MAIR – Chapter 162 – Meeting the family


Ye Cang was very nervous. Although he had made preparations to meet the ‘parents’ after spending time with Shen Huai, he really experienced a situation where no matter how long he had been preparing for it, it was useless.

They drove directly to a high-end club in the suburbs of Zhongjing, which, according to Shen Huai, was one of his uncle’s properties.

When they got out of the car, someone came to help them park the car.

Ye Cang loosened his collar, took a deep breath, and subconsciously tidied up his clothes.

Shen Huai looked at his suit and shoes, and felt very helpless. “Although I asked you to change clothes, there really was no need to dress so formally.”

Ye Cang: “Not formal enough, what if your uncle thinks I don’t take you seriously?”

Shen Huai: “He……”

Before Shen Huai could finish, he was interrupted.

“Hello, are you Mr. Shen and Mr. Ye?”

A guest welcoming steward came over, took them to a small sightseeing car, and drove them inside.

This club was very big and there was also a horse farm. The scenery on both sides of the road was specially designed, but Ye Cang was not in the mood to admire it.

He was holding a bottle of red wine in his hand, which was a gift prepared by Shen Huai. At first, Ye Cang wanted to buy something by himself to show his sincerity, but Shen Huai stopped him. This time it was too late, so he gave up.

But now at the door of the restaurant, he couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy. “Will your uncle approve of us being together?”

Shen Huai said helplessly, “Our family never interferes in the private affairs of other family members.”

Ye Cang frowned slightly. “But I am a man after all. Don’t the elders mind this kind of thing very much?”

Shen Huai: “He won’t, he will only bless us. Besides, he…”

In the middle of Shen Huai’s words, they arrived. Shen Heng’s personal assistant stood by the side of the road, waiting for them with a smile.

Shen Huai couldn’t continue, so he got out of the car with Ye Cang.

Ye Cang’s hands and feet almost joined together when he walked, he had never felt so nervous in his two lives.

Seeing this, Shen Huai patted his arm gently. “Don’t worry, he is very nice.”

Ye Cang reluctantly pulled up the corners of his mouth, showing a stiff smile.

Shen Huai had no choice but to become silent.

The assistant winked and took them to the front of a small building, opened the door for them, stopped, and invited them to go in.

Ye Cang looked at the opened door, his heart beating more and more violently. Just then, a hand reached out from the side and grasped him.

Shen Huai tilted his head and smiled gently at him.

Shen Huai whispered, “If he doesn’t agree, let’s elope.”

Ye Cang froze. After saying this sentence, Shen Huai also became a little embarrassed. He whispered, “No matter what happens, I won’t be separated from you.”

His words were very light, but they weighed more than a thousand pounds for Ye Cang’s heart.

Shen Huai was introverted and gentle and seldom said such bold words. The temperature of his palm spread continuously to Ye Cang’s hand, filling Ye Cang’s heart with warmth. 

Ye Cang’s nervousness suddenly disappeared and he became fearless. He had never been afraid of heaven and earth, but because he cared too much about Shen Huai he got worried about gains and losses.

He knew that Shen Huai had a serious mindset, and had been rejecting him for some outside reasons at the beginning.

Besides, Shen Huai was also a person who attached great importance to his family. Ye Cang could tell that he had a good relationship with this uncle, so he got worried that if his family got in the way, even if Shen Huai would still be with him in the end, it would hurt Shen Huai.

However, Shen Huai’s statement at the moment completely calmed Ye Cang’s anxiety. He could hear the firmness in Shen Huai’s words, and knew that he deliberately said these words to state his intentions.

Ye Cang held Shen Huai’s hand tightly and then the two men interlocked their fingers and walked in.

The two walked the spiral staircase to the second floor, but the upstairs layout was not very luxurious. It felt like a warm home, the warm yellow light falling on the table.

A figure stood by the window, talking on the phone.

As if he heard them coming upstairs, the man said something quickly, hung up the call and walked towards them.

Shen Huai saw him and smiled, pulling Ye Cang over. “Uncle!”

However, when Ye Cang saw the other party’s  appearance, the word “Uncle” was choked directly in his throat.

Shen Heng looked about the same age as Shen Huai. He was wearing simple casual clothes, with long smooth black hair tied behind his head. His facial features were more profound than that of ordinary people, but his skin was as white and delicate as Shen Huai’s. His bones were delicate, but his eyebrows and eyes were sharp and his whole person had a very contradictory beauty.

Ye Cang had seen many beauties, not to mention Pei Ran’s appearance after his rebirth.

However, they were completely different from Shen Heng’s type.

If Pei Ran’s sharpness was hidden under the skin of a young man, Shen Heng already looked aggressive by appearance.

However, at the moment of seeing Shen Huai there was a smile on his face. Those sharp edges suddenly melted like snow and became as warm as the sun.

Shen Heng walked over, gently hugged Shen Huai, and turned his eyes to Ye Cang. His attitude was very friendly. “Hello.”

Ye Cang regained his mind and hurriedly said hello to him.

Shen Heng then asked the two of them to sit down and ordered the dishes to be served.

Shen Heng sat opposite them and looked at Ye Cang before saying, “It seems that you are a little bit surprised by my age?”

In fact, what Shen Huai wanted to explain to Ye Cang before was that. But Ye Cang was in a state of panic when he was still in the car. Shen Huai called his name several times but he didn’t respond. When they finally got out of the car they were interrupted frequently. Until now, he had no chance to explain.

Shen was a big family. Shen Heng’s father was Shen Huai grandfather’s brother who was born late. His mother was a Latino dancer and soon after he was born,she pursued her dream and divorced his father who was also a very liberal person. This way Shen Heng, who was just born, was left to be raised by his uncle. He was only a few years older than Shen Huai and they grew up together since childhood. Their relationship was much closer than other brothers and sisters.

