TOFUH – Chapter 58.1 – When the fighting continues

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Jiang Zhen’s starting speed was very fast, and he hardly gave people time to respond. And the first person he dealt with was Liu Dacheng.

Since Zhao Liu regarded Jiang Zhen as one of her own, she would naturally talk to him about everything, so she told Jiang Zhen about herself and her family. Eldest Jiang’s memories combined with Zhao Liu’s, and from what he could see of the current situation, he could naturally guess the identity of the Liu family.

To such a person, Jiang Zhen did not feel the need to be polite at all. He waved the door bolt and hit Liu Dacheng on the leg, which immediately knocked Liu Dacheng down. The man, who bragged that the Zhao family couldn’t do anything to him before, screamed in disbelief at this moment.

Liu Dacheng didn’t know of Jiang Zhen’s “fame” in Hexi. When he promised Liu Heitou to make trouble, he didn’t think he would himself be in trouble if he made trouble. As for the possibility of being beaten . . . this was even more unexpected for him.

The Zhao family was having a wedding today! Even if someone were to make trouble, they should only bear it on such a day . . . What was more, he was Zhao Liu’s brother after all. Even if Zhao Fugui and Zhao Liu hated him, with this kind of close kinship, they couldn’t really do anything to him.

Liu Dacheng always thought that when he came to the Zhaos’ house today, he could just eat, drink, and even get something he could take home. If Liu Heitou was satisfied with what he did, his son might even be able to work for Liu Heitou. However, he guessed only the beginning but not the ending.

He did get to eat and drink at the Zhaos’ house, but he was beaten just after eating something.

When Jiang Zhen came out, the Liu family was still saying all kinds of bad things about him and Zhao Jinge, and the loudest one was Liu Dacheng’s wife. Beside her, there was also the woman who made fun of Zhao Jinge when he went with Jiang Zhen to buy meat in the county town last time.

Jiang Zhen sneered, and after knocking down Liu Dacheng, he kicked Liu Dacheng’s wife on her chest. Her mouth was stuffed full with meat. Jiang Zhen then kicked another man in the stomach, and the man covered his stomach with a cry and immediately vomited.

“Go and get him!” Liu Heitou was also surprised to see Jiang Zhen’s sudden attack.

Today was his wedding day, he didn’t expect that he wouldn’t care about that and would start hitting people! Besides, was he really not afraid of offending him?

Liu Heitou looked at Jiang Zhen angrily, but soon, there was a glimmer of pride in his eyes.

The last time he went to take He Qiusheng, he only took a few of his cousins with him. None of them were good at fighting and were caught off guard, so they were defeated by Jiang Zhen. But this time . . .  Liu Heitou came prepared this time, and he really didn’t think he would lose!

After Liu Heitou gave the signal, two experienced goons rushed towards Jiang Zhen. The difference between Liu Dacheng and these two thugs was like the difference between heaven and earth. Jiang Zhen really couldn’t take care of them at the moment. He waved the door bolt to keep them away and shouted at Wang Haisheng and He Chunsheng, “Are you stupid? You don’t know how to help?”

Wang Haisheng was already looking for a weapon. He grabbed a bamboo pole from the Zhao family’s backyard and rushed to help Jiang Zhen. He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng were in a daze.

When they were younger, they fought with other kids while playing, buy now . . .

“Go!” He Chunsheng gritted his teeth and took a bamboo pole from behind the door.

No matter what He Xiasheng thought, he always listened to his older brother. Seeing his brother doing it, he also grabbed a bamboo pole and rushed out. It was just that the two of them didn’t know who to hit.

He Chunsheng glanced around, and his eyes fell on Liu Heitou. This was the man who came to their house last time and beat them and even tried to kidnap their younger brother. This was the man . . .

In the past two days, Jiang Zhen only asked He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng to help them with his work and didn’t teach them anything, but when he instructed Wang Haisheng how to exercise and fight, he didn’t deliberately hide it from them, so they saw how Wang Haisheng exercised every day.

