MAIR – Chapter 64 – Pursuit

In the end Ye Cang copied several comments from netizens and prepared to try it according to their suggestions. However, when it came to the specific implementation, he found that reality was totally different from what he imagined.

For example, some netizens said that no matter if men or women, giving a gift was never a  wrong choice. It should be something that the other party needs, which would make them feel that you care about them, and they would definitely be moved.

But Ye Cang thought about it for a long time, and couldn’t think of anything that Shen Huai lacked.

Although money is not everything, money could basically buy everything one wants, especially a person as rich as Shen Huai. Plus, he was a person who did not have much desire for material things, and usually had no obvious preferences.

So, Ye Cang asked Shen Huai on the side.

Shen Huai: “I don’t want anything, but I have to say something. Recently I want to set up my own overseas promotion company. The procedures in the publicity department of our company are troublesome and not professional enough, so it is very inconvenient.” 

Ye Cang: “…”

Shen Huai: “By the way, why do you ask?”

Ye Cang: “Nothing, excuse me.”

Gift, PASS!

Some netizens suggested that you can get closer with each other through sports, such as mountain climbing or fitness, and then inadvertently take off your sweaty clothes to expose your eight pack and show your manly side. Then let the other person be impressed with your great body.

Seeing this suggestion, Ye Cang remembered Shen Huai’s appearance when he took off his coat. He had clear and smooth muscle lines. Even if his recent exercises have been effective, he probably still couldn’t attract him. 

Trying mountain climbing. Ye Cang had been working out recently, but Shen Huai had not come to the gym for a long time because of his busy work schedule.

Thinking about it, Ye Cang directly asked Shen Huai about mountain climbing, but also especially chose the morning of a workday. 

Shen Huai had just finished his work after a while, so he agreed.

Ye Cang who seldom got up early, drove to the foot of the mountain with Shen Huai excitedly. At the time of their arrival it was still dark outside.

Ye Cang said confidently, “Let’s climb to the top of the mountain and watch the sunrise!”

Shen Huai nodded.

At the beginning, Ye Cang’s climbing speed was very fast. In order to accommodate him, Shen Huai sped up, however when they had climbed halfway, Ye Cang was no longer able to keep up.

He gasped for breath, while looking at the distant mountain top. He regretted that Ye Cang’s body was still in poor physical condition. Even though he had been working out recently, he could not improve his physical strength to a high level within such a short time.

Shen Huai, by contrast, looked much more relaxed. 

Although he was busy with work recently and had no time to use the gym, he had  always had an active life and used to climb mountains with his friends, so climbing to this height was not too difficult for him.

Shen Huai looked at Ye Cang’s pale face anxiously. “Are you alright, or shall we go down the mountain?”

Ye Cang gritted his teeth, trying to act brave. “No.” He said they would go to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise, he needed to do it!

Shen Huai told him some essential information on mountain climbing, but seeing Ye Cang panting hard he directly held his wrist. 

Ye Cang was stunned by the sudden warmth on his wrist. He couldn’t help but climb the mountain with Shen Huai’s strength. At that moment, it seemed that all of his fatigue had disappeared, and the only thing he could feel was the warmth on his wrist. 

Although they tried their best and managed to climb to the top of the mountain, they still missed the sunrise.

The sun was already hanging in mid-air, the early autumn wind blew through the mountains, taking away the little warmth they had.

Shen Huai breathed a long sigh of relief. He had too many things to do recently, even though he lacked some skills. In addition, he needed to communicate with others constantly and was a little annoyed, but this was suppressed deep in his heart.

After climbing this mountain with Ye Cang, it accidentally untied the knot in his heart.

He closed his eyes, felt the wind and heard the birds singing. His eyebrows gradually relaxed, and his face showed a light smile.

Ye Cang was originally very annoyed, but when he saw Shen Huai’s relaxed expression, his frustration disappeared.

