TOFUH – Chapter 57.2 – Someone is making trouble

Now, in the face of Zhao Fugui’s questions, the Liu family were still smiling. Liu Dacheng, the eldest brother of the Liu family, smiled and said, “Brother-in-law, aren’t we here for the wedding?”

“I didn’t invite you,” Zhao Fugui said angrily.

“That is your mistake. Jinge is getting married. How could you not invite his uncle? According to  tradition, when he marries, we need to carry him!”

Liu Dacheng went to the tables that had already been set up by the Zhao family, pushed aside a guest, and sat down on the edge of the table. “As uncles and aunts that have the closest relationship, you have to give me a big red envelope.”

According to rural customs, if the bride had a brother when she got married, this brother needed to carry her out. If there were no brothers in the family, someone from her maternal family’s side would do it, like the uncle or cousin, and the bride’s family would give them a red envelope.

But . . . it was customary for a married niece to give a big red envelope. Even when an uncle gave a red packet of 100 copper to his nephew, the nephew or niece only needed to give him 50 copper. Not only that, the uncle from the mother’s side was supposed to help in the wedding preparations!

In the end of the day, this so-called red envelope was only because some people thought it was too much to ask for both money and help, so they finally gave a small red envelope.

Liu Dacheng’s statement showed his extreme shamelessness, but they did even more shameless things.

Liu Dacheng’s wife also sat down, took the things on the table, and ate them. She also said to some men from Hexi, “Zhao Liu is really unfilial. Her son doesn’t even say anything to his family when he gets married. She never knew how to be polite. But now she is getting more and more foolish, making her parents angry.”

“The Zhao family are living such a good life and could even hold such a decent wedding. At the beginning, we only borrowed ten silver from the Zhao family, and she came back and forth for it for ten years. I’ve never seen such a stingy person.”

When the first person opened their mouth, more and more people from the Liu family spoke excessively, and some people even commented on Zhao Jinge.

“This Jinge is so ugly. I don’t know how he hooked up with a man who was willing to marry in.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with people . . .  Once upon a time, there was an eunuch who was bitten by a dog in our village. As long as someone is willing to marry, no matter who it is, will you marry?”

“Yes. If not for that, who would want to marry such an ugly and old ger?”


 . . .


These people scolded without restraint, but they also kept eating the food and even took out baskets and casks and started emptying the dishes. They were so fast that the guests invited by the Zhao family could not respond.

Sometimes in this world, the more shameless you were, the better you could take advantage of it.

“What are you doing?” Wang Haisheng looked at the people discontentedly and stood up. He used to be a very timid man, but after being with Jiang Zhen for a long time, he was no longer the silent man he used to be.

“Yes! What are you doing? Stop it!” He Chunsheng also stood up, and his brother, He Xiasheng seeing this, stood up quickly as well.

Although He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng had come today, they had been shrinking in the corner without any sense of presence. They knew that their identity was a little embarrassing. Seeing that the Zhao family had no need for help, they hid in a corner and didn’t say anything. They just wanted to eat the wedding banquet silently and leave. And as it turned out . . . Liu Heitou came!

Having been beaten by Liu Heitou several times, He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng were afraid of him. When they saw Liu Heitou, they couldn’t help but feel a bit weak and even wanted to turn around and run away. But if they ran away this time . . . wouldn’t all their previous efforts be useless? Their days might be even more miserable in the future.

He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng were trying hard to not run away when they saw Wang Haisheng stand up. Even though they felt embarrassed, they also stood up.

“Looks like people are still daring to talk to us like that. After my sister married into the Zhao family, she turned a blind eye to us, didn’t she?” Liu Dacheng said angrily and overturned a table.

The dishes on that table had already been eaten or emptied by them, but the plates that were still there were all smashed to pieces.

Liu Dacheng was called by Liu Heitou to make trouble for Zhao Fugui and his family. When his eldest daughter came back from the county town a few days ago and told them that Zhao Jinge might be getting married, their family didn’t care—they didn’t want to have anything to do with the Zhao family because the life of the Zhao family was difficult. But what they didn’t expect was that, even though they didn’t want to have anything to do with the Zhao family, Liu Heitou from their village unexpectedly came to their door . . . Naturally, they didn’t dare to not listen to Liu Heitou’s words, so they came  here to make trouble. And after seeing that the Zhao family’s marriage banquet was so respectable, they were even more eager to find fault.

The sound of the bowls and chopsticks falling to pieces on the ground was so loud that Zhao Fugui clenched his fist in resentment. Just then, Jiang Zhen strode out of the house.

Today was his wedding day. Although Jiang Zhen had long regarded Zhao Jinge as someone from his family, he knew how much he cared about these customs. He didn’t regard the wedding as sacred but still calmly completed the process. After all, this was his wedding, a once in a lifetime wedding.

He took Zhao Jinge into their new house, and their mother was saying auspicious words. But before he could lift Zhao Jinge’s red veil, there was a loud noise outside. He finished the process at the highest speed, lifting Zhao Jinge’s red veil and drinking a glass of wine. He couldn’t believe that someone dared to overturn his table!

Jiang Zhen himself had overturned the table of the Jiang family once, but no one was allowed to overturn his own table! What was more, this was his wedding!

Zhao Jinge had looked forward to this wedding so much that he had been trembling in delight, but someone wanted to destroy it . . ..

“Looking for trouble?” Jiang Zhen scanned the people present, and finally, his eyes fell on Liu Heitou.

“I heard that you changed your name to Jiang Zhen? Jiang Zhen, your mother-in-law . . .  Oh, you married in! Then it is your mother, your mother is from Lijia Village, so we as your relatives have come here to drink the wedding wine.”

Liu Heitou looked at Jiang Zhen with a sneer on his face. In fact, he could have come to make trouble earlier, so that Jiang Zhen could not even pay his respects in the ancestral hall, but he didn’t do that. If Jiang Zhen wanted to marry the ugly ger or go to live in the ugly ger’s house, why should he stop him? He couldn’t wait!

Liu Heitou looked at Jiang Zhen with disdain in his eyes. Up until now, he had completely ignored Jiang Zhen and wanted to see the mess he caused Jiang Zhen. The Liu family were his relatives. When relatives came to his door, what could he do?

“Jiang Zhen!” Zhao Jinge came out of the house with his eyebrows wrinkled tightly, so the scar between his eyebrows stood out even more.

Liu Heitou glanced at Zhao Jinge and said with a sneer, “Is this the man you married? He is really ugly. He can’t compare with the little ger you saved last time. However, there are still uses for a big man like him. You don’t have to be afraid of breaking him.”

As Liu Heitou spoke, Jiang Zhen had already started taking off his new clothes. He threw his clothes at Zhao Jinge and let him take them. Jiang Zhen grabbed the door bolt and went out.

If a bad guest came to your door, it was better to fight them out!

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