Chapter 5 – The first song

The Top 10 of “Star of Tomorrow” adopted a new schedule system. The game was broadcasted live on the Tomato network and then appeared on the television in a recorded video. This is a big test for the contestants because once there are any mistakes, there is no chance to remedy them, which is a great test for the players on-the-spot performance and mentality.

The first stage contestants take turns singing, and mentors will choose who to promote personally. The contestants will directly enter the top eight, the remaining undecided contestants will engage in the PK battle, eliminating two people.

This kind of competition system is very cruel, the demand is also very high, even the upper circle contestant did not dare to take it lightly.

By contrast, Ye Cang, who is enjoying himself and having fun, is an exotic flower.

Several contestants sat together and chatted with each other. They made all kinds of jeers, taunting Ye Cang.

“Ye Cang is too arrogant. because he thinks he has no hope of entering the top eight, so he just broke the jar and fell?”

“Don’t say that. At least he’s already taken up a place for elimination, which has relieved us a lot of pressure.”

“Oh! This is also true. I am just behind him and I feel no pressure.”


Several people said that and looked at Zheng Zhao, who was silent next to them. Zheng Zhao had good strength and high popularity, there were many voices around looking forward to him winning the championship. Among these people, Zheng Zhao was standing in the center.

He said scornfully, “Don’t you think it’s a loss to talk about this kind of straw bag and play with him?”

Several players laughed. Just then, a cold voice came from the side: “Talking about others behind their backs, playing with you won’t hurt.”

Several faces changed. When they look back, they see a handsome and resolute man. He differed completely from them. It was now the most popular and strongest, known as champion candidate Li Zihang.

Xiang Maren had stammered and closed his mouth.

Zheng Zhao looked bitterly at the back of Li Zihang, and finally left with a sullen face.

Zheng Zhao came out after going to the bathroom and ran into Ye Cang when he washed his hands. He vented all the grievances he had received from Li Zihang on Ye Cang: “I heard that you are in the hot searches again? Also, if you don’t have the ability, you can only use these means to gain popularity.” He said, glancing contemptuously at Ye Cang’s wrist.

Ye Cang is somewhat inexplicable, if other people resent him, he will not bear it and directly replied:n“Who are you? Do I know you?”

Zheng Zhao did not expect that Ye Cang, who had always been weak, would fight back. He froze, and then gnashed his teeth and said, “Ye Cang, you have balls!”

Ye Cang: “Of course I have balls, don’t you?”

Zheng Zhao rushed away angrily.

Ye Cang was not affected in the slightest, tidied up his sleeves, and returned to the dressing room. Zheng Zhao still remembered the bathroom and glared at him with hatred.

Shen Huai frowned and looked at Ye Cang with questioning eyes.

Ye Cang shrugged. He was innocent, too, okay?

Li Zihang just finished rehearsing and saw this scene. In the previous knockout stage, he and Ye Cang did not intersect. In his impression, the other party had been flinching and spoke in a voice similar to that of mosquitoes, but this time when he saw Ye Cang, he felt as if he was completely different from his own impression.

There is a screen to broadcast live in the make-up room because it is the first live broadcast, so many contestants more or less made some mistakes, so the atmosphere of the scene has become more dignified.

When it was Li Zihang turn to take the stage, almost all the contestants turned their eyes to the screen.

Li Zihang wore stage makeup but did not appear feminine, on the contrary, it outlined his face more deeply which triggers a scream from fans as soon as he comes on stage. His repertoire today is a recent English fast song, coupled with singing and dancing, making a live scene extremely difficult.

However, Li Zihang did not have any stage fright. He even performed better than he did during rehearsal. The stage was bursting, the hormones exploded, and the screams of fans almost penetrated the entire broadcast studio, even in the dressing room they clearly heard it.

Many of the players were pale, but Ye Cang, who played after Li Zihang was very calm.

The staff came up and said, “Ye Cang is ready to go on stage.”

Ye Cang stood up, but when he got to the door, he suddenly stopped. Not far away, Zheng Zhao snorted, thinking he was afraid.

Shen Huai knows Ye Cang’s strength, and will not have such a worry, just some doubts: “Did you left something behind?”

Ye Cang shook his head and said, “Go to the auditorium later!”

Shen Huai: “Why?”

Ye Cang: “I think you’re not my fan because you haven’t seen my live performance.”

Shen Huai: “….”

How much do you care about this?!

Yao Jianning and Cao Yun are both students of Zhongjing University. Yao Jianning is a star-chasing dog. He has become a fan of Li Zihang since the start of “Star of Tomorrow.” Although Cao Yun did not chase after the stars, he also accompanied Yao Jianning to the venues. Driven by Yao Jianning, he became a passer-by fan of Li Zihang.

The two of them managed to get tickets for the top ten when Li Zihang came on stage, and when the singing and dancing was over, both of them shouted themselves hoarse.

The three judges did not hesitate to advance Li Zihang. Yao Jianning was so excited that he patted Li Zihang crazily with an SLR. It was not until he got off that he unwittingly turned on the live broadcast software, which was two minutes slower than the live broadcast. At this time, it was the end of Li Zihang’s performance, the bullet screen was as crazy as the live one.

[Li Zihang is amazing! I can’t believe the stage is so stable!!]

