MAIR – Chapter 107 – Confrontation

The producer slapped his head. He remembered that Fu Cheng was an artist under Guanrui, but he had nearly forgotten that the financier’s father himself was still here.

The producer was like an aggrieved child who saw his relative, immediately telling Guo Wenyuan what Fu Cheng’s agent required. He even flattered him, “Even Mr. Guo as an investor didn’t ask to sit in position C, why should he…”

Guo Wenyuan snorted coldly, “There was no progress in his acting skills, but he was quick to learn these messy things!”

Producer: “That’ s right.”

He acted so obsequiously that Director Xie couldn’t look at him. So he simply turned his face and stood aside to chat with Shen Huai.

Guo Wenyuan said directly, “Don’t worry about him. If he keeps talking, directly ask him to come to see me.”

The producer nodded excitedly, “Thank you, Mr. Guo.”

With the confidence given by the financier’s father, the producer immediately raised his head and dialed the number, mercilessly declining the request of Fu Cheng’s agent.

Director Xie shook his head helplessly. “I don’t know when these bad habits of fighting for positions arose. The actors’ hearts are not focused on acting. Instead, they quarrel all day long, dragging the crew into the mess.”

Guo Wenyuan said with a smile, “Director Xie, rest assured that this kind of thing will never happen to our crew. If anyone wants to do some messy trick secretly, you can just drive them out of the crew. If they don’t want to act, there will be many other people willing to do it!”

Although Guo Wenyuan said so, everyone knew that he was talking about Fu Cheng.

The producer nodded hurriedly and flattered Guo Wenyuan again, “Our crew has Mr. Guo, so there’s nothing to worry about!”

Guo Wenyuan nodded reservedly, and for the first time he did not complain about the former Mr. Guo.  After all, the identity of an investor was really quite useful.

On the other hand, Fu Cheng’s agent was angry and anxious, and complained to Fu Cheng, “What on earth does Producer Yin think?! You are the most famous movie star in this movie. This movie depends on your publicity. It’s already depressing enough to be a supporting role for an unknown newcomer.  What’s wrong with letting you sit in position C during the interview?”

Fu Cheng didn’t speak, but his face was a bit unsightly.

The agent kept complaining, “They don’t even give you face now. When the time comes to start filming they might even cut some of your scenes, which is not even unlikely.”

Fu Cheng paused and suddenly asked, “Why did Producer Yin’s attitude change so quickly? Wasn’t his attitude softer when you spoke on the phone before?”

The agent froze, before he recalled, “Producer Yin has always been very smooth, even if he refused, his attitude would not be so hard, unless …”

The two men simultaneously thought of another big shot in the crew – Boss Guo.

The agent looked a bit ugly. “Is it possible that Boss Guo actually wanted to claim position C himself?”

But Fu Cheng shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. If he really cared about this, he wouldn’t play Yokota in the first place. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to steal my role?”

Agent: “Then…”

Fu Cheng: “Mr. Guo seems to have a good relationship with Director Xie. Maybe he just wants to show his support for Director Xie.”

At this point, Fu Cheng’s face sank again. He was previously suppressed by Guo Wenyuan’s acting skills. He wanted to expose Guo Wenyuan through the Chu Mei Bo incident. When the crowd got excited and put pressure on Guanrui, Guanrui would definitely stop Guo Wenyuan from fooling around.

Fu Cheng couldn’t tell why, but when he saw Guo Wenyuan, he instinctively hated him, so he wanted to find a way to get him out of the crew.

However, Fu Cheng didn’t expect that he who was able to calculate thousands of miles ahead by avoiding Guanrui’s connections as well as those related to Director Xie, and even used the contacts left to him by Du Yuping, would unexpectedly still be discovered at the beginning stage.

Fu Cheng felt more and more uncomfortable when he thought of Director Xie’s phone call that was half a warning and half an exhortation.

But the agent didn’t know about it, and was still planning for him, “…It doesn’t matter if it’s Mr. Guo. You’re under Mr. Hou. Mr. Guo Wenyuan is just an insignificant second generation dandy and Boss Hou is the executive director of Guanrui… “

“So what?” Fu Cheng interrupted his agent with a gloomy face. “In front of him, we are still just shrimps. He can squeeze us to death at any time.”

Fu Cheng tightly squeezed the bottle of mineral water in his hand. He wanted not only the current  status of a movie emperor but also greater fame and influence. He wanted to be like Guo Wenyuan and Hou Zhang, who were superior and could control the fate of others.

The agent looked at him and seemed to want to say something. But just then, his phone rang. The caller was Boss Hou, who they had just mentioned.

The agent immediately ignored Fu Cheng and quickly answered the call, nodding and bowing for a while with a look of surprise. “You have returned to China?… Yes, I know. You can rest assured.”

When he hung up, Fu Cheng frowned. “What’s the matter?”

The agent said hurriedly, “Boss Hou said he was also coming to the press conference, and that he was almost there, so we must quickly go down to meet him.”



Guo Wenyuan and Director Xie were walking to the venue of the press conference laughing and talking, when they met another group of people in the corridor.

The leader was a fat man about 160cm tall and 160 cm wide. The whole person was like a smaller ball on top of a larger ball. A pair of eyes were squeezed into a seam, and two strands of sparse hair were hanging from the top of his head.

He alone occupied most of the corridor, so Fu Cheng and the others had to walk behind him.

Seeing Guo Wenyuan, there was an unsmiling smile on his face. “Isn’t it Junior Guo? I haven’t seen you in gossip magazines recently, so I thought you’d mended your ways and stopped playing around. Unexpectedly, you’ve come to the crew to play?”

