MAIR – Chapter 119 – The growth of Song Yimian

After getting along with each other for some time, Song Yimian blindly trusted  Shen Huai. He knew that he was not the same kind of person like Hua Rong. Moreover, after reading the script, he liked the character Urano very much and was reluctant to give up this role.

He had been in this circle for two years, and knew that this circle was far less beautiful than it was on the surface. But since he intended to stay, he had to face these problems.

As a man, he had to be strong. He couldn’t rely on others for everything and couldn’t hide behind Shen Huai forever.

He was grateful that Shen Huai had been protecting him silently, but he could not stay in his comfort zone forever and never walk out.

He could meet someone like Mr. Guo in the future. Would he have to run away every time? He had to learn how to deal with such people.

Seeing Song Yimian’s firm gaze, Shen Huai sighed softly in his heart.

Song Yimian was gentle, which inevitably gave people the impression that he lacked backbone. Although he loved acting very much, he lacked ambition. Shen Huai always wanted to find a chance to wake him up, but he didn’t want Song Yimian to change.

Since this was the case, Shen Huai no longer hid it and said bluntly, “It’s a good thing that you can take the initiative to face it, but don’t burden yourself by putting all this pressure on yourself.”

“Nowadays, there is a fierce competition in the acting industry. There are many movies like ‘East Side City Fog’ that are favored by the industry, and there are more actors who want to compete than you think. What you have to do is not only overcome the psychological pressure, but also more importantly,  compete for the role of the character Urano, which increases the difficulty, so that the final result is uncertain.”

When Shen Huai said this, Song Yimian realized that he still thought too little.

He only thought that the leading actor and producer of this movie was Guo Wenyuan, but it hadn’t occured to him that he might not even be chosen for this role in the first place. If he was just stuck in self-pity full of thoughts of how to face Guo Wenyuan, he might as well give up the opportunity now.

Shen Huai’s words could be considered as a slap to his face, thoroughly awakening Song Yimian.

Song Yimian immediately corrected his attitude and said a bit embarrassed, “Brother Shen, I know. I will certainly study the script carefully.”

When he thought about it, his fear of Guo Wenyuan had somewhat subsided. He bowed to Shen Huai and left with the script.

After Song Yimian left, Shen Huai turned to Tang Wanjun.

In his impression, Tang Wanjun was cunning, cheerful, fond of eating, playing and enjoying life. Even in history, she was “the queen of love songs” who swept the whole Asia, so much that Shen Huai forgot how much she had struggled to reach the top of Hong Kong’s fiercely competitive entertainment circle at that time.

Ye Cang and the others regarded the sweet and lovely person in front of them as Tang Wanjun’s mask, but who knew if what she showed at this moment was not another mask?

In addition, Tang Wanjun was murdered. Although this was a cold case in history, Tang Wanjun may know who the murderer was, but her bright appearance made others forget this matter.

This reminded Shen Huai that although Tang Wanjun seemed to be trying her best to find out how to come back to life, she actually had no desire to come back to life.

Shen Huai paused for a moment and then said, “The past has passed. For you now, everything is new.”

Tang Wanjun looked at Shen Huai, blinked off the complex look in her eyes, with her lips slightly hooked up she said, “Yes, I think so too.”

Shen Huai heard the irony in her words and felt somewhat helpless.

He didn’t try to persuade Tang Wanjun to let go of her hatred, but it was not a good thing for Tang Wanjun to be trapped in the past.

However, Shen Huai also knew that she was very defensive. She couldn’t open her heart easily, so he didn’t insist, but only said, “If you have any demands, you can ask. If you don’t go too far…”

Before he finished speaking, Tang Wanjun asked with surprise, “Really?!”

“Can I have a portion of fat intestines for each meal?”

Shen Huai was silent for a long time. “Yes, you can.”

Later, the whole Morningstar Company was rumored that one of Mr. Shen’s favorite dishes was fat intestines.



It was soon the audition day of “East Side City Fog”.

To outsiders Guo Wenyuan’s approach seemed to be fooling around. Although he chose a small IP with a humble reputation, he hired the gold level screenwriter Yu Fan, but selected a director without any professional background and few works to show.

It was also because he invested his own money, that if anyone from Guanrui’s investment department dared to say anything, they would be dismissed immediately.

No one knew how many people were waiting to see Guo Wenyuan fail. Some even thought they didn’t need to wait until the shooting started, the famous dandy would lose interest and go to play with something else.

No one expected that Guo Wenyuan could do a good job and select the cast single-handedly.

For the audition, instead of choosing a big hotel for the sake of splendor, he chose a relatively cheap ordinary hotel. Many people thought he was a dandy who spent a lot of money, but now he had gone insane.

Besides, there were a lot of people coming for the audition, including students majoring in acting, students that were undecided, and even some supporting actors who had participated in movies and TV dramas. It was not bad for this group to have such a configuration.

In addition, some people took this as an opportunity to start a relationship with President Guo, but there were still many who came for the audition.

When Shen Huai and Song Yimian came over, they attracted a lot of attention, not because of Song Yimian, but due to Shen Huai’s identity.

Before making a splash on the Internet, Shen Huai’s identity was a hot topic. They all originally thought he intended to enter the entertainment circle, but they didn’t expect that it was just Shen Huai’s personal hobby.

Guo Wenyuan often went to Shen Huai and many people in the circle knew about it. Now they naturally thought that Song Yimian would enter through the backdoor making many people whisper. They didn’t dare to do anything to Shen Huai, but their eyes were not so friendly when they looked at Song Yimian.

