MAIR – Chapter 101 – If you disturb someone’s love, you will be kicked by pigs

Shen Huai and Ye Cang hurried back to Zhongjing city. With the incident at the school gate, the reporters failed to dig up any inside Information and were mocked by the crowd. In addition, they had some new scruples about “reserving the right to resort to the law”, so they did not publish any messy reports.

Shen Huai took over the follow-up, and found the source of the matter. He had his own channel, but it was faster to investigate the rumors through Guo Wenyuan.

It turned out to be Weng Tian.

Weng Tian was the actress who competed with Chu Mei Bo for the role of Cheng Yanxin. Because she looked like Gu Mei, she was considered to be the most likely choice for the actress playing Cheng Yanxin. Before, Weng Tian’s company thought that it was already a secured role, and even all the contact drafts were written. But unexpectedly, it was Chu Mei Bo who got the role in the end.

Weng Tian was unwilling to give up, so she spread the rumor in order to ruin Chu Mei Bo’s reputation.

However, Weng Tian only aimed at Chu Mei Bo, but there was another person who pulled Guo Wenyuan in this rumor.

Before Shen Huai could investigate, Boss Guo had already solved the case and found out it was Fu Cheng who helped fuel the flames behind his back.

Guo Wenyuan scolded loudly on the phone, “Fu Cheng, this wretched son! If he wants war, he can have war!”

Before, Fu Cheng ignored Yi Mian’s many years of cultivation and love for him. During the most difficult time for the Yihang Film Company, he quietly terminated his contract and left, making Yihang suffer huge losses.

Guo Wenyuan could understand his idea of finding an easy way out and joining a large company, but there was a better way to solve this problem. Yi Mian attached the greatest importance to talent. If Fu Cheng had carefully discussed it with him, based on Guo Wenyuan’s understanding of him, he would never have refused to let him go. They could have terminated the contract peacefully.

Guo Wenyuan didn’t want to ruin Director Xie movie, but he could not contain his anger. So he took the opportunity of the audition to teach him a lesson. He thought that Fu Cheng’s acting skills would be suppressed by him, so he would certainly feel ashamed and study the script carefully and prepare better acting skills for the official shooting. Who knew that Fu Cheng would be afraid of being overshadowed by him, and would even use such tricks!

Fu Cheng had been very careful. He avoided the people form Guanrui and used his former contacts to do this. However, these contacts were all left to him by his teacher Du Yuping.

He had calculated in thousands of ways, but he didn’t know that Du Yuping was now in Guo Wenyuan’s body.

He thought he was hiding well, but he was easily found out by Guo Wenyuan.

Guo Wenyuan was very angry and regretful. He had tried his best to teach Fu Cheng, but he didn’t expect to raise such a white-eyed wolf, who could only do bad things in the dark.

Shen Huai comforted Boss Guo with a few words, and chatted with him about the new script, then hung up the phone.

Shen Huai took off the earphones and rubbed his forehead.

Ye Cang was originally writing a song on his side, but his mind was not on the song at all. He had finally eaten meat, and now his mind was full of that kind of thing.

However, Shen Huai had been busy since he got off the plane, and didn’t even spare him one glance. Ye Cang who wanted to make out some more, could only stand by silently, and look at him. He almost turned into a statue.

Now that Shen Huai’s work was finally over, Ye Cang jumped up from his chair, rushed behind him, and massaged his sore shoulders.

Shen Huai closed his eyes and enjoyed it for a while. Then he felt that the massaging hand seemed a bit restless, so he immediately opened his eyes and stopped Ye Cang.

Ye Cang: “Huai, isn’t this matter settled?”

Shen Huai shook his head and explained patiently, “If it was just Weng Tian behind this, it would not be a big deal, but if it involves Fu Cheng, it’s not the same. Moreover, the fact that the casting of ‘Red Actress’ exploded is related to Sister Mei. Whether Director Xie knows about it or not, Yu Qing or Producer Li should tell him about it. Moreover, these things are hard to say on the phone and must be discussed face to face.”

Ye Cang hurriedly said, “I’ll be gentle tonight. We’ll only do it once.”

In fact, Shen Huai was also a little moved, but his common sense quickly returned. He was very clear that a man’s promises in bed were the most untrustworthy ones, so he could only gently and firmly refuse Ye Cang, “No, I must have a good rest tonight.”

Ye Cang: “…”

Shen Huai smiled and kissed him on the side of the face. “Go to bed early, good night.”

Ye Cang watched sadly as Shen Huai stood up and went back to his room without looking back.

At this moment, the alarm of his mobile phone rang, reminding him that it was time to post today’s recommended tracks on Weibo.

Ye Cang used his second account to recommend songs, and had gradually formed a habit, so he simply fixed the time and used the alarm clock on the phone to remind him, but yesterday he was too excited and posted all sweet songs in his mind in advance, making a lot of netizens wonder whether he was really in love.

At this time, Ye Cang, who had no other place to vent, stared at his mobile phone for a long time, before turning it on and posting a Weibo.

@Your Father: Today’s recommended track is “If You Disturb Someone’s Love, You Will Be Kicked by Pigs”.

Netizens who were originally scrolling thought Weibo were excited and thought “Your Father” was diligent, but after seeing the content of the post:

Netizens: “???” 



Shen Huai quickly found Director Xie the next day, but before he could speak, Director Xie waved his hand. “No need to speak, I already know.”

Director Xie seemed a bit tired. He received a phone call from an old friend yesterday, and learned what happened from the other side. He got very angry at that time.

