MAIR – Chapter 117 – I’m not short of money

Although the auntie and Song Yimian didn’t understand what charades they were playing, they still bought and happily prepared a plate of fat intestines, based on the principle that the minority needed to obey the majority.

The aunt left after cooking, leaving only four people and one ghost in the room.

Chu Mei Bo saw Tang Wanjun staring longingly at the plate of fat intestines. She couldn’t bear it and put them in front of an empty seat.

Tang Wanjun excitedly floated around Chu Mei Bo, and then sat obediently in her seat.

But before she could enjoy it, Song Yimian who just came out of the kitchen, naturally picked up the plate of fat intestines and put it back in front of Chu Mei Bo.

“Isn’t this what Sister Mei asked for? Why put it so far away?”

Chu Mei Bo and the other people watched helplessly as Tang Wanjun, who was originally looking lovely and sweet, angrily turned into a ghost bleeding from the seven orifices, and seemed about to rush up to bite Song Yimian.

Song Yimian sneezed and touched his neck puzzled.  “Why is it a bit cold all of a sudden?”

Chu Mei Bo, Shen Huai and Ye Cang: “…”

Finally, Shen Huai couldn’t watch it anymore and put the plate of fat intestines back in front of Tang Wanjun.

In Song Yimian’s confused face, Shen Huai had to explain in one more sentence,  “This is an offering to an elder.”

When he said that, Song Yimian understood. He just scratched his head. He never thought that the elite, such as Brother Shen, was also so superstitious.

Shen Huai felt helpless. He was a firm atheist once, but since meeting the ghosts, he had gone further and further on the path of feudal superstition.

Tang Wanjun finally enjoyed the fat intestines that belonged just to her. Although as a ghost she could not eat them, she was still very happy just watching and smelling them.

Even though she was restricted by her company before her death and couldn’t always eat fat intestines, she could still eat them several times when she seized the opportunity. But in the long years after her death, Tang Wanjun hadn’t even smelled the flavour of fat intestines, which often made her very depressed. Why did she have to stay in Hong Kong Hall? The place she most cherished should be a fat intestines shop!

After dinner, Shen Huai had to go to the company to deal with the work backlog, but before he went, he made a special agreement with Tang Wanjun.

Due to the encounters with the previous bosses, Shen Huai had already gained some experience. No one knew what could happen all of a sudden, and there were no rules for resurrection. If he was not careful, Tang Wanjun could come back to life where he couldn’t see it.

If he found out in time, he could still be able to find her and take her to the hospital, but in case he didn’t notice and nobody else saw it, no one knew what would happen after Tang Wanjun’s next death.

But he didn’t tell Tang Wanjun about it, he just told her not to leave his sight.

Tang Wanjun was puzzled and murmured a few words, but she had no choice if she wanted to go out with Shen Huai.



Shen Huai and Ye Cang had secretly gone out to play this time and had a lot of work backlog.

Now that they had returned to Zhongjing, it was naturally difficult for them to put it off any longer. Ye Cang’s current assistant rushed over in his car almost as soon as he learned that the two of them had returned to Zhongjing.

Ye Cang had two interviews in one afternoon, a business event and a live broadcast, which were packed to the brim.

Ye Cang knew that this was the result of his previous willful decision, so he had no choice but to accept it obediently.

As for Shen Huai, it was no longer good to think of himself as an agent anymore. Since his identity was revealed, his office was moved directly to the president’s office.

Now, it was only natural to assume the responsibilities of the president.

Fortunately, Morningstar had always granted the various departments a high degree of freedom.   Many things were solved directly below, so there was not much of a backlog.

Ming Wei stood nervously in front of Shen Huai, reporting what had happened in the company recently.

Ye Cang had just won the Colleen Awards and it was like the sun was rising. Recently, there were many invitations for cooperation. In the past, Ming Wei would have been thrilled to death, but now she didn’t dare to agree to any of them, so she had to give vague answers and wait for Shen Huai to come back.

After Shen Huai asked about them, he picked up two as appropriate.

Ming Wei breathed a sigh of relief and was about to leave, but she was stopped by Shen Huai again.  “What has happened to Huayue recently?”

“Huayue?” Ming Wei froze.

Although Morningstar had some standing in the industry, it still couldn’t be compared with Huayue, the industry leader. If it wasn’t for Ye Cang, she was afraid Huayue wouldn’t even look at them.

However, Ming Wei only dared to think this in her heart, then she thought about it seriously for a moment before replying, “Recently, there were two new singers of Huayue who released albums, and not long ago, Zhuo Feiyang’s plagiarism seems to have made some noise. But soon after, it was suppressed, other than that, there was no……”

Shen Huai sank in thoughts. 

After meeting An Yuanjie in the United States, he didn’t believe that the other side would be so magnanimous and just watch the rise of Morningstar. There was also the case of Shen Huai’s previous newcomer singer being suppressed before. How could they possibly reconcile when the knot was so tight.

He was afraid Huayue was preparing something big because there was no movement for now.

Ming Wei didn’t know what she said wrong. Suddenly, Shen Huai became quiet. After a while, he returned to his senses and nodded to her.

