MAIR – Chapter 82 – The Premiere of “Honey”

At 6 p.m., Shen Huai sent back Yi Mian to the sanatorium on time, declining his request to stay. He and Ye Cang returned to Zhongjing city, but with another ghost with them.

Du Yuping was lying in the back seat, with his white hair combed back neatly, wearing a simple white vest and pants. If one didn’t look at the temperature outside, he really would look like an old man visiting friends.

Du Yuping was obviously very interested in Ye Cang’s “inconsistent” body and soul, but he didn’t ask directly. Anyway, he was forced to follow Shen Huai all the time so sooner or later, he would learn the truth.

Shen Huai had also calmed down.

He had run into not one or two, but no less than the third ghost.

Du Yuping has been in Yunshui Film and Television City since his death. It’s a big place, but no one would go there for ten days to half a month at all. Du Yuping had begun to talk about Stanislavsky to wild cats in his spare time.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so excited watching Shao Ning’s crew.

Now that he met Shen Huai and Ye Cang, who can not only see him but also talk to him, Du Yuping is even happier.

So on their way back, Du Yuping was talking to them excitedly. Sometimes he was too excited and floated out of the car. Shen Huai had to park the car in the emergency driveway and wait for him to float back in the car.

It was originally one and a half hour journey, but it took them two and a half hours to get back.

When they came back to the villa Shen Huai felt rarely tired.

Old man Du floated up and down with his hands behind his back. “This house is good, square and facing Dongyuan River. It’s a good place to sit and rest. There is also a hill behind the house and a bright hall in front of the house.”

As soon as Ye Cang heard this, he was immediately  interested. “You still know Feng Shui?”

Du Yuping pretended to wave modestly, “A little, a little.”

According to Du Yuping, before he was 40 years old, he had been working as a walk-on in various drama crews. He usually worked as a part-time worker to make a living. He had done all kinds of work and dealt with all kinds of people. It can be said that he had an ocean of social experience.

Even Shen Huai was impressed by this experience.

Du Yuping proudly shook his head and floated out of the room with his hands behind his back, but soon after, he was pulled back by a magical force and could only circle around gloomily within a five-meter radius from Shen Huai. It was even more suffocating than when he was in Yunshui Film and Television City.

After all, although there were few people in the film and television city, the square area was large. Converting it into human steps, he would have to take 10000 to 20000 steps a day.

With Du Yuping present, Ye Cang couldn’t kiss Shen Huai. After all, the old man has to stay within a five-meter radius from Shen Huai. He could accidentally see it when floating around. Shen Huai has no way to deal with ghosts, but when he gets angry, he may not be so merciful towards him. And Ye Cang really doesn’t want to experience his ten victories in the underground boxing ring himself.

At this moment, he missed Sister Mei very much.

Because they returned so late, Chu Mei Bo didn’t see the new member until the next evening.

Her eyes swept over Du Yuping as she asked Ye Cang, “What is going on?”

Ye Cang helplessly told her what happened the day before.

Chu Mei Bo: “…”

She looked up and stared at Shen Huai strangely. Her agent’s constitution was very rare.

Shen Huai pretended not to notice and dealt with things on his tablet.

Du Yuping was also surprised and circled around Chu Mei Bo twice. Obviously, he didn’t expect that in addition to Ye Cang there would be another one.

Ye Cang leaned over and asked, “What do you see?”

Du Yuping touched his chin solemnly. “Mm-hmm. It’s a little old.”

Ye Cang: “…”

One person and one ghost sensed a chilly murderous intent at the same time. Ye Cang sprang on his feet and ran. “Well, I’ll go write the song first…”

Du Yuping also wanted to pretend that nothing had happened. He turned around and drifted away, but unexpectedly his back collar was caught.

Du Yuping was shocked. He was used to floating around and treating people as if they were nothing. Being grabbed by the back of his collar he immediately panicked.

Chu Mei Bo’s gentle voice came from behind, “I heard that you are also an actor. By the way, show me your abilities!”

Du Yuping: “…”

Du Yuping obediently followed Chu Mei Bo to the next room.

Shen Huai was relieved at first. At last, someone who could control Mr. Du. But then he looked back with some worry.

Sister Mei should be moderate in what she does.

… Right.

Shen Huai thought about it for a moment, then silently withdrew his eyes and focused his attention on the tablet.

After Ye Cang and Chu Mei Bo, Shen Huai had probably figured out the conditions.

First of all, these ghosts were outstanding in the music or entertainment industry and had a strong obsession.

Second, they would be bound to the place they visited the most when they were alive. After meeting Shen Huai, they would be bound to him. Judging by the current situation, it seems that the shorter time passed after their death, the shorter the restraint distance was.

Third, their rebirth was only possible in another body, if the other party commits suicide and dies first. For example, Ye Cang and Chu Chu, their heartbeat and breath had completely stopped before they regained consciousness again. Especially Ye Cang, who was given first aid by Shen Huai, was already cold all over at that time.

Of course, these three points were all Shen Huai’s guesses, and he couldn’t confirm them with certainty  for now.

Shen Huai frowned and thought for a while, but regarding these random events, he had no choice but to resign to fate. Fortunately, no one believed in such supernatural occurrences, otherwise he would have a big headache.

Just then, Shen Huai’s cell phone rang.

He answered the phone and found out that it was the promotion team of “Honey” reminding them that tomorrow is the premiere of “Honey”. Reminding Shen Huai to remind Chu Mei Bo to promote.

