MAIR – Chapter 111 – Yihang Film and Television Studio

The day after handing over the copyright library to Shen Huai, Yi Mian instructed his lawyer to file a bankruptcy liquidation in court. The symbol of a movie in the memory of a generation, became a thing of the past.

But at the same time, a small studio was set up on the upper floor of Morningstar Company. More than a dozen employees went in and out moving materials, inadvertently revealing the logo and the name of the studio.

——Yihang Studio.

On the same day, a newly certified Studio V sent a Weibo message on Weibo.

@Yihang Studio V: Yihang, start over [struggle] [struggle] [struggle]

However, not many people noticed the Weibo message, and very few responded to it. Only a few zombie accounts posted ads at the bottom.

No one knew that in a few years’ time, this small and unnoticed studio would become a myth that will shake the whole film and television industry.

For the current Yihang Studio, there was little that could be done. Shen Huai also didn’t plan to eat a fat man in one bite. Although he was willing to step into the film and television industry, he also knew that the waters in the film and television industry were very deep, absolutely inappropriate for him to step into hastily.

After finishing setting the studio, the person in charge came directly to the villa to report to Shen Huai.

Originally, Shen Huai intended to go to the studio to have a look, but he was worried that his presence in Morningstar would bring about a nosy crowd, so he had to give up on this plan.

The person in charge of the studio at present was Zhu Chen, who was always in charge of the industry for Shen Huai.

Zhu Chen had learned Shen Huai’s habits early on, and didn’t talk much. After reporting everything neatly, Zhu Chen asked, “Boss, what are we going to do next?”

Looking at the data on the computer, Shen Huai pondered for a moment, before saying, “In recent years, the market for online dramas and online movies has developed rapidly. It no longer consists of crude productions like in the past, but of more high-quality and hyped ones. Now, people’s drama-watching habits are also changing. With the short production cycle and quick realization of online dramas and movies, I think there is still room for development.”

Zhu Chen nodded, “So, Boss means that we will invest in online dramas next?”

“You can consider starting from there.” Shen Huai fixed his glasses. “But the investment in film and television is no different than others. If the variables are too many, don’t invest too much at the beginning and test the waters. Start with lowl cost online dramas and online movies.”

Zhu Chen agreed and asked about his work before leaving.

Shen Huai turned off the computer and walked out of the room. When he passed Ye Cang’s room, he paused and raised his hand as if he wanted to knock on the door, but he was afraid he would disturb the other person, so his hand froze in the air.

At this moment, the door of Ye Cang’s room opened, and Ye Cang came out. The two men looked at each other for a moment.

Ye Cang took off his earphones and said, “Do you want to come in?”

Shen Huai’s eyes looked over his shoulders and fell on the table behind him, which was covered with messy papers. Shen Huai asked, “Writing songs?”

Ye Cang shook his head and said, “It’s the songs of several newcomers from the company. I’ll have a look at them.”

Since Ye Cang learned that new singers had been suppressed, although he didn’t say anything on the surface, Shen Huai found that he went to the company more frequently recently and communicated with the newly signed singers more than before. Even the Weibo of “Your Father” seemed to be more active than before.

Among the rising singers of Ye Cang’s generation there may be competition, but many of them appreciated each other and promoted each other, which was why there were wonderful flowers blooming occasionally.

Now, although Ye Cang had friends like Li Zihang and Xue Chengge who competed with each other for general progress, as well as partners like Yan Xiangming and Fang Ziqing who worked with him purely for the sake of music, he had also experienced some vicious competition, as well as the power behind the scenes that suppressed talented new singers.

Ye Cang knew there was little he could do, so he tried to help these new singers as much as he could, just like the help he got when he started his own career.

Maybe his power was too meagre, and even interfered with his time for rest and writing songs, but Ye Cang thought it was worth it.

Shen Huai understood his mindset and what he was doing. Even if he was a bit worried when he saw Ye Cang staying up late, he wouldn’t stop him.

Ye Cang scratched his head and looked at the coat hanging from Shen Huai’s arm. “Are you going out?”

Shen Huai nodded, “Junior Song’s part is almost over, so I’m going to pick him up.”

