MAIR – Chapter 135 – Fourth Shift

Xia Shiyu returned to the upper circle and the show continued.

Soon, there was another contestant who entered the upper circle. Her name was Liu Feifei and she was a trainee from a large company. She looked delicate and lovely. Her whole body was full of youthful energy, which was very in line with the public image of the girls’ group.

When Qiu Jie asked who she wanted to challenge, she looked up and said, “I want to challenge Senior Xia Shiyu!”

All the judges: “…”

Anna hesitantly took a look at Xia Shiyu and inquired, “May I ask why?”

Liu Feifei said with a smile, “Because the senior is the only one among us who made her debut. I admire her very much and I have just seen her performance backstage. She is very strong, I want to challenge the strong!”

Her words were generous and unaffected, and even Anna wanted to applaud her.

However, according to the rules, she explained first, “Xia Shiyu has just accepted a round of challenges, so she can choose to refuse you.”

Liu Feifei nodded and made it clear that she didn’t care if she could challenge Xia Shiyu or not, but wanted to step on Xia Shiyu that was in the limelight before.

Anna then looked at Xia Shiyu. “Junior Xia, what’s your decision?”

Xia Shiyu stood up and looked down at Liu Feifei. When she was Tang Wanhun, there were too many people who wanted to step on her in order to reach an upper position, so she had seen too many of them.

She smiled softly. “I accept.”

Xia Shiyu won the first round of singing without any suspense. In the second round she still used her disco moves, but the effect was far worse. Her time since rebirth hadn’t been long, so she didn’t have time to learn dancing, and she could only throw the towel for now.

The third round was talent competition.

Liu Feifei took out the violin she had prepared ahead of time and showed off her skills. She had been practicing the violin since childhood and even though she was not as good as a professional violinist, her performance in such a program was simply amazing.

When Liu Feifei walked aside with the violin, Xia Shiyu walked to the center of the stage.

Although Liu Feifei’s performance was wonderful, the judges here were surprisingly more interested about what talent Xia Shiyu would show to compete with her. After all, they were very impressed with her disco dance before.

Xia Shiyu pondered for a moment. “How about I show my set of Kung Fu moves?”

Everyone: “???”

Xia Shiyu finished speaking and unexpectedly really assumed a good posture. “Eye Of The Tiger” was played for her set of Kung Fu.

After all, she and Pei Ran had known each other for so many years. Before Pei Ran became a star, he was an excellent martial artist with a long family history. When the two souls were idle and bored, Pei Ran taught her a lot of Kung Fu. Setting actual combat aside, at least it looked really decent.

It was only after Xia Shiyu finished her Kung Fu and saluted the judges, that she stepped aside.

But the judges were tangled.

Although Liu Feifei’s performance was very good, Xia Shiyu’s Kung Fu also looked very good. Talents different from singing or dancing were really difficult to evaluate for them.

Finally, Ye Cang said quietly, “I have seen many idols who can play musical instruments. But how many idols who can fight have you seen?”

Tang Ruoyi, Qiu Jie and Anna: “…”

You have a point, so we have nothing to say.

As a result, Xia Shiyu once again kept her position by virtue of this unique “talent”.

Liu Feifei was so angry that her teeth were about to be crushed. She would have never thought that she finally had everything, only to lose to a set of fists?!

However, even if she lost, she could not question the decision of the judges and could only walk towards the crowd with humiliation.

Yao Xuetong admired Xia Shiyu, who returned to her seat. Not to mention her bizarre talents. 

Even though the program hadn’t been broadcasted yet, she was sure that, regardless of strength, Xia Shiyu would be able to stand out among this group of trainees alone by virtue of her disco and Kung Fu.

More importantly, most of the contestants only performed once, but Xia Shiyu got two more performance opportunities than them.

If she didn’t know that there had been a conflict before, she would have suspected that Xia Shiyu deliberately provoked other people’s anger in order to gain more performance opportunities.



While Xia Shiyu was competing hard, Shen Huai was not idle either. Following the clues from Xia Shiyu’s diary, he began digging up the truth about the events of that year.

An Yuanjie’s assistant had left his job a long time ago and it was very difficult to find him, let alone ask him to testify. Shen Huai found some clues about the so-called music producer who used to work with Xia Shiyu.

Although this man had the title of a music producer, in fact, he and An Yuanjie were classmates from high school. He lived very well these years by relying on An Yuanjie and Huayue behind him. In private, he also helped An Yuanjie cope with many issues such as Xia Shiyu’s, which was only one of many.

