed to have no end, but Pei Ran’s golden light seemed to have faded a lot.

Pei Ran himself looked a bit overwhelmed. Due to an oversight, the armor of his golden light was bitten by a black shadow leaving a gap, and black fog invaded Pei Ran’s body immediately. His body became stiff and his already dim golden light flickered more and more.

The shadows seemed to gain hope and became much more fierce.

Seeing that he was about to be swallowed by the shadows, Pei Ran suddenly burst out and went straight through the shadows to the bedside.

He stretched out his hand and put it on Yin Jingyi’s forehead. The palm of his hand emitted a faint white light that slowly penetrated into Yin Jingyi’s body.

The shadows were so furious at his actions that they bumped into Pei Ran desperately, trying to interrupt his movements.

Pei Ran stood still, his already pale face became even more transparent.

Originally Ye Cang had been watching anxiously outside the door. But now that Pei Ran couldn’t support himself, he could no longer sit back and do nothing. He controlled the golden light on his body and turned it into a small light arrow, attacking the shadows around Pei Ran.

But Pei Ran’s face didn’t improve. The faster the white rays penetrated Yin Jingyi’s body, the darker his face became, making the shadows more crazy.

At last, a “click” was heard, just like the sound of glass breaking.

A dazzling white light spread around Pei Ran. The black shadows were like ice put into the fire. They disappeared into the air without even a scream.

Ye Cang closed his eyes due to the blinding light. By the time he opened his eyes again, the shadows were gone, but the medical staff who had disappeared showed up. The whole corridor was busy, and no one knew what had just happened.

A nurse came over and said sternly, “Sir, please don’t rush into the ICU ward…”

Ye Cang stared blankly at the ward. Yin Jingyi was lying on the bed with a ventilator, and the equipment beside her showed her steady breathing and heartbeat.

Neither the black shadows nor Pei Ran’s ghost were to be seen. It was clean as if nothing had happened. Everything in Ye Cang’s memory seemed like a dream.

“Sir, sir…”

The nurse’s voice brought Ye Cang back to the present. She looked at Shen Huai leaning against Ye Cang and asked, “What’s the matter with this gentleman? Would you like me to call a doctor for you?”

At this moment, Shen Huai’s subordinates had also run over with a doctor. The doctor determined that there was nothing wrong with his health for the time being, so he planned to send the person back to the ward for a detailed examination.

But when they pushed Shen Huai to the ward, there was a sudden broadcast in the hospital.

“All medical staff are asked to report to the emergency department! All medical….”

The broadcast was urgent and fast. The face of the doctor who was pushing Shen Huai’s bed changed. “Oh, no! It’s an urgent case!”

The group of people quickened their steps and sent Shen Huai to the ward.

After a detailed examination, they found nothing wrong with Shen Huai’s body, and they didn’t know why he was in coma.

Ye Cang knew the reason but could not say it.

Finally, the doctor had no choice but to say that he was too tired and malnourished. After prescribing some medicine, he hurried to the emergency department.

Ye Cang sat in front of Shen Huai’s hospital bed, holding his hand tightly. At this moment, he knew that Shen Huai would be alright, and his heart finally calmed down. But when he thought of Pei Ran, he felt a bit sad.

At this moment, there was a loud noise outside the ward. Several paramedics pushed a blackened, bandaged man in. He seemed to have just undergone an operation and his eyes were closed.

Then two more patients were pushed in.

Ye Cang was stunned and hurriedly asked a nurse, “What happened?”

The nurse had no time to answer him, but the aunt who accompanied the patient in the next ward explained to him, “There was an explosion in a chemical factory in Qingyu County, tsk, tsk. I heard that more than a dozen people died. It’s so terrible…”

Currently, the whole emergency department was filled with the smell of blood and chemicals. Many of the injured people were lying in the corridor of the hospital, screaming in pain and all of the medical staff were busy. Therefore, no one noticed that in the end of the corridor, from god knows where, appeared another teenager.

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