Although his identity had been exposed, Shen Huai still hadn’t forgotten what he should do.

Ye Cang just “oh”-ed and stopped him again when he saw that Shen Huai was about to leave.

Shen Huai: “What’s the matter?”

Ye Cang: “Your tie is crooked.”

Shen Huai didn’t doubt it and was about to bow his head to straighten his tie. But Ye Cang stopped him and said, “I’ll do it.”

He took two steps forward and raised his hand to grasp Shen Huai’s tie.

The height of the two of them was similar, but Ye Cang was a little bit taller. From his point of view, he could even see the long eyelashes behind Shen Huai’s lens, which quivered like fragile butterfly wings.

Ye Cang’s heart moved, holding Shen Huai’s tie, he gently pulled him to himself, and then “chu” kissed him on the lips.

Shen Huai froze, pupils slightly dilated.

Ye Cang saw his eyes through the lens, and couldn’t help lingering on his lips for a moment longer.

Shen Huai’s eyelashes trembled, then he closed his eyes and responded to his kiss.

The two were in love with each other, and things got out of control. Fortunately, Shen Huai remembered his own affairs in time, and took half a step back. “At night… Besides.”

Ye Cang was a bit disappointed, but he also understood that Shen Huai had work to do, so he could only bear his desire for now.

Shen Huai bowed his head and fixed his tie, his ears slightly red.

Ye Cang slightly calmed down his breath and walked over.

Shen Huai raised his hand to stop him. “Not now…”

Ye Cang said helplessly, “This time I will really fix your tie.”

With that, he really lowered his head and straightened the tie for Shen Huai. Just when Shen Huai thought he was going to let go, he leaned over to his ear and said in a hoarse voice, “Come back early.”



When Shen Huai came over, Song Yimian’s part had just finished. The screenwriter handed him a bucket of small flowers. The actors beside him laughed and gave him two gift boxes. Some actors who had a good relationship with Song Yimian rubbed his hair.

Song Yimian stood in the middle of them, his face dirty, but his eyebrows and eyes curved, looking very happy.

Just then, someone saw Shen Huai first and quietly called, “Brother Shen!”

The originally amused crowd immediately became more restrained, and the actors who jumped on Song Yimian calmed down.

The last time Shen Huai came to Song Yimian’s crew, his identity had not yet been revealed. Everyone only regarded him as Song Yimian’s agent, so they got along with each other more naturally. But this time, when they already knew Shen Huai’s identity, they didn’t dare to act so presumptuously.

Song Yimian, who was pulling a ribbon from his head, hurriedly looked up and his eyes brightened. “Brother Shen, you are here!”

Shen Huai smiled and said, “I knew you finish today, so I came to pick you up.” After saying this, he handed over the drinks, “Thank you for your care and encouragement.”

“No… You’re welcome.”

“Thank you also for all your encouragements, Brother Shen. If you want to talk, we’ll go back first.”

Several actors took the drinks from Shen Huai’s hands and before Song Yimian could say anything, the crowd split.

Song Yimian looked at their backs and then at Shen Huai. He seemed to be worried about Shen Huai being unhappy, so he quickly explained, “Brother Shen, they…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Huai was gentle. “I can understand.”

Song Yimian breathed a sigh of relief. Thinking that Shen Huai had specially come to pick him up, he was both happy and a bit embarrassed. “Thank you, Brother Shen.”

Shen Huai said, “You are my artist. This is my job.”

Song Yimian was shocked. “I thought…”

Shen Huai: “Hmm?”

Song Yimian lowered his head and whispered, “I thought Brother Shen would not be my agent any more, after all…”

Shen Huai patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, since I signed you, I won’t give up halfway.”

Song Yimian nodded forcefully, “Hmm! I believe in Brother Shen.” When he finished, he thought of something else and quickly added, “Brother Shen, thank you for believing in me. I will work hard, and I will not let you down!”

Shen Huai looked at Song Yimian’s trusting eyes, and the sincere smile on his face. He suddenly felt something in his heart.

In fact, he was also worried about whether Song Yimian’s attitude would change after he learned of his true identity. After all, Song Yimian was just an ordinary person, much different from his family’s two big shots.