Although there were some problems in the process, at least it was not totally useless.

But mountain climbing, PASS! 

Ye Cang looked at the several suggestions that have been crossed out, and became more frustrated and braver. Then he took a look at the next one.

This netizen suggested that when pursuing another person, surprise is the most important element. For example, on each other’s birthday, or on a certain anniversary, candlelight dinner, singing a love song full of emotion, in such a romantic environment, all the good feelings would be magnified, and the other person would surely feel your love.

Ye Cang thought about it. Shen Huai’s birthday had already passed, and there were no anniversaries in the near future. He went through the calendar, before setting the date. 

Just, with his current fame, he couldn’t even think about candlelight dinner in a restaurant, and Shen Huai wouldn’t agree either. So he took a step back  and chose the second option. While Shen Huai was not at home, he first arranged the house and prepared the love song that he planned to sing.

As soon as Shen Huai walked through the door, he was stunned to see the arrangement of the house. Then he heard the smooth sounds coming from the piano.

He moved his eyebrows slightly and walked towards the piano. 

Ye Cang’s ten fingers slid quickly across the piano keys, the singing full of affection. He looked at Shen Huai affectionately and slowly sang the love song of the last century.

When Ye Cang sang, he would exude a strong charm, which made it impossible to look away, both on and off the stage. Even Shen Huai was bewitched by his charm. He stood still and listened to him quietly.

When he arrived at the table, there was another  surprise. 

Shen Huai stood at the table, hesitating, but Ye Cang graciously withdrew the chair for him. 

Shen Huai didn’t have the heart to spoil his plan, so he finally sat down without saying anything.

Both of them were eating, but they were a little uneasy. Although they didn’t speak, the temperature of the room seemed to be slowly rising. 

Ye Cang was a little nervous, he felt more nervous now than when he held his first concert in his last life. 

He couldn’t eat anything at all, so he just looked at Shen Hui, who seemed to have eaten enough, so he put down his chopsticks.

The moment he put down his chopsticks, Shen Huai also seemed to realize something and couldn’t help putting down the cutlery in his hands. 

Ye Cang moistened his lips, gripped and loosened his hand on the table, finally simply putting it on his thigh.

He asked, “Do you know what day it is today?”

Shen Huai, who was holding his wine glass, picked it from the table to cover up his nervousness. “… I don’t know.”

Ye Cang was full of emotion, “Today is World Food Day…”

Shen-Huai spurted out a mouthful of red wine, choking, and some tears almost came out.

Ye Cang quickly handed him the paper towel. When Shen Huai wiped off the red wine, the original ambiguous atmosphere was gone, so they could only end the dinner hastily.

When Shen Huai took the tableware to the kitchen, Ye Cang hammered his own head with regret. He couldn’t believe that he would make such a low-level mistake?!

What he originally wanted to say was that today is the fourth month they have known each other, and take this opportunity to express his love. 

Who would have thought that after taking part in the World Food Day public welfare activities shooting today, after saying this sentence all the time as soon as he became nervous, these words would be the first thing to come out after he opened his mouth.

While Ye Cang was upset with himself, Shen Huai who was in the kitchen was not calm either.

It’s not that he hasn’t noticed that Ye Cang has been a little strange recently. For example, he spoke mushy love words to him from time to time that he didn’t know where he had learned them from, or occasionally sent him some strange little gifts. He didn’t even know from whom he knew his favorite movie, and gave him a box of underwear with that movie’s theme. 

Not long ago, Li Zihang released his new album and Ye Cang appeared as a special guest at his new album conference.

The audience was so excited that someone asked on the spot,  “Will you two cooperate again in the future to recreate the grand occasion of a midnight CP?”

Ye Cang replied, “There may be a cooperation, but I don’t want to be in a CP with Li Zihang anymore.”

Audience: “…”

Li Zihang: “???”

