Chapter 24 – This Is Not Meow, Meow Meow At All!

In the five-to-four competition, all the players sing in turn, carry out wheel battles, and select one player for the direct promotion. Then four undecided players had to enter the PK competition.

Before the competition, Ye Cang drew fifth place, which happened to be behind Jiang Junyan.

After the last match, although Jiang Junyan also hated Ye Cang, he was opposed to Uncle Squid’s treatment. He was considered to be genuine, which added him many fans.

In this match, he was lucky. He picked a love song which he was very good at and appeared very confident.

The first singer was Li Zihang, who was always singing and dancing fast on the stage. However, this time he picked a slow song. Yet surprisingly, his performance was very good.

Although his first appearance made him suffer a lot, Li Zihang defeated two players in a row until the fourth appearance of Jiang Junyan.

Probably because of the confidence from the last game, Jiang Junyan played a more brilliant role than in the rehearsal. The charm of the song was full of allure and was very touching.

After a long discussion, the judges chose him.

Xia Fei explained: “Although Li Zihang played well, as far as the song is concerned, we think Jiang Junyan performed better.”

Li Zihang has been a core player since he entered “Star of Tomorrow.” He has always been promoted directly. But this time, on such an important stage, he was defeated by Jiang Junyan, who was not so bright before. It was really surprising.

But audiences have to admit that Jiang Junyan’s performance was excellent. Although Li Zihang is good, he was still not good at singing this song in the end, so he was defeated, which shows the importance of song selection.

“Leaves” thinking of Ye Cang’s appearance immediately feel more distressed.

Cao Yun held her fist and muttered to herself, “God bless Ye Cang, he must be promoted. Believers are willing to contribute ten kilograms of meat to him…”

Jiang Junyan sat on the promotion stage and watched Ye Cang come out of the passage. He could not help but grasp the handrail.

He was unexpected to be able to defeat Li Zihang, but after defeating his opponent, he could not help but have the ambition to advance to the top four. But the last appearance is Ye Cang. Junyan knew that Ye Cang’s “Meow, Meow, Meow” was too limited to beat him, but he always felt a little nervous in the face of his opponent who did not play his cards according to common sense.

Coupled with the mysterious Trailer before the game, no matter how much he comforted himself, he could not hide the tension when he was facing Ye Cang at the moment. This is the effect deliberately done by the program group.

The host came over and asked Ye Cang, “Ye Cang, you are the last player to appear. If you can defeat Jiang Junyan, you will be able to get a direct promotion. Are you nervous?”

Ye Cang shook his head: “Not nervous.”

Host: “…”

The barrage was full of laughter, and even the audience and the judges were amused.

The host quickly responded, “So Ye Cang, are you confident in the song you are about to sing?”

Ye Cang: “I’m fine, but this question, I think you should ask the live band.”

The director immediately switched to the live band and caught the look that the guitarist had not retrieved. It cannot help but remind people of the reaction of the live musicians in the trailer.

[Ha-ha-ha, did you see that look of zqsg]

[The guitarist is estimated to be tossed enough]

[Just after the camera swept, I noticed that the eldest brother’s hair was a little thinner.)

[You devil! ]

[So, the actual test of this game is not the player, but the live musicians?]

However, in any case, the audience is more and more looking forward to this song by Ye Cang, even several judges, make more careful expression. Needless to say, Ye Cang is like a fish in water on the stage. His relaxed attitude alone is far superior compared to other players.

When the conversation and laughter were over, the host stepped down and the lights dimmed. 

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the blurred figure on the stage, and the scene becomes quiet enough to hear breathing. Everyone had the exception of what kind of performance he will bring. How this kind of vulgar network divine song been adapted to make live musicians and music directors show that expression?

In this sense of expectation, the guitarist plucked the strings making the first sound come out. Xia Fei opened his eyes. 

—— Because it’s not “Meow, Meow, Meow” at all!

Because of the song’s popularity, it is very common on the Internet. They have already heard it many times but it was not like Ye Cang’s interpretation now. Did he change his song?!

Tang Ruoyi seemed to hear the voice in her heart, denying: “No, there is no song change, he is… Writing a new song with the same chord!” 

Xia Fei was started, it was not that he had never thought of this possibility, but it was still so shocking. 

From the end of the last match to the rehearsal, in fact, it has only been three or four days, in such a short period of time, to write such a complete and beautiful song, coupled with such a complex and difficult arrangement, it was simply impossible for people to do it!

No wonder Yu Ke’s expression was like that. No wonder the live musicians said that.

