TOFUH – Chapter 176.1 – Extra About The Eldest Jiang

Jiang Zhenwei couldn’t help himself after hearing this date. 

He accepted that he had been reincarnated and was planning to slowly get used to it all, but he didn’t expect this. 

If he heard correctly, his parents said he was born on the fifth day of May?

Will they not want him?

A wave of panic rose in his heart, making him unable to restrain himself from crying. He was still very small, and poorly developed so he couldn’t hold back his tears. 

 “The baby is crying, he’s crying!” Zhao Yihui was excited. “I told you he would be fine, he was born on the fifth day of May, the same date as our ancestors! He will grow to be impressive!” 

“Yes, our baby will be very good in the future.” Jiang Nana kissed the child on the forehead, also very happy that their child finally cried!

Jiang Zhenwei was crying so hard that his eyes were hazy with tears, making him unable to see anything around him, but he could still feel someone kissing him.

They were kissing him, they weren’t disgusted with him because he was born on a bad day, they were kissing him!

Jiang Zhenwei was a little taken aback, not believing what was right in front of him. 

Because he was so shocked, he didn’t show much of reaction again. Noticing this, Zhao Yihui got worried again. “Baby, baby, what’s wrong? Is daddy crushing you?”

Jiang Zhenwei saw the expression on his face, which was full of worry.

When he was growing up, he had never seen such a worried expression on the faces of the Jiang family.

Even after he grew up, no one had ever cared about him like this either. 

He suddenly remembered a lot of previous memories. 

When he was lying in that transparent box, this man was always staying by the box and talked to him. 

He pooped and peed but this man would clumsily help to clean him up.

Also this woman, he could see that she was unwell, but she still came to see him several times and would talk to him in a soft voice.

Jiang Zhenwei extended one of his hands towards the man in front of him.

He did not know what he wanted to do, but he was sure that he did not want to make this man sad and upset.

Zhao Yihui hugged him excitedly.

Everything that followed was just magical to Jiang Zhenwei. 

He saw many things that he had never seen before, like he had really come to a magical place.

He periodically felt as if he was dreaming. 

Here, he didn’t have to worry about starving. Here he had loving parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. 

His mother was young and beautiful, while his father was handsome and dashing. Everyone in this family was so good that he was ashamed of himself.

The only downside was that he was just too boring. 

 He was too boring, and that seemed to upset his parents. 

He was trying to change, and make them happy but he didn’t seem to be doing enough.

Jiang Zhenwei felt a little uneasy and scared. 

In their village, a sick child would be abandoned. If he behaved abnormally, would he also be abandoned? 

He recalled all the reactions of his younger siblings as children and tried to imitate them, yet his parents seemed to become even more worried. 

Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana were indeed worried.

Their child would react when he saw them, but it was always a half beat slower than other children and when he didn’t see them… 

Looking at the motionless child in the monitor they became sad. 

This child who they thought was autistic, or something very similar, made them finally came to the conclusion that his brain might be damaged.

Fortunately, their son was still very young. Even if there was some brain damage, there was still a chance for him to improve. 

“Jiang Zhen will be fine for sure.” Jiang Nana said. 

“Yes.” Zhao Yihui nodded his head in agreement.

Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana named their child Jiang Zhen.

The meaning of “Zhen” was very good, and it has the same sound as Zhen, which would be a good blessing for their child. It was also because Zhao Yihui wanted to borrow the blessing of his old ancestor, since his ancestor’s name was Jiang Zhen. His son would be named with similar characters so he will also be called Jiang Zhen!

However, even if Zhao Yihui thought so, Jiang Zhenwei, no, Jiang Zhen knew nothing. 

He was still a bit confused. 

For a person who was born and raised in Hexi village and never left He Cheng country, everything in this modern age looked like paradise to him. 

At first, he was in low spirits and didn’t care about anything. His eyes couldn’t see anything around him, so he didn’t find anything wrong with his situation. He could only recognize a few people around him but now…

Lamps that glowed, a flat box on the wall with small people inside and even a magical object known as a cell phone. 

All this surprised and awed Jiang Zhen, which only made him even more dull and frightened. Because of this, he, who was already in poor health, became even more sickly.

However, this made the people around him even more sure that he was a child with a problem.

Even though their son had problems, Jiang Nana and Zhao Yihui never gave up on him. 

They stayed with him, worked hard to develop his intelligence while taking good care of him. 

Jiang Zhen hadn’t spoken for a long, long time before he died, so he was not even sure if he knew how to speak. 

After reincarnation, although he was loved by his parents, he still didn’t speak. He couldn’t speak, but he was also worried that if he spoke too early he would be taken as a demon. 

His younger siblings were all more than a year old or almost two before they started speaking. 

Jiang Zhen was very tangled and couldn’t help being distracted. Especially when there was no one around him, so he laid still. He acted like this in his last life too. Then, no one paid attention to him, and no one knew that there was something wrong with him psychologically, but now it was different.


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