MAIR – Chapter 125 – Entering the crew of “Red Actress”

In the college entrance examination, Chu Mei Bo did well and basically became a student of Zhongjing Film Academy. Shen Huai specially invited a chef to his house and made a sumptuous banquet for Chu Mei Bo to celebrate.

He invited not only Mr. Guo, but also Cheng Mengjiao and others. The whole room was very lively.

In addition to preparing food for the people, Shen Huai did not forget Tang Wanjun, and specially asked the chef to cook several dishes that Tang Wanjun liked. In addition to fat intestines, there were also several Hong Kong specialties.

Meanwhile Song Yimian already knew that with every meal Shen Huai would prepare a plate of fat intestines to offer for sacrifice. He was worried that Cheng Mengjiao and the others wouldn’t understand this particularity, so he specially explained it to them.

When he made it clear and was about to go get some more red wine, Guo Wenyuan, who was standing behind him, almost scared him.

Since the audition of “East Side City Fog”, Song Yimian’s fear of Guo Wenyuan had miraculously disappeared. Now, although they were still a bit awkward with each other, at least they could communicate normally.

Song Yimian was about to apologize when he noticed that Guo Wenyuan wasn’t looking at him at all. His eyes were out of focus, full of pain, loss, and disbelief, making his whole appearance very complicated.

Song Yimian followed his gaze, to check what he was looking at. 

He found that he was looking … at the plate of fat intestines???

Song Yimian: “…”

He felt that recently the dish of fat intestines in his family had a strong sense of existence. Although his mind was full of questions, he asked Guo Wenyuan thoughtfully, “Mr. Guo, if you want to eat fat intestines, let the chef make another plate for you. This one can’t be moved…”

“No! Don’t talk to me about fat intestines!”

Guo Wenyuan was overwhelmed with grief and indignation. His heart was broken.

He never imagined that the little fairy in his mind, the lover of his dreams for many years, the sweet and soft Tang Wanjun, was unexpectedly a stingy girl who loved to eat fat intestines.

Guo Wenyuan gripped his chest and stumbled upstairs. “Let me slowly…”

Song Yimian looked at Guo Wenyuan’s back, and said to Shen Huai, who walked by, with confusion, “Brother Shen, Mr. Guo … “

Shen Huai waved his hand. “It’s alright, just go first.”

Song Yimian blinked. Although he still felt it was a bit strange, he obediently left.

Shen Huai went upstairs. Tang Wanjun hesitated for a moment but also followed after him.

Chu Mei Bo and Ye Cang looked at each other. They had known Tang Wanjun’s character for a long time, so they didn’t care. But after this period of time, they also gradually understood what Tang Wanjun’s heart knot was. So when she took the initiative to show her true colors, everyone was very supportive of her. But they didn’t expect that Mr. Guo’s reaction would be so big.

Both of them were worried, so they went upstairs. 

Upstairs, Mr. Guo stood on the small balcony, looking ahead sadly. His expression changed several times. At last, he sighed and turned around, only to be frightened by the group of people behind him.

“What are you doing?”

Shen Huai looked at Guo Wenyuan’s face and asked hesitantly, “You… Are you alright?”

Guo Wenyuan scratched his head. “I’m fine!”

Chu Mei Bo’s eyes drifted past Tang Wanjun, who floated in another room. She knew that even if she usually looked very careless, her mind was very sensitive. Even though she said it didn’t matter, in fact, she still cared a lot.

When she thought about it, her expression became serious. “Do you have a bad impression of Junior Tang now?”

Her eyebrows and eyes were sharp, and her gaze was murderous as if she would rip his head off as soon as Guo Wenyuan said “Yes”.

Guo Wenyuan shrunk his neck, but soon straightened his back and exclaimed excitedly, “Who says Miss Tang is not good?”

Ye Cang rolled his eyes and said, “Then what are you doing upstairs with an expression like you are dying?!”

Guo Wenyuan was a bit embarrassed and muttered, “Well… The idol image collapsed. Are fans not allowed to be shocked?”

The three people: “…”

Guo Wenyuan looked at them accusingly. “I have never chased a star vulgarly or superficially! For me, no matter what Miss Tang becomes, it will not change her position in my mind. I am her biggest fan! Loyal fan! Brain-damaged fan!”

Ye Cang trembled and felt that his goosebumps had all dropped to the ground.

Chu Mei Bo wordlessly withdrew her threatening gaze. “Alright, I’ll go down first.”

Guo Wenyuan pointed at their backs with trembling fingers. He was looking for Shen Huai to uphold justice, however, when he turned around he found out that Shen Huai was gone, leaving behind only Tang Wanjun with a smiling face.

Guo Wenyuan’s grievances suddenly disappeared, leaving only a giggle.

Looking at him, Tang Wanjun said solemnly, “Thank you.”

Guo Wenyuan scratched his head and couldn’t fully display his poisonous tongue to the other person, so he stammered, “No… No, you’re welcome.”

Tang Wanjun held out her hand and blinked. “Get to know me anew, my number one… biggest fan?”

Guo Wenyuan shook the hand of his goddess twice. At the moment, he was still in the same room as his goddess. He was so happy that he didn’t even know his surname.

“… If I had known that you like to eat fat intestines! I know a family restaurant that make fat intestines very well. If I have a chance I’ll take you to have a try…. Do you play mahjong? I grew up at the mahjong table….. You also like to play games. That’s right. I’ll take you to a raid next time. Oh, the meaning of raid is… “

Tang Wanjun listened to Guo Wenyuan’s nagging and couldn’t help laughing. She didn’t know when the thick barrier in her heart had opened, letting the sunshine through. 