This is not only a new song, but also a very difficult new song. They needed to stay up for a few days to rehearse. The live band was very good.

By the time Ye Cang opened his mouth to sing, the expressions of the three judges could no longer be shocked.

If the network divine song is adapted into rock and roll, then adaptation of lyrics is not a big deal, at least compared with the songs music, by lyrics you can still recognize the original song. 

However, the three judges still know of Ye Cang’s intentions, and they have not been fooled like the ordinary audiences. It’s was like a lovely young girl suddenly lifting her skirt to reveal her hairy legs.

This contrast is too big!!

[This TM is meowing??? Why do I think I heard a tiger cry? ]

[Although I don’t know what I’m hearing, but it sounds good]

[Wake up! This is “Meow, Meow, Meow,” listen to the lyrics!! ]

[What about you and me? Is this “Meow, Meow, Meow”?! ]

[garbage x dog, unexpectedly can not recognize this song! ! ]

Although they do not know what Ye Cang is singing, but the explosion of the scene and high-quality singing let the audience enjoy the ultimate audio-visual feast.

By the end of the performance, the atmosphere on the scene had been completely stimulated.

When the judges were done enjoying it, it was their turn to struggle. In fact, Ye Cang created a new song, but it still used the same chord. He insisted that there is no problem with the adaptation. 

More importantly, they have to choose a talented singer for such type of musical program, and if Ye Cang performed so well, wouldn’t it be a pity to eliminate him? 

Just when the judges hesitated, Jiang Junyan, who had been sitting in the promotion position, stepped down.

“Teacher, I have a problem!”

When the backstage director saw this, his face darkened. “Quick, turn the camera around! Let the host change the subject.” 

But it was already too late, Jiang Junyan had already spoken out.

“Ye Cang did not sing ‘Meow, Meow, Meow’ at all in this competition. It did not conform to the rules of the competition.”

There was an uproar at the scene. Although everyone thought the song was good, they also thought that Jiang Junyan was right. They did not know that Ye Cang adapted the song. They just thought that Ye Cang had found another song to sing. If so, it was not in line with the rules.

The judges were hesitant before that. After all, Ye Cang played a curved ball. After discussing it, they also decided to leave him undecided. But Jiang Junyan suddenly rushed out to say this.

This makes them very passive. Jiang Junyan seems to have some problems with some of their mentoring.

Xia Fei frowned, and the male judge who had been optimistic about Jiang Junyan looked ugly. 

Listening to the comments below, Jiang Junyan’s tightly held heart relaxed a little. He thought that since netizens liked his straightforwardness and got a lot of attention in the last game, this time should be similar. Even if he was eliminated later, the company will see his popularity, and give him more resources.

After all, Jiang Junyan is still young and can not hide his expression well. He is so immersed in his small calculation and naturally fails to notice that the faces of the three judges are getting worse and worse.

The judges discussed it for a while, and finally, Xia Fei spoke. 

“Ye Cang, I can hear that you rewrote the melody with the chords of the original song and changed the song into a totally different shape, right?”

As soon as Xia Fei’s voice fell, there was a cry of surprise at the scene.

Although the audience is not a music professional, they do not understand chords and discords, but they know that Ye Cang has rewritten a new song in a short period of time, and from the meaning of Xia Fei’s words, this is more difficult than creating a new song. Not to mention, the song is still so good that many audience members have decided to download it after going back.

Ye Cang also guessed the meaning of several judges and smiled, “Yes.”

Xia Fei asked again, “I also heard that the arrangement of this song is entirely done by you. If you can do this, is already the top level of arrangement in China.” 

The audience below began to exclaim again.

If Jiang Junyan didn’t know the judges’ opinions on him and even praised Ye Cang deliberately, he would be a fool, but he can’t do anything at the moment, he could only grind his teeth tightly.

When Xia Fei finished boasting, Tang Ruoyi appeared. She smiled and praised Ye Cang at first. Then she turned around. “You performed so brilliantly. I shouldn’t have left you undecided, but I heard that you prepared a PK song, but there was no chance to sing it. From semi-finals there will be no more PK opportunities, which makes me feel very sorry, it is better to sing this song in this game.”

Ye Cang was already prepared. He had never thought that he could be promoted directly. He nodded: “Okay.”

Tang Ruoyi: “Then, we will wait and see.”

At the end of the wheel battle, although Jiang Junyan got the direct promotion, no one paid attention to him either on the scene or online. Everyone was looking forward to what songs Ye Cang would sing in the PK competition.

At this time, Jiang Junyan knew he had made a wrong calculation, but it was already too late.

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