Wang Haisheng was holding a bamboo pole every day and then rushing forward without much skill, they . . . In fact, it could be done. Holding the bamboo pole, He Chunsheng rushed directly towards Liu Heitou. “Die!”

Liu Heitou snorted coldly and was about to grab the bamboo pole from He Chunsheng’s hand.

However, before he could snatch the bamboo pole from his hand, He Xiasheng, who was following his brother did the same thing. They hit Liu Heitou hard on the waist!

Liu Heitou groaned and staggered while He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng were stunned. They had no idea that they could hurt Liu Heitou.

This time, in addition to the Liu family, Liu Heitou had brought six people along. Two of them had already reached Jiang Zhen to hit him while the other four were standing around. After He Xiasheng hit Liu Heitou, the four people rushed towards He Chunsheng and knocked him down with one punch.

A few days ago, He Xiasheng was also knocked down like this. At that time, he had never been hit like that, so he got confused and only knew how to protect his head with his arms, but this time was different. He Xiasheng, who had already been beaten once, was not as scared as he was last time. He jumped up, rushed at the person who hit him, grabbed the other person’s arm, and bit him.

He Chunsheng was also hit this time, but he did the same thing as He Xiasheng and resisted. Each of them was entangled with a goon, and they were about to start fighting again. Wang Haisheng shouted and rushed out, directly knocking down one goon with the bamboo pole!

At the same time, Zhao Fugui also moved. He knew that his physical strength was not good, so he wouldn’t be able to overpower Liu Heitou and his thugs. Instead, he used his broom to greet Liu Dacheng, who hadn’t gotten up yet.

“You bastard! I let you start making trouble!”

When his eldest son died, this man said that it was just unlucky for him to die. He didn’t even attend the funeral and would not pay back the money to his elder sister for medical treatment. Now that his Jinge was finally getting married, he even came to make trouble! Zhao Fugui simply hated Liu Dacheng.

This time, Liu Dacheng was not the only one who came from the Liu family, there was also Liu Ermao, Zhao Liu’s other younger brother, as well as the children of the Liu brothers. Most of the women and children of these people had run away by then, but most of the Men were basically still there. When Zhao Fugui went to beat Liu Dacheng, someone immediately came up to stop him.

Liu Ermao was strong, so he was able to drag Zhao Fugui away. Unexpectedly, Zhao Liu took a burning firewood from the kitchen and burned him, which forced him to let go of Zhao Fugui.

Liu Ermao was angry and wanted to stop Zhao Liu but was stopped by Zhao Jinge who had also finished taking off his new clothes. Although Zhao Jinge was a ger, he was not inferior to an adult man in terms of strength. At this time, he was still very angry, so when he fought with Liu Ermao, he had the upper hand during the whole fight.

That was how the chaos began.

The ordinary villagers who came to see the wedding scene in Hexi had long run away, as well as most of the guests invited by Zhao Fugui. Only Jiang Ping, who thought that, as the village head, he needed to stay and observe the situation. He stayed with his son. But he also hid in the house—Here, if the situation gets worse, I can always close the door.

Of course, Jiang Ping was ready to run away at any time, but his son had his own idea, which was the complete opposite.

Looking at the fight outside, Jiang Ping’s son was so excited that a stream of blood rose from his chest. He grew up with He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng, so they had some friendship. Seeing that the people from Hexi were at a disadvantage, he quietly left his father’s side and caught Liu Dacheng’s eldest son in a fight.

“Ay . . .” Jiang Ping wanted to stop his son, but it was too late. He clenched his teeth and finally grabbed a piece of firewood chopped by Jiang Zhen and threw it.

This village head Jiang had no other skills, but his accuracy at throwing things was excellent. In the past, if he wanted to throw something at his eldest son, he would never hit his second son. So now if he wanted to aim at someone from Qiaotou Village, he would not hit people from Hexi Village.

Meanwhile, Jiang Zhen had already thrown away the door bolt.

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