MAIR – Chapter 128 – Graveyard

Shen Huai was dragged by Ye Cang to have a physical examination, and the results showed that everything was normal and his physical fitness was much better than that of his peers.

Shen Huai didn’t pay attention to these things. He just thought he was too tired recently. Thinking that he promised Tang Wanjun to accompany her to Hong Kong, he simply took it as vacation for himself.

Ye Cang who still had to work, only looked sadly at Shen Huai when he walked out. Shen Huai felt it was somewhat funny, so he kissed the side of his face and said, “I’ll bring you a gift. Wait for me to come home.”

Ye Cang touched his cheek. Although he felt comforted, he was still a little depressed.

After Shen Huai left, Ye Cang went back to his room to write songs, but he, who used to pay special attention to his work in the past, couldn’t calm down at all. He took off his headphones and stood up to exercise.

The house was quiet. Chu Mei Bo and Song Yimian had gone out for a shooting. Xue Chengge was still participating in the program and the whole villa district was very quiet.

This caused Ye Cang to feel a kind of panic, as if he had returned to the feeling of being alone and trapped in the house after his death.

It was just that he had been alone for 30 years, but now that Shen Huai had left only a few hours ago, he couldn’t stand it any longer.

He shook his head and threw all these emotions out of his head. At this moment, he was not in the mood to write songs, so he took his mobile phone out and swiped though his Weibo.

Unexpectedly, someone happened to see Shen Huai at the airport. The blogger seemed to be Shen Huai’s fan, and the whole Weibo was filled with excitement and surprise.

[I went to Hong Kong to play with my best friend and ran into the agent at the airport. 5555 the real person is also very handsome!! His temper is very good, too! He not only agreed to take a picture together, but also allowed us to take a few more pictures when the first one didn’t turn out well. Shen Haui, I love you with all my life!! ]

Since Shen Huai’s identity was exposed, that he had the money and ability to be a true tycoon in the real world, even though he didn’t play with his Weibo much in his daily life, it didn’t prevent him from quickly attracting many people.

[I envy the little sister, Mr. Shen is really handsome! I want to take a picture too! ]

[I’m eating lemon! ]

[HuaiHuai is mine! Draw your swords! ]

[LS piss off, HuaiHuai is on my bed! ]

[Why can’t Mr. Shen make a debut!! Boss Guo from Guanrui, who is just next door, made his debut! (not right)]

Ye Cang looked at all kinds of wife fans and girlfriend fans expressing their love and his heart was sour.

But he couldn’t do anything. In the end, he angrily searched all the Weibos about “Cang x Huai” and liked them one by one.

“Your Father” ‘s fans: “???” 

Although they were confused for a while, as sand sculpture fans of sand sculpture bloggers, they soon found a reasons for “Your Father”.

[The self-cultivation of a CP fan]

[Our Dad is a major CP fan, and a sideline music blogger]

[Wait, am I the only one who thinks that “Your Father” has been stimulated by something? ]

[For example, the wife is not at home? ]

Ye Cang: “…”

His heart was broken. 



After Shen Huai got off the plane, listening to Tang Wanjun, he went to the cemetery by car.

He glanced at Tang Wanjun, who was sitting at the back, sitting and looking out of the window blankly, with a look of nostalgia and some complex feelings.

When they arrived at the cemetery, Shen Huai bought a bunch of flowers and walked slowly with Tang Wanjun.

At this moment, the sky was gray as if it was going to rain, so there were very few people in the cemetery.

Neither Shen Huai nor Tang Wanjun spoke. After a long walk, Tang Wanjun stopped.

In front of her was a very simple tombstone that had been cleaned and there were flowers and fruits in front. There was also a picture on the tombstone in which a young girl was smiling just like a flower, just like her.

This was Tang Wanjun’s own tombstone.

In fact, when Tang Wanjun reported the name of the cemetery, Shen Huai had already guessed it.

