MAIR – Chapter 136 – FIfth Shift

With Shen Huai’s promise, Ye Cang showed great enthusiasm in his work over the next period of time. Even the business activities he didn’t like were completed conscientiously.

Ming Wei looked at the performance feedback and couldn’t help but feel that love was indeed a driving force.

Recently, she had been focusing all her energy on the show “National Idol”. Morningstar Company had always been interested in the idol business, but in recent years, the domestic idol market was not mature enough, and their testing the water even failed in the past. This time, they wanted to promote their company’s group through the program “National Idol”.

According to the feedback from STAR she just received, Yao Xuetong and Xia Shiyu had entered the upper circle. This result surprised her, but it was also very reasonable.

Yao Xuetong’s basic skills were solid, and she had been working very hard in recent years. Her strength was outstanding, so it was not surprising that she could enter the upper circle. Although Xia Shiyu only took part in the training for a short period of time, it could be seen that she was very talented. In addition to her already outstanding singing strength, it was not surprising that she could defeat a lot of trainees and enter the upper circle.

However, Ming Wei also knew that even though entering the upper circle was a good opportunity for exposure, it was really up to the fans to decide if a person was outstanding and if she would be remembered and liked.

With this in mind, she couldn’t help but look forward to and worry at the same time about the upcoming broadcast of “National Idol”.

In the same mood as Ming Wei were many star chasing fans, who were looking for information about the show ahead of time.

Some well-known media had done a research before, showing that even though the idol market was not small, most fans chased after foreign idol groups. Although boys’ and girls’ groups had been launched in China, they were all moderately popular.

Zhang Li also made great efforts this time. She started promoting early, and the program rules were released early on, which satisfied the appetite of the fans.

Not to mention, because of Zhuo Feiyang’s matter, Xia Shiyu once again appeared in people’s eyes and she also participated in this show.

As a result, under the attention of the public, the first episode of “National Idol” was officially launched.



“National Idol” was launched simultaneously on Zhongjing TV Station and Tomato Network. Many netizens were waiting for the program to start early on, and their eagerness could be seen in the comment section.

[After reading the previous notice, these little sisters are so lovely! ]

[Confirm the look in your eyes, it’s a variety show you want to chase!! ]

[Sissy duck!! ]

[The young ladies bow so well. They were just passing the time and having a look. Now they are ready to catch up! ]

[It’s so boring. Does it take so long for one to appear on stage? Can you get to the point quickly]

[if you don’t want to see it, don’t “beep”, I’d love to see my little sisters introduce themselves one by one]

[Shit! Is that Xia Shiyu?! I can’t believe, she actually came! ]

[Bad girl, guna!! ] (internet slang for gunfire)

[This program group really want to become popular, they even lowered the requirements! ]

[Isn’t this a girls’ contest?! She’s a little too old, isn’t she! ]

There was a lot of noise in the comment section, but there was no way for it to affect the contestants of the show.

When all the contestants and mentors were seated, Zhang Li stood up to explain the rules of the ten upper seats that were behind the girls. The cruelty was immediately visible.

[Half of the people will be eliminated in the first game!! How cruel! ]

[Exciting! I like it! ]

[I feel that some little sisters may not even have a chance to demonstrated their abilities. How pitiful]

[The competition of idols is already so fierce. Look at Korea next door. It is only one out of thousand that can make it to the debut. Our country’s idol industry has just started. In terms of cruelty, we can’t compete with others at all.]

[The quality is not as good as that of others. I don’t think it is as good as what I saw on KTV….]

The program group did not release the competition scenes of all the contestants, but chose some interesting or relevant ones, including even some scenes of contestants who couldn’t even sing well, some who danced like it was a gymnastics broadcast, and some who had no idea why they were even there. Beside them were also some of those contestants with extraordinary strength.

Originally, STAR had appeared early on, but after editing they were placed in the second half of the episode.

At this time, there was already a topic about ‘National Idol” on Weibo. Many netizens expressed their opinions on it, and some of them who had just watched the program, already sent their Weibo feedback.

[I thought they were all fooling around like the first few groups, but the latter ones did really well! ]

[I don’t understand why there are so many scenes with Xia Shiyu. Is it because the program team is deliberately trying to praise her? ]

[Disgusting! I don’t want to see her at all]

[I don’t understand why you are so hard on her. She is obviously a beautiful little sister, and she smiles so sweetly]

[Search for Xia Shiyu’s name on Weibo that LS sent out, you will know it then]

[it’s just a few blurred photos in which you can’t even see any face clearly, it’s just some water army with rhythm, how could they be convincing?? ]

[ I need to share something, one of my relatives works at Morningstar. It is said that Xia Shiyu was signed personally by President Shen himself. Even if you don’t believe in her character, you should believe in President Shen’s vision. Anyway, I think the character of the person signed by my male god will never be bad!]

[Signed by Shen Huai? No wonder, it’s different if there’s capital behind her. Even this kind of thing can be washed white]

[Am I the only one who thought of Ye Cang last year….]

[face blushing]

[face blushing + 1]



Guo Wenyuan, who was filming in the drama group, hurriedly ran back to the hotel and urged his assistant, “Is everything ready?”

