MAIR – Chapter 66 – Popularity

In the United States, the rock music niche was not as small as in China. For example, the Colin Award from the United States was the highest award in the rock industry, and the competition was very fierce every year… Since his debut, Nick Garcia had been shortlisted five times, won three awards, and now he was one of the judges of this award.

He had been famous for a long time, not only as the king of rock and roll in the United States, but he was also very well-known across the world. His popularity in China wasn’t low.

After his Twitter was reposted, the topics related to him and Ye Cang quickly went viral, and comments were written instantly.

[My big god praised my male god! This is a sense of a dimensional wall breaking]

[Ow Ow Ow!! Cang Cang is so handsome! Give your face to mommy!]

[Nicky blows rainbow farts well, hhhhh]

[Yes! Why hasn’t it been released in America yet?!! This overseas side voice became exhausted]

[This overseas person in a small town in Europe also issued a humble cry]

[Before, some people said that Cang Cang’s songs were not good?? Why don’t you go on saying it now?]

[Probably their face still hurts 23333]

For fans it was almost like a festival. Before Ye Cang was blackened, they united, rushing to the front and almost pushing back the water army because they knew that their idol would never let them down.

Sure enough, it was only for an hour or two.

Ye Cang’s “hit-in-the-face BUFF” was launched again, which silenced the water army and the sunspots. 

Netizens could be called the sharpest detectives. They directly identified several entertainment companies and record companies in the industry from the various clues revealed by the water army and the sunspots.

In any case the reason for the emergence of these sunspots and the water army was self-evident. 

Compared with netizens, Shen Huai had a more complete list of evidence.

Nick’s Twitter delayed his plan, but he didn’t forget what these companies did. He had not shown his abilities yet, and they were acting like tigers.

Chinese Entertainment Records had been having a hard time recently. 

In recent years, the record market has been shrinking. Although Chinese Entertainment Records was the leading player in the industry, it has also been greatly affected. The profit margin was declining every year, and even the board of directors was unable to sit still. 

Chinese Entertainment Records began to think of many new methods. For example, in the past two years, they began to dig up and cultivate new people, otherwise Tang Ruoyi would not have gone to “Star of Tomorrow” as a judge. 

But they assumed that if they found any newcomers to sign a contract, they would agree to sign the contract immediately. However, Ye Cang not only threw them to his agent directly, but that agent also raised a lot of conditions.

Although Chinese Entertainment Records had taken a fancy to Ye Cang, a big company like them would not change their rules for such a small pawn, even if he was strongly recommended by Tang Ruoyi.

Otherwise, if they set this precedent, it would be difficult to end it well in the future.

But they didn’t expect Ye Cang to be so talented. Ye Cang wrote two original songs for the finals of “Star of Tomorrow”: “The World After Death” and “Long Night”, both of which were of high quality.

With these two songs, if they wanted to dig up Ye Cang again, it would no longer be at the same price as before.

After the upper management of Chinese Entertainment Records made a decision and finally decided to poach Ye Cang at any cost, Ye Cang’s new album “Rebirth” was released. 

After that, Ye Cang started to climb up. “Rebirth” broke all kinds of records and the terrifying sales volume was unreasonable. Ye Cang leapt from a young newcomer to a household name. 

At this time, Ye Cang was no longer attractive to Chinese Entertainment Records. 

They changed their attitude from regret to suppression. After all, a talented new singer had a completely different status from a major singer who had the ability to impact the market.

But they didn’t expect that when they just started to make trouble, they would be severely slapped in the face.

The director of Chinese Entertainment Records’ marketing department looked at the hot search on Nick Garcia’s Twitter screenshot, and his eyes were about to start bleeding from rage.

Even the great god of the industry recognized that album. Even if the sunspots and the water army worked hard, no one would believe it!

What the f*ck is this?! 

Originally, there were no bad rumors about Ye Cang. His earlier suicide attempt, grudges and ill-gotten gains were handled properly. Shortly after his debut, he was busy working on his album right after the end of the program. Even if he wanted to cause some rumors, he had no opportunity to do so.

Now, even a great god like Nick was supporting him, and all netizens were excited. Even if they hated Ye Cang till their teeth itched, they didn’t dare to say anything about him now. Otherwise, they would be scolded as dogs to their eighth generation of ancestors by netizens.

The director of the marketing department held Ye Cang’s information, which was just like a hedgehog, and couldn’t find anything. Judging from his many years of work experience, he didn’t believe that Ye Cang with his clean looking resume didn’t have an expert’s advice behind him.

While the director of the marketing department had a headache, the management of Chinese Entertainment Records was in a total mess.

A large investment of Chinese Entertainment Records was exposed as a loss. Almost as soon as the news came out, Chinese Entertainment Records’ stock fell by two points directly. Not only that, but they were also involved in a series of behind the scenes problems, which led to the investigation of the relevant departments. 

For a while, the whole Chinese Entertainment Records was affected. They weren’t able to engage in anything else.

In addition to Chinese Entertainment Records, several other entertainment companies and record companies were also affected, and they had no longer time to stare at Ye Cang.

Moreover, they all thought it was the fault of their business rivals and did not think of Ye Cang at all. 

Shen Huai looked at the financial news with satisfaction and said to the other end of the phone, “Let’s stop for the time being.”

Then he hung up the phone and hid his recent merits.

When Shen Huai went downstairs, Xue Chengge was holding two mobile phones in his hands, distributing his time busily between both of them.

“Elder Brother Chen, I’m sorry, but Ye Cang’s recent schedule is full…”

“Sister Li, I’m really sorry, but I can’t make this decision. I’ll rely it to Brother Shen later. OK, OK. You’re busy first…”

“Hello, Director Huang, thank you for waiting. Ye Cang’s recent schedule is full. I’m sorry…”

Xue Chengge was saying it till his mouth was dry but his cell phones were still ringing nonstop.