Director Xie had been floating in this circle for decades. He had never taken part in anything dirty. But he was too lazy to manage how it was outside. Yet he couldn’t tolerate these little tricks in his crew.

He had grown old and soft-tempered over the years, and these people thought he was easy to bully. But when he was young, he was particularly skilled in scolding, cursing, and making the crew cry, so that even investors were honest in front of him. With his cold temper and real abilities, his crew didn’t put up with as much crap as others.

Director Xie patted Shen Huai on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, I will give you an account of this.”

He tightened his lips, frowned, and there was a hint of coldness in his eyes, which showed that he would not let it go lightly.

With Director Xie’s assurance, Shen Huai felt completely relieved.

However, Director Xie did not relax his eyebrows and asked coldly, “Junior Shen, did you know Du Yuping?”

Shen Huai’s heart beat quickly, but he still looked very calm. Instead of denying it directly, he asked, “Why do you ask?”

Director Xie pointed out, “I have little contact with that old friend on weekdays, and there are only a handful of people who know about our relationship. This time he was clearly instructed to tell me these things. If we hadn’t seen him buried with our own eyes, I would have thought it was that old man who did it!”

Shen Huai smiled and said, “I have indeed met Mr. Du several times before, but our friendship wasn’t deep.”

“Hmm.” Director Xie nodded and talked about other topics. It seemed to have been just a casual question.

Shen Huai talked with Director Xie for a long time before leaving.

Instead of going straight back to the company, he went to a teahouse.

Guo Wenyuan was waiting for him in the teahouse.

As soon as he saw Shen Huai, Guo Wenyuan hurriedly asked, “How did it go? What did Old Xie say?”

Shen Huai paused, and then  told Guo Wenyuan, what Director Xie said to him.

Guo Wenyuan touched his chin and said, “Old Xie hates people who make trouble in his crew. Fu Cheng has hit the iron plate this time. If his role hadn’t been announced early, Old Xie would have certainly replaced him.”

Shen Huai nodded. “Director Xie said that a press conference will be held in advance to announce the casting results.”

Originally, the cast of “Red Actress” wasn’t holding a press conference until a month later. During this period, the roles could change. Although Shen Huai had confidence in Chu Mei Bo, no one knew what could happen in a month. Only when a press conference was held, the role would be firmly assigned to Chu Mei Bo.

This time Weng Tian and Fu Cheng caused trouble, but in the end it made Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan benefit from their misfortune.

After Shen Huai finished, he thought of Director Xie’s words which he hadn’t mentioned yet, and relayed them to Guo Wenyuan.

Guo Wenyuan broke out in cold sweat. “This old guy is too keen!”

Shen Huai: “…”

Guo Wenyuan sighed. “It seems that I have to shrink my neck in front of this old man in the future.”



Menghe Entertainment.

Hua Rong returned to her office with a gloomy expression. She just received the news that Chu Mei Bo unexpectedly got the role of Cheng Yanxin.

Hua Rong thought in her heart of asking Xu Anqi to audition, but it was a pity that Xu Anqi was restless. Hua Rong was afraid that after she really got the role, she would become even more difficult to control, so she erased this idea from her mind.

Now Bai Shilan had just completed her first role. If Chu Mei Bo really got the role of Cheng Yanxin, it would mean that the gap between her and Bai Shilan would grow bigger and wider. Don’t even mention about using her as a stepping stone, if Bai Shilan showed even the slightest intention to do so, she would be ridiculed by netizens to her grandmother’s generation.

Hua Rong herself was born for marketing. She was very clear that only when their positions were equal they could be used. If the difference between their positions became too big, it would be like throwing away porcelain.

Hua Rong wanted Bai Shilan and Chu Mei Bo to tear each other apart to generate popularity. Then she would write a hot praise to promote Bai Shilan to the top, instead of adjusting her image to that of Chu Mei Bo, because maintaining a similar position would also mean that Bai Shilan would always be a fake, which was the result Hua Rong absolutely did not want to see.

The more Hua Rong thought about it, the more upset she felt. Then, she started blaming those female stars who competed with Chu Mei Bo for this role. They couldn’t even compete with a young newcomer who had just made her debut.

Previously, Song Yimian signed under Shen Huai after the termination of the contract, which had become a thorn in Hua Rong’s heart. If Bai Shilan, who she spent a lot of resources on to hold up, failed….

Hua Rong couldn’t imagine what the people in the company would think of her.

Just when Hua Rong was feeling upset, her mobile phone rang, and Hua Rong answered it impatiently, “What’s the matter?”

The man on the other end of the phone didn’t know what to say. Hua Rong stood up from her chair and said, “What?! Got it!”

This was what she asked someone to check, Chu Mei Bo’s dark history. After a long time of investigating, they finally found out Chu Mei Bo’s family background.

“Her original name is Chu Chu?”

Hua Rong got more and more excited when she heard this. She said hurriedly, “Find a cafe and wait for me to come over. Then we will talk about it in detail.”

She picked up her bag from the table and walked quickly to the elevator.

She walked so fast that she didn’t notice the corner of a dress that flashed by the next cubicle.

When she left in the elevator, a person came out of the cubicle. It was Xu Anqi.

Xu Anqi originally came to Hua Rong to talk about an advertising contract. Who would have known that Hua Rong wouldn’t close her door? She just happened to hear Hua Rong talking on the phone.

She heard Chu Mei Bo’s name during Hua Rong’s phone call. When she combined it with what she had heard in Hua Rong’s office before, she realized something.

Xu Anxi tightened her eyebrows and left deep in though.

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