Chapter 9 – The number one fan

These things did not affect Ye Cang. Shen Huai made an appointment for him in the studio. It was with the previous sound engineer they met.

The sound engineer was very interested in his arrangement of music and made a lot of comments.

Ye Cang’s musical talent is extremely high, but after all, he has been dead for many years and doesn’t know much about the current trend. The sound engineer only needed to provide a little hint to give him a lot of new inspiration.

If it hadn’t been for rehearsal, Ye Cang would not have left the studio.

Because Li Zihang still had the task of shooting advertisements, Ye Cang went over first, and after a while, Li Zihang pushed the door open and ran in breathless. “Sorry, I’m late.”

Ye Cang nodded, and did not greet him, and went straight to the subject: “I have made a new arrangement, do you want to listen to it?”

Li Zihang was stunned. He thought they had to talk and get familiar with each other before they started. However, he did not like these falsehoods. Ye Cang’s practice was in line with his intention. He did not talk too much and took the headphones and put them on.

He had just put on his headphones and a strong drumbeat went straight to the eardrum. Li Zihang took a breath, and his heart rose with this rhythm.

This piece of music is not long, but Li Zihang’s heart surged after listening to it, and it took him a long time to calm down.

Ye Cang looked at his face. “How is it?”

Li Zihang nodded, but could not hide his excitement: “Very good, it’s refreshing.” He asked, “Did you get someone in the industry to arrange it for you?”

Ye Cang shook his head and said, “I made it myself.”

Li Zihang was shocked: “You made this arrangement?!”

When Ye Cang saw that he did not believe him, he simply took out a pen and paper and explained his arrangement to Li Zihang. Li Zihang, who had some doubts at first, was gradually attracted to him and asked questions as he listened. With that serious energy, he seemed to be a student listening to a teacher.

The director is stunned. This is not in line with the script! Ahh!

After the knockout stage, the strength of the two people is clear, even if Ye Cang had an extraordinary play, but he is not professional. No matter how you look at it, Li Zihang should be more powerful, how is the situation reversed? They had thought that it would be dominated by Li Zihang, and even the title of the short notice had been worked out.

—— Li Zihang’s adaptation encounters a difficult problem, whether the midnight combination can be successfully put on the stage or not! __________

Li Zihang fans have strong fighting power, Ye Cang also absorbed a big wave of powder through the last match, which predicts that the two will certainly create a wave, the heat will be there, and then they’ll let out the two’s friendly VCR, perfect! ____________

But now what?

Ye Cang fluently finished his opinions on the arrangement, and then Li Zihang, like chicken pecking rice, nodded repeatedly. They finished the arrangement in less than half an hour.

Ye Cang asked Li Zihang, “Do you have any other ideas about the arrangement?”

Li Zihang shook his head hurriedly. He was now fully convinced of Ye Cang’s strength. He did have some ideas before, but after listening to Ye Cang, he soon realized the gap between the two, and he did not intend to embarrass himself.

Ye Cang: “Well, the arrangement is settled. Let’s go on…”

The director’s face is dull, is it that simple to finish the arrangement?! What else would they do? Gee, cut the trailer, and watch the two people successfully distribute the singing part, and start discussing the stage, much smoother than the other groups.

Fortunately, God seemed to hear the inner desire of the director, and their differences soon appeared. As soon as the director’s eyes lit up, the cameras were almost on their faces.

Li Zihang looked cold, but once he enters his field of expertise, he will argue for it and he will not let it go.

“No, if you do that, the stage will be very monotonous… I have an idea.”

His appearance reminded Ye Cang of an old man, and although he quickly regained his mind, this momentary trance was captured by Li Zihang.

“Do I have anything on my face?”

Ye Cang shook his head. “Nothing.”

Li Zihang did not think much about it, and they reengaged in heated discussions.

When Shen Huai called, Ye Cang found that they had been discussing for almost two hours. In the air-conditioned room, both of them had sweat on their foreheads, which showed how heated the discussion was.

Li Zihang is still reluctant: “I’ll invite you to dinner to talk at the same time.”

Ye Cang refused directly: “No, I want to have dinner with my agent.”

Li Zihang: “It doesn’t matter. I don’t mind.”

Ye Cang has stood up and gone out, leaving only a light sentence: “I mind.”

Li Zihang: “. ..!!!”

