MAIR – Chapter 89 – Sometimes, natural dumbness was really a highly lethal weapon.

After chatting with Song Yimian, Shen Huai roughly understood what his problem was.

Although being an actor was a perceptual profession, the basic skills of an actor made up quite a lot. It was very important for an actor to have a strong sense of empathy, but if they lacked the ability to control their body and expression it would be difficult to become a good actor.

These things can only be practiced slowly. Fortunately, Song Yimian was very patient. In the past two years under Hua Rong, he had already suffered many setbacks and developed a strong ability to resist pressure. He was not impatient to practice with a teacher.

For Song Yimian, the current life was exactly what he dreamed of. Although there were not many drama roles, he lived a fulfilled life every day.

As a result, the idle Song Yimian wanted to repay somehow Shen Huai, but his online drama had not started filming yet. The other variety shows and endorsements had already stopped a long time ago, so he couldn’t bring any benefits to Shen Huai. Song Yimian thought about it and remembered that Shen Huai asked him to help Chu Mei Bo with math, so he had an idea in his mind.

Although he had been away from school for two years, he used to be a high achiever after all. It was common for him to tutor children in the winter and summer vacations. In order to ensure the teaching effect, he also asked his classmates who were working at a training institution, and seriously prepared the lessons before knocking on Chu Mei Bo’s door nervously.

Chu Mei Bo was surprised to see him. “What are you doing here?”

Song Yimian was a little nervous, but he obediently explained his intention.

Chu Mei Bo: “…”

She let Song Yimian in and poured him a glass of water.

Song Yimian sat on the sofa with his feet together, hands on his knees, he took the water from Chu Mei Bo’s hands and held it. He was very obedient.

Chu Mei Bo also sat down opposite him and raised her eyebrows. “You’ve  prepared a make-up lesson for me?”

Song Yimian nodded.

Chu Mei Bo was helpless. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I’ve already angered three math teachers. One of them was a senior teacher of the province. Math is my incurable disease so I’ve decided to give up treatment.”

Song Yimian: “…”

He asked cautiously, “Would you mind showing me your test papers and homework?”

Chu Mei Bo didn’t expect that Song Yimian would still want to try to help after hearing her great achievements. She quite admired the other person’s courage and so handed her papers over.

After several months of hard work, Chu Mei Bo’s math score had steadily improved from 20 points to 50 points and then stood still and did not climb any further. It was not that Chu Mei Bo didn’t work hard, but her foundation was really too poor. After all, she had never come in contact with anything related to mathematics in the past 100 years except for basic calculations.

Song Yimian frowned and turned over Chu Mei Bo’s math papers and her other subjects before he fell in deep thoughts.

Chu Mei Bo looked at his expression and unexpectedly got a bit nervous.

“What do you think? Can it be saved?”

Song Yimian returned to the present and nodded, “There is still salvation.”

Chu Mei Bo: “!”

Song Yimian took out his pen and papers. “I checked Zhongjing Film Academy’s score over the years. In fact, your score is not far from the scoreline. Your scores in other subjects are stable. As long as you can improve math by about 20 points, you will basically be qualified to get in.”

Chu Mei Bo: “20 points?!”

Song Yimian saw her shocked face and laughed. “It is not as difficult as you think. We will divide mathematics into several categories, each focusing on a major problem. There is no need to master all categories just for the sake of scores. Itt will be more effective to specialize in a certain category. I analyzed the topic situation over the past few years by the way…”

Song Yimian talked eloquently, completely without his previous cramped appearance. Compared with acting, he was more confident in his studies.

When he finished his analysis, Chu Mei Bo felt confident that her mathematics was no longer an incurable disease.

So, when Shen Huai came to pick up Song Yimian to go to the crew, he saw Chu Mei Bo studying mathematics under Song Yimian’s guidance. In the gap between the papers written by Chu Mei Bo, she guided Song Yimian on how to act.

There was a kind of inexplicable harmony.

Seeing Shen Huai coming in, Song Yimian waved happily, “Brother Shen!”

He put away the script in his hands and nodded to Chu Mei Bo, “Then, I will go first, Sister Mei.”

Chu Mei Bo answered lazily.

Song Yimian made two steps out before turning back, “Sister Mei, you should finish these two papers first and then send me a picture, and I will check them as soon as I can.”

Chu Mei Bo: “…”

Shen Huai rarely saw Mei beaten, and almost laughed out loud. He quickly held it back, hurriedly beckoning Song Yimian.

Song Yimian didn’t know what a great thing he had done. He politely said goodbye to Chu Mei Bo and followed Shen Huai happily.

Shen Huai looked at his back and sighed inexplicably in his heart.

Sometimes, natural dumbness was really a highly lethal weapon.

Shen Huai sent Song Yimian to the crew, watched for some time and then drove to Menghe Entertainment.

Although Song Yimian was already signed under him, there were still some procedures that needed to be transferred from Menghe to Morningstar. In the past six months, Song Yimian hadn’t done much work, so these procedures were quite simple, but even so, Shen Huai still needed to go in person.