Although Tang Wanjun had been dead for many years and stayed in the state of a ghost, it still took a lot of courage to face herself lying in the graveyard.

Shen Huai didn’t say anything, but silently put the bouquet in his hand in front of the grave. Then, he walked a little further away, thoughtfully giving Tang Wanjun some time alone.

This cemetery was very large and a lot of famous people were buried there. At a glance, all those perfectly neat tombstones looked very solemn and somewhat spooky.

Since Shen Huai had this damned constitution, he would be particularly worried when he went to such a place.

A humid wind was blowing, preceding the rain. Shen Huai looked back at the aisle on the other side, and saw a figure passing through a row of tombstones, but when he looked more carefully, there was no one.

Shen Huai frowned a bit and was about to go that way, but Tang Wanjun came over and directly diverted Shen Huai’s attention.

Although Tang Wanjun seemed to be in low spirits, Shen Huai felt that she had removed the shackles in her heart, making her whole person look much clearer.

The two walked slowly down the hill, but unexpectedly it started raining in the middle of their walk. Shen Huai hurried to a pavilion to take shelter from the rain.

Looking at the rain, Tang Wanjun suddenly said, “You should be curious about who killed me?”

Shen Hual was slightly shocked. He didn’t expect that Tang Wanjun would take the initiative to mention this matter.

Tang Wanjun chuckled. “I know a lot of people are guessing that my agent did it. When I was alive, we didn’t have a good relationship, but to tell you the truth, she didn’t hate me enough to kill me.”

Shen Huai realized something. “You….”

Tang Wanjun let out a long breath. “Probably no one thought that the one who killed me would be my own sister.”

Shen Huai looked at her in shock.

“Surprised?” Tang Wanjun smiled. “I was also surprised. She was two years older than me and although we were not very close, I provided food and clothing for her whole family and money for my nieces and nephews to go to school. Even if she didn’t appreciate me, at least she shouldn’t hate me.”

“But I was wrong. She just hated me. When our family was poor, my parents married her to an old drunkard in exchange for betrothal money. My destiny would have been the same as hers, but I joined the record company. I was singing and dancing on stage while she was beaten by an old drunkard at home. When she was struggling to have her third child in the hospital, I was already popular all over Hong Kong.”

“I once advised her to divorce, but she refused. Our relationship became very bad after that for some time, then the old drunkard got drunk and fell in the river and drowned. I thought our relationship would get better, but I was wrong. She blamed everything on me. No matter what I did, as long as I was alive, I was a satire of her own failure of a life.”

Tang Wanjun spoke lightly, but Shen Huai felt very sad in his heart. “It’s not your fault,” he whispered. “Everything you had was gained through your own hard work. Only cowardly and incompetent people would push the responsibility of failure to others.”

Tang Wanjun looked at him blankly and suddenly laughed. “Yes, you are right, he said the same.”

Tang Wanjun didn’t say who “he” was, but Shen Huai had already speculated that Tang Wanjun’s character seemed careless, but in fact her heart was extremely sensitive. She died under such circumstances, if no one had relieved her of her worries, she might not have  been the way she was now.

But Shen Huai didn’t ask either. As he said before, everyone had a choice. If Tang Wanjun didn’t want to say it, he would respect her decision.

When they went down the mountain, Tang Wanjun turned into a dutiful guide. She had always liked eating. Although the company stopped her, she still took the opportunity to eat in secret several times. All these small shops hidden in the alleys of Hong Kong, she was very familiar with them.

Shen Huai knew she was in a bad mood today and wanted to make her happy, so he let her.

By the time they returned to the hotel in the evening, Tang Wanjun had completely returned to normal and there seemed to be no shadow on her face any longer. 

Seeing this, Shen Huai said, “I have booked a room for you. You can go back to have a rest earlier.”

Tang Wanjun nodded and went straight through the wall without waiting for Shen Huai to say anything more, but soon came back with a low scream.

