My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 28 – Love Song

Ye Cang chose Li Zihang, leaving two natural opponents, Jiang Junyan breathed a sigh of relief at the bottom of his heart.

It was somewhat unexpected, but it was always a good thing not to face them directly. And Jiang Junyan was thinking in his heart that Ye Cang spent too much physical energy in the first half. He would not win the match against Li Zihang. In this way, regardless of whether they can win this game or not, in the next stage, he will have a huge advantage over Ye Cang, who has sung in two consecutive matches.

Ye Cang didn’t care about all these messy things he thought about. He was not born to be safe. From the beginning of the game, he decided to choose Li Zihang. Even if his condition was not good at the moment, he did not want to change his decision.

As for losing?

There were no such words in Ye Cang’s dictionary.

There were only two people left on the stage. Since Ye Cang chose his opponent, he would sing first, while Li Zihang stood behind the stage, waiting for a change of position.

Originally another rock song was prepared by Ye Cang, but because of his serious physical decline, in order not to affect the performance of the stage, he temporarily decided to change songs, but because there was no rehearsal before, he had to perform and sing by himself.

Ye Cang took the guitar from the guitar case, and the other side whispered, “Good luck!”

Ye Cang was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Off-stage audience and viewers watching live broadcast have already talked about it one after another. Some people think it is a deliberate stunt of the program group. Others think that Ye Cang is dying, not rehearsing, and temporarily changing songs. Does he think he is the god of the concert?

He was also playing the guitar. Although Ye Cang used to explain music arrangement with his hand holding the guitar in his clips, no one really thought he could play it. Most people thought he just picked it up and acted like it, but it’s live right now. Hundreds of millions of viewers were watching, let alone playing it badly, even if he made the wrong tune, I’m afraid it would all be pulled out.

This courage is absolute. 

None of this had any effect on Ye Cang. He sat in a chair in the middle of the stage, tuning the sound of the guitar, and the staff busily adjusted the microphone rack and sound equipment in front of him.

By the time they all left, Ye Cang was the only one left in the middle of the huge stage.

It gradually quieted down.

Some people are born to stand on the stage, even if he does nothing, just sitting there quietly, it is convincing enough.

He closed his eyes and touched the strings gently.

The sound of the wooden guitar is clean and clear, just like an early summer afternoon, the wind blowing gently over the windowsill, with a little heat and the smell of grass drifting from somewhere.

It seems a little dry and a little astringent, but also with a soft and sweet undertone, gently scratching the heart.

It’s like a young boy or girl who has not been punctured. It’s simple and clumsy, but it gives people joy from the bottom of their heart.

The tune was simple, the lyrics are also simple, Ye Cang’s performance was very relaxed. It seemed as if he was not in a competition stage that would decide his life and death, but on the campus, singing softly to the person he likes.

Audiences also seem to be brought into the campus, memories of the teaching building, playground, and school uniforms were gradually getting clearer, as well as buried in their heart the name of their initial throbbing.

The song is like hypnosis that leads people back to their best memories of the past. It makes people intoxicated and unwilling to wake up.

Instead of going to the auditorium, Shen Huai watched the broadcast screen in the break room. The camera was directly facing Ye Cang, he usually looked great on the stage, the corners of his mouth with a trace of laughter, singing as clear and clean as his guitar.

He raised his eyes as if he was looking at Shen Huai across the screen.

There seemed to be a touch of affection in his eyes. At this moment, he seemed to have lost his dazzling aura on the stage, he becomes like an ordinary teenager singing to a lover.

Shen Huai frowned slightly. He could feel his heart beating irregularly, but it was different from what he had felt looking at the stage before.

Before he could think about it, he heard the sound of something falling behind him.

When he looked back, he saw Jiang Junyan palely and squatting down to pick up things in a panic. Then he looked around. Almost all the staff stopped their work and stared at the screen. Many people showed a look of nostalgia.

The netizens in the live broadcast couldn’t wait to make their voices be heard on the bullet screen.

[After listening to this song, I want to fall in love!! ]

[I thought Ye Cang could only sing rock and roll, but I didn’t expect that love songs could be sung so well]

[Seeing Ye Cang playing the guitar and singing, I thought of the boy who chased me in the University campus… ]

[Zhang Xin, I like you, this sentence has been buried in my heart for ten years.]

[Hearing this song and remembering our first love, though we were quarreling, but now it’s all sweet]

[Ye Cang did not use any skills, he simply sang this song out, but this simple to the extreme singing is the most powerful embodiment of his singing skills]

After Ye Cang finished singing, the scene was in trance for several seconds before applause began to ring.

Li Zihang returned to his mind and sighed helplessly.

Competing with such a person is a real blow to self-confidence. He stood in front of him like a mountain making everyone realize their upper limit, making everyone who wants to climb it feel desperate.

They exchanged positions, and Ye Cang stood behind with the guitar in his arms.

Li Zihang calmed down and discarded all the influence Ye Cang had brought to him. He was preparing for a fast song and dance that he was good at. Under the stimulation of Ye Cang, he also went all out to ignite bursts of screams at the scene.

In the following scoring session, judged by the audience on the scene, the score of the two men was very tight, but in the end, Li Zihang lost, although by only a few votes to Ye Cang.

When the host announces the result, Li Zihang does not show any lost expression. After listening to Ye Cang’s singing, he actually has such a premonition. This time, his performance was full of joy, there is nothing to regret, it can only be said that his opponent was too strong.