Morningstar and Menghe had always been rivals in the industry. The two companies had a similar status in the circle, and their geographical locations were not far apart. The two companies usually dissed each other, and they could recognize important people from each other’s companies.

Therefore, as soon as Shen Huai entered Menghe, he attracted a lot of attention.

Shen Huai didn’t care. He had made an appointment with Hua Rong beforehand. After registering at the front desk, he was taken to Hua Rong’s office.

As soon as he left, the melon eaters with the spirit of gossip gathered together.

“Do you know what Shen Huai is here for?”

“I heard that he signed Song Yimian…”

“No way! Song Yimian?! That little nobody!”

“Don’t say that. Although he belongs to the competitors, Shen Huai has never been wrong, right? Anqi and Bai Jiajia were his before, Ye Cang and Chu Mei Bo are under him now, you say, which agent can have such a record!”

“That Song Yimian is a pearl?

“If he really is one, Sister Hua will vomit to death!” (Please let it happen!!)

As the melon eaters guessed, Hua Rong who was waiting in her office at that moment was anxiously walking around.

She wanted to comfort herself that Shen Huai signed Song Yimian as revenge for her poaching Xu Anqi, but she knew clearly that Shen Huai was not such a naive person. However, if she admitted that Song Yimian was signed because of his abilities, she would not even want to think about this possibility.

Compared with Hua Rong, who behaved like she was meeting a great enemy, Shen Huai was very calm. After completing all the procedures, he was ready to leave.

Hua Rong could not help stopping him. 

“I didn’t expect that these minor things would require Brother Shen to come in person. Yimian is a clever child. I wasn’t worried about him before. Now that he can be in Brother Shen’s hands I’m very happy for him.”

However, in the face of Hua Rong’s performance, Shen Huai just chuckled, “Are you really happy for him?”

The smile on Hua Rong’s face became slightly stiff. “What do you mean?”

Shen Huai hooked his lips lightly and said, “It is nothing interesting. Song Yimian is now in Morningstar and there is no need for Ms. Hua to worry about him.”

With that, Shen Huai bowed and left.

With an uncertain expression, Hua Rong stared at Song Yimian’s name on the contract. She felt a little flustered in her heart and had a sense of insecurity that things were out of control.

Just then, the door of her office was rudely pushed open.

Hua Rong looked at the door in displeasure but found that the person who came in was Bai Shilan. Bai Shilan’s eyes were red, and she looked full of grievances.

Hua Rong immediately suppressed her anger. “Shilan, why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be shooting in Shanyang this week?”

“Don’t mention it! You told me before to behave well in front of investors, and as a result, I lost a lot of face!”

Hua Rong frowned and turned her eyes to the assistant. The assistant had no choice but to say what Guo Wenyuan did to Bai Shilan and the whole cast.

“What did you say?!”

Hua Rong froze. She had known Guo Wenyuan for several years. The intersection between the two of them was that Hua Rong introduced little stars to Guo Wenyuan.

Hua Rong thought that she knew Guo Wenyuan. Such an ignorant and unskilled second generation ancestor, who believed that he could understand acting skills. What Hua Rong could think of was that Guo Wenyuan was angry with her and her subordinates because of Song Yimian.

Hua Rong could not help scolding Song Yimian angrily from the bottom of her heart, which also suppressed her previous uneasiness.

Hua Rong comforted Bai Shilan and promised to accompany her to the drama crew, then sent her back to rest.

When Bai Shilan left, Hua Rong looked at the assistant and asked, “What else was said?”

The assistant hesitated, and seeing that Hua Rong was getting impatient, she whispered, “Boss Guo seemed to admire that Chu Mei Bo……”

Hua Rong’s first reaction was that Chu Mei Bo was Boss Guo’s next starlet, but then she realized that there was no way for them to know each other at all. She knew Shen Huai and he would never let his artists do such things.

Was Boss Guo really appreciating Chu Mei Bo’s acting skills?!

Hua Rong thought the answer was a bit mysterious.

But no matter what, it gave Hua Rong a strong sense of crisis.

Nowadays, although the rating of “Honey” has gradually decreased, the evaluation of Chu Mei Bo has not dropped.

And the show “Travel with History” was about to be broadcasted soon. Hua Rong found some internal friends at Zhongjing TV and was able to watch the recording of the first two episodes. The evaluation was very good, and it was specially set to be broadcasted in prime time.

Chu Mei Bo had such excellent acting skills. If you added Boss Guo’s support, her resources must be so good that in a year or two she may become a front-line actress. 

Hua Rong let Bai Shilan copy Chu Mei Bo’s path. She wanted to tie both of them in a competition. She held Bai Shilan up by pulling her step by step. But if Chu Mei Bo’s light was too bright, what else could Bai Shilan do?

As Xu Anqi once said, if there was a real one up front, who cared about the fake one.

She tried her best to bring Bai Shilan to the top, but in the end, it was just a big joke.

Hua Rong was jealous and hateful.

She picked up her phone and said, “I asked you to check Chu Mei Bo’s background before and check carefully to see if she has any black history… “

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