MAIR – Chapter 84 – Possession

The celebration meeting of “Honey” for achieving more than 1 billion broadcasts was to be held on the top floor of the Morden Hotel. For an online drama, this location was very expensive, but the investors were happy.

Shen Huai drove and Chu Mei Bo sat in the passenger seat. Both of them looked ahead and did not speak.

The screen in the back seat of the car was playing films released in recent years, but in addition to the sound of the movie, there was also a voice swearing.

“This drama cut corners! Can you speak well?! Is there a steel bar buried under your tongue? It’s unbelievable that the lines can be so hard to say! And these actors! Even if there is no expression on their face, move your eyes at least! Your eyes are empty. I thought he was playing the blind man.”

“This group of people came out and put on makeup to play zombies in Lin Zhengying’s movie! They are all pulled out of the same coffin. Always showing the audience only half of their face. Is the other half of your face maggots or something?”

“This kind of comedy sucks. I can’t even laugh after being dead for several years. The whole of society is striving for poverty! Why are Chinese movies still struggling below the poverty line? What did the audience do wrong? What do movie critics do now! How did this eye polluting thing pass the censorship!”

Du Yuping was so angry that he almost floated out of the car again. Shen Huai finally drove the car to the hotel safely.

Du Yuping’s body floated forward in the parked car and sat in the back. “How come we’ve already arrived? I haven’t scolded enough!”

Shen Huai pressed his forehead, ignoring him, and walked to the elevator with Chu Mei Bo.

Du Yuping hurriedly followed them. “You’ve gone too far. Can’t you be nice to the elderly? What about opening the door for me?”

Shen Huai didn’t even squint. Even he can’t imagine that he would open the door of the empty back seat and then close it. This kind of thing would make him be regarded as a psychopath. 

Seeing that no one paid any attention to him, Du Yuping hummed twice and began to look at the hotel again. “Hey, this hotel’s Feng Shui is not good. It’s easy to have an accident …”

Shen Huai: “…”

Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo pretended not to hear him. When the elevator arrived, they immediately walked out.

By the time they entered the banquet hall, the director and producer had already exchanged pleasantries.

“Here comes Junior Chu. Let me introduce you. This is our investor Mr. Tao, our heroine Xuan Xuan is Mr. Tao’s daughter.”

Mr. Tao is about fifty years old. He looks very rich and smiles kindly.

“So this is little Chu. Our Xuan Xuan has been talking about you since she returned home. She rarely meets such a good friend. According to Director Li, Xuan Xuan’s acting skills improved so fast thanks to you. She has now become interested in acting. You need to keep in touch in the future!”

Chu Mei Bo nodded and exchanged a few pleasantries.

Du Yuping: “When it comes to celebration parties it’s always really about investors.”

Chu Mei Bo: “…”

Du Yuping kept murmuring and commenting since nobody saw him. 

Shen Huai saw the blue veins popping out on Chu Mei Bo’s forehead. Worried that she couldn’t bear it anymore, and would say something that she shouldn’t say and be misunderstood, he quickly said to director Li and the others, “Junior Chu has been very busy with a new variety show and her studies recently. She is tired, so I will take her to have some rest.”

Director Li: “I’ve heard that Director Yu had very strict requirements for his new variety show. It’s very rare for him to choose such a young actress. Junior Chu is really promising!”

Shen Huai responded with a perfunctory few words about the next cooperation, then he just took Chu Mei Bo aside.

Du Yuping still had something to say, “I’m tired. My physical strength is not good. If I shoot later…”

When there was no one else around, Chu Mei Bo had no scruples and directly said to Du Yuping, “Shut up!”

Du Yuping felt the murderous intent from Chu Mei Bo and immediately shut up his mouth.

Shen Huai was rarely quiet for a few seconds when Chu Mei Bo rested on the side. As an agent he had not much power, after all, it was also his work to establish as many contacts as possible on such occasions.

So he just stayed there for a while, before returning to the social scene.

Leaving Chu Mei Bo’s side, Du Yuping started to nag again.

Shen Huai was afraid that with regards to this senior, he could only be patient for now.

Fortunately, after talking for a while without receiving a response Du Yuping grew bored, so he began to float around again.

Compared with Ye Cang and Chu Mei Bo, he didn’t have a big obsession with rebirth. Anyway, it was fun to float around for now. Except that he couldn’t leave Shen Huai’s five-meter radius, which made him a bit depressed, his scope of activities has been expanded a lot. Maybe he could go out on a trip with him in the future.

Du Yuping thought about the future, and Shen Huai finally got a rare peaceful moment and seized the opportunity to communicate with others.

Morden Hotel, 16th floor, presidential suite.

Song Yimian opened his eyes with difficulty and found himself lying in a big hotel bed. His face changed and he tried to get up, but his body was soft and he fell down again.

His memory slowly returned to his mind.

After his falling out with Hua Rong, he went to prepare for the new role. Unexpectedly, Hua Rong called him again to talk about the contract renewal. Song Yimian thought that after entering the company, Hua Rong was really good to him, and felt a little soft-hearted, so he went back to the company.

However, he was still wary. If Hua Rong had suddenly become enthusiastic about him, he might need to become more vigilant. Who would have thought that when he arrived at the company, Hua Rong didn’t meet him immediately, but asked him to wait outside?

In the past, Hua Rong liked to use this method to remind others about her position. Song Yimian was used to it and didn’t care.

He waited for a few hours in the reception room and felt a little thirsty. He took a sip of the water poured by the assistant and before long, he fainted.

When he woke up, he was in this place.

