TOFUH – Chapter 58.2 – When the fighting continues

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Such weapons were especially suitable for Liu Dacheng, but they were not suitable for fighting against experienced people. Such weapons were too bulky and exhausting.

Liu Heitou didn’t want to kill anyone. The people he brought didn’t use knives, and Jiang Zhen didn’t use any sharp weapon either. The two sides fought each other with bare hands.

These people were very good at fighting, and it was very difficult to find someone’s weakness. However . . . Jiang Zhen was a man who was very good at finding other people’s weaknesses.

When Jiang Zhen kicked three inches below the navel, one of the people who fought against him suddenly fell to the ground. He couldn’t even scream. After taking care of one, it was easy to Deal with the other . . .

“Jiang Zhen, how dare you!” Liu Heitou looked at Jiang Zhen with a black face. He really didn’t expect that this man would dare to fight against him. He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng too, these people . . . they used to be frightened by a small intimidation, but now they dared to do this!

“You too,” Jiang Zhen said in a slow breath and went straight for Liu Heitou.

“Jiang Zhen, you are not afraid . . .” Liu Heitou wanted to have a good talk with Jiang Zhen. He believed that if Jiang Zhen knew the consequences of offending him, he would be subdued, but . . . Jiang Zhen didn’t want to talk with him at all.

Jiang Zhen knew very well that once he became soft, it would be difficult to gain respect later. And he wanted to be respected.

Liu Heitou was born in the countryside, so he certainly didn’t have a great background. He probably depended on someone else; he would have to check it later. Now, he needed to teach these people a lesson first.

People like Liu Heitou, when they saw others give in, would definitely take advantage. But if they were frightened they would no longer dare to do anything.

Liu Heitou brought the Liu family and six other subordinates this time. He took it for granted that he would win against Jiang Zhen, but he didn’t want to fight Jiang Zhen himself in the end. What was more, he didn’t expect that . . . when Jiang Zhen fought him this time, he would be much more powerful than last time! Didn’t Jiang Zhen use all of his strength last time? He was a farmer who had been working in this village all his life. Why was he so good?

Liu Heitou’s face showed how startled he was, but Jiang Zhen used all of his skills at this very moment.

The last time when he fought Liu Heitou, he had just gotten back from a long journey, so he was tired, but found out that he could deal with Liu Heitou well. Naturally, he would not use all of his skills, but this time was different. Earlier, he had been in good spirits, but now, he was very furious—his own wedding had been disturbed! Under such circumstances, it was natural that he would fight fiercely.

Liu Heitou couldn’t resist Jiang Zhen anymore and soon clenched his teeth, taking out a dagger he planned to use in this fight. However, when Jiang Zhen sized him up at the beginning, he could already see that there was a weapon hidden on him. Therefore, when his hand moved, Jiang Zhen already had a countermeasure in place.

As soon as Liu Heitou pulled out the dragger, it was snatched by Jiang Zhen. Then Jiang Zhen locked his throat with his arm and put the dagger tip right under his eyes.

He Chunsheng and the others could no longer resist Liu Heitou’s men. Jiang Zhen was about to be besieged, but his skills immediately reversed the situation. Liu Heitou was in his hands, who would dare to continue fighting?

Liu Heitou did not expect that he would be defeated so quickly, so he froze in place. Jiang Zhen wasn’t surprised with this situation. If he had not been sure, he would have never dared to do it. He would have certainly taken out the “good things” he had hidden in the house.

“Jiang Zhen, let me go!” Liu Heitou shouted.

The last time Liu Heitou shouted, Jiang Zhen did let him go, but this time, Jiang Zhen didn’t.

“Let you go? You make trouble when I’m just getting married and expect me to let you go?”

“What do you want?” Liu Heitou frowned, but he was not afraid. He didn’t believe that Jiang Zhen would do anything to him this time.