Shen Heng majored in architectural design at university, but after graduation, he joined Shen family company and became responsible for developing overseas markets. In recent years, he had made some remarkable achievements.

After Shen Huai got together with Ye Cang, he told Shen Heng the news. On the surface, Shen Heng gave them a silent blessing, but when he hung up the phone, he began to speed up the process and shortened the working time of his project by half.

He didn’t tell anyone that he was returning home, he only took his own private plane and contacted Shen Huai when he got off the plane.

Shen Heng was sociable and was very discreet. When chatting with people, he makes people feel like it was a spring breeze. Although it was only the first time he met Ye Cang, it was kind of an awkward relationship. He had the ability to make the atmosphere harmonious, without even a hint of coldness.

After dinner, Shen Heng wiped his mouth with a napkin and looked at Shen Huai with a smile: “I came back this time and specially bought a horse as a gift for you. The horse has been raised in this horse farm. Would you like to have a look?”

Shen Huai understood that he wanted to take care of him, so he looked at him helplessly and made a pun, “I am no longer a child.”

Shen Heng smiled tirelessly, saying “I Know” but he didn’t give in.

Shen Huai understands Shen Heng. He had a strong temper and a strong sense of responsibility since he was a child.

After Shen Huai’s parents died, he took the nephew who was only a few years younger than him as his own responsibility. At that time, the overseas market situation was very grim, but Shen Heng still accompanied Shen Huai for a long time in China, until Shen Huai said he would go back to school. Thinking that Shen Huai would be all right, he left.

Shen Huai hid his status very well, but he was still seen by Shen Heng during their calls. Shen Heng regretted leaving him and later became more interested in Shen Huai affairs.

Later, when Shen Huai got to know Yi Mian, he began to have the idea of becoming an agent. If it wasn’t for Shen Heng’s support and that he bore most of the pressure for him, it would not have been so easy.

After all, although Shen family does not interfere in the private affairs of family members, Shen family members who qualify as heirs need to take over the family business, otherwise, they will be deprived of their status and become a side branch of those who take shares.

Now he hurried back to China and asked to see Ye Cang. Of course, Shen Huai could guess his purpose. He trusted Shen Heng and knew that he would not stop until he reached his goal. So he could only squeeze Ye Cang’s hand under the table and leave with Shen Heng’s personal assistant.

As soon as Shen Huai left, the smile on Shen Heng’s face faded: “Now, we can get to know each other again.”

Ye Cang was not surprised by his change of face. Although Shen Heng seemed to be easygoing before, he controlled the pace of the whole chat. Since then, Ye Cang knew that today’s obstacles will not be passed so easily.

The undercurrent between the two men was surging, seemingly peaceful on the surface, but in fact, there were many sparks in the dark.

When Shen Heng saw that Ye Cang was very calm, his eyes narrowed slightly: “You don’t seem to be worried, do you think I won’t do anything, or do you rely on Huai, so you are so confident?”

Ye Cang laughed: “The reason why I am sitting here is because Huai said that you are his most trusted family member, but if you do something to betray his trust, what is the difference between you and other Shen family members and what is the relationship between our private affairs and you?”

Instead of being angry, Shen Heng looked at Ye Cang again: “You are more crazy than I thought.”

Ye Cang: “Thank you for your praise.”

Shen Heng knew that today he had underestimated the other person, and he didn’t play any more tricks and said frankly, “Yes, it is your private business. Now Huai is a Che: N-G. He has his own judgment. I won’t interfere with him under the banner of knowing what is good for him.”

Ye Cang was stunned: “What about you?”

Shen Heng’s eyes slightly drooped: “As an elder, even if you know that he can handle it, there will still be a lot of worries …”

He sighed softly and stopped talking.

It wasn’t long before Shen Huai came back. Although he trusted Shen Heng not to do anything superfluous, both of them had strong temperaments. In case….

But when he came back, the atmosphere between them was unexpectedly harmonious.

Shen Heng said to him with a smile, “I will stay in China for a long time this time. But I don’t want to disturb others. Huai, I remember that you bought a villa district before, can I take one of them for a while?”

Shen Huai helplessly looked at Shen Heng: “Those villas are now occupied, I am afraid there are no vacancies.”

“Well.” Shen Heng’s face was not even half surprised, smiling he spoke his ultimate goal: “Then I’ll live in your villa, a guest room is fine, I am not picky.”

Shen Huai: “…”

Before he could say anything, Shen Heng looked at Ye Cang again, smiling gently: “You should not mind, after all, we just talked so friendly.”

Ye Cang: “…”

Ye Cang suddenly realized that he wanted to slap himself, who had turned soft-hearted ten minutes ago.

It’s no wonder that people like Shen Heng will suddenly show weakness. He just took a fancy to Ye Cang concern for Shen Huai, knowing that he didn’t want to make the relationship between them rigid, which would make things difficult for Shen Huai, so he changed his strategy.

Ye Cang looked at the successful smile on Shen Heng’s face and was so angry that his teeth itched.

This man is so crafty and cunning!!

He couldn’t object and Shen Huai won’t refuse.

Shen Heng’s smile deepened, and he said to Ye Cang in an approachable way: “In fact, I’m not much older than Huai. You don’t need to treat me as an elder, and you don’t have to be too restrained when we get along with each other.”

Ye Cang: “…”

Are you f*cking saying you’re not an elder now?!! Didn’t you pretend to be very happy about it before!

The eyes of the two men soon met and there was the sound of sparks in the air.

Shen Huai pressed his forehead helplessly, he could almost foresee his future life.


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