MAIR – Chapter 163 – Undercurrent Surging

Against Ye Cang’s hateful gaze, Shen Heng successfully started living in Shen Huai house.

Shen Huai showed him around.

Since Shen Huai and Ye Cang were officially together, Ye Cang had moved directly to Shen Huai’s bedroom, and his original bedroom was changed into a studio.

In addition to these two rooms, there was another room upstairs, which was much smaller by comparison, and was farthest away from the master bedroom. There was also only the simplest furniture in the room. Although an aunt comes to clean it on weekdays, Shen Huai was still a little embarrassed. His little uncle was pampered since he was a child, he was afraid that he had never lived in such a shabby room in his life.

Shen Heng, however, looked as usual and was not picky as he moved in.

A few days after moving in, Shen Heng and Ye Cang became at peace with each other, and Shen Huai’s heart gradually relaxed.

Ye Cang had a job and although Shen Heng was on vacation, he occasionally also had to deal with some work matters. In fact, there weren’t many opportunities for them to meet.

Although they didn’t like each other, they managed to keep it peaceful in front of Shen Huai and didn’t let him worry.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye, and “Red Actress” was finally finished. Chu Mei Bo and others ate the ending banquet and flew back together.

Shen Huai proposed the celebration for them. Considering that all of them were in the entertainment circle and the paparazzi in Zhongjing were so magical that they would be photographed if they went out for dinner, Shen Huai ordered dishes to be delivered home.

Shen Heng was surprised because he knew that Shen Huai liked peace and quiet. Although he looked gentle and polite, he actually had a sense of distance from people. Otherwise, he would not have bought such a large villa district. Ye Cang living here was because they were lovers, but other artists living here made Shen Heng very curious.

With this in mind, Shen Heng did not go out.

Shen Huai was waiting at home, but who knew that Ming Wei would suddenly call. The mess of Huayue records was still being sorted out slowly, and there will still be some small situations from time to time. This was not a big deal but it was still something Ming Wei couldn’t deal with. So, Shen Huai could only go there in person.

He looked at his watch, went upstairs and pulled Ye Cang downstairs, told him a few words, and hurried out.

Ye Cang did not go back upstairs, but sat in the living room, writing songs.

After a while, Shen Heng came out of his room. He practiced in the upstairs gym for a while and went to take a bath. Shen Huai went out in a hurry and didn’t tell him, so when he came out, he saw Ye Cang sitting alone in the living room.

Shen Heng asked where Shen Huai had gone and when he got the answer, he stopped talking and opened his laptop to deal with things.

The room suddenly became extremely quiet, and each of them occupied the farthest corner of the sofa being busy with their own affairs, with their heads down, showing no desire to communicate at all.

This was the way they got along with each other when Shen Huai was away.

It was a pity that this peace didn’t last long and soon there was a noise outside the door.

The two of them stopped their work at the same time and went to the gate.

At this time outside the villa, Jia Mingming, Mr. Guo’s assistant, was courteously carrying bags and suitcases for several people.

After the shooting of “Red Actress” Jia Mingming finally believed that his boss had changed his ways. Although he was facing the risk of being fired from time to time, he was still moved to his tears. After all, Mr. Guo doesn’t go out to fool around anymore. He doesn’t know how many things he has been saved from. Sometimes when Jia Mingming gets his salary, he feels like he doesn’t deserve it.

Jia Mingming was very satisfied with his current working condition, and he paid more attention to how to keep this job. He just didn’t know how to flatter his boss, so he could only find another way to curry favor with the boss’s friends, so the next time the boss wants to fire him, at least someone will speak up for him.

When a group of people arrived at the door of Shen Huai house, Jia Mingming took the lead in ringing the doorbell.

Unexpectedly, the door was opened as soon as he rang.

Jia Mingming said quickly when he saw the two figures: “Hello, President Shen. Hello, Brother Ye!”

When he finished, he felt that something was wrong. When he looked up, he found that the man standing with Ye Cang was not Shen Huai, but an extremely handsome man. Although he and Ye Cang stood together, the relationship between them was obviously not very good and there was a spark between their eyes.

Jia Mingming’s mind suddenly flashed over 800 love triangles scenarios, but he soon shook his head and threw these things out. After all, Mr. Shen is not a man who is unfaithful like his boss, Mr. Guo.

Guo Wenyuan suddenly sneezed.

Originally, several people were shocked by this strange man who suddenly appeared in Shen Huai house and their first reaction was, which reborn big shot was that? As a result, everyone did not act rashly, and the atmosphere suddenly came to a standstill.

Fortunately, Guo Wenyuan sneeze broke this awkward atmosphere.

Shen Heng stepped forward and introduced himself to them: “Hello, I am Shen Heng, uncle of Huai.”


Several people were stunned for a while, then their eyes turned to Ye Cang at the same time, showing a trace of pity.

Ye Cang: “…”

Compared with the depressed Ye Cang, several people’s attitudes suddenly changed and became very enthusiastic.

Guo Wenyuan hurriedly greeted him and said, “Hello, my name is Guo Wenyuan.”

Shen Heng said with a smile: “Mr. Guo, one of the bosses of Guanrui. I have heard a lot about you.”

Guo Wenyuan was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t expect that Shen Heng would know him. However, when he thought of Guo Wenyuan’s great achievements, he felt a little guilty. What if he thought he had harmed his nephew?

However, Shen Heng did not let him struggle for a long time. Soon, he greeted the rest of the people one by one and recognized them all.

Some people are surprised. It seems that Shen Heng has made a lot of preparations. This intention was not something ordinary relatives do!

For a while, the eyes looking at Ye Cang were filled with even more pity.