By now, Song Yimian had already guessed what had happened, and his face showed anger and resentment.

Even if Hua Rong had scolded him before, didn’t want to renew the contract with him, and scoffed at his dream so much, he had never hated her. He has been docile for more than 20 years, and it all came to naught at this moment.

He pinched his thigh hard, and the pain gave him some sense of sobriety.

Song Yimian was gasping heavily. He heard the sound of running water. He didn’t dare delay any longer and tried to get up from the bed, but fell heavily on the floor. Fortunately, there was a thick carpet on the ground, which did not hurt him, but his arm still hit the cabinet beside him.

When the pain came, it made him gasp, but his brain became clearer and clearer.

Song Yimian stumbled up from the ground and ran to the door. He knew that as long as he ran out, he would be saved. 

Just then, a voice came from behind him.

“Want to escape?”

Song Yimian was surprised. He quickly looked back to see a man in a bathrobe coming out.

His height was almost the same as Song Yimian’s and his appearance was not bad. He could even be called a good-looking man. Although he was a little fat, he could still be regarded as a successful person with good prospects. It was totally unexpected that he was doing this kind of business in private.

Song Yimian bit his lips hard, relying on the pain to recover his consciousness. Then he said, “Guo… Mr. Guo, I didn’t volunteer. I was drugged. Please call the police for me… “


Mr. Guo laughed directly at him. “Where did Hua Rong find such a treasure like you? It’s too simple! You think I didn’t know about it? Who would dare to let you in without my permission?”

Song Yimian’s heart sank, but he still insisted, “This is against the law…”

President Guo laughed more and more happily. “There are many things that are against the law, and it’s not that I haven’t done them before! ——Well, stop nagging. If you take good enough care of me, I’ll give you any resources you want… “

His words were interrupted by the knife taken out by Song Yimian.

This was the fruit knife that Song Yimian took from the table when he was passing the living room.

Trembling, he pointed the knife at President Guo and insisted, “If you come closer, I will attack you…”

“Oh! With a knife?”

Unexpectedly, when President Guo saw it, he became more and more excited. “You are welcome to try. I like them fiercely. What’s the point of being too obedient? It’s just so much more fun if they have a little temper…”

With that, he rushed towards Song Yimian.

Top floor, celebration party of  “Honey”. 

Shen Huai squeezed through the crowd, followed by Du Yuping’s endless chatter.

“Ouch! This is an Australian lobster, isn’t it? Boy, it’s not cheap! Ah, these people are really… If it was me, I am telling you that eating and drinking at social gatherings is not wrong. You not only get to know people but also eat and drink. This is the greatest experience in the field of social communication… “

Shen Huai turned a deaf ear.

“Ah, it’s boring, you young people…”

Du Yuping was in the middle of speaking when suddenly there was nothing.

Shen Huai thought that the old man got tired and was resting. But when he turned around, he found out that Du Yuping had disappeared.

Shen Huai was stunned, then he realized something. His face suddenly changed.

Chu Mei Bo, who was resting on the other side of the banquet hall, also stood up. At this moment, she saw Du Yuping’s soul suddenly disappear from the banquet hall.

They both looked at each other and realized that something was wrong.

According to Shen Huai’s experience, it was very unlikely that suicide, which was then momentarily possessed by Du Yuping, would take place in the hotel. 

Shen Huai immediately excused himself and walked out of the banquet hall. Chu Mei Bo followed him.  When they got in the elevator, Shen Huai pressed all the buttons and called the hotel receptionist at the same time.

He said solemnly that there might be something wrong happening at the hotel and asked them to check the video surveillance. 

The receptionist felt silly and originally wanted to ask something, but Shen Huai had hung up the phone.

Morden Hotel was a high-end hotel. The guests here were either rich or important. Once something goes wrong, it would bring big trouble for the hotel. The receptionist didn’t dare to make her own decision and called the manager hurriedly.

The manager didn’t dare neglect the matter, and just in case Shen Huai was right, went to the monitoring room to check it out.

Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo just took the elevator down floor by floor. When they reached the sixteenth floor, as soon as they opened the elevator door, they heard a scream coming from the corridor.

Immediately Shen Huai’s face changed, as he ran in the direction of the scream.

Chu Mei Bo also quickly followed him.

The two met the screaming cleaner around the corner. Looking at her, they saw a man holding a knife at the door of the room.

Shen Huai hurriedly walked over and helped the other person.

Just when he came to his side, he noticed that his whole body was trembling. When he looked at him more carefully he found out that it was a very young man. But at this moment, his face was white and covered with sweat and tears. When he was touched, he would stab the knife reflexively.

As soon as Shen Huai moved his wrist, he took off the knife from his hand and handed it to Chu Mei Bo who arrived a moment later.

Maybe because Chu Mei Bo was a girl, the other side was not so nervous and seemed to gradually calm down.

Chu Mei Bo hurriedly helped him come to her side, comforting him with a warm voice. Then she took out her mobile phone to call the police and make an emergency call.

The room was in a mess. Shen Huai didn’t dare to contaminate the scene, so he had to walk in stepping carefully.

As soon as he went in, he saw a man in a bathrobe suit lying in the middle of the room with his head down. There was also blood on the corner of the cabinet behind him, and there were still some water stains under his feet. He seemed to have accidentally fallen and then hit his head on the corner of the cabinet.

Shen Huai froze looking at this man, and a guess formed in his mind.

Before he could confirm it, the man’s fingers suddenly moved as he slowly opened his eyes.

“Too… It’s too much. If you don’t want to listen to me, too… pushing me to the ground… “

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