“I don’t want anything right now, but this will not necessarily be the case in the future.” Jiang Zhen smiled and cut Liu Heitou’s face with the dagger. The sharp dagger cut through the skin, and blood came out.

Liu Heitou shivered and felt very cold for some reason. This Jiang Zhen has definitely killed people! Liu Heitou suddenly regretted it. When he first clashed with Jiang Zhen, he already knew that Jiang Zhen was not easy to mess with. In this case, why had he come to provoke Jiang Zhen again?

“I’m in a bad mood right now. Do you think maybe I should do something?” Jiang Zhen turned his wrist and peeled off a layer of skin off Liu Heitou’s face.

People who had been injured knew that it didn’t necessarily hurt much to have a deep cut, but it was very painful when a layer of skin was peeled off.

At the moment, Liu Heitou was in terrible pain, but he was different from the people Jiang Zhen had dealt with before. He didn’t cry out from the pain.

“This is . . . What’s the matter?” a hesitant voice sounded.

Jiang Zhen glanced up and saw Yang Jing standing not far away with a tangled look on his face. Beside him was the shopkeeper of the porcelain shop.

Jiang Zhen was getting married and had invited Yang Jing, but Yang Jing didn’t want to come early . . . He had lost face in Hexi before; if he had come here earlier, wouldn’t he be a joke? Yang Jing thought that for his own sake he should give Jiang Zhen a gift when he got married, but it would be better to come late so no one would see him . . . As for his wife and children, in order to avoid learning that he had not been very brave in the past, it was better not to bring them here. So he went out very late in the morning, and when he got at the dock, trying to find a boat going to Hexi, he unexpectedly met the owner of the porcelain shop, who was also going to meet Jiang Zhen in Hexi.

Well, Yang Jing didn’t know what was going on. Jiang Zhen was obviously in the seafood business two months ago, but since then, he was able to get porcelain that even the porcelain shop owner valued highly! He seemed to have made a lot of money . . . He hasn’t become a water bandit and robbed someone, has he?

Yang Jing thought a lot, but did not know that he really guessed a part of it right . . . Jiang Zhen really did rob someone—he robbed the water bandits. Yang Jing sighed in secret and came to Hexi Village with the shopkeeper of the porcelain shop. Knowing that this day was Jiang Zhen’s wedding day, the owner of the porcelain shop also said that he would like to ask for some wedding candy to eat. But it turned out . . . How could this messy place be a wedding? 

Yang Jing looked at the way Jiang Zhen held Liu Heitou’s head, inexplicably feeling his face hurt a bit. Back then, Jiang Zhen cut his face with a knife too!

“Master Yang! It’s Master Yang! Master Yang, I’m Little Hei!” Liu Heitou shouted at Yang Jing with a smile on his face.

He and Yang Jing knew each other, and wasn’t this Yang Jing also the yamen officer who was offended by Jiang Zhen before? Yang Jing was here; he would save him!

Yang Jing did know Liu Heitou; he liked gambling and often hung around in gambling shops in the countryside. Liu Heitou was one of the top thugs raised by a gambling shop. The gambling shop had some background, so Yang Jing didn’t dare to start a conflict in the gambling shop, but Liu Heitou was just one of the gambling house’s thugs; he didn’t care about him.

“Little Hei  . . . what’s going on?” Yang Jing asked, sympathizing with Liu Heitou. Was this the same Liu Heitou he encountered before?

What’s going on? Can’t Yang Jing see it? Liu Heitou was shocked when he heard Yang Jing’s question. This time, he found that Yang Jing was looking at Jiang Zhen with fear. This . . . Liu Heitou suddenly realized that Yang Jing would not stand up for him. And . . . Yang Jing was even carrying a gift in his hands . . . He was afraid that Yang Jing came here to give a congratulatory gift to Jiang Zhen!

After Jiang Zhen beat the yamen officer up, he was still able to ask the yamen officer to give him a gift? What is going on?

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