TOFUH – Chapter 90.2 – Big Appetite

Shen Anxin ordered a chicken soup, a roast duck, and some stir-fried vegetables; the main dish was duck soup noodles. He also wanted to order a jug of wine, but Jiang Zhen refused.

Jiang Zhen didn’t like drinking, let alone, he was also hungry at the moment . . . He just wanted to have a good meal right now . . . Knowing that duck noodle soup could not be served for a while, Jiang Zhen simply ordered four more steamed buns. 

Chicken soup was the first to be served, so he estimated that this had been stewed before.

Half of the chicken was put in an earthen pot, so the bottom was crisp, and there were some red wolfberries floating on it, which made it look particularly good. 

Jiang Zhen scooped a bowl of soup for Zhao Jinge and put the drumstick into Zhao Jinge’s bowl.

The chicken has been stewed for a long time, so the chicken soup was particularly delicious, but the chicken itself was not. Shen Anxin was a little picky eater, so he basically only drank soup and didn’t touch the meat. But Zhao Jinge didn’t dislike the chicken at all.

Although he liked to drink chicken soup, he thought the most important part in chicken soup was eating chicken meat. 

“What is this?” Zhao Jinge pointed to the wolfberry and asked Jiang Zhen.

“This is wolfberry. Eating it is good for your health,” Jiang Zhen said. At this time, several fried dishes were brought up, and some of them were also unknown to Zhao Jinge, so Jiang Zhen introduced them to him one by one.

Zhao Jinge tasted every dish and ate two steamed buns. After the duck soup noodles were served, he ate another bowl of duck noodles. After discovering that Shen Anxin didn’t like chicken, he also fished his half of chicken. 

Although the steamed buns here were relatively small and soft, the amount of food Zhao Jinge ate surprised Shen Anxin. But he soon calmed down because Jiang Zhen ate even more than Zhao Jinge.

Jiang Zhen ate two steamed buns, but he also had two bowls of duck soup noodles. At last, he even cleaned up the dishes on the table, and most of the roasted duck went into his stomach.

Shen Anxin, who only ate one bowl of duck soup noodles and couldn’t finish it: “. . .”  He came out to eat, but he had never seen anybody eat everything clean before! 

“I’ll order some more,” Shen Anxin hurriedly said. He later realized that it was not good to invite people to eat when there was not enough food on the table.

“I can’t eat any more,” Jiang Zhen said. “I don’t like wasting food.”

Jiang Zhen was very satisfied with the meal. After taking a look at Zhao Jinge and finding he was also satisfied, he made up his mind to bring Zhao Jinge out for a meal again. 

After dinner, Jiang Zhen separated with Shen Anxin and took Zhao Jinge back to the Zheng mansion. 

They walked all the way back, and Jiang Zhen deliberately wanted Zhao Jinge to walk slowly. But Zhao Jinge was used to striding and couldn’t slow down. He sighed and Jiang Zhen followed him.

As soon as the two of them arrived at the door of Zheng family house, someone ran out of the gatehouse. When they saw Jiang Zhen, he patted his thigh and said, “Jiang Zhen, I’ve caught you!” 

“Doctor Hu? What’s the matter?” Jiang Zhen asked.

“Of course it’s something!” Dr. Hu said. “It’s the technique of stitching up the wound. Young Master Zheng asked us to study it again.” 

In fact, Dr. Hu visited Jiang Zhen several times in the past few days. But Jiang Zhen went to the docks every day, leaving only Zhao Jinge to answer the question, and he did not know a lot. 

After the medical research came out, it was beneficial to the country and the people. How could Jiang Zhen not care about it?

“I have already said what I know,” Jiang Zhen said.

“But it can be organized in more detail!” Dr. Hu said. “Young Master Zheng said that when the time comes, this method will be presented in your name, which would be a great thing for you!”

Jiang Zhen thought about it and agreed. It’s really good for him. That is, if something happened in the future, with such merit, others would have to weigh more when they wanted to touch him.

Jiang Zhen took Zhao Jinge with him and went to Dr. Hu’s place. After discovering that Dr. Hu had paper and pencils, he was even more delighted. He took those paper and pencils and let Zhao Jinge practice writing beside him.

Doctor Hu glanced at Zhao Jinge’s ugly handwriting and felt like his good paper was being wasted.  However, he asked Jiang Zhen to write his own name on it and to write about the method of stitching up the wound, so he generously gave all those pens, ink, paper, and ink stone to Zhao Jinge. 

Although Zhao Jinge knew that Jiang Zhen was rich now, he couldn’t help wanting to save money, so he was even happier when he heard these words. At the same time, he began to practice his calligraphy carefully so that his handwriting would not be so thick and big.

Zhao Jinge was very serious and attentive when doing it. So after Jiang Zhen and Dr. Hu talked about wound disinfection, they couldn’t help but focus on Zhao Jinge.

The appearance of Zhao Jinge practicing calligraphy at his desk was actually a little bit incongruous; after all, his whole person was not very compatible with ink and pen. But he was very serious, using the tip of his pen to carefully write a single character.

Jiang Zhen took a look at it, and saw his name. 

Jiang Zhen couldn’t help but feel moved, and he looked at Dr. Hu and said in a low tone, “For a pregnant person, is there any obstruction regarding this matter?”

He had heard his comrades complain about their wives being pregnant and having had to go without meat for a year. Since he learned that Zhao Jinge was pregnant, he didn’t dare have bad thoughts but was still thinking about it, so now he even asked about it. 

Dr. Hu, who was studying the medical technique that would benefit the country and the people, was affected–his hand shook and smeared the ink on the paper. This Jiang Zhen really has the nerve to ask! 

“I’m just asking, but it doesn’t matter if I can’t.” Jiang Zhen was also a little embarrassed. In fact, it’s okay to let Zhao Jinge use his hands or legs. But how could he not turn into an animal when he saw Zhao Jinge writing there? 

“He’s in good health, and it doesn’t matter if you do it a little lighter. It’s just that, for the first three months, it’s best not to do anything,” Dr. Hu said. This matter also depended on the person. Some people were so unstable that they could cough up their children with a few coughs, just like Zhao Jinge. There are some people in the countryside who had too many children and didn’t want more, so they went on great lengths to get them out. But in the end, they had no choice but to give birth and then strangle it. 

Dr. Hu couldn’t help sighing when he thought of what he had seen and heard when he was practicing medicine in the countryside. 

Jiang Zhen remembered that he couldn’t do it for the next three months, but this three months . . . would be almost over in the blink of an eye.

He didn’t know that Zhao Jinge was pregnant, but fortunately, they didn’t lose the child. Jiang Zhen felt a little guilty, so he subconsciously looked at Zhao Jinge.

Zhao Jinge had just finished writing a few words, and when he stopped writing, he found that the atmosphere was not quite right. “What’s the matter?” He seemed to have heard “three months” or something.

“Nothing,” Jiang Zhen said very seriously.


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