[My husband is so handsome!!!!!]

[The contestants behind him are too miserable]

[Behind him is Ye Cang. Suddenly, I kind of sympathize with the judges. The gap is too big.]

[I don’t want to listen to garbage, I will say goodbye first.]

[ha ha ha ha ha, if hot chicken Ye Cang can make it to the top eight, I’ll eat shit live.]

Yao Jianning smiled with the corners of his mouth, just as they boasted about themselves.

Cao Yun on one side pressed his stomach: “No, I was too high just now. I have to go to the bathroom. Who will be next? “

Yao Jianning saw the bullet screen and casually said, “It’s Ye Cang.”

Cao Yun: “Oh, that’s fine. I’ll go to the bathroom first.”

Many people had the same thoughts as Cao Yun, and the aisle was blocked immediately.

It was at this time that Ye Cang stepped into the stage. He sat quietly in the middle of the stage. A beam of light came down from the top of his head and carved out more profound features with shadows. He clearly did nothing. But the noisy audience at the bottom could not help but quieten down.

Xia Fei sneered disapprovingly, holding a pen and preparing to give the newcomer a good lesson later.

However, when Ye Cang opened his mouth and sang the first sentence, Xia Fei’s pen “clattered” and fell on the table.

Cao Yun, who originally was so eager to go to the toilet, also froze.

Ye Cang held the microphone, his eyes closed slightly, his voice with no decoration, but naturally, like a clear spring percolating into the hearer’s hearts and lungs, unspeakably comfortable.

Such a slow song should have suffered a lot of losses after such a strong song and dance from Li Zihang, but there was no such trouble for Ye Cang, The warm blood provoked by Li Zihang slowly calmed down by his voice. They entered the world Ye Cang built for them.

The teenager in a white shirt and jeans had a simple and clear look with a touch of innocence that had not experienced worldly infection. He always had bright eyes and never gave up, this straightforward and warm emotion almost unreservedly transmitted to the audience.

When the passion of the chorus passes, the treble turns low and Ye Cang’s voice line is slightly rough. This is an imperfect flaw, but it unexpectedly touches the softest part of the audience’s heart. Who did not have unrealistic dreams when they were a teenager? Although many people will finally give up for various reasons, after the reality of the storm and snow, they have grown into smooth and secular adults. They are most unable to resist such clean and pure emotions.

The camera swept through and many of the audience burst into tears.

Originally crowded and bustling aisle also seems to stand still, Cao Yun wiped his face, only to realize that he unwittingly burst into tears.

Shen Huai stood in a dim corner, and Ye Cang, who was shining on the stage, seemed to be in two worlds. Only when the light and shadow on the stage occasionally swept him, he could see the light in his eyes. Once he thought the 3D projection he saw in his former home had already shown the strength of Lu Yang, but now that he saw the scene, he understood what tyrant-like stage dominance is all about.

No one can leave him, no one can resist such a song, when he stands on the stage, all of them are his subjects.

Shen Huai looked at the stage, caressing the position of his heart, feeling that it was intense as if it was about to jump out. He has always been calm, never had such a feeling, so novel, but… not annoying.

At the end of the singing, the scene slowed down for half a beat before the applause, even accompanied by less obvious sobs.

Yao Jianning finally calmed down and saw Cao Yun, who was supposed to go to the toilet, come back with tears. “Oh, Yao, I’m going to climb the wall…”

Yao Jianning immediately threw that little bit of brotherhood out of the clouds, gnashing his teeth and saying, “Don’t you dare! Climbing the wall is ten pounds fatter!!!”

“Ten pounds is ten pounds!” Cao Yun sniffed and looked at the judges. His words were full of ferocious calf protection. “My brother is doing so well. If the judges don’t give him a promotion, I’ll rush up and blow their brains out!”

Yao Jianning: “…”

The director seemed to hear the voices of all the viewers, pointing the camera at the three judges, especially the middle Xia Fei. Xia Fei’s cool face made people feel half cold. No one thought Xia Fei would hit his face, but unfortunately, Ye Cang did so well.

However, no one thought that under Xia Fei calm appearance, his heart was as surging as a volcanic eruption. The moment Ye Cang opened his mouth, he seemed to have returned to his youth. It was the first time he had heard Lu Yang’s song. It was like a torrent that rushed down from the sky and made him shudder. He couldn’t say a word.

It suddenly dawned on him that over the years he had cared too much about trivial things and neglected the song itself.

Now, Ye Cang’s song makes him instantly return to the original intention of liking music. He is sure that the person who can sing such a song is not an opportunist!

When everyone felt that Ye Cang’s promotion was hopeless, Xia Fei opened his mouth.

“As a music program, we still have to talk with music in the end. Some unimportant things don’t need too much attention. In terms of the song itself and singing, I think this song deserves a promotion.”

Audience: “…”

Wait a minute. The deal was that he will never be promoted?!

This astonishing reversal shocked netizens.

[What’s called an insignificant thing!! That’s not what Mr. Xia said on your Weibo!]

[Does Mr Xia’s face hurt? 23333]

[Teacher Xia don’t know, anyway, my face is very painful now!]

[Is this…. The True Fragrance Law That Everyone Can’t Escape??]

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