Shen Huai said helplessly, “It’s on the other side.”

Tang Wanjun stuck out her tongue and following his directions flew directly through the wall. Before Shen Huai could even rest, a head appeared from the wall and said in a small voice, “Thank you for today!”

Shen Huai was inexplicably issued a good person card, and was somewhat stunned. When Tang Wanjun finished, she disappeared with a “whew”.

Shen Huai smiled helplessly and shook his head.



The rainy night was particularly cool and the neon lights of Hong Kong made the city particularly colorful. The people in the city were noisy and the traffic on the roads was heavy. The long traffic flow was like a silver shining stream. The screens on the outer walls of the high-rise buildings showed today’s most famous artists. The employees in the companies yawned and worked overtime.

Pei Ran was sitting on the roof of the hotel, watching everything in front of him.

He was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Hong Kong, became famous in Hong Kong, and devoted his life to Hong Kong. On the day of his death, he didn’t complain, but felt relieved.

The feeling of being relieved of this heavy load made him very relaxed.

But after returning to Hong Kong, everything in front of him gave him a feeling of both familiarity and novelty. 

Just as he was meditating, a smiling voice sounded next to him, “I knew you would be here!”

Pei Ran didn’t look back but he already guessed who was coming.

He whispered, “How did you know I was here?”

Tang Wanjun sat directly next to him and said, “You used to like sitting on top of Hong Kong Hall. You haven’t changed your habit, so I guessed you should be here. Didn’t I guess right?”

Pei Ran laughed, but unconsciously coughed a few times.

He was a ghost. He should not be able to cough, but the pain he felt before his death made him unable to completely forget it, so he had developed this habit.

Tang Wanjun looked at his profile, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “I’ve figured it out. I want to come out. I want to have a new life.”

Pei Ran was stunned, but then showed a gentle smile. “Congratulations.”

Tang Wanjun stood up with her arms crossed and pointed to Hong Kong Hall in the distance. “I will definitely go back there to have a concert in the future!”

In Hong Kong, a concert in Hong Kong Hall was the most important indicator to test whether an artist was popular or not.

But the former Tang Wanjun didn’t have such a lofty goal. She was not even willing to come back to life in the first place.

Watching her change step by step, Pei Ran couldn’t help but sigh. “Shen Huai is a very good person.”

Tang Wanjun nodded. “Yes, he is really nice!”

She was so shy in front of Shen Huai that she hesitated to say thank you for a long time, but in front of Pei Ran she was very calm. “It’s not just him. Ye Cang, Sister Mei and Mr. Guo are all good people. If you meet them, you can certainly become friends!”

Pei Ran didn’t speak, just reached out and touched Tang Wanjun’s head.

Tang Wanjun quickly pulled his hand down. “I’m not a child anymore, don’t touch my head every time!”

Pei Ran laughed. “Who was afraid of ghosts, when she had just become a ghost herself?”

Tang Wanjun: “…”

She was exasperated and said, “Why do you need to mention such an old thing?” Then she wondered, “You’re not changing the subject on purpose, are you?”

“How could it be?” Pei Ran looked innocently. “You are too sensitive.”

Tang Wanjun and he had known each other for many years, and she was very clear on the true nature of this man. She always felt that he was hiding something from her.

But naturally, she couldn’t beat Pei Ran. Pei Ran diverted her attention with a few words, making her forget what she originally wanted to say.

When Tang Wanjun went back to rest, Pei Ran’s smile turned cold. He reached out his hand and squeezed a dark shadow. The shadow that was exposed in the moonlight had a terrible face. Although you could see its human shape, there was no humanity in those eyes, only greed and cruelty.

Pei Ran’s hand pinched it to death with a slight effort of his fingers.

He couldn’t help but cough a bit more and then said coldly to the darkness around him, “Out!”

In the dark night, a black ink surged and finally seemed to be scared by him and slowly retreated.

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