MAIR – Chapter 118 – New drama

Guo Wenyuan’s new project was a spy war drama, called “East Side City Fog”. This was a work adapted from IP, and it was also an original that Guo Wenyuan had personally found and invested in.

After experiencing his assistant’s various unreliable series like “The Overbearing President Fell in Love with Me” Guo Wenyuan lost his temper and simply rolled up his sleeves to search himself.

Du Yuping had not been acting for many years now, but his vision was still good. As an actor, he didn’t have many options in the past, so now when he was an investor, he naturally wanted to compensate for his regrets from his last life.

However, he didn’t expect that even after becoming an investor, he still needed to face the same dilemma.

In the end, either he didn’t like it, or he took a fancy to it, but the investment department of the company didn’t approve it, making his assistant cry and hug him by the leg, refusing to let him face the disaster.

So after a long time, Guo Wenyuan still had only the “ Red Actress” role on his hands.

Finally, Guo Wenyuan crouched directly in the copyright department of the company, looking for something he thought would be good, and discussed it with Shen Huai.

Shen Huai picked out the “East Side City Fog” from this pile of scripts.

In fact, the book didn’t do well when it was serialized on the Internet. The author’s writing style was relatively naive. Although the plot setting was very exquisite and there were many scenes that had brilliant settings, there were also many plot holes.

Guanrui’s copyright department was hesitant.

However, Guo Wenyuan trusted Shen Huai very much, so he directly decided to buy it and act as the leading actor and producer himself.

Guo Wenyuan was aware that the script was the core of the project, so after buying the copyright, he spent a lot of money to find the top screenwriters in the industry, but regarding the choice of director, he chose a small less known person named Shao Ning.

Shao Ning didn’t have a professional background as a director, but was interested in this line of work. On a holiday, he had rented Yunshui Film and Television City to make a short film.

At that time, Du Yuping hadn’t yet met Shen Huai and was a ghost imprisoned in Yunshui Film and Television City. He would watch Shao Ning make a movie every day and his complaints about the acting skills of the unprofessional actors in this unprofessional crew.

But he was very optimistic about Shao Ning.

Shao Ning had no professional background, but he loved movies. His lens language was also not as neat and refined as that of professional directors, and had a slightly wild style.

But Du Yuping also learned in a wild way, and the aura of Shao Ning’s unprofessional audio-visual language was just to his taste.

When Shao Ning learned that, he directly dropped out of school without saying a word, and signed up for the director’s advanced study class.

This action directly made many actors quit. After all, a director who was still in the study class couldn’t give people a sense of trust.

When Guo Wenyuan first discussed the script with Shen Huai, he complained in a few words.

Shen Huai kept it in mind.

Later, when Shen Huai was looking for a new role for Song Yimian, he thought of this movie.

He asked Guo Wenyuan for the script to check it. It had to be said that the gold level screenwriter was the gold level screenwriter. He more or less changed the overall structure of “East Side City Fog”, making the whole plot more compact and exciting, but retained the exquisite plot settings and wits from the original work. What surprised Shen Huai even more was that, after the dramatic adaptation of the screenwriter, the characters also became much more complex. Just by reading the script, you could feel the impact of the whole movie.

The most unexpected villain among them, on the surface was a honest and shy student. But in fact, he was a mole planted by the neon army in China. He confronted the protagonist several times and appreciated the protagonist very much, but was still very cold when dealing with him. There was a great contrast between these two sides, and the characters were full of tension.

This was the role Shen Huai wanted Song Yimian to audition for.

Although it had been several months since Song Yimian’s accident occurred, and the two of them acted together in “Red Actress”, Song Yimian played a very small part and in fact his shooting time was not long. But in “East Side City Fog”, they would have a lot of scenes together, which was not a simple thing.

Because of this, at the time of “Red Actress”, Shen Huai had suggested Song Yimian to fight for a role, but now he hesitated about “East Side City Fog”.

In the end, Shen Huai could only put the script of “East Side City Fog” temporarily aside, and then go to pick another one.

When Song Yimian came back from class, he received a call from the cooking aunt. She said that she had stewed Sichuan Pear Soup for Shen Huai, but because she needed to do something urgent for her family, she asked Song Yimian to deliver it for her.

Song Yimian readily agreed and came to the company with the pear soup.

It just so happened that Shen Huai was having a meeting. The assistant knew that he was an artist under Shen Huai, so he asked him to go in the office and wait.

Song Yimian put the pear soup on Shen Huai’s desk, but when he was turning around, he accidentally knocked off a script. He was going to pick it up and put it back, but he saw that Shen Huai had written his name on the cover of the script with a pencil.

Song Yimian was a bit curious, so he opened the script to have a look. Unexpectedly, he was fascinated by it and read it until Shen Huai came in, and even then he didn’t notice him.

Shen Huai didn’t expect that Song Yimian would see the script of “East Side City Fog” and did not know how to explain it for the time being.

Song Yimian didn’t notice his embarrassment. Although he tried to restrain himself, you could still see his excitement. He said carefully, “Brother Shen, this script is very good, and the plot is just wonderful. Is it the new play you selected for me?”

Shen Huai hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

Song Yimian’s face suddenly showed an excited expression, but he soon regained his calm, holding the script tightly in his hands. As a small unknown actor who had spent two years at the bottom of the entertainment circle, he knew all too well how rare it was to encounter such a good script. He also saw Shen Huai’s analysis inside the script. Shen Huai wanted him to audition for the role of the villain Urano, which was also the role Song Yimian was most eager to act.

When Shen Huai saw this, he no longer kept if from him, “This script is really good, and I have considered it, but…”

Song Yimian saw Shen Huai frown, and his original excitement gradually cooled down. Shen Huai knew better than him how good this role was. He didn’t tell him, because there were other reasons.

Shen Huai sighed and did not hide it from him, “The producer and leading actor of this movie is Guo Wenyuan.”

Song Yimian was stunned.

Compared with the time when his face turned pale just from hearing Guo Wenyuan’s name, he was much better now. But when he thought of this person, he couldn’t help feeling disgust and fear.

Shen Huai also noticed his expression and comforted him by saying, “It doesn’t matter, there will be other, better opportunities in the future.”

Song Yimian pursed his lips tightly and didn’t speak, but both he and Shen Huai understood that for a small unknown actor like him, this kind of opportunity could not be sought, otherwise Shen Huai would not have been so hesitant.

What else could Shen Huai say? Tang Wanjun, who had been watching them all this time, said faintly, “I have never seen an agent like you. Such a good opportunity is in front of him, but instead of forcing him to agree, you still consider his mood?”

Her eyes moved from Shen Huai to Song Yimian, and she said lightly and almost inaudibly, “You are so lucky…”

Shen Huai found that Tang Wanjun’s mood suddenly became depressed, which was a bit strange.

At this moment, Song Yimian opened his mouth. He looked at Shen Huai firmly before saying, “Brother Shen, I have decided to participate in the audition.”

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