Song Yimian hesitated for a moment.

Shen Huai noticed and said, “Don’t think too much. Forget all the irrelevant things, and immerse yourself into the role.”

Song Yimian regained his mind and nodded.

Shen Huai didn’t jump into the queue based on his relationship with Guo Wenyuan, but drew a number, and waited with Song Yimian at the back of the line.

Sitting on the windowsill, Tang Wanjun laughed before saying, “Since you have connections, why not use them? These people will not be grateful for your fair competition against them. Instead, they will only think you are stupid. Even if you win with your own strength, they will only think it was because of your connections. In that case, why bother?”

Shen Huai felt helpless. Since that day’s conversation in the office, Tang Wanjun no longer seemed to blindly maintain the cheerful and thoughtless appearance in front of him, and occasionally said something like this.

Now that there were so many people present, Shen Huai couldn’t say anything but just listen for a while.



At the same time, in the audition room it was dead silent.

Guo Wenyuan looked at the actors coming and going in front of him with a heavy face. He had already experienced the audition of “Red Actress”, so Guo Wenyuan didn’t actually expect too much, but unexpectedly, the end result still made him very angry.

He didn’t care about the identity of the actor, it didn’t matter whether he had a professional background or not, but since he came to the audition he should at least take a look at the script to understand the character he wanted to act. This kind of flirtatious and handsome acting was only hurting his eyes.

As a result, Mr. Guo’s poisonous tongue was unleashed again.

This time, he was the producer and the investor. They had to listen to what he said, but his critique was justified. Some people who were more vulnerable mentally directly cried after being scolded.

Screenwriter Yu Fan and Director Shao Ning both looked at Guo Wenyuan with surprise, and then looked at each other again.

Originally Yu Fan did not want to take part in this movie, but as a gold level screenwriter in China he still needed to cherish the big financier’s father, even if he didn’t want to fool around with Guo Wenyuan.

Later, Guo Wenyuan personally came to find him, so he couldn’t afford to offend the other person in the face and could only reluctantly accept the script.

In the process of cooperation, he found that Guo Wenyuan respected the script very much, so he could not help but take it more seriously. Finally, the finished product came out, and he himself was very satisfied. After that, he met Shao Ning and found that although he had no professional background, he still had some skills, which gave birth to certain confidence.

Now, seeing Guo Wenyuan’s behaviour in the audition, all his comments hit the nail on the head, not to mention the rest. Just his vision and his research on the script proved that he hadn’t come here to play on a whim.

With this in thought, Yu Fan got much more serious.

Guo Wenyuan didn’t expect that the audition would make the two makers completely change their attitude towards him, and knowing this he felt very depressed.

In fact, before he died he came across some problems. Thanks to the fan driven economy, the actors’ appearance had become their biggest weapon. For fans, even if the actor’s acting skills were not good, they were willing to pursue them as long as they liked them. Over time, even some new actors with some skill started to gradually slack off.

Nowadays, this situation was getting worse and worse, and various disfiguring acting techniques emerged one after another on TV, which made Guo Wenyuan feel true despair.

However, as a producer,  he quickly sorted out his mood, and went on to call over the next one.

Song Yimian was called to the audition room by his number. He took a deep breath and then entered the audition room.

As soon as he came in, he saw Guo Wenyuan sitting in the middle. He hesitated for a moment, but soon straightened his back and walked before the several people there.

He looked at the top of Guo Wenyuan’s head and introduced himself.

Guo Wenyuan also recognized him. Song Yimian would come to audition, it was what Shen Huai told him before, but Shen Huai didn’t ask for the backdoor, but asked him to strictly follow his role.

Although Guo Wenyuan had mentioned before that he wanted to compensate Song Yimian for the original owner before, he was now the producer, he was responsible for the whole production team and would not show favoritism.

Moreover, Guo Wenyuan was indeed a bit curious. After being taught by Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo, to what extent would Song Yimian grow?

Just looking at his appearance, Song Yimian had a very good face. He had beautiful facial features with a very bookish vibe, which was very suitable for the description of Urano from the original work.

Guo Wenyuan motioned to Shao Ning to begin.

Shao Ning pondered for a moment and said, “Try the scene when Urano’s identity is revealed and you kill your friend.”

Song Yimian nodded and stepped aside to prepare.

When Shao Ning called start, a supporting actor stepped forward and said angrily, Changye, why are you doing this? There is something wrong with that man’s identity, why did you help him escape?”

Song Yimian turned his back to the crowd, but they saw his body reaction clearly.

When he turned around, there was a gentle smile on his face. “Did you see it all?”

The assistant was stupefied for a moment. “You…”

Urano approached him step by step, smiling with the corners of his lips, and then thrust the knife directly into the other person’s chest.

The other party seemed to want to struggle, but was held tightly in his arms. It almost looked like they were hugging from the distance.

Urano felt that the body in his arms no longer moved, making the smile on his lips deepen a bit. “Sorry, my true name is Urano Shoji.”

When Song Yimian let go, he hurriedly apologized to the supporting actor.

Guo Wenyuan regained his senses too.

It had to be said, this scene of Song Yimian’s performance was brilliant, especially the last smile, which could be called amazing.

Shao Ning and Yu Fan both nodded, then looked at Guo Wenyuan.

Song Yimian did not care about his discomfort at this moment, and looked at Guo Wenyuan nervously.

Guo Wenyuan didn’t answer immediately, but stood up directly and said lightly, “You and I will try again.”


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