MAIR – Chapter 139 – First Watch

Shen Huai had experienced this kind of dizziness many times, but each time it came and went quickly, hardly affecting him. Yet this time, the dizziness lasted much longer. In addition, Shen Huai also vaguely saw several dark shadows floating before his eyes and even felt a dull pain between his eyes.

Ye Cang helped him back to his chair and looked at him anxiously. “Is it better? What is wrong with you?”

Shen Huai didn’t seem to hear what he said. He just pressed his forehead and frowned, looking pale. There were big beads of sweat on his forehead and temples. His expression looked very painful, and the blue tendons on his neck all came out.

When Ye Cang saw this, he couldn’t help being flustered. He picked up his mobile phone and said, “I’ll make an emergency call!”

Just then, a hand grasped his wrist, and he looked down only to find that Shen Huai had come back to his senses. He seemed like he had just experienced a very exhausting boxing match. His face was full of sweat and looked tired.

“No need to go to the hospital,” he said in a low voice.

Ye Cang put down his mobile phone reluctantly. He frowned and stared firmly at Shen Huai. “Tell me, what on earth is going on?”

Shen Huai hesitated for a moment, uncertain how to explain it to him.

Just then, Shen Huai’s cell phone rang. Shen Huai caught a glimpse of the phone number on the display. His face immediately became serious, and he answered the call.

The man on the other end said something and Shen Huai’s face changed dramatically, but he soon said in a deep voice, “I know. I’ll be there as soon as possible. You just stay in the hospital.”

Shen Huai had always been very calm and never had such a big reaction.

When Ye Cang saw his expression, he knew it was no small thing. Seeing that Shen Huai called his assistant to book a flight, he hurriedly said, “Book for two!”

Shen Huai paused, knowing that Ye Cang wanted to go with him, and said helplessly, “No need….. “

Ye Cang refused him very decisively, “Either you book two tickets and I go with you, or you will obediently follow me to the hospital and have another examination.”

Shen Huai didn’t know what to say. It was urgent, so he didn’t have time to argue with Ye Cang any more. He simply agreed.

The assistant quickly booked the next available flight, and Shen Huai drove with Ye Cang to the airport.

At this point, Ye Cang finally had a chance to voice the questions on his mind. “Who called you? What is happening this time?”

Shen Huai stared at the road ahead and whispered, “Do you remember the girl we met in Fengjing Town in Dongjiang?”

Ye Cang’s expression was blank. He had obviously forgotten about it.

Shen Huai had to tell him the full story again. When they went to Fengjing Town for a tour, they met a group of students who came to sketch. They helped a fat girl, but when she saw Ye Cang, she seemed to have seen a ghost and pushed him away before running away.

Shen Huai asked someone to check the background of this female student. He only knew that her name was Yin Jingyi and she was just an ordinary student.

But Shen Huai couldn’t forget the frightened look in her eyes when he pushed Ye Cang away.

At that time, both of them were disguised as to avoid exposing Ye Cang’s identity, but they were not intimidating. Even if she had recognized Ye Cang, she should not have shown such a frightened expression.

Shen Huai had been thinking about this matter, so he arranged someone to pay close attention to Yin Jingyi secretly. It was a pity that nothing happened after such a long time, so Shen Huai himself almost forgot about this matter.

Unexpectedly, just now, the person he sent to pay attention to Yin Jingyi called him.

It was said that Yin Jingyi had been delivered to the hospital for emergency treatment.



When they arrived in Dongjiang City, it was already afternoon. As soon as they got off the plane, they hurriedly took a taxi to the hospital.

Along the way, Shen Huai told Ye Cang everything, and he also learned the whole story from his subordinates.

The other side had been paying close attention to Yin Jingyi, but she was just like an ordinary college student. Except for some inferiority complex because of her figure and personality, there was nothing unusual about her. But yesterday, Yin Jingyi was locked in the sports equipment room after school because she had a dispute with her classmates about something.

The subordinate was negligent and found out about it only this morning. He could only secretly notify the school teachers and let them bring Yin Jingyi out. Who knew that as soon as they opened the door to the sports equipment room, they would see Yin Jingyi lying on the ground with a pale face, so they immediately dialed the emergency number and sent her to the hospital. At this moment, she was not yet awake.

Shen Huai could not say how he felt, but he already had a strong premonition that Yin Jingyi’s coma was not simple, so he hurried to Dongjiang.

When they arrived at the hospital, they both felt the chill.

When Shen Huai’s subordinates saw him, they hurriedly ran over. Shen Huai put this feeling aside for the time being.

A subordinate said, “Yin Jingyi’s operation just finished, now she is in the ICU. If she doesn’t wake up tonight, I’m afraid…”

Shen Huai frowned slightly, and Ye Cang took the elevator up.

However, as soon as they got out of the elevator, Shen Huai felt that the protection talisman in his pocket was getting hot. He quickly took it out. However, as soon as he did so, the talisman burned up. Shen Huai was surprised and subconsciously opened his hand. The protection talisman quickly burned out and turned into a wisp of smoke.

At the same time, Shen Huai felt a sharp pain between his eyebrows, as if someone had stuck a needle directly into his brain.

“Ah -“

This kind of pain completely exceeded the limit that the human body could bear. Shen Huai’s face became pale instantly, the pain almost bent his whole body up.

Ye Cang hugged him and looked solemnly at the corridor in front of him. In his eyes, the corridor was full of horrible black shadows. They were pouring into one of the wards.