The assistant nodded. “The projector and the stereo are installed, the mobile phone is connected, and the fruits and drinks are on the table waiting for you.”

Guo Wenyuan nodded casually and didn’t pay any attention to what was said behind him. He ran into the room, opened the Tomato Network app, clicked on the live broadcast of “National Idol” and confirmed that it was not yet Xia Shiyu’s turn, before he breathed a sigh of relief.

The assistant who came in and wanted to continue taking credit: “…”

Guo Wenyuan was leaning comfortably on the sofa, when he remembered his assistant. “What did you just say?”

The assistant took a look at the screen full of the pink and tender “National Idol” and then took a look at Guo Wenyuan and fell into deep contemplation.

Guo Wenyuan saw that the assistant was dazed again, and sighed in his heart. The assistant did everything well, but he had his head in the clouds. 

Unaware of the fact that he had been identified as an absent-minded assistant in his boss’s mind, he finally regained his mind and asked cautiously, “Boss Guo, do you pay so much attention to this program because you want to enter the idol industry?”

Guo Wenyuan’s face was expressionless. “Why should we enter the idol industry? Isn’t Guanrui a filmmaker?”

His assistant patted his chest. It seemed that Mr. Guo didn’t plan to develop in other industries, so he didn’t have to suffer from baldness because of his boss’s whims. But before he could relax, a more frightening possibility suddenly appeared in his mind.

After all, at the beginning, Mr. Guo only started paying attention to the crew, and then he started acting. Could it be that….

The assistant gasped, trembled and then asked, “Mr, Mr. Guo, you are not going to * * idol yourself??”

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

Guo Wenyuan didn’t remember all the coquettish operations that he once did, which caused the current psychological shadow on his assistant. Instead, he felt that his assistant was thinking too much.

He patted the other person on the shoulder and said, “Young man, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Imagination is a good thing, but if you have too much imagination, it’s easy to have an accident. So, when we finish shooting, I’ll give you a month off to have a good rest. In addition, the company has a cooperative psychological consultation room, you also go there and have a look.”

Before the assistant could cheer up for his upcoming holiday, he realized the meaning of his boss’s words. He was suspecting of being crazy??

The assistant almost roared in his heart. Can you be a little more self-aware! Even if I’m crazy, I’ve been driven crazy by your numerous coquettish operations!!

But on the surface, he could only bow his head in disgrace. “Thank you, boss.”

Guo Wenyuan looked at him with relief. “Alright, it has been hard for you today. Go back to have a rest.”

With that, he ignored his assistant and rubbed his hands, ready to go on Weibo to support his goddess and curse those who try to scold her.

Seeing this, the assistant sighed silently and said to Guo Wenyuan, who had already turned all his attention to the program, “Mr. Guo, at the end of the scene, the director said there will still be a night scene tonight. Don’t forget it.”

Guo Wenyuan, whose hands were dancing fast, froze and regained his mind with horror. “A night scene?! When did he say that?”

The assistant’s face was expressionless. “Just after you finished your scene. Because you ran too fast, the deputy director didn’t have time to stop you, so he sent a WeChat and asked me to remind you.”

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

Although he wanted to watch Xia Shiyu’s performance, acting was more important to him. He would never come unprepared for a scene, so he could only reluctantly turn off the program and take the script with him to the dressing room.

At this moment, Chu Mei Bo and Wei Siyong were removing their makeup in the dressing room. Chu Mei Bo greeted him lightly, and Guo Wenyuan replied feebly.

Wei Siyong, on the other side, was much more enthusiastic.

After all, Wei Siyong was an actor of Guanrui, so naturally he had to be enthusiastic about his own boss.

Moreover, at the beginning, the leading actor of “Red Actress” had been Fu Cheng. Only when Fu Cheng was replaced for playing tricks, did he get a chance to take over. Wei Siyong and Fu Cheng had been competing with each other for many years, and their standing was similar. So he had inquired about this matter and it had something to do with Guo Wenyuan, so he was very grateful to Guo Wenyuan.

After filming, he found that Guo Wenyuan was also very talented. He didn’t squeeze into the crew by relying on the capital behind him, so he had a better attitude towards him.

Tonight’s night scene had nothing to do with them. Seeing Guo Wenyuan’s depressed expression, he thought he was worried about filming at night, so he went over to comfort him.

“Don’t worry, Mr Guo. Your scene is not complicated. If it goes well, it will be finished in an hour or two.”

Guo Wenyuan sighed. “I’m not worried about the night scene.”

Wei Siyong wondered, “Then you are…”

Before Guo Wenyuan could reply, Chu Mei Bo said leisurely, “He is upset that he is filming tonight, so he won’t be able to see the live broadcast of his goddess.”

Guo Wenyuan sighed heavily when he heard her say this, which could be regarded as proof of Chu Mei Bo’s words.

Wei Siyong and the assistant who followed him were stunned.

Assistant: “Goddess???”

Wei Siyong: “Live broadcast???”

Although these two people’s concerns were different, they both shared the same feeling.

So pure!!

Are you still the former Boss Guo who used to bully both men and women?!!

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