After dinner, Shen Huai called for a car to drive all of Chu Mei Bo’s friends back, but they had no time to rest. They rushed to the airport because Chu Mei Bo was about to join the crew to shoot “Red Actress”.

This time, the shooting location of “Red Actress” was Shanyang Film and Television City in Yushui and Dongjiang. What they were doing now was the Yushui Film and Television City of the Republic of China.

It was specially built for the shooting of “Red Actress”. Of course, it would not be demolished after shooting the film, but would be opened as a new film and television city and a tourist attraction.

Yushui was a small town, but compared with Shanyang Film and Television City, which had been developed for many years, it seemed a bit desolate.

Director Xie was very strict with the crew and required all the actors to join the crew half a month before shooting started. However, after Chu Mei Bo and the others arrived, they found out there was someone else who had come earlier than them. It was Wei Siyong, the actor playing Zhou Hanchen.

Wei Siyong was also an artist under Guanrui. Compared with Fu Cheng’s shining resume, he obviously kept a lower profile. Although he had been filming these years, he was neither popular nor unpopular. Therefore,  he valued the opportunity of “Red Actress” much more than Fu Cheng and joined the crew a week earlier than the others.

When they met, he greeted them one by one with a smile on his face.

Learning that Chu Mei Bo had been admitted to Zhongjing Film Academy, he was immediately delighted. “What a coincidence! I graduated from the xx class of the Acting Department at Zhongjing Film Academy. Junior Chu will be my junior sister in the future!”

His attitude towards Guo Wenyuan was natural and respectful and even in regards to Song Yimian, he had no intention of putting on airs.

With such an easy-going temper he soon became one with the crowd. The atmosphere in the crew was very harmonious.

Shen Huai was originally worried about Fu Cheng’s arrogance and that he would make trouble, but with Wei Siyong being so easy-going, he didn’t need to worry for the time being.

However, Wei Siyong’s temper was not the most important thing, his acting skills were the key.

Fortunately, the next day was the script reading meeting. Shen Huai was in no hurry to go back, so he accompanied Chu Mei Bo and the rest in the conference room.

Director Xie, as the older generation of directors, paid great attention to the script reading meeting, so they were not allowed to read the lines casually. He required the actors to act just like during the actual performance.

Wei Siyong demonstrated his solid performance skills and strong character building ability there.

He and Chu Mei Bo had the most scenes together. Their scenes were so sparkling and full of tension that even Director Xie could not help clapping the table.

Chu Mei Bo had auditioned with Fu Cheng before, but he was actually a bit disappointed at that time. Later, Fu Cheng was replaced by Wei Siyong, but he didn’t hold much hope, yet Wei Siyong gave him a big surprise.

Good actors could perform very well, but only when they met the same kind of excellent actor would they be more engaged and burst out with a splendid performance of 1 + 1 > 2.

Wei Siyong was such an excellent actor.

Chu Mei Bo didn’t know that Wei Siyong was both excited and surprised.

Wei Siyong didn’t participate in the audition, so he didn’t know Chu Mei Bo’s true strength. He just thought that Chu Mei Bo was a young girl. After all, even if her acting skills were poor, he could still bring her into the play.

Who would have thought that Chu Mei Bo’s performance would be extremely good? He simply felt that Cheng Yanxin’s role was completely tailor-made for her.

For a movie, if the script was excellent and the director’s skills were profound, it would be already half exceeding. If the leading actor was suitable for the role, the other half would also be fulfilled. However, if the leading actor’s acting skills were good, it would be only a matter of time before the movie became popular.

Wei Siyong’s heart was burning.

In fact, he was also holding his breath. Although he got the role in “Red Actress”, in many people’s eyes, it was only because Fu Cheng no longer wanted it. 

On the surface, Wei Siyong didn’t say anything. But when he returned to his room, he got angry and scolded them. He was stubborn. He needed to prove that “Red Actress” was a uniquely good movie, and he was also the ideal Zhou Hanchen.

Now that Chu Mei Bo’s performance was better than he expected, he was very satisfied. Even if the other actors were not so good, it would still be acceptable. After all, good actors were rare. How could they all be concentrated in one movie? 

Then he went through the confrontation with Guo Wenyuan. At first, he had a lot of complaints about Mr. Guo neglecting his official business and crossing the line. However, after the confrontation:

Wei Siyong: “…”

Even if the little girl is young and talented, it doesn’t matter. But, Boss Guo, you became a monk halfway on the road, and your acting skills are so good that it doesn’t make any sense! Can you leave some room for those of us who have a professional background?!

Then he saw Guo Wenyuan and Song Yimian’s confrontation. After all, Song Yimian’s strength was still insufficient and he couldn’t match Guo Wenyuan’s performance.

Seeing that they ended their scene, Wei Siyong unexpectedly nervously wiped his sweat. Fortunately, there were not so many geniuses in this world, otherwise, he would have started doubting his life.

However, he then saw Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan giving some advice to Song Yimian directly on the spot, and Song Yimian’s comprehension was not bad. After listening to their explanations, he would soon be able to enter the state of the character and make rapid progress.

Wei Siyong: “…”

Where did Director Xie find all these monsters?!

It was just that although he roared sadly and angrily in his heart, the smile on his face could not be hidden.

This crew is simply one in a million. I will feel sorry if it doesn’t explode!!

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