MAIR – Chapter 83 – This country owes me a best friend

The plot of “Honey” is not bad. Tang Sugar is a screenwriter who is very good at writing delicate feelings. Compared with the previous drama “Sweet”, which completely focused on love, “Honey” has expanded a lot towards friendship and family love and especially the setting of Wen Nan, the second female lead, that was a relatively complex setting. Although the plot is still relatively simple, the room for acting is not small, otherwise, Shen Huai wouldn’t have picked up this drama for her.

Who would have thought that neither of the leading actors could act?

Director Li was originally broken and had given up.

Anyway, in fan movies, at least some fans covered for him. Even if the acting skills were poor, they were still happy and relaxed. Who would have known that after seeing Chu Mei Bo’s professional attitude, Tao Xuan Xuan would accompany her over and over again and steadily learn some acting skills, which moved Director Li to change his attitude. In the later stage of shooting and editing, he used a lot of heart. Although the acting skills of the male and the female leads were still awkward, at least they were covered up and seemed to be passable.

Although five days after the broadcast the Douban score dropped to 7 stars, in the minds of most of the crew, this was already much better than what they had previously estimated.

In the next few days, the popularity of “Honey” continued to rise, and the broadcast volume soon exceeded 100 million. This was already a very good result for a low-cost campus drama.

Among them, Wen Hanyi’s top idol status has brought a lot of traffic to the drama, but what really made “Honey” catch fire was the circle of the girls’ love.

So the next day, # Wen Nan Meng Shishi# rushed to the hot searches.

One of the most popular moving pictures was the scene in which Wen Nan takes off the petals from Meng Shishi’s head. 

Wen Nan who was half a head taller than Meng Shishi, lowered her head slightly to take off the petals attentively. Meng Shishi looked at her and then moved away with a slight blush.

A bunch of people in the comment section were crying, “It’s too sweet!”, “Sweet and fried!”, “This country owes me a best friend!”

For today’s well-informed netizens, CP has long been not limited to men and women. The popularity of  CP is not new, women are not without it either. But most of them are limited to old films.

Over the years, the public aesthetic of female stars has been moving in the direction of a girly and silly white lotus. There has not been a strong and beautiful female star in China for a long time.

Therefore, the original Kwai Ji was able to become popular with only a short unedited video.

Now, although Wen Nan was a gentle person, she was Meng Shishi’s protector. In addition, in order to attract Tao Xuan Xuan to acting, Chu Mei Bo had to use more energy to almost dominate the rhythm of the whole plot. The majority of the audience could not see it, but it didn’t hinder their feelings.

[Does Meng Shishi really like Qin Shu? It’s too awkward for them to be together. It’s better to be natural with Wen Nan]

[in fact, I think Meng Shishi doesn’t like Qin Shu at all. It is because she knows that Wen Nan likes Qin Shu that she deliberately shows that she likes him in front of Wen Nan. Making her give up on Qin Shu and then achieving the goal of monopolizing Wen Nan. Isn’t that right? ]

[Shit! There is no flaw in this logic! ]

[Getting the right way to start the show!! ]

[Sister, shake hands! So I’m not the only one who thinks that! ]

[in the second episode, Meng Shishi intentionally told Wen Nan about Qin Shu. Wen Nan looked a little sad and for the first time went back home without waiting for Meng Shi. Don’t you see the feelings of hurt and jealousy when you look at Meng Shishi’s expression? ]

[Yes! It was strange when I saw it before. Now it makes more sense.] 

Wen Hanyi’s fans have been preparing for positive comments since the show was broadcast, actively controlling and commenting, to avoid the slander of the “sunspots”.

Especially to prevent some little bitches from smashing and bundling their own ideas for hot searches.

So when the first “Honey” hot search appeared, everyone was ready, but after seeing the hot search:

Wen Hanyi’s fans: “???”

There was no response in his huge QQ group for five minutes.

These days, are the angles of hot searches so strange and tricky?

It took a long time for a fan to speak in the group with righteous indignation.

[ The ranking of Wen Nan’s hot search has risen again! That’s too much! Don’t play with us! ]

When Hua Rong saw the hot search, her eyes were almost red with jealousy. With her many years of observation, she could naturally see that this hot search was really based on the tap water of netizens.

With regard to her acting skills and aura, there is no need to rack their brains to create popularity for her. As long as the agent pushes her a little, she will immediately spread all over the country.

Hua Rong felt a scratching in her heart and liver. If she was in her hands…

Forget it. That’s it. 

She was depressed, but after thinking about her own secret weapons, she felt better. She made a phone call and asked Bai Shilan, who was filming, to say something.

Bai Shilan was dug up by her from the dance academy. Bai Shilan was a national level dancer, who was especially good at tango.