But since the three of them had stepped into the corridor, the shadows seemed to have found a new goal, and some of them had gradually come towards them.

As they approached, Ye Cang’s body glowed with a faint golden light. When these black shadows met the golden light, it was like coming in contact with a deadly poison, they let out a shrill scream and then quickly retreated.

But even so, there were still a lot of dark shadows ready to move, looking greedily at Shen Huai in Ye Cang’s arms.

The subordinate didn’t know what had just happened. He just saw his boss falling to the ground and being caught by Ye Cang.

He said hurriedly, “I’ll call a doctor!”

Ye Cang didn’t have time to stop him. He just stood in front of Shen Huai staring at the shadows in front of him.

This floor was the ICU ward, but this didn’t mean it should be that quiet. All the doctors and nurses were gone, leaving only these countless shadows.

Ye Cang remembered that he had seen these black shadows. Shortly after his death, when he went back to his house in a daze, he had seen them. But he seemed to have something they were afraid of. As long as they met him, they would be hurt. Over time, those black shadows disappeared from his surroundings.

It never occurred to him that he would see these shadows again today, and they seemed to have bad intentions towards Shen Huai.

Meanwhile Shen Huai had fallen into a state of semicoma, and he didn’t know if this was caused by these black shadows. Ye Cang was both worried and angry. When a black shadow rushed over, he directly reached out and tore it in half.

The shadow let out a sharp scream, then turned into black smoke and disappeared.

This scene scared the rest of the shadows a bit, but they didn’t plan to let Shen Huai slip away. Although they didn’t dare to get close to Ye Cang, they still surrounded them.

The layers of dark shadows were like ominous black fog. They had no voice, but were surging, tentatively approaching Ye Cang.

A pair of greedy eyes in the black fog stared at Shen Huai, who was hidden behind Ye Cang, just like hyenas staring at their prey in the prairie. If Ye Cang was negligent, they would immediately rush over and tear their prey to pieces.

Ye Cang, who wanted to protect Shen Huai, could only stare at them intently and soon felt tired. Although it was already winter, beads of sweat slid down his forehead.

The atmosphere became tense.

At this moment, a figure landed in front of Ye Cang. At present, Ye Cang’s nerves were strained to the breaking point, and his conditioned reflex made him hit it with a fist. However, the opponent seemed to have eyes at the back of his head, and with a slight movement of his head he dodged the fist.

Pei Ran turned around, and Ye Cang was shocked. “You, you are…”

When Pei Ran was popular, Ye Cang was only a kid. What children liked most at that time was martial arts movies on TV, and Ye Cang was no exception, so he was naturally impressed by this face.

Pei Ran saw that he recognized him, so he didn’t bother explaining, but said in a warm voice, “Protect him!”

With that, Pei Ran rushed directly towards the shadows. He seemed to have a lot of experience in dealing with these shadows. He had the same golden light as Ye Cang, but the color was much darker and very dimmed. He would not flash it until the shadows hit him.

Pei Ran behaved like he was chopping melons and cutting vegetables. He grabbed a black shadow by the neck and twisted it slightly. The black shadow screamed and turned into a cloud of dark smoke.

When Ye Cang saw this, his heart throbbed, and he consciously controlled the thin layer of golden light on his body to cover Shen Huai. This step was very difficult. The golden light was like sand that couldn’t be grasped, which made it very difficult to control, but Ye Cang finally managed to do it.

The golden light protected Shen Huai firmly. The black shadows seemed to be in a hurry. Although they could not make a sound, they surged more and more fiercely.

Ye Cang breathed a sigh of relief. Holding Shen Huai he followed Pei Ran. “You……” He thought for a moment and then changed his tune. “What are you doing here? What’s going on?”

While killing the shadows, Pei Ran said, “These shadows are ghosts born out of grievances after death. Shen Huai has Yin Yang Eyes and can communicate with ghosts, but he does not have the ability to withstand ghosts. He just can’t bear the grievances of so many ghosts at the same time, so he fainted and is not standing in the way.”

He cleverly avoided Ye Cang’s question.

While they were talking, they approached the ward with the most shadows. Ye Cang vaguely saw the label on the door. The patient’s name was Yin Jingyi.

At this moment, through the glass, he could see that the ward was filled with dark shadows. However, there was still a stream of dark shadows pouring inside.

Ye Cang already found it difficult to breathe, and the closer he got to the ward, the crazier the shadows became. Many of them even started to hit the golden light covering Shen Huai’s body, screaming again and again.

Even Pei Ran’s expression was not as relaxed as it was at the beginning.

When Ye Cang saw this, he hurriedly asked, “Does she also have Yin Yang Eyes? Is all this stuff aimed at her? Then Huai… “

Pei Ran looked solemn. “For these ghosts, their biggest obsession is to become human again, and people with Yin Yang Eyes are their only chance. It’s like a channel that can let them enter a living body. One is born with Yin Yang Eyes and these babies attract the ghosts as soon as they are born. They are killed by the surging resentment and there are too few people who can live to grow up.”

“This girl, and Shen Huai, must have met a powerful expert during their childhood that sealed their Yin Yang Eyes, which made it possible for them to live to this day. But when the seal is undone, they become like pieces of meat that continuously attract these ghosts.”

When Pei Ran finished speaking, he suddenly turned to look at Ye Cang, smiling softly. “This point, you should be most clear about?”

“You are a ghost, too.”

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