Shen Huai had just come back to his senses and it was already Valentine’s Day.

He couldn’t help glancing upstairs, but then he heard the sound of lines coming from next door and sighed silently.

Ye Cang had prepared a surprise for Valentine’s Day early on, and even a variety of follow-up activities. However, this year, they all fell through.

Whether it was Du Yuping within a five-meter boundary or the premiere of Chu Mei Bo’s first drama,  it meant that it was impossible for Shen Huai to go out alone with him for Valentine’s Day.

Ye Cang gloomily withdrew the surprise, and then gave his gift to Shen Huai in the most conventional way.

This was their first Valentine’s Day since they established their relationship. Ye Cang prepared the gift very carefully, but unexpectedly, Shen Huai had also prepared a gift in return.

Ye Cang couldn’t resist the excitement and hugged and kissed Shen Huai.

Shen Huai was stunned for a moment but didn’t reject him.

Du Yuping, sitting on the sofa beside them said, “Wow!”

Chu Mei Bo: “Stop making a fuss!”

Du Yuping closed his mouth silently. After yesterday, he had already grasped the reality. The big boss is the big boss, you can’t provoke them.

Shen Huai’s face was a bit red, as he turned on the projection screen unswervingly – as Sister Mei’s first work, such an ostentation was necessary.

Shen Huai clicked on his mobile phone and soon revealed the main page of

The large poster of “Honey” was placed in the most prominent place on the front page. The poster looked fresh and lovely. It had updated two episodes, but members could watch four more episodes.

Shen Huai clicked on the first episode.

The software automatically skipped the opening song and directly played the content of the first episode.

Meng Shishi, the heroine, transferred from an aristocratic high school to a public high school for her good friend Wen Nan, but she didn’t expect to have a conflict with Qin Shu, the school top student, on the first day of enrollment. She angrily complained to Wen Nan, but she didn’t know that Wen Nan liked Qin Shu.

This is a typical school youth love drama with 24 episodes, each episode about 40 minutes long.

In the first episode, Chu Mei Bo appeared for about seven or eight minutes, from doting and comforting Meng Shishi tenderly, to finally listening to Meng Shishi complain about Qin Shu to her. She behaved unnaturally for a moment, but returned to normal soon and continued to comfort Meng Shishi.

After watching the first episode, Shen Huai regretted picking up this drama for Chu Mei Bo for the first time. It’s not that Chu Mei Bo’s performance was not good. It’s that her acting skills that were put in the play were really outrageous. Such exquisite acting skills should be put on the big screen.

Compared with her, the acting skills of the other actors and actresses appeared a little weak, especially the male lead’s and the heroine’s. The heroine was still fine when she was acting with Chu Mei Bo, but as soon as she acted with the male lead it was simply miserable.

Ye Cang was not interested in this plot. After watching Chu Mei Bo’s part on screen, he grabbed Shen Huai’s hand and started to daydream.

Chu Mei Bo was psychologically prepared and didn’t say anything after watching it.

But Du Yuping’s mouth wriggled for a moment, and Chu Mei Bo just glanced at him. “Just say what you want to say.”

Du Yuping breathed a sigh of righteous indignation. “I just want to ask, can anyone still act nowadays?! Have these two protagonists learned how to act or not? Especially this man! Even if you haven’t learned how to perform, you can still show some expressions on your face! Even if someone has had a stroke, their mouth can move!”

Shen Huai and the others: “…”

Shen Huai had long heard the rich vocabulary of Mr. Du’s scolding, which prevented him from cursing. He wanted to ask Chu Mei Bo, if she wanted to continue watching, but when he saw Chu Mei Bo’s face, he swallowed his words.

He turned on his cell phone and said, “I’ll search the Internet for comments.”

Chu Mei Bo was aware of this problem when she was on the crew. She already estimated that there would be some bad reviews on Internet. At that time, she had somehow resigned to this fate and had also learned her lesson. She should pay more attention to choosing the crew in the future.

Shen Huai’s mobile phone was directly connected to the projection screen, so everyone was stunned when they saw the comments. 

Douban score: 7.2

Let’s take a look at the short review.

[ouch, ouch, my Hanyi is so handsome! ]

[Originally, I just wanted to watch one episode casually to pass the time. As a result, I accidentally filled a membership and watched six episodes! Take a good look! It’s just that Wen Nan has too little screen time! ]

[Although the acting skills of the male lead and female lead are a bit awkward, the plot is still passable, especially the female lead and her best friend, which is just too sweet! ]

[Wen Nan is so gentle! I was looking forward to watching it after the trailer. She turned out even more beautiful than in the trailer!]

[Qin Shu is so annoying! Don’t come to destroy our Shishi’s and Nan Nan’s feelings! ]

[All men are big hooves. Ow! ]

[Three stars for the plot, one star for Wen Nan, by the way, when will the cut version of Wen Nan become available?]

[Shishi, don’t like Qin Shu, Nan Nan is your true love!]

[Bah! Wen Nan clearly likes our family’s Hanyi! ]

The four people: “???” 

Du Yuping’s expression was a bit muddled. “I have only been dead for a few years, is the world changing so fast?”

Shen Huai also couldn’t recover for a while. Then, he received a call from the crew of “Honey”.

The other party was very jubilant. “There are many discussions about ‘Honey’ on Internet, and now the broadcast number has exceeded 50 million. If we go on at this speed, we will soon break 100 million! Even breaking a billion is not a problem! Little Chu is our greatest hero! Now Mr. Shen and little Chu should join us in our victory celebration!”

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