Bai Shilan had a tall body and fair skin. Because of a little mixed blood, her eyes were deep and big. In addition, tango required dancers to have strong eye contact and physical contact. In terms of appearance, Bai Shilan had more advantages than Chu Mei Bo.

Hua Rong wanted to copy Chu Mei Bo’s route. She will let Bai Shilan perform similarly to Chu Mei Bo, and then let her step on Chu Mei Bo.

Hua Rong considered it very carefully. No matter how good Chu Mei Bo’s acting skills are, she can only perform supporting roles for now. How much room can a supporting role have to show her acting skills? She was lucky that Kwai Ji in “Tianji” was originally such a person. In “Honey” Wen Hanyi didn’t have any conflict with her and Tao Xuan Xuan didn’t care about this kind of thing. The acting skills of these two were really poor, which only highlighted her.

Where will they find such a good opportunity in the future? No matter how fierce the competition among the actresses in the crew is, the director will never allow a supporting role to overshadow the limelight of the female lead.

What’s more, Hua Rong also inquired about it. Chu Mei Bo took part in Director Yu’s variety show “Travel with History” and was preparing for the college entrance examination. Shen Huai didn’t give her any more roles at all.

This was Bai Shilan’s chance to stand out!

Hua Rong got more and more excited as she thought about it. Then she received a phone call.

It made her look ugly all of a sudden. 

“What did you say? He won’t go?”

“Alright, I see. Come back first and let Song Yimian come to see me.”

An hour later, someone knocked on Hua Rong’s door and Song Yimian came in.

Hua Rong, held back her anger and asked, “I heard that President Guo came looking for you today, but you refused?”

Song Yimian hung down his head and said slowly, “I have submitted my resume before. Today I have an audition. I want to give it a try.”

“Huh?” Hua Rong’s face showed disbelief. “You turned down Mr. Guo’s appointment just for an audition?”

Song Yimian raised his head, looking hopeful, and sped up his speech, “Sister Hua, I passed that audition. It’s the second male lead in a criminal investigation drama. He is a forensic doctor. This role is very brilliant. I have been studying it for a long time. I think…”

Hua Rong raised her hand and stopped him directly, sneering, “I don’t have time to listen to you now. I’ll take you to President Guo’s door to apologize. If you don’t appease his anger, don’t come back.”

Song Yimian’s face dimmed. He seemed to struggle for a long time before he whispered, “Sister Hua, I… don’t want to go… “

“What did you say?!”

Song Yimian bit his lips. “Sister Hua, I’m really not very good at those occasions. Can I not go there in the future?”

Hua Rong looked at him in disbelief, then mocked, “Don’t you want to renew your contract? No one likes it. Do you think you can be popular?”

“I don’t care if I can become popular or not. I just want to act well.” Song Yimian looked at Hua Rong eagerly. “Sister Hua, I can sign the lowest contract. As long as I can continue acting, I will work hard…”

Hua Rong threw her notebook at him. “Song Yimian, can’t you understand human language? Do you know how many actors there are in Zhongjing! Good-looking, skilled. If you can’t become popular, what is the difference between signing them and signing you? They are more knowledgeable and interesting than you are!”

When she was done speaking, she softened her voice, “Yimian, the competition in this circle is very fierce and cruel. If you want to avoid being trampled, you can only climb up constantly. Even if you do whatever it takes, it is reasonable. When you succeed, no one cares about these things at all!”

“I brought you into this circle. Would I still harm you? President Guo’s conditions are really good. He’s not  30 years old yet, he’s not bad looking, and he is famous for his generosity within the circle. If you please him, not to mention the supporting role, even a leading role is not impossible.”

Hua Rong thought that she was being very thoughtful about Song Yimian, but after hearing this, Song Yimian looked as pale as paper, and his last hope in Hua Rong disappeared.

Song Yimian took a half step back and looked up again. There was no hesitation on his face. He shook his head. “Sister Hua, I’m sorry. Although I like acting, I also have my bottom line. If I have to use this way to renew my contract, then I give up. Let’s terminate it.”

Hua Rong widened her eyes and didn’t believe what she had just heard.

“You want to cancel the contract?!”

Song Yimian nodded and bowed solemnly to Hua Rong. “Thank you, Sister Hua, for your guidance and teaching for these past two years. I’m sorry that I let you down.”

With that, he went to open the door of the office and left without looking back.

Hua Rong looked at his back and was angered half to death. For so many years, it was only her who threw away artists she didn’t want, and no one dared to make her lose face like this!

Hua Rong gnashed her teeth and cursed Song Yimian.

At that moment, her cell phone rang. Hua Rong impatiently took the cell phone, seeing the phone number displayed, her face suddenly changed as she hurriedly picked up.

“Hello! President Guo, I’m really sorry. I didn’t teach him well … “

“This… It’s not very good, alright, OK, I get it.”

Hua Rong hung up her phone, looking bleak and whispered, “Since you are about to terminate the contract, don’t blame me…”

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