The director team fell into despair…. Not only can they not make trouble, but they can’t do CP either.

Ye Cang left without any psychological burden. When he got into the car, Shen Huai asked him, “How was the rehearsal?”

Ye Cang leaned lazily against his seat. “It’s fine.”

Shen Huai looked at Ye Cang’s face through a rearview mirror and suddenly asked, “Is there anything special happening?”

Ye Cang did not expect Shen Huai to be so keen and was stunned for a moment. Then he returned to his usual appearance: “Nothing, just suddenly thought of a friend, he was also surnamed Li.”


Ye Cang seemed to remember something, and there was a touch of nostalgia in his eyes: “He claimed to be my number one fan. I had just been rejected by the record company. With only a few dollars left. He gave me a sum of money to let me not give up my dream. Later, I realized that he liked music, but for various reasons he gave up.”

Shen Huai heard the melancholy in Ye Cang’s words and said, “This is everyone’s choice. You don’t have to feel too sorry for him.”

Ye Cang raised his eyebrow: “What is there to regret, the guy went back to inherit the family property, took a wife and had children without delay. On the contrary, it was me, who worked hard to be a singer but died young. How do I feel that I am more regrettable?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang roared with laughter, and worried that Shen Huai was angry, he added, “Of course, your comfort is still very useful.”

Shen Huai had an itch in his hand. Sure enough, he shouldn’t have comforted such a person.

After some time, Shen Huai has a good understanding of Ye Cang’s bad temper, and the awe of the “rock tyrant” has long disappeared. However, he did not notice that in front of Ye Cang, he no longer was aloof and indifferent, and became more and more softer.

Ye Cang smiled and looked at Shen Huai’s side face, but in his eyes, he thought deeply.

He is not a young newcomer who knows nothing. He has dealt with Fan Jing in his early years and knows that he is not a nosy person. This kind of conversation on Weibo for new people he had never met is not his style at all. In that case, someone went to Fan Jing for his help, and apart from Shen Huai, no one else had this motivation.

However, Shen Huai did not mention this matter to him from beginning to end.

His agent is much more than he seems.


Shortly after the two men left, Li Zihang also came out of the studio. He was completely rejected and depressed. As soon as he came out, he saw a black limousine parked outside. His grandpa’s assistant was standing next to the car. When he saw him, he smiled and said, “Little Master.”

Li Zihang looked at him with horror, and suddenly there was a hunch in his heart. He quickly went over and saw the people in the car and couldn’t help but exclaim: “Grandpa, why are you here?”

The old man in the car was Li Luan, the master of Mahayana Real Estate, but in the past few years he was in poor health, and the affairs of the company had been left to his children. He lived in his hometown in Changhua City. Li Zihang could not have imagined that he would come to Zhongjing City.

Li Luan: “What are you doing standing there so foolishly? Get in the car.”

Li Zihang got into the car, still a little unresponsive. He hesitated and asked: “Grandpa, did you especially come here to cheer for me?”

Li Zihang has loved the stage since childhood. He was the youngest child of the Li family. He had no burden on him, so he decided to become a singer just after graduation from university. Of course, his parents disagreed, but his grandfather, who had always been so taciturn, supported him.

Now Grandpa has traveled thousands of miles to support him, even Li Zihang, a second-year boy, can not help but be moved to tears: “Grandpa…”

Li Luan looked stiff, not very used to the sticky appearance of his little grandson: “Look at you.”

Li Zihang knew that Grandpa had always had a different heart, and he was very proud and did not take it to heart.

Li Luan asked, “Are you singing Summer Bug this time?”

Li Zihang did not expect that Grandpa would know what he was singing. It turned out that his grandfather was so concerned about his grandson under his stoic appearance. He was flattered and nodded hard.

Li Luan frowned: “Can’t you change a song?”

Li Zihang: “this was decided by drawing lots and can’t be changed.”

Li Luan’s brow frowned deeper, and the old face looked serious and scary. In the past, Li Zihang would not have dared to speak, but now he felt much closer to his grandfather. Thinking that he was worried that he would not be able to sing well and confidently appeased him: “Grandpa, don’t worry, although this song is very difficult. But I am confident that I can do it well, anyway, promotion is no problem.”

Li Luan glanced at his grandson and sneered, “Who cares if you go through? I’m worried that you will destroy Lu Yang’s song.”

Li Zihang: “???”

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