Afterwards, this topic rushed straight to the hot searches, CP fans didn’t expect that Ye Cang would dismiss the CP by himself. The whole Weibo homepage was full of the tears of CP fans.

Li Zihang asked him with great indignation, “Have I offended you recently, Big Brother?” 

Ye Cang calmly replied, “No, but I saw my fans say before, ‘stay clean and don’t casually stir up gossip with the flirtatious bitch outside’ , otherwise later I won’t be able to catch up with my wife.”

Li Zihang: “…”

Li Zihang directly sent the screenshot of this chat to his Weibo, and after the netizens finished “ha ha ha ha” they added a new topic on Weibo.

#My family’s love bean is a real earthquake in the entertainment circle#

Netizens all thought that Ye Cang was playing some trick, only Shen Huai was aware that he said it seriously.

At the beginning, Shen Huai didn’t take it to heart because he was too busy, after all he single-handedly contributed to the issue of overseas distribution, which required him to worry about everything. Even Chu Mei Bo was completely handed over to her assistant to take care of. Naturally, he didn’t have any time to think about Ye Cang’s little thoughts. 

Recently, when he gradually became idle, he realized that Ye Cang seemed to be chasing him?

Although his way of chasing people was particularly odd, Shen Huai wasn’t unmoved by his funny ways.

Young people would do a lot of things regardless of the consequences for the people they like, but adults won’t do it. Most adults are used to weighing, exchanging, and giving up as soon as they realize it’s not feasible. 

Therefore, Ye Cang’s intention in these things was particularly valuable.

After all this, Shen Huai’s original defense around his heart had been slowly loosened. He could no longer deny that he was attracted to Ye Cang. 

Shen Huai had been in a trance recently because of Ye Cang’s affairs, and almost lost track of things.

In early November, it was time to sign up for the art examination. Chu Mei Bo specially asked for a leave from the crew to sign up. Shen Huai unexpectedly forgot this matter, only after Tong Yun called him to remind him, he remembered it.

Because Chu Mei Bo’s school certificates were all in his place, he had no choice but to drive them over. 

Finally, after signing, Chu Mei Bo looked at Shen Huai and said to Tong Yun, “You can go back first.”

Tong Yun went back by herself without saying a word. 

Chu Mei Bo leaned on the copilot’s seat and asked calmly, “Do you want to talk?”

Shen Huai’s eyes flashed. “Thank you, but I’m fine. I was just too busy and forgot.”

Chu Mei Bo turned sideways and smiled, “As a partner, I would like to believe your explanation, but as a friend, it’s also normal to talk about your love life, isn’t it?”

Shen Huai: “Ahem… Who were you listening to?”

Chu Mei Bo: “Junior Xue, he often WeChats with Tong Yun.”

Shen Huai: “…”

He decided to go back and let Ye Cang teach Xue Chengge a good lesson. How can he be an assistant if he is not tight-lipped? 

Chu Mei Bo said earnestly, “Although Junior Ye is a little bit out of tune, he has a good nature. He used to be busy with his career before, and he probably hasn’t been in love before, otherwise he wouldn’t have chased the person he likes in such a mentally retarded way. To put it bluntly, a hundred years ago, he couldn’t catch anyone, let alone now?” 

Shen Huai: “…”

Chu Mei Bo complained about Ye Cang and said to Shen Huai, “And you, if you really don’t like him, can you stand him bouncing in front of you? Don’t say that you only cherish him because of his talent, he is not the only one who is talented. If it was someone else would you still have such a high tolerance?”

Shen Huai thought about Chu Mei Bo’s words for a long time, but there was still a hurdle in his heart.

Chu Mei Bo saw the situation and said helplessly, “I think you are overthinking. Can’t you think simply like Junior Ye for a moment?”

Shen Huai was stunned and couldn’t help asking, “How do you know what he’s thinking?” 

“Of course I know, ” Chu Mei Bo said calmly. “He just wants to have sex with you.” 

Shen Huai: “!!!”

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