Guo Wenyuan’s smile immediately faded.

… For how many years no one had dared to call him junior!!

Guo Wenyuan and Hou Zhang were both major shareholders of Guanrui and members of the board of directors, but their relationship had always been the same.

Guanrui’s structure was very complex. Sheng Jiang, the chairman of the board of directors, had married two wives, who had given birth to two sons. The elder son, Sheng Qi, had his mother’s family name Guo, and Guo Wenyuan was his cousin. The second son was Sheng Zhen, and Hou Zhang was his uncle from his mother’s side of the family.

The two sons of the Sheng family competed for power and profit, so it was naturally impossible for Guo Wenyuan and Hou Zhang to have a good relationship.

The Guo family was powerful, and Guo Wenyuan had many more shares than Hou Zhang. However, Guo Wenyuan didn’t usually pay much attention to the company’s affairs, while Hou Zhang took the initiative to start working in the company, which was appreciated by Chairman Sheng.

But that was all in the past. For the present Guo Wenyuan, the main reason why he disliked Hou Zhang was because he was the person who poached Fu Cheng and suppressed Yihang with the objective to seize their copyright library.

It was just that, since Guo Wenyuan’s rebirth, Hou Zhang had been abroad. This was the first time they met.

Knowing about the discord between the two, Guo Wenyuan did not bother to hide his disgust and said directly, “We are in a hurry to hold a press conference. What are you doing here? Thinking of yourself as a wine cork?”

Hou Zhang: “…”

Hou Zhang could hardly believe his ears. He remembered that Guo Wenyuan was grumpy. When did he become such a good speaker?

Hou Zhang was so angry that his fat was shaking. He pointed at Guo Wenyuan and said, “Guo Wenyuan, you should respect me. How can you say that to someone you should call uncle? Is that how you treat your elders?”

Guo Wenyuan rolled his eyes and said, “Where did this pheasant uncle come from? I don’t know him.”

“What did you say?! Say it again, if you dare!”

“I can say it as many times as you want.” Guo Wenyuan folded his arms and mocked him, “Am I wrong? What if people think I am your nephew? We have nothing in common in regards to appearance, height or IQ. With this round figure, you don’t have to wear makeup to play a turtle prime minister. How dare you claim to be my uncle?”

Everyone present looked at Hou Zhang. It had to be said that Guo Wenyuan’s description was very vivid. Many people couldn’t help laughing, but they were afraid of offending Hou Zhang, so they could only hold back, their faces almost turning blue.

Hou Zhang pressed his chest, and his whole person looked as if he was about to faint from anger. Fu Cheng and his agent hurriedly supported Hou Zhang.

Guo Wenyuan did not expect that Hou Zhang’s combat effectiveness would be so poor, and said coldly, “The scum with a combat effectiveness of less than five has come to provoke me. Who gave you the courage, Hou Zhang?” 

Recently Mr. Guo got addicted to surfing on the Internet and had learned a lot of web slang, which added a lot of new elements to his already venomous tongue and enriched his forms of expression.

Hou Zhang had originally heard about Guo Wenyuan’s accident in the hotel, and deliberately came to ridicule him. Who would have thought that the plan couldn’t catch up with the changes, and Guo Wenyuan’s combat effectiveness suddenly grew stronger. Before he could say anything, he was overwhelmed by Guo Wenyuan and started questioning his own existence.

Hou Zhang wanted to scold him back, but his mouth was not as sharp as Guo Wenyuan’s, and many people could not help laughing at this scene. He could even hear the laughter coming from behind him.

Hou Zhang gritted his teeth and could only come up with some cruel words in the end, “You, just wait and see!” Then he took his men with him and ran away.

Guo Wenyuan waved goodbye. “How long do I need to wait? What’s the deadline? Otherwise I can’t wait foolishly, ah, who can live longer than a turtle?”

Hou Zhang: “…”

He stamped his feet angrily and walked even faster.

When Hou Zhang left, Director Xie was the first one to laugh, and then the rest of the crew followed suit.

Hou Zhang, as an executive director, used to enjoy  interfering in the affairs of the crew, so people didn’t like him too much. Now it was a great pleasure to see him become speechless thanks to Guo Wenyuan.

But the faces of Fu Cheng and the others didn’t look too good.

However, Xie Dao didn’t plan to pay attention to them, so he passed them by, taking the crew with him to the press conference.

Guo Wenyuan deliberately slowed down his steps. As he passed by Fu Cheng, he whispered, “Act well and don’t make trouble again, or even if you are protected by Hou Zhang, I will make it impossible for you to stay in the crew.”

With these words Guo Wenyuan left. 

Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo looked at each other. They could see that Guo Wenyuan was already very disappointed with this disciple of his, and this was his last chance. If Fu Cheng still did not repent, Guo Wenyuan would never go easy on him again.

Shen Huai looked at Guo Wenyuan’s back and seemed to notice his downcast mood. He thought of going to the nursing home with Mr.Guo to see Yi Mian. Although Guo Wenyuan didn’t say anything, Shen Huai could feel his remorsefulness towards Yi Mian. Even if Fu Cheng’s departure had nothing to do with him, he still regarded it as his own mistake.

Although Boss Guo never said anything, he was actually a very emotional person, and Fu Cheng broke his heart too severely.

Fu Cheng hung his head, so no one saw his expression. It took him a long time to regain his composure and go to the press conference as if nothing had happened.


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