My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 61 – Dressing Up

When leaving, Shen Huai talked with Director Yu and the others. Shen Huai usually looked cold, but if he really wanted to make friends with others, he could be particularly meticulous and thoughtful, and take their words to heart.

It didn’t take long for director Yu and the others to make friends with him.

Shen Huai took them to the car, then returned to the theater.

Chu Mei Bo stood alone in the corridor, staring at the stage.

It was already a little late, and the sky gradually started to darken. The originally busy stage was deserted, and several waiters were cleaning tables and floors as if the time of prosperity was left behind.

The lanterns along the corridor were antique ones, swaying in the autumn wind. 

The dim yellow light fell on Chu Mei Bo’s face, casting a half light and half dark shadow.

She looked just like when Shen Huai first met her, like an old photo of the Republic of China. History passed her by, leaving behind only her figure.

Shen Huai frowned slightly and called her name.

Chu Mei Bo looked back as if she only now returned to this world.

Shen Huai asked her, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Mei Bo’s face appeared a little stunned, then she shook her head, “Nothing, just remembered some things from the past.” 

Shen Huai didn’t speak and waited quietly for her to go on. 

Chu Mei Bo’s eyes returned to the stage again, and she whispered, “When I met Yun Chu Yi, she was only 16 years old. She studied with me under the same master. She looked down on me as a layman, always trying to squeeze me out. I had a bad temper too, I was angry at that time, so I made a bet with her.”

“Gambling, movies or Beijing opera, which one will keep being popular in the future.”

At this point, Chu Mei Bo suddenly stopped. 

Yun Chu Yi didn’t see the ending, but she saw it. She had won, but she was not happy. 

She looked at the stage and thought of the high spirited woman who was once standing on stage. She raised her chin high and said, “Even if you learn to sing and learn to imitate figures, so what? Learn to be a copy and lose your own spirit. People like you can’t even get on stage.” 

Now, Chu Mei Bo has understood what Yun Chu Yi said, but she will never see again her opponent who was both an enemy and a friend.

Shen Huai was silent.

Now he understood why when Xue Ling sang the aria before, Chu Mei Bo’s reaction was so fierce that she didn’t care to reprimand Xue Ling face to face.

Xue Ling learned from Yun Chu Yi but she didn’t get a chance to meet her goddess. A hundred years ago, she couldn’t even go on stage. But now she not only got on stage, but no one even heard the problems with her singing. How far had the decline of Peking opera progressed? Although she scolded Xue Ling, she didn’t mention anything else? Is it not for the old friends she mourned? 

Shen Huai said softly, “Everything in this world is changing. It’s a normal thing, you should not be too sad.” 

Chu Mei Bo sighed: “I’m not sad, I just feel a little scared. Do you think that one day, movies and TV dramas will gradually decline like Beijing opera, and there will be something new to replace them?”

Shen Huai had never seen Chu Mei Bo so depressed before. After thinking about it, he said, “Don’t be too pessimistic. Even if movies become unpopular, your performance will always exist in this world, that is the most precious wealth.”

Chu Mei Bo froze. Shen Huai’s words seemed to wake her up. She smiled and shook her head. “You are right. I was too worried about how to adapt. But how I perform today is more important than what hasn’t happened yet.”

After their return from Mujiang, Chu Mei Bo returned to the crew for a shooting.

Shen Huai also returned to Zhongjing. 

The deadline for the Golden Melody Award’s finals was just around the corner. Ye Cang’s album sales volume exceeded that of all other people by far, even the top ten and the last nine were not as good as Ye Cang.

Especially now, when the sales volume of his physical album copies was still increasing, platinum had been obtained, and even double platinum was no longer a distant dream. 

At the beginning, when Ye Cang issued his ambitious words, everyone thought that he was only boasting and no one believed that he could really do it. 

But now looking at his rising sales volume, no one thought he couldn’t do it any longer.

Many music bloggers had been riding this wave of enthusiasm recently. From the inside to the outside, they analyzed Ye Cang’s album in detail, and they aspired to bring new momentum to this topic.

#Did Fang Ziqing run naked today?#

Fang Ziqing was half-dead from anger. Although his mouth was cheap, it was Ye Cang’s fault that this matter was known all over the country.

He was now helping Ye Hazel prepare her new album, and even she teased him from time to time.  She asked whether he was exercising well and to avoid prying his eyes while running naked.

As soon as Fang Ziqing thought of it, he would start scolding Ye Cang with hatred.

“Achoo!” Ye Cang suddenly sneezed.

Shen Huai turned his head and said, “What’s the matter? Are you cold?”

Ye Cang shook his head and rubbed his nose with his hand. “I’m okay, but my nose is not well.”

Shen Huai frowned slightly. “If you are not feeling well, please see the doctor immediately. Your future schedule is relatively tight. If you get sick, it will be very troublesome.” 

Not long ago, Ye Cang’s physical album sales exceeded one million, which made it the only album that broke through to platinum in the last five years.

As a result, the Music Association specially organized a press conference to give him the certification of breaking through platinum for a physical album.

Of course, Ye Cang was going to take part in this event. 

But after accepting the invitation, they realized that Ye Cang had no suitable clothes.