Ye Cang: “…”

Ye Cang teeth itched. He looked into their eyes….  What kind of bad friends are they?!

The interaction between the eyes of several people fell into Shen Heng eyes, which made him show some interest. He smiled and invited several people into the house.

Chu Mei Bo walked at the front, when she passed by Ye Cang, she patted him on the shoulder: “The revolution has not yet been successful. This comrade still needs to work hard!”

It was followed by Pei Ran: “The road is dark and long, work hard!”

Song Yimian did not pat him on the shoulder, but clenched his hands: “Brother Ye, fight! I will certainly support you! “

Guo Wenyuan couldn’t wait to add: “I sympathize with you, really…”

Looking at Guo Wenyuan’s face, which can’t be covered by his act, Ye Cang looked at him in a negative way: “Mr. Guo, this dinner hasn’t been served yet, so we can practice our hands first.”

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

His face was depressed. It’s not like I was alone in this. Why take it out on me? Do you think I’m so easy to bully?!

At this time, Jia Mingming finally regained his mind, and his heart finally regained its rhythm from a piece of “shit” that brushed the screen.

Although he has never met Shen Heng, he also heard about this famous name. Compared with Shen Huai, who has been a low-key agent in recent years, Shen Heng was famous for his achievements in overseas markets. It was also rumored that more than half of Shen’s family assets were in his hands now. He was different from Shen Huai, who only has the false name of the heir. He was the real person in power.

If Mr. Guo could have a good relationship with him, it will certainly make a good impression on chairman Sheng. As well as his identity as Jia Mingming will rise with each passing day. He got excited just from thinking about it.

So he grabbed Guo Wenyuan, who was about to enter the door, and said earnestly, “Boss Guo, you must seize this opportunity!”

Guo Wenyuan: “???”

Jia Mingming: “We must have a good relationship with boss Shen!”

Guo Wenyuan wondered: “No, what do I have to do with him? I don’t want Ye Cang bad luck. “

Then he looked into Jia Mingming eyes that could melt the iron.

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

… You’ve grown up! Haven’t I fired you today?



Although it was the first time for them to meet Shen Heng, there were some veterans like Guo Wenyuan, and some famous people like Chu Mei Bo and Pei Ran. So they chatted with Shen Heng very easily, the atmosphere was not awkward at all.

However, Shen Heng could see that their attitude was warm, not because of his identity, but only because he was their friend’s uncle.

Although they all held a connection with Ye Cang, they were not only acquaintances but friends. However, these people were far apart in age and identity, but there was no generation gap.

More importantly, they all behave with a little age-related sophistication.

If it just happened to be one person, it wouldn’t feel like anything, but when these people get together, it becomes interesting.

Pei Ran keenly discovered the trace of searching in Shen Heng’s attitude and quietly winked at Chu Mei Bo and others.

They don’t think Shen Heng has any bad thoughts, but the secret of their identity was too important to reveal.

Just then, the people from the restaurant finally arrived.

When they put all the dishes on the table, Guo Wenyuan saw Chu Mei Bo glance and went to Shen Heng enthusiastically: “Come here, Mr. Shen, we are on good terms with each other. We must have more drinks on the table later!”

Guo Wenyuan thought to himself that Shen Huai was not very good at drinking. His uncle looked fragile so he could not drink as much as he could. He was more than enough to deal with him.

Unexpectedly, Shen Heng smiled and replied, “Well, we won’t go home until we get drunk.”

He thought for a moment, then looked at Ye Cang and said: “Little Ye, together.”

Ye Cang: “…”



When Shen Huai finally solved the problem, he already knew that Chu Mei Bo and others had arrived home, so he hurried back. But he didn’t expect that when he returned home, he would see all the people gathered around the dinner table, with only one seat vacant, obviously waiting for him.

He apologized: “I’m sorry for the delay. I’m a little late…”

Before he had finished speaking, he felt a strange atmosphere on the table.

Ye Cang layed on the table, mumbling nonsense with his mouth. Guo Wenyuan’s head hanged down, and he didn’t know what he was thinking. Chu Mei Bo didn’t speak, but her face looked rarely dignified.

Even Shen Heng’s face looked a little purple, and his lips were redder than usual. Seeing Shen Huai looking over, he smiled and said, “Come and sit down. I just need you.”

Shen Huai hesitated for a moment, then walked over, frowning slightly, but his voice was affirmative. “You’ve been drinking.”

Shen Heng eyebrows and eyes become slightly bent: “Only a little bit.”

With his words, the table seemed to become a little quieter.

Shen Huai looked at him suspiciously, obviously disbelieving.

Shen Heng couldn’t help saying: “His alcohol tolerance is too poor.”

Shen Huai was aware of Ye Cang’s poor drinking tolerance. But since he got drunk last time, Shen Huai has not allowed him to drink anymore. Why did he drink with Shen Heng today?

Moreover, he thought that Chu Mei Bo and others looked a little strange.

Shen Huai frowned and looked at the most honest Song Yimian: “Little Song, how much did they drink?”

Song Yimian looked around embarrassed, then he said: “…..One, A bottle of red wine, but… “

Before Song Yimian finished speaking, Guo Wenyuan who had been bowing his head, suddenly stood up and said, “I’m not drunk! Let’s have another three hundred rounds! “

With that, his face fell into the rice bowl and he snored like thunder.

Everyone: “…”

Shen Heng sighed: “Really, I only had one drink.”

He looked at Guo Wenyuan, who had been sleeping unconsciously, with an expression of appreciation. “Although your friend’s ability to appreciate wine is not very good, he still drinks very well.”

Shen Huai: “…”


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