“Thanks for your hard work, you can go back.”

Ming Wei hurriedly said goodbye and breathed a sigh of relief when she left the office.

After Ming Wei left, Shen Huai turned on the computer again and arranged several things.

Although Chen Chiyu’s software was in Shen Huai’s hands, it couldn’t detect everything. It was safer to add more insurances just in case.

When Shen Huai finished, Tang Wanjun who had been sitting obediently in her chair, quickly floated in front of him, looking very cute.

Although they hadn’t spent much time together, Shen Huai had already learned something about Tang Wanjun’s character. She was by no means so obedient. Now, acting so obediently, she must have something to ask for.

Sure enough, Tang Wanjun’s eyebrows curved and revealed her trademark sweet smile.

“Brother Shen, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful. You are the boss of the brokerage company?”

Shen Huai looked up at her.

The smile on Tang Wanjun’s face became sweeter and sweeter.  “Lu Yang and Sister Mei are all your artists?”

Shen Huai: “What do you want to say?”

Tang Wanjun took a few steps back and pointed at herself. “I was in the fierce competition of Hong Kong’s entertainment circle from the beginning, and still made a name for myself. I don’t need to prove my strength, right?”

Shen Huai nodded. How popular was Tang Wanjun, the queen of love songs at that time? If you wanted to measure it, you could say that the current top-level popular stars couldn’t beat her even by adding them together.

“Then…” She came closer. “If I can come back to life like Lu Yang and Sister Mei, I would definitely bring you a lot of profit, if I signed up with your company.”

Shen Huai said faintly, “I do not lack money.”

Tang Wanjun was stunned, and without even thinking blurted out, “Who doesn’t want money?”

Seeing that Shen Huai was unmoved, Tang Wanjun turned her eyes and changed her tactics. “Then, what do you want?”

She held up her chin, and her beautiful eyes were full of warmth. “It’s not impossible, if you want me.”

Shen Huai’s eyes did not change at all. He was still cold. “If you want to test me, you don’t have to.”

Tang Wanjun’s expression was slightly confused, but she soon smiled again and said, “Why should I test you?”

Shen Huai said, “Because Lu Yang regards you as a friend. I believe in his Vision. You are not this kind of person.”

Tang Wanjun, who was inexplicably fed a bowl of dog food: “…”

Tang Wanjun was so worried that she didn’t bother to pretend any more, so she went back to being careless. She sat across from Shen Huai and said, “Well, although I’m really not this kind of person, it’s too hurtful that your eyes haven’t changed at all. I was the dream lover of thousands of young men!”

Shen Huai: “…”

There was no way for Tang Wanjun to deceive him, so she simply asked roughly, “What do you want to ask me?”

Shen Huai asked her, “Do you want to live?”

Without thinking Tang Wanjun replied directly, “Of course.”

Shen Huai: “Why?”

Tang Wanjun frowned. “There’s nothing wrong with this. Don’t all the people want to live?”

Shen Huai didn’t reply.

He suddenly realized that Tang Wanjun was different from these three big shots from before. Tang Wanjun’s thinking was more similar to that of most people. Although she was once known as “the queen of love songs”, she was different from Ye Cang.

Ye Cang’s pursuit and dedication to art were unusual, so he could endure loneliness in order to live in this world. However, Tang Wanjun loved money, food and enjoyment. How could she endure so many years of loneliness and still refuse to leave?

Shen Huai suddenly felt that Tang Wanjun might still be hiding some secret.

Then, no matter what Tang Wanjun said, he didn’t let her know how to come back to life. At last, Tang Wanjun could only float out through the wall in anger.

After she left, Shen Huai rubbed his forehead and felt that compared with Tang Wanjun, the previous three bosses were a bit too easy. Even compared with Old Guo, she was many times cleverer.

Thinking about it, Shen Huai’s throat suddenly felt a bit itchy and he coughed a few times.

He thought he was too busy recently, so he caught a cold but didn’t pay attention to it. Instead, he went back to work.

Fortunately, Shen Huai later found out that although Tang Wanjun’s character was a bit too unrestrained, she still acted with moderation. After that, she was honest for a period of time. She followed Shen Huai in and out every day, and occasionally pointed out the problems with the new employees of the company in his ear.

Originally, she was a part of Hong Kong’s most competitive entertainment circle and became the top singer. Even after a few decades, she could still point out the problems and help Shen Huai a lot.

So, they made peace with each other for a while.

Sister Mei entered the sprint stage of the college entrance examination and moved directly to the school. Ye Cang was even more busy.

In the past, Ye Cang would have scoffed at these commercial activities. After all, in his opinion, a singer’s work was enough. But after discovering Huayue’s schemes, Ye Cang realized that if he wanted to be independent, there was no mistake in doing so, but if he wanted to stand beside Shen Huai and help him, it was far from enough.

Instead, Song Yimian, who had just finished filming the online drama and had no new work, seemed to have nothing to do. Every day, he went to the acting class, and now came to watch the movie.

Shen Huai had been selecting scripts for him recently, but unfortunately, the one he chose at last, made it difficult for him to open his mouth.

Because the leading actor of this project was Guo Wenyuan.

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