MAIR – Chapter 108 – 818 The true identity of Ye Cang and Chu Mei Bo agent

Although there were some minor problems before, they did not affect the progress of the casting press conference of “Red Actress”. When the makers of the film were seated, the host continued according to the process of the press conference.

After confirming the press conference had started, Shen Huai left the scene. Because the temperature of the air conditioner was set relatively high, he slightly loosened his tie. At this moment, his job was over, and Shen Huai got a little distracted.

He didn’t know if Ye Cang had woken up yet.

Thinking of Ye Cang, he thought of the madness of last night, and a light touch of red rose at the roots of his ears.

Shen Huai stood in the corridor, holding his cell phone and thinking of sending a message, but he hesitated.

This was a rare experience for him. Shen Huai took a deep breath and finally decided to put away his mobile phone. He would call Ye Cang after the press conference was over.

After Shen Huai made this decision, he was ready to go back to the press conference.

Who knew that as soon as he walked out of the corridor, he would encounter Tong Yun who was in panic. When she saw Shen Huai, it was as if she had met a savior and hurriedly called, “Brother Shen!”

Shen Huai frowned and asked, “What are you doing here?” He then thought of the press conference. “Isn’t this a mass media interview? Why didn’t you follow Sister Mei but came here instead?”

Tong Yun said quickly, “Brother Shen, do you remember when Sister Mei was blocked by the media at the school gate before? She quarreled with a reporter and said that she would never accept any interviews with this media in the future?”

“I know.” Shen Huai’s expression gradually got serious. “I remember when I was communicating with the PR before, I specifically mentioned this matter, and did not arrange any interviews with reporters from this media.”

He paused. “Did reporters from this media sneak in?”

“Yes!” Tong Yun was so worried that she was about to cry. “When I went to fetch water for Sister Mei, I saw a man who looked like that reporter. When I told Sister Mei, she told me to come to you right away …”

Shen Huai quickly pieced together the course of events. As the most anticipated No.1 domestic movie, “Red Actress” had received a lot of attention and was naturally regarded as a hot cake by the media. If the reporter of that media sneaked in just because of its popularity, it would still be alright, but he was afraid he had bad intentions.

The security of this press conference was very strict. All media reporters and staff had reported and prepared personnel information in advance. When they came in, they had to register their ID cards. Even when Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo came in, they didn’t skip this step. It was very difficult to sneak in.


Shen Huai thought of Hou Zhang’s sudden appearance, and his face changed slightly.

He didn’t spend any time comforting Tong Yun, but rushed to the venue of the press conference.

When Shen Huai arrived there, the media group questioning had been going on for some time, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. The host said with a smile, “There is time for one last question, please…”

Before he finished speaking, a man suddenly stood up in the media area. “I have a question to ask Miss Chu Mei Bo.”

There was an uproar at the scene, and the host’s face stiffened. “Excuse me, please follow the interview rules…”

Chu Mei Bo frowned. She had already recognized this man as the malicious reporter who stopped her at the school gate.

Without waiting for the host to call the security guard, the reporter asked quickly, “Miss Chu, can you respond to the rumors that you are being supported behind the scenes?”

As soon as his words fell, it was as if a bomb exploded. Almost all the reporters focused their cameras on Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan, who was sitting next to her. The sound of the shutters echoed incessantly.

Chu Mei Bo’s expression was cold, Guo Wenyuan looked to one side with a hint of anger, and the expressions of the other makers of the film also changed.

There was a surprised expression on the faces of many reporters. This was just a simple headline. After all, the casting press conference of “Red Actress” was quite standard. How could it be more popular than the rumors of being supported? 

The host panicked and immediately said, “Which reporter are you? What nonsense! Where’s the security guard?”

When Shen Huai arrived in a hurry, he was just confronted with this farce, and his face completely sank.

Chu Mei Bo’s eyes looked at the reporter coldly. The reporter shrunk his neck uneasily, but when he saw the effect he had caused, he suddenly showed a smug expression.

Before, because of the incident at the gate of Chu Mei Bo’s school, he didn’t get any useful information, and his whole company was blacklisted by the other side. As a result, he was scolded half-dead by the chief editor. After the incident got serious, he was directly fired by the company as a scapegoat.

He hated her to death and wanted revenge. He originally wanted to mix in using his press card. But unexpectedly, the security of the press conference was very strict, and Chu Mei Bo stayed true to her words and did not allow their company’s reporters to enter.

Just when he was at a loss, he met Hou Zhang and the others. He didn’t know if they were unaware or if they did it on purpose, but they directly took him inside to the press conference.

Now that the venue fell in chaos, the reporter was fearless. He said to Chu Mei Bo in a provocative tone, “Miss Chu, answer the question!”

However, before Chu Mei Bo could open her mouth, a cold voice came from the side.


The scene was suddenly quiet, and everyone looked at the place where the voice came from.

Looking cold Shen Huai directly walked over to shield Chu Mei Bo behind him.

Shen Huai knew that Chu Mei Bo must not talk about this matter. This was originally a rumor without any evidence, but as soon as Chu Mei Bo opened her mouth, no matter what she said, it would only fuel the rumors, which would greatly damage her reputation.