When he saw Shen Huai, it was like he saw his savior. “Brother Shen, please think of something quickly, my phone is about to explode.”

Since Nick’s Twitter post became a hot search, Ye Cang’s popularity quickly increased and Shen Huai had to fly back to Zhongjing with Ye Cang and the others overnight. 

As soon as they got off the plane, missed calls and WeChat messages almost burst the phone. The media went crazy, after all, anyone who managed to interview Ye Cang even for a few words would get big news!

Xue Chengge didn’t dare to make this decision, so he could only write it all down and pass it to Shen Huai to make a decision.

Shen Huai selected interviews from several well-known media from the industry and rejected all others.

With regards to the issue of overseas distribution, Shen Huai also held an emergency conference call with the company’s overseas counterpart overnight, and decided to release the online records overseas in advance. However, the overseas promotion would be carried out according to the original plan after the end of the Golden Melody Awards. 

With the release of video interviews the news were passed to the public.

The people overseas cheered, stimulating at the same time a wave of domestic sales of “Rebirth”.

The distance between the sales volume of the physical album and double platinum shrank in a speed visible to the naked eye. Apart from that, Fang Ziqing’s recent activities were all photos of him running and fitness training.

Menghe Entertainment.

Hua Rong watched the entertainment news broadcast on her tablet. This morning, almost all the media were reporting about Ye Cang, a newcomer who debuted only a few months ago, who went viral at a terrifying speed. 

Having such an artist was the dream of every agent. 

Hua Rong’s eyes showed greed, she was really jealous of Shen Huai. Why did he always meet such excellent seedlings? She spent a lot of effort on finding new people only to get a group of trainees without any star potential.

Hua Rong squinted and didn’t want to watch it any longer. She reached out and turned off the video.

The room suddenly quieted down. She looked up at Ping Ping who was standing near her desk with her head lowered and asked faintly, “How is Anqi?”

Ping Ping whispered, “Anqi has been preparing for the next drama recently, as well as for some variety shows and endorsements…”

“That’s not what I’m asking,” Hua Rong said impatiently. “She hasn’t come up with any unrealistic ideas lately, has she?”

Ping Ping hesitated for a moment, then said, “She has been in contact with Director Lu recently, and they seem to have had a very speculative conversation.”

“Lu Guohua?”

Ping Ping noded.

Hua Rong’s expression was a bit ugly. Lu Guohua was a famous literary movies director in China. He was good at shooting stories about people in the outskirts of the city. Although the box office was not good, the script had great tension and deep meaning, which was very suitable for winning prizes.

But in Hua Rong’s view, this was not a good thing.

All of Lu Guohua’s films were focusing on small people. The actresses in his movies were all ashen faced and most of them were insane, which was completely opposite to Xu Anqi’s setting of a little fairy. Fans are the most fickle, regardless of how many people say now that they like Xu Anqi, once they find out that she was no longer beautiful, they would be the first to take off their powder.

If Xu Anqi had established herself as a first-line flower and wanted to go further, Hua Rong would not refuse but for Xu Anqi now, standing firm and stabilizing her fan flow was the most important thing.

A literary film would be filmed over several months. She didn’t know how many advertising endorsements would be lost, but she would also risk losing her fans.

In contrast, it was most appropriate to shoot some movies and TV plays within a safe range.

After all, who would have trouble with money?

However, Hua Rong didn’t expect that Xu Anqi would be too willful and didn’t understand her pains.

To be honest, she used Director Li’s movie to frighten Xu Anqi before. But it didn’t take long before she became willful again. 

Hua Rong snorted, “Xu Anqi has been living a good life for too long. Come on, what has she been stimulated by recently?” 

Ping Ping shook her head, “Sister Hua, I really have no idea. You know, Anqi has always hoped to improve her acting skills, but in recent years, her roles have hardly changed and some of her old fans have commented on her killing her own talent. Although Anqi doesn’t show it on the surface she has become very concerned.”

“Sister Hua, give Anqi a chance. Anqi is very talented, one time Shen…”

Ping Ping was so anxious that she almost said Shen Huai’s name aloud so she quickly covered her mouth.

Hua Rong’s kind face didn’t show a smile this time. Her eyelids drooped slightly as she looked sarcastically at Ping Ping. “Say it, why don’t you go on and finish?”

Ping Ping bit her lips and shook her head quickly.

Hua Rong sneered. “If Xu Anqi was so reluctant to give up on Shen Huai, why did she terminate her contract?”

Ping Ping wanted to say something, but in the end because she was too scared of Hua Rong she didn’t say anything. 

She lowered her eyes and touched the tablet on the table. She clicked on the video and watched the reporter excitedly reporting everything about Ye Cang.

She suddenly thought of Kwai Ji she had seen not long ago, and her thought dashed forward. “Ye Cang is so popular recently. I guess Shen Huai is putting all his energy in him. He should not attach too much importance to this newcomer. This kind of talented newcomer is the arrogant kind… I’m afraid there will be a lot of grievances. …”

Hua Rong wanted to order Ping Ping to check Chu Mei Bo’s information, but stopped when it was on the tip of her tongue. She just let Ping Ping leave and called her own assistant to come in.

Ping Ping didn’t dare to disobey her, and had no choice but to leave reluctantly. 

Hua Rong narrowed her eyes and tapped gently on the table, her expression became like that of a hyena staring at its prey.

“Shen Huai, even if you find more talented newcomers, so what? Isn’t it making a wedding dress for someone else?”

“I don’t believe in the existence of real fairies who are out of touch in this world.”

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