MAIR – Chapter 106 – “Red Actress” press conference

On the way back, Guo Wenyuan finally asked, “How did it go? What’s Yi Mian’s plan?”

Shen Huai didn’t hide it. He told Guo Wenyuan about Yi Mian’s decision.

Guo Wenyuan was slightly shocked, but then he came back to his senses and sighed, “Well, he has paid too much for the company in recent years, and he has suffered a lot. It’s a good thing to remove his burden now.”

Shen Huai didn’t speak. After a while, he said slowly, “I intend to keep Yihang.”

Guo Wenyuan was stunned, but then he understood. Although he was now one of Guanrui’s directors, he knew how complicated their current situation was. It could be said that Yihang’s current state was a mess, with all kinds of issues. No matter how capable Shen Huai was, he may not be able to turn these losses into profits and instead fall in the pit himself.

Guo Wenyuan hurriedly said, “You don’t have to do this. Yi Mian did it because he knows that only you will regard these old movies as his painstaking efforts and not just as a tool for profit. But if you were dragged into it, this would definitely not be the outcome he wanted to see.”

Shen Huai smiled and said, “I understand.”

“Then you still…”

Shen Huai: “I’m not going to take all that Yihang produced. I’ll just keep the name Yihang as a movie studio.”

Guo Wenyuan breathed a sigh of relief. “You almost scared me to death.”

Shen Huai looked ahead and whispered, “When I was in despair, it was Yi Mian, who helped me find the meaning of life again. It may look like I was taking care of his company for him these years, but in fact, he is the one who has been guiding me all this time. Now he has also given me the Yihang copyright library.”

“I know that Yi Mian always wanted to make the Yihang icon reappear at the beginning of the movie. I think, if I have the chance to make a movie in the future, I will shoot it under the name Yihang Movie Studio, which would be a way to repay Yi Mian.”

Guo Wenyuan looked at Shen Huai for a long time before patting him on the shoulder. “Old Yi is lucky to know you.”

Shen Huai laughed. “It’s also my blessing to know Yi Mian. If it wasn’t for Yi Mian, I wouldn’t have taken the road of an agent, and I wouldn’t have met neither you nor Ye Cang or Sister Mei.”

Guo Wenyuan touched his chin. “Speaking of which, I have always been curious. We have been wandering around the world for so many years, and no one has ever seen our ghosts, but why were you able to see us? Besides, why could we come back to life when being next to you?”

When he said that, Shen Huai’s expression also became serious.

In fact, at the beginning, when Lu Yang was reborn as Ye Cang, Shen Huai also suspected this matter. He originally wanted to ask the Taoist Master about it, but he was worried that Ye Cang’s true identity would be revealed. Fortunately, nothing happened after that. Ye Cang was like an ordinary person, and Shen Huai put this matter behind him for the time being.

Now that Guo Wenyuan mentioned it again, Shen Huai thought that he was well-informed, so he explained in detail how he had met Ye Cang before.

Guo Wenyuan pondered over it for a moment before saying, “Maybe there was something wrong with the pillar you bumped against, or the magnetic field in that place was quite special, but I still need to take a look at it to figure it out.”

Shen Huai nodded, “Let’s go and have a look at it when I come back from America.”

Guo Wenyuan agreed.



Shen Huai sent Guo Wenyuan away before returning home.

As soon as he walked through the door, he discovered that the house was unexpectedly quiet, and Ye Cang was not at home.

Shen Huai was stunned for a moment, before he remembered that Ye Cang had told him, he would stay at the company that night because the second season of “Star of Tomorrow” was about to start. Xue Chengge was also one of the contestants. He had composed several original songs, and wanted to show them to Ye Cang.

Ye Cang was the kind of person who was devoted to his work and did not notice the outside world. He was afraid that Shen Huai would be worried, so he told him in advance.

Shen Huai’s eyes fell on the dark room for a long time, before putting the car key on the shoe cabinet and going inside without turning on the light. After walking in the room he laid on the sofa.

The room was so quiet, that only the ticking of the clock could be heard.

This used to be the most accustomed way of life for Shen Huai. He liked the quietness, otherwise, he wouldn’t have bought a villa in the new district.

But now he couldn’t get used to it.

Recently, he was very busy, but no matter how late he was working, Ye Cang would accompany him. Even if he was not around, as long as he came back home, no matter what time it was, Ye Cang would be waiting for him in the living room.

Sometimes they would sit together and watch a movie. Or Ye Cang would compose a new song and sing it to him. Sometimes Ye Cang would be a little mean, and every time, he would hit the nail on the head, but when he saw Ye Cang’s glum appearance, he would also become a bit impatient, and Ye Cang would take this opportunity to ask for a kiss. They would laugh until late at night and then hug each other to sleep.

Shen Huai sighed softly, restraining his weakness at this moment. He was ready to get up and go back to his room, when he suddenly heard some noise coming from the door.

Ye Cang opened the door and mumbled, “… Hasn’t he come back yet? Isn’t his car here?”

Before Shen Huai could speak, the light above his head was suddenly turned on, and he narrowed his eyes slightly.

Ye Cang said in surprise, “You are home!”

He came in, carrying a bag full of beer and midnight snacks.