It was not difficult to expose him, but it was difficult not to involve Xia Shiyu. After all, most of the time the Internet was much harsher on girls.

Shen Huai pondered over it. It seemed that the crux to this matter lied in An Yuanjie, so he had to be handled first.

Shen Huai made up his mind and didn’t hesitate any longer. He decided to get going and stood up. However, he didn’t expect that as soon as he stood up he would feel dizzy. He hurriedly held on to the table and waited for the dizziness to pass, when he suddenly saw a dark shadow passing by in front of him.

Although it was only for a moment, it made him feel endangered, as if he was being cornered.

His eyes sharpened, “Who is it?!”

But when he looked intently at the shadow, he discovered that there was nothing in front of him. He was still in his familiar office environment.

Just then, someone suddenly knocked on the door to his office.

Shen Huai regained his mind and said, “Come in.”

When the door was pushed open, Ye Cang came in and immediately said, ”What took you so long…. Are you alright? What happened to you? You don’t look good?”

Shen Huai touched his forehead and found that it was covered with beads of sweat.

He put his hand behind his back as if nothing had happened. “Nothing, I guess I’ve been a little tired lately.”

Ye Cang looked at him suspiciously. Shen Huai’s energy was so abundant that he could be called a non-human. How could he feel tired?

Shen Huai smiled and changed the topic. “When did you come back?”

Ye Cang replied, “With the morning flight. I come back to see you and take care of something. The recording of the second episode starts in two days.”

With that, he took a step forward, leaned his head on Shen Huai’s shoulder and whispered, “I missed you so much.”

Shen Huai’s expression softened. Holding his hand, they interlocked their fingers, and Shen Huai said, “I missed you too…”

Ye Cang came a little closer and was about to kiss him, when someone knocked on the door to the office once again.

Ming Wei pushed the door angrily and walked in. “Mr. Shen, I have just found out…”

Her voice stopped abruptly, as she looked at everything in front of her in horror. Then she quickly responded, apologized while bowing her head and left Shen Huai’s office.

Shen Huai didn’t even call to stop her.

Ming Wei only reacted after she returned to her office in a daze.

It turned out that Boss Shen and Ye Cang have this kind of relationship?!

Can I still stay in this company after I accidentally discovered their secret?

Ming Wei cried without tears. For the first time, she regretted that her hands were too fast.

She sighed silently and picked up the resume that had been thrown into the recycle bin again. She didn’t think Shen Huai would fire her for this, but seeing the ups and downs of her career in this half a year, she really needed this resume if something should happen next time.



After Ming Wei left, Shen Huai felt a little embarrassed. Seeing this, Ye Cang teased him by saying, “If this time our affair is exposed, shall we come out of the closet?”

Shen Huai thought for a moment and nodded seriously, “OK.”

Ye Cang was shocked for a moment, then he quickly said, “You promise?”

Before, Shen Huai was worried about Ye Cang’s career, so even though the two of them were together, they never made it public. Ye Cang understood his good intentions, and after all, what he cared about the most was him.

But now, Shen Huai unexpectedly agreed?!

Shen Huai looked at him and said earnestly, “I used to worry about you being attacked by public opinion, so I always wanted to wait until your position was a little more stable. But now you and I have the strength to resist this kind of attack. We can make it public at any time we want.”

Ye Cang was almost blinded by this sudden good fortune. He was not the kind of man who showed his private affairs for the whole world to see. He was a man who was in love and was always worrying about the advantages and disadvantages. Even he was not immune to people’s vulgarity.

However, Shen Huai was still such a calm and rational person, and very popular. There were always some people who liked to match him with others on Weibo, so Ye Cang paid close attention to it and had to find a sense of presence while at Shen Huai’s side from time to time.

Naturally, Shen Huai had wanted to discuss it with Ye Cang for a long time, but there was never a good chance for this talk, so this time he simply said it all.

Ye Cang leaned over excitedly and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Shen Huai quickly stopped him. “We’re still in the company…”

Ming Wei rushing in was just like a warning for them. It was better to pay attention while in the company.

“Then tonight…” Ye Cang proposed excitedly, but soon wilted. “But I will leave soon. I knew I should have arranged another night, so it would be better…”

Shen Huai ruthlessly rejected him, “This matter is important.”

Ye Cang looked at him sadly.

Shen Huai’s heart softened. “After this matter is finished, we will rest for a few more days.”

Ye Cang immediately cheered up. “It’s a deal.”

Shen Huai: “…”

Looking at the unusual light in Ye Cang’s eyes, he felt that he had dug a hole for himself.

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