Because it was a formal occasion, Ye Cang had to wear formal clothes.

Ye Cang became popular too fast, and the fashion brand didn’t keep up with him. However, his demeanor on stage and the popularity of his album made many brand owners very optimistic about him. In addition, because of the presence of his agent, many brand owners were willing to lend them clothes.

The stylist took two suits, both of which were this year’s autumn and winter premium collection. They both fit Ye Cang’s size and in addition, there were some accessories and shoes that could be matched with them.

The first suit Ye Cang tried on was white. While he was changing clothes, Shen Huai was talking with the stylist about his appearance at the conference.

The stylist said with a smile, “You don’t need to worry, Mr. Shen. Mr. Cang has a good figure with wide shoulders and long legs. He also has this kind of thin figure that makes him a good clothes model, looking good regardless of what he wears.”

While they were talking Ye Cang came out of the fitting room.

Shen Huai froze.

Ye Cang who changed into a suit seemed to have changed completely. The white suit was close-fitting. As the stylist said, his shoulders were very wide, the neckline of the T-shirt inside was slightly lower, revealing his sexy collarbone, and the muscular shape of his shoulders. His waist was narrow, the white pants wrapped around his pair of long legs. When he wasn’t laughing, his cold look turned into a mature man’s sex appeal.

The stylist exclaimed, “My God! You are really suitable for wearing a suit and so handsome!”

She said this and went forward to adjust Ye Cang’s clothes, her whole face full of excitement.

But Ye Cang turned his head and asked Shen Huai with a smile, “Huai, what do you think?”

His smile was just a flick on the corner of his lips, that immediately transformed him from a mature man into a yuppie.

Before Shen Huai could say anything, the stylist covered her chest saying, “Heaven! Please don’t laugh! I have a weak heart… “

Ye Cang: “…”

Shen Huai was a bit unnatural before but was interrupted by the stylist, and immediately turned this situation into a joke.

He pointed to the other set. “I think that one will look better.”

Ye Cang couldn’t do anything but sigh and return to the fitting room.

Shen Huai breathed a sigh of relief and lifted his hand to fix his glasses.

The stylist was still praising Ye Cang’s figure and temperament, but Shen Huai unconsciously thought of the Ye Cang he saw in the gym yesterday.

After his rebirth Ye Cang got interested in fitness. His originally thin figure gradually gained muscles, the typical close-fitting clothes showed their outlines.

When Shen Huai walked in, he happened to be lifting weights. His tank top was soaked with sweat, outlining the shape of his muscles. When he exerted himself, his brow was slightly wrinkled, making his jawline clear. A drop of sweat fell down the side of his face, sliding to the hollow part of his collarbone.

His eyes were firm, the edges and corners of his face seemed sharp, which was totally different from his usual appearance of playing around.

In the whole gym you could only hear him gasping in a low voice. Shen Huai used almost all of his self-control to turn his eyes away and pretend to leave as if nothing had happened.

Now, seeing Ye Cang in a suit brought a new wave of excitement.

Ye Cang’s second suit was sapphire blue. If you looked at it carefully, there were dark lines on the fabric of the clothes, which were extremely delicate. Ye Cang had exquisite facial features, but his temperament was somewhat unruly. This contrast reflected a sense of mystery, just enough to hold the color that ordinary people couldn’t handle.

The stylist covered her mouth and shouted excitedly, “Oh, my God! This is a perfect match!”

She hurriedly stepped forward, adjusting the folds of Ye Cang’s clothes, while taking accessories from the side. Finally, she chose a pair of tourmaline cufflinks and a record-shaped brooch, which coincided with the theme of the press conference. 

Ye Cang looked in the mirror but happened to see Shen Huai at the back looking away uneasily.

What did he think of? He waved his hand to signal the stylist to stop first and then turned to Shen Huai asking, “Huai, how about this set?”

When Ye Cang was facing him, the impact was even greater. Shen Huai’s eyes were slightly stiff, so he coughed softly, “Yes.”

Ye Cang smiled, and came up to him. “Is it just okay? Agent, your requirements are too high.”

The designer was also speaking for him, “Yes, Mr. Shen, I don’t think anyone in the entertainment industry can wear this suit as well as Ye Cang!” 

Ye Cang smiled and looked at Shen Huai, Shen Huai refused to back away. He forced himself to say coldly, “Then let’s settle for this one. After choosing the accessories, let the hairdresser give you a new hairstyle.”

Ye Cang looked at him pretending to be calm, scoffed, but didn’t press him anymore. However, his mood became much better.

In the past, he was not sure about Shen Huai’s feelings for him. Sometimes, he thought that Shen Huai liked him, but Shen Huai always evaded it with official behavior. 

However, now that he gradually understood Shen Huai, it was almost certain that he liked him. He just didn’t know why he was worried that he constantly refused to admit it.

Ye Cang thought for a moment, and then suddenly asked the stylist, “What do you think of Huai wearing this color?”

Stylist: “Mr. Shen has white skin and a noble temperament. It is most suitable to wear sapphire blue.” 

Ye Cang’s face showed a winner’s smile and he said to Shen Huai, “I remember that you also have a suit in this color. Anyway, you will have to attend the press conference with me and must wear that suit!”

Shen Huai: ”!!!”

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