Shen Huai paused before asking, “Didn’t you say you will be sleeping in the company today?”

“Oh.” Ye Cang scratched his chin and then approached Shen Huai. “It just doesn’t feel right without you. I couldn’t even focus on writing songs, so I came back after thinking about it.”

Shen Huai moved his lips but didn’t speak.

Ye Cang put the beer and the midnight snacks on the table. “I’m starving! Ah, do you want to eat, Huai?”

Shen Huai’s living habits were very good and he seldom ate at this hour, but after Ye Cang finished speaking, he agreed for the first time.

Ye Cang was a bit surprised, but he didn’t think too much about it, thinking that Shen Huai didn’t have dinner either. “Fortunately, I bought a lot.”

Shen Huai was holding a beer and didn’t eat much. It was mainly Ye Cang who ate and talked about what happened in the company during the day. Unlike his arrogant and proud appearance in front of outsiders, Ye Cang was talkative like an old lady in front of Shen Huai, but Shen Huai never found him annoying.

Little by little, the two of them found the best way to get along with each other. They felt no need to change the other, but gradually accepted the other person in their life.

They both drank some wine and made-up under the influence of alcohol.

However, Ye Cang found that Shen Huai’s response was unexpectedly enthusiastic that night. Although he didn’t know the reason, it didn’t hinder his surprise, inevitably making his actions more intense.



When Shen Huai woke up the next morning,  he felt as if he had been run over by a car.

For a long time, because of Shen Huai’s overly rational character, there was a certain level of moderation between the two. Yesterday was the first time Shen Huai was so indulgent. As a result, when he went to take a bath, he found that his body was full of hickeys, especially the area from his neck to the collarbone.  Against his too fair skin, the contrast was simply shocking.

Shen Huai’s eyes flashed, as he quickly put on clothes. His close-fitted suit covered all traces.

He took his briefcase, but when he was about to go out, he paused. He went back to the bedside, leaned down, and kissed the side of Ye Cang’s face gently. Then he left quietly, without disturbing him.

Today was the casting press conference of “Red Actress”, so Shen Huai picked up Chu Mei Bo and rushed to the hotel.

He sent Chu Mei Bo to put on make up, before he found the producer.

The producer was talking to someone on the phone and looked very angry. Shen Huai waited for him to finish talking before walking over.

The producer still had an angry look on his face, but when he saw Shen Huai, he smiled reluctantly. “Junior Shen is already here?”

Shen Huai didn’t rush to inquire about the matter. He simply discussed the follow-up publicity with the producer, and after receiving a reply he was ready to leave.

However, the producer hesitated for a moment before stopping him. After a long time, he explained the reason.

The actress Weng Tian, who failed the audition before, colluded with the marketing account, implying that Chu Mei Bo got the role of Cheng Yanxin by improper means. Then Fu Cheng added fuel to the fire by pushing Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan in the vortex of gossip.

The media didn’t dare to criticize Guo Wenyuan, so it was Chu Mei Bo, who took all the blame. Fortunately, Chu Mei Bo handled it properly, and Guo Wenyuan quickly found out it was Fu Cheng who played tricks behind the scenes, and suppressed the matter.

But even so, there were still a lot of rumors. In a fit of anger Director Xie decided to hold the casting press conference in advance. On the one hand, he decided to set the roles, and on the other hand, he also announced Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan’s roles.

Although Fu Cheng didn’t know that Guo Wenyuan had found out the truth, he felt a bit guilty, and didn’t dare to stir up any more trouble. The producer thought it was over, but who would have known that Fu Cheng’s agent called the producer in the morning and asked Fu Cheng to be sat in position C during the interview.

There had always been a dispute about positioning in the entertainment industry. For the sake of making a difference, the stars used various means, not only in regards to posters and press conferences, but also blogs and Weibo names.

Fu Cheng was now famous, while Chu Mei Bo was just a newcomer who just made her debut. In the eyes of the other side, Chu Mei Bo should give up position C.

The producer almost laughed with anger.

The title of the film was “Red Actress” and the protagonist was self-evident. Although Fu Cheng was given the title of a leading actor, in the end of the day, it was all about Chu Mei Bo. Why should he sit in position C?

The producer had a big fight with the other person, but after hanging up the phone, he hesitated.

Although he was very upset with Fu Cheng, the most important thing at the moment was to make sure that nothing goes wrong during the press conference. So he wanted to discuss it with Shen Huai, and ask Chu Mei Bo to give way to Fu Cheng. Anyway, it was only a matter of seating arrangement and everyone knew who was the main protagonist in this movie.

However, Shen Huai who had always been amicable bluntly refused.

The producer was in a hurry. “Junior Shen, listen to me…”

“Nothing to say!” an angry voice interrupted the producer.

“Excuse me?!”

Director Xie strode over. When he came over just now, he overheard the conversation between them. If Fu Cheng had not played a trick in secret before, Director Xie might have felt some discomfort, but he would have still agreed to the request of Fu Cheng’s agent.

But now, no way!

The producer said in a hurry, “Director Xie, now is not the time to get angry. Fu Cheng is now with Guanrui after all…”

Just then another voice cut in, “Oh? What’s with Guanrui?”

Guo Wenyuan walked slowly towards them with his assistant and a smile on his face.

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