But just like the reason why he decided to sign Song Yimian in the first place, Song Yimian was a pure and stubborn person. As long as he set his sight on a goal, he would firmly move in that direction, and he admired Shen Huai. No matter what his identity was, he didn’t care, because in his mind, Shen Huai was just his agent.

Shen Huai asked about Song Yimian’s shooting. Song Yimian was originally a very thoughtful person and this role was very close to his true character. Coupled with the teachings of big shots like Chu Mei Bo and other big shots who taught him, he made rapid progress and was praised by the director several times.

Song Yimian was not a very private person, he expressed his understanding and discussed it with other actors, directors and writers. The atmosphere in the drama crew was very good. Thanks to this discussion, they gained new inspiration to make the whole drama more perfect.

And Song Yimian himself, during this shooting, regained the fun and confidence of acting.

Just as they were talking and walking towards the car, a figure came running to them breathlessly.

Song Yimian was surprised and exclaimed, “Director Wan!”

This was the director of this online drama, Wan Shan. He wasn’t old, at most about 30 years old, having unexpectedly thick hair, a beard, and wearing a messy coat. He didn’t seem to exercise often and was breathless after running this short distance.

Before he could catch his breath, he hurriedly said, “Brother Shen, please stay. If you have time. Can we talk for a while?”

Song Yimian seemed to think of something and his face changed slightly. “Director Wan, you … “

Shen Huai had already guessed why Wan Shan was looking for him. He gently patted Song Yimian on the shoulder. “Wait for me in the car, I’ll talk to Director Wan.”

“Brother Shen!”

Song Yimian wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything, and dejectedly went to the car with the keys.

Shen Huai and Wan Shan went to a milk tea shop nearby. He didn’t guess wrong, Wan Shan really wanted him to invest.

This was Wan Shan’s first time as a director. He spent a lot of effort on this drama and even sold his house and car. Although the whole production team looked like a team of newbies, Wan Shan was still very good at calculating and spending money on the right things.

It was a pity that this drama was far more expensive than he imagined. Even though he had saved enough money, there was still a big gap in the later stage of shooting and his money was gone.

Wan Shan had been soliciting investment everywhere recently. Unfortunately, most of the investors were not very interested in a crew of a new director, a new screenwriter and newcomer actors. Some of them were not even willing to look at the sample films, and they just drove him out.

Wan Shan was desperate, so he took Shen Huai as his last straw.

But in spite of this, he didn’t try to sell it  miserably or use Song Yimian as an excuse. Instead, he solemnly took out the edited samples as well as the investment plans, and clearly described the amount and the purpose of the investment.

In response to his attitude, Shen Huai nodded in his heart.

Shen Huai watched the sample film. It had to be said, it was an unexpected surprise. Although there were still some shortcomings, the good points outweighed them. For a small cost online drama, it was already very good.

Wan Shan sat opposite Shen Huai and wiped his face nervously, like a prisoner waiting for the sentence.

Shen Huai raised his head and said with a smile, “It’s a good film.”

Wan Shan smiled with surprise. “Really? Then the investment… “

Shen Huai took over the investment plan and read it carefully before saying, “Can I take this plan with me?”

Wan Shan was so happy that he couldn’t speak. Finally he stammered, “You… Please help yourself.”

Shen Huai nodded, “Thank you.” He accepted the proposal and added, “In a few days, when the investment evaluation results come out, someone from the studio will contact you.”

Wan Shan was a little surprised. “Studio?”

Shen Huai: “Yes. It’s called Yihang Film and Television Studio.”

Wan Shan repeated the name twice in his mind. Although he had never heard of the name, it didn’t matter. What was important was that he would finally receive the funding!

He solemnly said to Shen Huai, “Brother Shen, don’t worry, I will make a good show. When I was a child, a fortune teller told me that when I become 30, I would meet the dignitary of my life and I would prosper! I think you’re my dignitary! I’m sure this show will be a hit!”

Shen Huai was amused by his serious words and nodded, “Alright, I believe it.”

He also believed that the first production of Yihang Studio would have a good start.

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