But backstage, the staff called another group of contestants on stage, but Jiang Junyan did not react for a long time.

Li Zihang lost?! Li Zihang lost?!

He walked up the stage in a trance.

At this point, the two people on the stage clapped each other and then walked off the stage shoulder to shoulder.

The audience lamented that these two have a really good relationship, but Li Zihang knew that Ye Cang was somewhat weak, basically depending on his support to step down.

After all, although he changed his song, it was not without physical exhaustion. He was taut on the stage and was not seen by the audience, but when he got off the stage, he was immediately exposed.

Li Zihang was somewhat helpless: “Brother, are you going to fight like that?”

Ye Cang looked towards him powerlessly.

Shen Huai happened to come over: “The car is ready. Let’s go to the hospital.”

Ye Cang heard Shen Huai’s voice. Although he was still weak, he did not hesitate to throw away Li Zihang’s hand and fall in the direction of Shen Huai.

Li Zihang: “…”

Brother, you’re so sick. Why are you still as snobbish as a dog smelling meat bones?

Ye Cang was admitted to the hospital again. The doctor in charge happened to be the one who treated him last time. Obviously, the other party remembered Ye Cang. After checking him out, he snorted, “For the first time, I met someone who was able to send himself to the hospital twice because of a cold.”

“Let me see, fever 39.8, uh, okay, 0.2 lower than last time, dehydration, uh, okay, no collapse, no coma…”

Ye Cang was counted down, but still said, “Doctor, I don’t want to…”

“Which patient do you think wants to go to the hospital?” The doctor straightened his back and said, “Do you have to work so hard to be a star now? Singing two songs to make yourself like this, If you don’t know, look at your awkward appearance, I thought you had just come back from the flood-fighting rescue!”

Ye Cang: “…”

Seeing that Ye Cang, who was used to disobeying others, was scolded by doctors like this, even Shen Huai, who had been worried, could not help laughing.

Ye Cang was a little depressed, but when Shen Huai laughed, that little depression disappeared.

As the doctor prescribed medicine for him, he whispered, “Young people, the body is the most important thing. Sometimes, don’t work too hard. When it’s time to slow down, you have to slow down. If you don’t pay attention to it now when you are old…”

Ye Cang smiled bitterly and pressed his forehead without interrupting the doctor’s words.

The doctor looked at him and thought he didn’t care. He added, “You don’t take my words seriously, young man. If you don’t have any money, you can make it again, but if you don’t have health, you can’t get it back. “

Ye Cang could hear that the doctor was really sincerely to him. “I understand,” he said. “Thank you.”

“Understand but still messing around. ” The doctor glared at him. “I heard you had a lot of sweating symptoms before, so why didn’t you come to the hospital in a hurry? Why are you still messing around?”

Ye Cang was still smiling, but his face has become more serious: “That’s not the same. For singers, as long as they stand on the stage, even if they want to faint, they have to finish singing and then they can faint. This is our professional ethics. Just like you, even if you are seriously ill, but if you stand on the operating table, you will try your best to finish the operation, right?”

Hearing him say this, the doctor did not speak again, but silently prescribed the medicine.

Shen Huai took over, said “Thank you” and left with Ye Cang.

Before they went out, the doctor suddenly said, “I’m a physician. I don’t need to go to the operating table.”

Ye Cang: “…”

After the doctor despised him, he said impatiently, “OK, go and pay for the injection, and don’t hinder the patients behind you.”

A stunned Ye Cang was taken out of the clinic by the smiling Shen Huai.

Until he had entered the ward and hung up the medicine, Ye Cang was still bitter: “This doctor is too much! His heart is like a needle tip. Alas, the world is not ancient. How kind the doctor was at that time……………………………………………….”

“All right, talk less.” Shen Huai handed him the salt and sugar water he had prepared. “It’s time, drink water first.”

Ye Cang drank the salt and sugar water with a bitter face.

Shen Huai stood aside, looking at his frown, but suddenly thought of what he had said to the doctor. This kind of thing, in the eyes of others, is worth writing about, but in the eyes of Ye Cang, it is probably only the most basic professional ethics.

Moreover, he not only said so but also did so.

Shen Huai remembers seeing the story of Lu Yang when he visited his former residence.

It was said that when he was on a world tour, his wrist was injured because of the heavy travel. At that time, the agent advised him not to bring a guitar, but he refused. With an injury, he made it through a three-hour concert, focusing on the fact that the quality of the performance had not been compromised at all and that no one noticed that he was injured.

He was able to become a superstar all over the world, not just because of his love of music.

Shen Huai sighed.

Bai Jiajia in the new generation has been regarded as diligent, but was still in need of making him work hard, but now for Ye Cang, he needed to observe carefully to make sure he will not work himself too hard.

Ye Cang looked at Shen Huai who sighed for no reason and asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Huai felt helpless. He had planned to recruit an assistant and let Ye Cang live outside. But looking at him like this, He was afraid no one can watch over him except himself. At that time, he stayed up late every day and did not pay attention to his body. What would he do if he sent himself to the hospital again?

Shen Huai was about to open his mouth and say a few words, but his mobile phone suddenly rang.

He connected the phone, it was the personnel department of Morning Star Entertainment Company. It was also a coincidence that they had recruited assistants and asked him to find time for an interview.

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