MAIR – Chapter 137 – Sixth Shift

At the beginning of the second half of “National Idol”, although many people vowed they didn’t want to see Xia Shiyu, the number of live viewers on the website was on the rise.

Soon it was STAR‘s turn to appear, and the laughter of the audience never stopped.

[Special appetite hhhhh]

[I thought it was a girls’ group show, but it made me hungry] 

[The little sister on the sideline can’t be a crosstalk performer. Look at the names of these dishes ]

[I just want to know what kind of dish I am in the eyes of my little sister 2333]

When the four of them came on the stage neatly, their song and dance surprised everyone, which was totally different from the previous cute and funny scene.

Although the lead singer was still Lena, the music teacher didn’t want to give up Xia Shiyu’s good voice after all and added a solo section for her. Xia Shiyu lived up to her expectations and sang it perfectly.

More importantly, the four of them danced neatly and cooperated tacitly, which made it impossible to see that Xia Shiyu had joined the group less than a month ago.

When the performance was over, the mentors started asking the members their personal questions. When it was Xia Shiyu’s turn, the audience who had expected her to bring up a new song had never imagined that she would sing such an ancient song.

[“Attachment” by Tang Wanjun?? ]

[This is a song from the past century, isn’t it?]

[Although it’s very old, it sounds surprisingly good. I remember listening to this song a lot when I was a child. Age revealed [crying with laughter] ]

[Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah, I want to rewind this song a hundred times]

[Suddenly I think that old songs are good, and I want to go back and listen to more old songs like this. Can anyone recommending some?]

[This song is not difficult. Are all these praises from a water army?]

[Good singing skill is not just about high pitch, on the contrary, the most difficult thing is to fully express the feelings of the song. What a singer really should do is sing the song into the hearts of the audience]

[When she stands on the stage, it looks like she is glowing]

[No matter what you say, I’ll PICK this young lady anyway! ]

Netizens were different from professional music practitioners, who generally analyzed breath, singing skills and rhythm. For them, good was good, and bad was bad.

“Attachment” was so popular that it proved that this song was accepted and loved by the public. Although more and more excellent songs gradually appeared with the passage of time, the good songs were the good songs: when they re-entered people’s sight they would have a different flavor.

And Xia Shiyu’s performance was not inferior to that of Tang Wanjun back then. On the contrary, after so many years of waiting, the way she was now singing this song again was much more touching and moving.

And this was the secret weapon of “Attachment”.

This song not only conquered the judges at the scene, but also many netizens, and some people even complained that her performance had been too short because they wanted to hear her sing again.

Of course, an opportunity came soon after.

Wang Can requested a battle with Xia Shiyu.

Wang Can’s performance was not bad. In addition, before she entered “National Idol” she had already gained some fame on Internet, so when she appeared on stage, there were a lot of fans in the comment section cheering for her.

Xia Shiyu’s fans were very worried. After all, Xia Shiyu was a singer, and no one had seen her dancing before. According to her self-introduction, she hadn’t been in Morningstar for a long time. Even if she had  practiced dancing, she certainly couldn’t compare with Wang Can, who had been practicing since childhood.

However, the following development surprised them.

In regards to singing, no one among the contestants of “National Idol” could beat Xia Shiyu.

Xia Shiyu lived up to their expectations. Her simple and light song just killed Wang Can, but the netizens did not let go of their trembling hearts, because the next challenge was dancing.

Wang Can was already a good dancer, but probably due to battle reasons her performance was more enthusiastic, triggering comments of “ow ow ow ow ow”. 

This made people look forward to what kind of dance Xia Shiyu would perform against Wang Can.

Would she perform her group dance again, or had she also prepared some killer mace?

However, what Xia Shiyu did was beyond their expectations.

After Xia Shiyu said the name of her dancing song, the whole comment section fell into a daze.

[What is “I stay tonight”? why haven’t I heard of it]

[I seem to have some impression]

[It’s like a disco, it’s old ]

[?? ]

[Is it the disco I’m thinking of ?? ]

[This song is from a long time ago, why do you dance disco? Did you come from the past century, little sister]

Then Xia Shiyu started dancing.

[ha ha ha ha ha ha ha]

[red and hot, into the trance]

[Is she here to be funny?!! ]

[hhhhhhh although it’s funny, she dances really well]

[Don’t laugh, you see how seriously the little sister dances! Disco is not that easy… I’m sorry I can’t help it ha ha ha ha ha ha]

[ This is the first time I saw such an approachable female artist that has no idol baggage.]

[It’s so creative to dance disco on a talent show! This is f*cking talent! ]

[ha ha ha ha, she is here to make me laugh to death, who can inherit my flowers?]

So before the end of the program, the topic of #Xia Shiyu’s disco# started popping up on Weibo with the speed of light.

It was just that netizens never thought that disco was just the beginning, so when Liu Feifei challenged Xia Shiyu, Xia Shiyu’s set of Kung Fu moves not only stunned the judges, but also many netizens directly sprayed their saliva on the screen.

[dumbfounded. Jpg]

[I laughed in f*cking tears]

[ Did I really see Kung Fu on an idol group talent show?? Am I crazy or is the world crazy?]

[ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, but the little sister’s moves look pretty good]

[The professionals have determined that this set of Kung Fu looks quite authentic and should have been learned from a professional master]

[Little sister will not be in an idol group in the future. She should go into acting, there would be no need for a double in martial arts movies]

[Xia Shiyu is really a treasure! Why did I just meet you today?]

[Please challenge her again, I want to know what else she will do]

[Is the life of girl idols so hard nowadays? It’s so sad to see hhhhh]

[Life is not easy, so versatile ]

Of course, not everyone liked this kind of Xia Shiyu, and some of the objections also appeared on the screen.

[ She turned the lovely idol group show into a funny variety show and acrobatic competition. How can anyone think it’s pretty?? ]

[Can’t you practice more singing and dancing? All you know is this kind of crooked path]

[I admit that Xia Shiyu sings well, but her dance…. Isn’t this some black promotion? Wang Can dances much better than her, right?]

[Because of this kind of shit stirring stick, our domestic idol market has always been inferior to those of Korea and Japan]

In a short time, the two sides became very noisy, which made Xia Shiyu and “National Idol” once again a hot search.

When Shen Huai saw the hot search, he couldn’t help feeling confused. He could imagine that due to Xia Shiyu’s nature, there would be no less opportunities for bloodshed in the future.



So, after the end of the first episode Xia Shiyu became popular.

——In the form of various memes.

Zhang Li hadn’t planned it like that. Xia Shiyu took the show out of the box like she wanted, but there seemed to be something wrong with its direction moving further and further towards a funny variety show.

Although there were still many people on the Internet who blackened Xia Shiyu, this didn’t prevent Xia Shiyu from becoming the most popular contestant in “National Idol”.

But even so, when “National Idol” released the approval ratings of all the contestants, Xia Shiyu only ranked 21st, not even in the upper circle.

As an idol group, the support of fans was the most important thing, and the program group would also regard the approval ratings as the only standard for the promotion of contestants, at the same time distributing the approval ratings as resources for the contestants.

The other contestants’ fans mocked Xia Shiyu on the forum, making Xia Shiyu’s fans very unhappy.

Mr. Guo was rich and powerful and didn’t hesitate to spend money for the sake of his goddess. Therefore, in the first phase, he spent a lot of money to support Xia Shiyu.

Fortunately, the assistant found out in time and stopped him.

The assistant said bitterly, “Mr. Guo, we can’t do this. The competition in this program will get more fierce as it goes on. We should preserve our strength and make our efforts count in the end.”

The assistant brought up three major points, truth, order of events, and facts, and finally persuaded Guo Wenyuan.

Guo Wenyuan nodded and asked modestly, “What do you think we should do?”

The assistant choked and looked at Guo Wenyuan bitterly as if he was looking at a confused emperor who had been deceived by his concubine. However, he thought he was at least a loyal minister. He could only silently recall his sister’s daily pursuit of a Korean idol and explain it to Guo Wenyuan one step after another.

Guo Wenyuan listened to his suggestions. He didn’t expect that there were so many ways to do it.

He immediately felt respect for his assistant. “Putting it this way, this matter will be left to you in the future!”

Assistant: “…???”

There was no such requirement when he was recruited!!!

Guo Wenyuan added, “I’ll give you a raise.”

The assistant silently swallowed all his previous dissatisfaction. “Alright.”

The assistant wiped his face and rekindled his fighting spirit. The first thing he had to do was call his sister.

“Come on, let’s talk about your star chasing.”

The assistant who had gained experience from his sister, invested 100 percent of his energy in the battle. With Guo Wenyuan’s financial backing, he was very confident.

Of course, in addition to fans with deep pockets like Guo Wenyuan, there were more of the ordinary small fans.

Lin Ling was a 30-year-old white-collar worker. She managed to become a supervisor through her own struggle, but the pressure and fatigue that followed kept increasing day by day. When she came back from work every day, she was so tired that she didn’t even have the strength to speak or entertain herself. The most she could do was watch some variety shows.

She accidentally saw “National Idol” and thought it was novel and interesting, but when she saw Xia Shiyu, she almost died from laughter. However, she was very impressed by this girl and voted for her before going to bed.

Fan Jiarou was an ordinary high school student with average appearance and mediocre grades. But she occasionally fantasized that she would stand on stage one day and become the focus of everyone’s attention.

From the time when “National Idol” was still being promoted, she was looking forward to it, and sat in front of the TV early.

When Xia Shiyu sang “Attachment”, she fell in love with her. Fan Jiarou was brought up by her grandmother, who liked to listen to old songs. She fell in love with them later. Unfortunately, she went back to live with her parents and went to school in the city. She was afraid of being called corny, so she never dared to say that she liked listening to old songs.

Later, seeing Xia Shiyu dance disco, everyone at the scene laughed. Xia Shiyu was the only one who didn’t laugh, but explained very seriously, “I think this dance is very beautiful and cool!”

Fan Jiarou felt the same way. She actually had a very serious dream she wanted to achieve, but as long as she said it aloud, she would be laughed at by her friends. She really hoped that she could say it as bravely as Xia Shiyu.

“I think it’s cool!”

She piously casted her vote.

As a result, many people who finished laughing found that Xia Shiyu’s fans were increasing at amazing speed. By the time of the second broadcast, she had already made it into the top five.

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