The reporter was stunned. “Who are you?”

Shen Huai said coldly, “I’m Chu Mei Bo’s agent. I’ll ask a lawyer to initiate a lawsuit for the reputation damage caused by your slander of Chu Mei Bo.”

“Now, my artist is going back to rest. Please get out of the way.”

After Shen Huai finished, he shielded Chu Mei Bo as they went back.

Since that reporter had done such a thing, he had long been prepared for a slander and reputation damage lawsuit. Even if the other side won the lawsuit, it would only be an apology. He had already lost his work, why would he be afraid of this?

He directly stood in front of Shen Huai, and said without a smile, “Miss Chu, the public has the right to know the truth, which is also my duty as a journalist, so you’d better respond!”

Shen Huai stopped, and seemed to see through the reporter’s mind. He said pronouncedly, “It’s the duty of journalists to dig up the truth, but it’s not their duty to throw dirty water on public figures. Neither is it their duty to make up garbage news to pollute the public opinion. With all due respect, what you have done does not deserve to be called journalism.”

His eyes were like acid, almost forcing the reporter to take a step back. However, when the reporter realized it, he got angry and said in a strange voice, “You are just an agent. What are you so excited about? Is it difficult to…. Are you two having an affair, too?”

Shen Huai looked even colder and glared at the reporter as if looking at a dead man.

“I hope you won’t regret what you said today,” he said, and directly left the press conference shielding Chu Mei Bo.



As soon as the press conference of “Red Actress” was over, the video of this scene immediately spread all over the Internet.

“Honey” was on air, and Wen Nan who was played by Chu Mei Bo was searched frequently. Now, that she as a newcomer won the role of the heroine in “Red Actress”, she was regarded as an actress who had rapidly risen recently.

The news about her soon attracted a great deal of attention.

However, the follow-up development was completely different from what those behind the scenes expected.

At the beginning, when the rumor of being supported burst out, Chu Mei Bo’s fans still passionately defended her. However, Chu Mei Bo had good acting skills and her image in the audience was also good. Coupled with her magnanimous response at the school gate before, even though the water army was working hard, there were not many people who fell for it.

So soon, everyone’s attention took an unexpected turn. 

[I don’t want to believe it, but the agent is so protective of my Sister Mei. Do they really… ]

The comment was quickly buried under the netizens’ responses.

[I seriously considered this possibility…. ]

[shit shit shit shit!! It can’t be true! ]

[Don’t talk nonsense! My Elder Sister Mei didn’t admit it at all. Well, I absolutely won’t believe it without official announcement!! ]

[But if you look at it like this, Sister Mei and her agent are quite a good match]

[I thought no one could be worthy of my sister, but the agent is handsome and a MAN. I think it’s alright for him to protect my sister like this]

[Immortal CP!! Mother agrees to this marriage!! ]

[It’s normal for an agent to protect their artists. I don’t think these two are having an affair. ]

[That’s it! Leave my beautiful Elder Sister Mei alone, smelly man go away! ]

The “pro-love” party and the “anti-love” party quarreled in the comment section of #Chu Mei Bo fell in love with her agent#. As soon as the topic appeared on Weibo, it rushed all the way to the hot searches, and then quickly gained popularity.

The netizens stood in their respective positions and began a heated debate whether Chu Mei Bo was in love or not. No one paid attention to what they didn’t care about.

Water army: “???” 



Cherry had recently been busy preparing for the second season of “Star of Tomorrow” and had not been on Weibo for a long time. It was not easy to find time to rest, so when she opened her Weibo to browse through during her break, she immediately saw the topic among the hot searches.

Cherry: “?!!” 

She hurriedly opened the hot search, and after reading the whole story, she breathed a sigh of relief.

She was scared to death, and almost believed it was true. But it was just a netizens’ YY, and then she got angry.

Evil!! This was just so evil!!

When it comes to CP, our CangxHuai was first! It is sweeter too!

As a fan of the CangxHuai CP, how could she bear it!

So Cherry rolled up her sleeves and joined the battle through her second account.

[Our CangxHuai is real!! ]

Her post immediately aroused public anger. Many netizens directly mocked her in the comment section, prompting Cherry to quit it. But after all, she was the No.1 CP fan of CangxHuai, with a lot of resources on her hands.

At first, only Cherry and a few fans were having a verbal fight, but later, more and more people joined the fight. Both sides acted as Sherlock Holmes and started digging up clues about Shen Huai getting along with the two of them, trying to prove that they were right.

At this point, no one could match Cherry, an expert at sugar picking. She was one against hundred, but she was not in the least afraid.

Weibo was completely reduced to a battlefield of the dignity of CP fans. No one would back away, so the war spread further and further, and directly advanced to the entertainment forum.

At this time, the starting point of this topic was completely skewed to the Mariana Trench, and people, no longer satisfied with the superficial evidence, started digging deeper.

At this time, a post quietly appeared on the front page of the entertainment forum.

——818 the real identity of Ye Cang and Chu Mei Bo agent

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